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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

For those who read this blog and wonder how I can be a Catholic.

This document is a proof of the line of succession of the Bishops and priests of the Society of Saint Pius V.
I have always been a Catholic. I was baptized in Hazelton North Dakota in 1948 in the local Roman Catholic Church. When the Vatican Counsel II was held in Rome 1963-1965 I was in a Society of the Precious Blood Seminary in Canton Ohio called Brunnerdale Minor Seminary.
When it became evident to me that something was wrong I left the Seminary and completed my high school in my home town in the public school. It's been a long road from there to Eureka Montana and over 50 years of marriage to my wonderful wife Gladys.
We raised and home schooled 8 Children in Eureka Montana, who are all grown now. The 4 sons all live here and work here. The 4 daughters are scattered around the country, 2 in Montana, 1 in Indiana, and one in Tennessee. We have a long story, just like many other Catholics, of trying to keep Our Lord's one true Faith. You can't understand that until you do some serious reading. So here are a few links that you can refer to, in order to see the history of what has happened in the Roman Catholic Church over the past 57 years or so. To make a long and painful story shorter.   and

 Intro to the Society of Saint Pius V

And for the conclusive evidence of the line of succession of the Holy Orders of the Society.


  1. A revisionist historian you may know -- also Catholic, I understand -- Michael Hoffman, Jr., traced the roots of Vatican II back to the 1500s. I highly recommend his "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome" for a deeper understanding of modern-day "catholicism". Both usury and the Talmud play leading roles in the story told by Mr. Hoffman.

    BTW, I was raised as a "Roman Catholic" in America. You have my great respect abd admiration and appreciation for your raising up your family!! Congratulations, many blessings be yours, now and always.

    1. Remember me folks, I coordinated major wars around the globe, with Rothschild Bankers, See my coin here:$/Winston-Churchill-Gold-Silver-Coin-Union-Jack-_57.jpg

      See my London tower? And see WA D.C. White house? See my deadly airplanes yet?

      FDR worked for me, Louis Mountbatten, also worked for me. I sent him to kill Siam King, for our largest profits, beyond your Gold confiscations. Cool wasn't it? !!!😒🙄😬😩😩😩😩😭😤😡Not cool ?

      Winston Churchill.

  2. Thanks Paul, your efforts are appreciated by many. I am someone who left the church in my youth, although I have vague memories of the Latin rite and its profound sense of mystery, as I sang in the choir. With its disappearance, I sensed the church had lost its spiritual center, and I moved on since there was nothing holding me. (The ensuing "Hootenanny" folk masses seemed like a gross condescension even to naive youth back then...) I have recently seen that Extraordinary Rite mass returning, and with many youth taking up a renewed faith in attendance, they will inherit the restored church, even as it is currently being emptied out of all that is not Holy and Good...

    In te Domine speravi.

  3. What is your position on the SSPV that won't allow communion to other Sede groups?

    1. I have found the priests of the SSPV to be very well grounded in the theology that is necessary to decide those cases. They don't use Sede as the only yardstick. It might be something having to do with the line of succession (probably) or a specific ordination, or something that is being taught that is contrary to traditional doctrine, or it might be the other group is giving communion to Novus Ordo people. I can't be the judge. That is why they study for all those years to learn how to keep the Faith without error. Believe me when I tell you that I looked over all the background and sat down with Fr. Skierka for hours before we decided to go there. And I have seen no red flags in the 16 times we have been able to attend Latin Mass in the last 14 months. We live over 4 hours from there, so we have to go a day early and stay over night.

  4. looks like heresy still slips in.

    end of statement of principles has:
    from her foundation by Our Lord Jesus Christ to His Second Coming
    not seeing it:
    It was normally called the Six Ages of the World because in Augustine's schema they were the ages of the world, of history, while the Seventh Age was not of this world but, as Bede later elaborated, ran parallel to the six ages of the world. Augustine's presentation deliberately counters chiliastic and millennial ideas that the Seventh Age, World to Come, would come after the sixth.

    1. now who IS doing "golden age" ? trump, protestants, vatican II, mormons, ... 2nd coming "holy spirit"

      "communists" who see it as "end of religion" etc. novus ordo seclorum.

    2. Xerces Of course Catholics have fallen into heresy. There is no infallibility except for a true Pope, and then only when he speaks EX Cathedra. If you don't know what that means you need to read a lot more.

  5. Paul... Is it true that the Catholic church would refuse communion to other Catholics?

  6. Only if they are not keeping the true Faith WITHOUT ERROR on all the points of Theology. We accept Christs true Faith in it's entirety or not at all.

    A drop or 2 on cyanide in a big barrel of water is still deadly.

  7. Catholics who have done their homework will have a Sensus Catholicus. They will know when someone is trying to feed them a line of bull----.
    It's probably because Catholics were not really sincere or lax in practicing their Faith that they got into trouble and ended up going along with modernism.


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