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Thursday, July 9, 2020

"And All Liars...." Includes Systemic Indictment

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a little kid I would occasionally tell a Big Whopper, for all the usual reasons. Hands in the cookie jar. I did something I knew was wrong and was trying to hide it. My pets did something and I was covering for them. I really did want that extra piece of pie.... or just to test the limits of what my Mother would accept as being true. Like a game.
All the reasons that little kids have for lying are the same reasons that adults have for lying. But, lying is a boring game, and I soon grew tired of it. I also found that the good old solid Truth was usually, if not always known, and that sooner or later, it would come out.
Especially with my Mother around.
She was a keen observer and always had her ear to the ground. When she caught me lying her eyes would harden into little bright green pointy stars, and then, go soft. She'd sit down with me and patiently explain..... that there is no use lying about anything, because the truth is always known.
God knows the truth and is the Truth.
So, just accept the truth, live with the truth, search for the truth, love the truth.
She would try to explain this to my childish mind and it eventually took hold and then, one day, I knew for myself that the complex and intricate workings of Nature could not possibly exist apart from the Absolute Truth.
And that, as they say, was that. Lies are garbage that has to be picked up and collected and taken to the dump. Lies are obstacles that have to be overcome. Lies keep us from living honest, free lives.
So who needs more lies, about anything? Ever?
I've known this for many years and you may be sure that if I tell you anything untrue, it's because I stepped in one of the Devil's cow-pies myself, which very rarely happens.
As it turns out, we all have a built in sensor, a Shinola Sensor.. If we pay attention and seek the Truth, this handy little internal device will faithfully guide us, and we will seldom, by accident, get entangled in a lie.
What happens more commonly than getting entangled, is suspending belief.
This happens when, for whatever reasons, people want to believe a lie, so they suspend their Shinola Sensor.
They know that the actor on the stage is just an actor, but they suspend belief and get lost in the drama.
They know it is just a novel that they are reading, something that an author cooked up out of his or her imagination, but to them, it becomes "true" ---at least for the time that they are reading.
These can be harmless and enjoyable exercises of our imaginations, or they can be hideous abuses of our imaginative faculties, and always, we must decide for ourselves what is worthy to ingest and what is true.
This issue of abuse of our imaginative faculties lies at the heart of the Garden of Eden story. Notice what happens.
Satan tells Eve a couple whoppers. In the first, he insinuates that God is keeping something good from her, depriving her by not letting her eat the fruit. Then, he tells her she won't die, which is a half-truth, because she "won't die" --- right away.
So she suspends her belief in the goodness and justice of God, her Creator, and allows Satan to abuse her imagination. The same thing happens whenever we believe a lie to this day.
No doubt this is the reason that the strongest condemnation of all is reserved for Liars -- those who deliberately lie, not those who lie because they know no better or because they are misled. See Revelation 21 and The List of those apportioned to the Lake of Fire ---- "and all the Liars".
I have always advised you to use your Shinola Sensors and to "look around the corner" at the motives and proofs and the actual actions of everyone around you, including me----or anyone else who comes to you and tells you something. I have also told you to look at "the fruits" of their words and works.
Discerning the truth is hard work. Examining your own motives for believing or not believing something is even harder work.
Often people want a reward, so they choose to believe a lie that promises them a reward. The ship is going to come in next week. In just a couple weeks, the investment will pay off.
Sometimes, it's just more comforting to believe a lie. And for that reason, people believe more lies than for any other reason I know.
It's comforting to think that your government is honest and working for your good. It's comforting to think that you are safe. It's comforting to think that you are free. It's comforting to think that you can just sit back and do nothing about injustices, so long as they aren't visiting you. It's comforting to believe in White Hats and heroes coming to save you.
I understand this very well. I even sympathize -- to an extent -- with those who are still willfully believing these lies, simply because the alternative is so nasty and difficult to deal with.
But the Truth as I know it, is that your beloved government has been functioning on two cylinders instead of eight, for the past 150 years.
The Truth is that your own beloved Military is largely responsible for this circumstance, and has glutted itself at your expense.
The Truth is that at this very moment, the "Federal" Government is nothing more than two gigantic commercial corporations, both of which are bankrupt.
The Truth is that you and millions upon millions of other Americans have been told that you are free, when you are actually being enslaved.
The Truth is that you have been cast into a "second class" or even "third class" citizenship status by people who are on your payroll.
