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Friday, July 10, 2020

State, State Trust, State of State

By Anna Von Reitz

These are three (3) completely different entities.

California is a physically defined State of the Union.  It has borders.  It is populated by people called Californians.  These Californians are the Employers of a business entity called "State of California".  

California and Californians exist in the actual world as land and soil, flesh and blood---- State and People. 
Californians acting in their capacity as State Citizens govern California through their lawful State Assembly, which is guaranteed to them by all three Federal Constitutions.  

California functions under Public Law and Californians have a Public Duty to uphold and obey the Public Law, which includes Treaties like the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, the Four Organic Laws of the United States, the Federal and State Constitutions, and the Ten Commandments.  

That's California, the actual State, which employs the "State of California" which is a business entity.  

As a business entity, the State of California has no physical borders or content, and is called "an inchoate state".   

The State of California business organization can be structured in any number of ways.  It can operate as an unincorporated business, a corporation, a trust, or as an incorporated entity----even as a foreign incorporated entity.  It's a Subcontractor of California.  It's current service contract is expressed as The Constitution of the State of California.  

Employees and dependents of the State of California are, as a condition of their employment or receipt of public welfare benefits, obligated to pay various taxes that don't apply to other Californians, and to obey the internal rules, codes, regulations, statutes, and Executive Orders of the State of California and it's Governor.  

This is really no different than IBM Employees having to follow the public policies and codes and rules of IBM, Inc., and being obligated to obey the orders of IBM's CEO. 

But just as obviously, a business entity hired to provide services to Californians has no authority to rule over its Employers.  Our relatives created a State of California entity to serve them, not to rule over them. 

The original State of California business organization was an American Common Law Business Trust doing business as The State of California. 

This original American owned and operated State of California was replaced in the aftermath of the Civil War by a British Territorial corporation doing business as "the" State of California.  

The assets of The State of California were placed in a State Trust called the "California State", the State of California Legislature was called upon to draft a new Constitution, and the British Interloper was installed on an "Emergency" basis.  

This happened all over the country, in every State of the Union, and nobody knew what was going on.  Joe Average on the Street was never given any full disclosure about these new arrangements being undertaken "for them" by their employees.
Please note that these State of California Legislators were employees of California and had no authority to rewrite their own service contract or create any new Constitution for the Californians, but.....this is what they did.   

As a result, instead of having an American company providing public services for the People of California, we suddenly had a British Territorial corporation, a franchise of the British Crown, providing those services and the only visible sign of this was a change from "The State of California" to "the State of California". 

This Cuckoo Bird-like substitution put a foreign government in de facto control of public services in California and every other State of the Union, in Breach of Trust and violation of the Federal Constitutions.  

This obvious conflict of interest and the change in business structure from an American Common Law Business Trust to that of a British Crown Corporation set up the opportunity to access the credit of Californians and the abuse of their assets as collateral for debt run up by a foreign commercial corporation. 
It's the same thing that credit card hackers do today.  The identity of the American Common Law Business Trust doing business as The State of California was stolen and impersonated by a British Crown Corporation operating as the State of California, Inc. 

This unlawful conversion and the failure of rank and file Californians to wake up and recognize the con job has allowed the Perpetrators to undermine the lawful government for six generations-- and it set up the cycle of so-called "Public Bankruptcies".  

Owing to their business structure as incorporated entities, these British Commercial Corporation franchises doing business "as" the State of California and the State of Ohio, et alia., had bankruptcy protection for themselves and their stockholders. 

So they ran up the credit of the victims to the stratosphere, and went bankrupt in 1907, leaving the hapless Americans on the fork for their debts.  

That was so much fun and so much money was made that the Roman Catholic Church got into the act next, and did the same, letting their "State of State" franchises go bankrupt in 1933.  

And they've been up to the same old crap again, resulting in the current bankruptcies of both the Municipal and Territorial United States Governments.  

The important take home point is that these corporations are not our government and never were, and we are not responsible for their debts, nor are our assets collateral for their debts. 

The further take home point is that they are standing on our land and soil, and while they are, they are responsible for upholding their respective Constitutional obligations with respect to us and obeying the Public Law.  

All of this has been nothing but a gigantic commercial fraud scheme against the American States and People-- the same Employers that all these employees of ours are obligated to protect-- and all orchestrated by the other Principals involved: the British Monarch, the Pope, and the Lord Mayor of London.

They have misdirected our employees to wage economic war against us, while collecting their paychecks from our largess.
The actual living people of this country own the land and soil, every cubic inch.  The actual living people of this country have met all their obligations under the Federal Constitutions and the State Constitutions, too. 

Bottom line: our erstwhile foreign Subcontractors have acted in Gross Breach of Trust. 

Their corporate Employees have endeavored to unlawfully convert us into franchisees just like they are, and to impose their rules, codes, regulations, and statutes, as if we were British Territorial Citizens or Municipal United States citizens getting paychecks --- just like they are, and as if we were under the same obligations and conditions of employment that they are. 
But the truth is that we are Americans, not Brits, not corporate franchises, not officers of the Holy Roman Empire, not "residents" or "inhabitants" of any Territorial "State of State" or Municipal "STATE OF STATE", either.  

We are Americans, State Nationals and State Citizens, and we are now properly declaring the facts and correcting the Falsified Registrations that our foreign employees have created to mis-characterize us in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions. 

We are also assembling our State Assemblies and acting as the Employers of these "State of State" organizations, accepting our Public Duty to uphold the Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions, and beginning the enforcement and correction owed under these deplorable circumstances.

Any American acting in any capacity for these foreign Subcontractors and their State of State franchises needs to be fully informed of their obligations as employees of the actual States and People.  

The State Trusts that were formed in the wake of the Civil War belong to us along with all material rights, titles, and interests.  
We, the Californians, Arizonans, Wisconsinites, Texans.....  are the "Qualified Heirs" and also the Presumed Donors and Beneficiaries of all resources, profits, and assets held in any State Trust.

The appropriate liens and claims have already been lodged, registered internationally, and recorded and published. 
All Americans who are not Federal or State of State Employees and who are not presently on public assistance are called to correct their political status records and join their State Assembly.

We are the Employers, not the Employees.  


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  1. Thank you. I shall look up my Oregon State Assembly.

  2. How do I correct my status with these agencies and to become part of the State Assemblies?

  3. Thank You again for another Analogy that I can share with my friends who are trying to get a grasp on all this. Very nice step by step.

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