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Friday, July 10, 2020

Me, Tarzan! You, Jane!

By Anna Von Reitz

Or, to put it another way ---- Me, American! You, US citizen!
Or, again --- Me, Employer! You, Employee!
Or, again --- Me, Owner! You, Tenant!
Or, again -- Me, Landlord! You, Title-Holder!
Or, again --- Me, Sovereign! You, Indentured Servant! (U.S. Military)
Or, again --- Me, Sovereign! You, Slave! (Municipal Civil Service)
Or, again --- Me, Your Boss! You, Worker for Hire!
Or, again --- Me, Landlord! You, Custodian!
Or, again --- Me, Civilian! You, Military!
Or, again --- Me, Free Man! You, Corporate Person!
The American People are the Employers, Landlords, Owners, Possessors, Sovereigns, Bosses, Patent Holders, Civilian Government ...... everyone got that?
This country belongs to you, as long as you accept and claim your birthright political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.
Let the foreign subcontractors mis-characterize and impersonate you as a U.S. Citizen or citizen of the United States, and you are just a foreign worker on our shores, a bankrupt, penniless, landless, stateless Pauper or an Indentured British Territorial Servant serving a Tour of Duty.
So which is it? Are you "Tarzan"? Or "Jane"?
You are the only one who can decide that and make that choice.
People do sign up and serve in the U.S. Military. People do set aside their natural sovereignty and serve as slaves to the Municipal Government and as "citizens of the United States".
People do sign up for unearned welfare benefits from foreign governments, and they accept these welfare benefits as such, instead of accepting them as gifts. It happens every day.
What matters is that you know that you have a choice, and you know what you are giving up when you opt to become a Federal citizen or dependent.
So if you are "Tarzan" come on over here and stand under the Public Law and the Constitutions, and join your State Assembly.
And if you are "Jane" --- get out of the way of Tarzan.


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  1. Here is the RESPONSE from the Vermin workers or officers:
    Me, Tarzan! Not you,!
    Or, to put it another way ---- Me, Law enforecement! You, US citizen under our usual controls.
    Or, again --- Me, hired by the Gov! (I don’t need to think, their Name is on my check)
    Or, again --- Me. Police officer, (I don’t care about people drama, I have my own)
    Or, again --- Me. I write ticket on my Gov laptop, (all provided for me)
    Or, again --- Me. I speak English, and my bosses speak English, with American accent. Where is the proof that I am a agent? Plain and simple?
    Or, again --- Me. I live in America, Not England, and Not Vatican land. Plain and simple.
    Or, again --- Me. I carry American flag, with proper number of stars of our states.
    Or, again --- Me. I am MARS, I am impatient, I have to be to produce quicker more tickets as the (admiralty) law allows me.
    Or, again --- Me, officer and Civilian! That’s how I see it.
    Or, again --- Me, I feel free, you disobedient (British) U.S. citizen.
    Or, again --- Me, I only have time for my own drama. You deal with your own problem, at the mercy of my judges.
    Or, again --- That’s the way America works. In my experience. I don’t care if you call me the Vermin slave.

    That’s the RESPONSE from the (Vermin) FBI-Police workers or officers:

    1. Anna:
      I saw it's coming, before your post. I'm glad you talk about this.

      Where and how will they come get you?
      The professional Gansters / Arresters. Where?
      In public place.

      When? will they come?
      July 27, 2021. +/- 2 or 3 days.
      At the moment when all these 4 planets turn Dark /Negative: Neptune-. Jupiter-, Saturn-, Pluto-.

      You will have people support. Do not worry!! The only person who is against you will be yourself. Keep yourself under controls, and not letting the Vermin get you mentally.

      Every body else who loves Anna should stand up with her. We are meant to revolutionize, not in 2020. Forget the Astrologers prediction, 2020 is not the year of Revolution. Astrologers are only assumers, they had never predicted Pluto return before, and they are not in science as I am, together with the Creator(s).

      I was, I am, I will be the Star with Anna and you the chosen people, any race. I return to earth by Contract, not alone, to clean up the messes. Our reward is in heaven waiting for us.... I came from the upper world, 99.99% people are in the middle world, with Chaos.

    2. Nothing is scripted in stone, If thing doesn’t happen; It means either one of the 2 parties are able to break Free from the target date, or the intervention occurred. I’ve been through a few events like this before. I wouldn’t worry about it. I would recommend not to let them GPS your position, near the target date. Since it's going to be a full-moon on 7/23/2021, the forward +2 days makes sense.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.