The Truth is that you have been deliberately kept in the dark, the better to profit from accessing your credit and using your assets as collateral.
I am truly sorry to tell you all this. I wish it wasn't true, but.... it is.
And I would be responsible before God for not telling you, because that, too, would be a lie by omission.
To keep my skirts clean and not be an accomplice to these lies and crimes, I have to tell you. I have to support you and help you out of this Mess. I have to care for you as I would wish someone to care for me. That is what my God requires.
So, here I am, Lord. Doing my duty as best I can.
It is also what the Public Law of this country requires of me. Yes, I and all of you have a Public Duty.
That Public Duty requires us to uphold the actual Law -- not to obey the codes and statutes and "Executive Orders" that are rules for our employees--- but to obey and uphold the actual Public Law.
The Public Law is vested in our Treaties and the Four Organic Laws and in the Federal Constitutions --- all three of them, and the Ten Commandments.
Did you even know that upholding these is your Public Duty?
And that unless you get a paycheck from the government, the Public Law is the only Law that you are obligated to obey?
I bet nobody told you that, either, but that, too, is the Truth.
This week I have been hit with a barrage of lies all coming from "the Reign of the Heavens Society" --- a shadowy organization that doesn't even have a proper mailing address.
According to them, I stole the assets of this country. According to them, I "work for the CIA". According to them, I am an "Agent for the Vatican". They also claim to be "the Chosen Ones". They also claim that they bought "The United States of America" at a Naval Yard Auction and that they own the copyright, too.
Well, I can tell you right now that anyone who tells such outrageous lies and lurks in the shadows is not "chosen" by any God I serve.
Let the record show that my name(s) and my address and my telephone number and my email address have all been up front and in public since I began my work.
Let it also show that I have made no bones about who or what I am or in what capacity I act. I revealed my actual Given Name up front, and my pen name, and my Legal-Lawful Trade Name, too. I revealed my offices --- Fiduciary and State Justice.
I've stood here for years and invited the FBI, the CIA, or any other Agency to stare and snoop to their heart's delight.
I even placed an Irrevocable Will concerning my actions in the Public Record, so nobody needs to have any question whatsoever about what I am doing, what I obligated myself to, or how I limited any "personal receipts" I could get out of it, which happen to be the same receipts guaranteed to all other Americans.
My lineage and my husband's lineage are right there on the Public Record, all the way back to when the Belchers landed in Boston in 1608, and when my ancestors came to Pennsylvania before The War of Independence and fought in it, too. Ya think we're Americans?
We showed you our family Coat of Arms and where the Great Seals of the United States and the United States of America come from, and whose "armorial array" they belong to. We explained to you the source of your "personal sovereignty" ---- how you inherited it from William Belcher and how he inherited it from William the Conqueror and the Kings of Gaul.
Go figure. Where is Keith Livingway's Mission Statement and Irrevocable Will and Pedigree? How is his Coat of Arms connected to the Great Seals?
Strike one, strike two , strike three....
And where are the bona fides of the Reign of the Heavens Society? Where, even, is a normal, credible mailing address? Where are their names? Who are these people claiming to own America?---and in the same breath, saying that I stole it?
When assets are stolen by pirates and a Fiduciary goes after them and returns them to the actual owners, that is not called "stealing". That is called "honorable service". And the actual owners in this case are the American States and People of this country.
Let the record also show that I and my team recorded hundreds of claims that are all in favor of the American States and People and their actual government of, for, and by the people. Those records provide a complete accounting of exactly what we did and how we did it ---- claiming back the assets, including the Public Trust assets --- of the American People for the American People, and rolling it all up, handing it all back to the unincorporated Union, dba, The United States, and assigning the international powers back to the unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.
All the private and public assets of the American States and People are claimed and returned to them, and this is already done and already lodged on both the national and international records. Even the Indemnity Bonds for the transfer of the property assets back to the actual owners are posted and the Payment Bond owed by the Holy See.
So if you are following along, your country and your private assets were at risk because of False Claims and False Legal Presumptions being held against both in International Jurisdiction. They claimed that your assets were all "abandoned" and up for grabs.
We said, no, not abandoned. Here we all are. And we took action to prove it.
But beyond that, we figured out the scheme that our erstwhile employees had set up to prevent the American People from reclaiming their identities and their inheritance.
Instead of laying back in the weeds and trying to benefit ourselves at everyone else's expense --- we raised the alarm. 320 million Americans have been kidnapped and human trafficked offshore in violation of International Law and both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.
