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Monday, July 27, 2020

In Less than Four Months


  1. It's not only "government", of course, it's a corporate-gov joined-at-the-hip amalgamation|merger (fascism). Why no mention of mega-transnational-global corpses running the show?? Trump is a puppet, dangled in front of our mindless noses by Puppet Masters.

    The question I have, does this video's "shaming", "belittling", penetrate hearts and minds of people other than those of the "choir"? If even us|them?

    I don't know who produced this -- but it's well done. The hypnotic background music, the declarative statements smack of predictive programming. DOOM PORN, in so many words. You are doomed because you are stupid, slow to respond appropriately, so kiss it all good-bye.

    IS THAT THE MESSAGE WE WANT TO SEND OUT?? And, who is Nancy Morgan Hart, who funds her, is she just a voice-over? That's my two cents' worth on this.

    So sorry. We have to have our shinola sensors on high and question such dollops of data as the video posted.

  2. Consenting to the "governments" mask mandates will only lead to more unconstitutional demands.


    I know people who have lung cancer and other respiratory diseases who can’t wear a mask and face daily abuse in order to purchase needed groceries and items. Small business owners who have one or two employees manning the cash register are expected to stop what they are doing and chase people and ban them from their store. In NY Killer Cuomo can’t force individuals to wear a face diaper so he is threatening business owners with a daily extortion fine of $2000 coupled with possible loss of their business. Thank you.

    CDC Study Based on 14 Clinical Trials Shows Face Masks do Not Work! July 22, 2020. You want science. You always state that. Well, here is your very own science.

    The New England Journal of Medicine admitted the masks are a waste except, get this, they can be like a "talisman" (lucky charm), that makes the wearer feel better. A protection that's all in your head for a plague that's all in your head. Long term use will lead to Pleurisy.

    Pro-Maskers are the new Pro-Vaxxers


    You Decide:

    Touches Mask Every Six Seconds- The UK mandated masks yesterday, causing people to constantly touch their face and spread germs everywhere.

    1. Harassing someone for not wearing a mask who has underlying health conditions or disabilities is UNLAWFUL and violates the federal disabilities act and the entity or individual who violates this can be sued into oblivion. Believe me...these businesses, individuals and municipalities day is coming in court. They are going to pay dearly for the BS they have thrust upon people.

  3. My favorite: The mask protects other people from you spraying your germs out through the mask or something like that.....LOL

    So the whole mask safety theory just went up in smoke or A picture is worth a thousand words


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