But we didn't throw up our hands in despair and run into the bushes of Costa Rica.
We developed the legal processes needed to bring Americans back home to their own land and soil and enabled them to operate their lawful government again.
There are now thousands of Americans in all fifty States who have completed this process and who are standing as Inheritors of this country and their own assets, and the door is open for all Americans to do the same. There are fifty lawful State Assemblies, one in every State of the Union.
And what does "the Reign of the Heavens Society" show on their record as "fruits"? A foreign registration of a foreign corporation deceptively calling itself, "The United States of America----Incorporated".
They are, in fact, trying to pull the same old schtick that the Scottish Interloper pulled in 1868 ---- infringing on our Good Name, and attempting to steal the identity of the lawful unincorporated American Federation of States doing business since 1776 as The United States of America.
Newsflash: we never incorporated our Federation of States and we never intend to. Our sovereignty was too hard won to do any such thing.
The Reign of the Heavens Society are not this country, they don't represent this country, they do not work for this country, they are not honorable agents either voluntary or hired, they are just more rats telling Whoppers and trying to empower, unjustly enrich, and aggrandize themselves using legal chicanery.
It's not going to work, because the actual work has already been done and their Persons and their Corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Inc." lack standing and are merely engaged in piracy and infringement of patents and trademarks already long established---- which is an international crime.
Some State of State organization or foreign country may have been dishonest and stupid enough to issue this group a "copyright" or allowed them to "incorporate" under our Good Name, but that action is illegal, unlawful, null and void.
It is demonstrable fraud and infringement against this country and its people and their interests, a blatant attempt to steal our identity, quite possibly aimed at accessing our assets and credit.
We call upon the international Principals responsible and those agencies of international law that are responsible for enforcement, to shut these pikers down and liquidate any charters issued to them "by mistake".
We already suffered the fraud of the Scottish Interloper that was "mistakenly" issued a charter to operate under our Good Name as "The United States of America, Incorporated" and we aren't going for a second round. Any Principal or country or State-of-State caught doing this again is going to fry for it.
The United States of America is not now and has never been any kind of incorporated entity, period, at all, ever.
It is more than past time for everyone to wake up and look at the "fruits" of their actions and the actions of all these impostors--- the "governmental services corporations" operating "in the names" of the actual governments.
Indictment against this entire System of Things:
(1) Total unaccountability for crimes and abuses inflicted on the actual living people in countries throughout the world. (2) A world at war for the past 150 years, for no good reason. (3) Entire countries and cultures destroyed. (4) Hundreds of millions of people killed outright. (5) More billions of people with lives maimed, truncated and impoverished. (6) Venal, ugly scum and madmen elevated to positions of power. (7) Veneration of Satan not only tolerated, but encouraged. (8) Human sacrifice, cannibalism, and infanticide allowed to thrive. (9) National treasuries plundered by dishonest bankers. (10) National economies plundered by dishonest currency brokers and bankers. (11) Honorable national military services reduced to cheap and dirty mercenary forces at the beck and call of criminals. (12) Judicial corruption and unlawful conversion of the courts to serve private corporate aims. (13) Unlawful conversion of public assets into private assets. (14) Unlawful conversion of private assets into public assets. (15) Unbridled International piracy and human trafficking on a scale that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. (16) Dumbing down of the living people and also the professional communities --- lawyers not being taught the actual Law, doctors being "licensed" and forced to peddle pills and vaccines and speculative therapies for profit, science rendered a mockery by political agendas, favoritism, and payola. (17) Unaccountable "Defense Contractors" and "Pharmaceutical" and "Insurance" Corporations --- given get out of jail cards by equally unaccountable and out of control "governmental services corporations" pretending to be actual governments. (18) Worldwide commodity market manipulation. (19) Political lobbyists misrepresenting themselves as members of the Congress of States in this country, and similar travesties throughout the world. (20) Protection of industrialist interests at the expense of Public Health and the planetary environment worldwide.
If the Reign of Heavens Society wants to do anything constructive to change all of this, they haven't said a word or done anything worthwhile. All they have done is plagiarize the work of Frank O'Collins, known as Ucadia, try to ignorantly bastardize it into something to serve their own ends, and then stand in the darkness, accusing others of doing what they are attempting to do themselves.
Where have we seen that before? Over and over and over?


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  1. Then why quote frauds like Robert David Steele? A weasel who wants a position of power with Trump by taking credit for work dome by others and keeps lists of "suspects" that are basically people who disagree and expose him for his subversiveness?

  2. Scottish interlopers:
    Moses Michael Hays was a prosperous slave-trader, banker, and merchant of colonial New England. Born in New York City in 1739, he was the son of Judah Hays and Rebecca Michaels, Jewish immigrants from the Netherlands. Hays introduced the Order of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order to America. He was the Grand Master of Massachusetts Masonic Lodge with Paul Revere and friend of Patriot Thomas Paine and he helped organized the King David Lodge in 1769. Hays moved from Newport to Boston in 1776 where he opened a shipping office. In June, 1776 (one month before the Declaration of Independence) Hays delivered a now famous letter to Rhode Island General Assembly protesting the requirement that Jews sign loyalty test before the fledgling government. He is credited as being one of the founders of the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Company which served to underwrite shipbuilding, trade and insurance to newly opened Far Eastern markets. In 1784 as the first depositor, Hays became a founder of the Massachusetts Bank which became part of the still operating Bank of America.

  3. Arrogance coin flipped is ignorance and wisdom is humility on flop side. Many people fear returning to nature due to lying about it. I once near lied myself to destruction lying to myself about returning to natural healthy life yet a simple truth of it admitted to the spirit of nature or God as I know healed me forgave me and showed me clearly how I had been so ignorant setting me free in paradise. Why would nature need to lie? Fo we see it hiding? Why only the civilized do called arrogant ones in our kind of species fo h this is ignoring dimple truth in favor of pretending we must and are doomed to destroy all is a lie just like the lie of addicts who think but font feel choosing blame and foolishness in delusion

  4. Thank You Anna for telling the real truth, I cannot wait for the pedo BAR Association to get what they have been giving, only double the trouble.Thank God theirs people like yourself and President Trump that care for us all.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This is sad, what the vermin did to past and current generation:
      criminals. (12) Judicial corruption and unlawful conversion of the courts to serve private corporate aims. (13) Unlawful conversion of public assets into private assets. (14) Unlawful conversion of private assets into public assets. (15) Unbridled International piracy and human trafficking on a scale that hasn't been seen in thousands of years. (16) Dumbing down of the living people and also the professional communities --- lawyers not being taught the actual Law, doctors being "licensed" and forced to peddle pills and vaccines and speculative therapies for profit, science rendered a mockery by political agendas, favoritism, and payola. (17) Unaccountable "Defense Contractors" and "Pharmaceutical" and "Insurance" Corporations -

    2. .
      All smoke and mirrors - illusion

      Fraud can not be fraud in an 2 dimensional world

      people embrace the Fraud called technology in belief it will set them free ..............LOL

      Depends what side your on theirs or ours - who has it best to be uncountable

      Gratitude - keep moving forward

  6. Awesome writing, Anna!
    i recognize the skill in that labor of love.
    It cannot be set aside nor ignored! Sure some fools will try to ridicule it in various forms. Who cares? Pity them...
    Those that would challenge directly & the actual perps themselves cannot match that skill nor withstand a bright spotlight on their illicit activities. Makes the edges of the channel very clear for honest folks to discern who's fooling whom!
    Thanks so much to you & your team! Real Heros for certain!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  7. I suspected Gould had mental health issues when I observed him during the RDS video. My suspicions are now confirmed, see below:

    Parents want to take jailed, 'brainwashed' son home

    "Parents of Russell Gould, 30, whose adherence to the philosophy of David Wynn Miller has landed him in trouble with the law, say their son has been "brainwashed," and they want to take him back to their Wyoming home while his court case is pending.

    "I believe he is brainwashed," Stella Gould said of her son, adding that "his bizarre behavior in court has embarrassed me."

    Gould sat quietly at counsel table as his parents spoke, not looking at them but occasionally shaking his head. In previous court appearances he has insisted on reading lengthy writings in the language of the Miller followers, often continuing when judges have told him to quiet down.

    She also blamed Russell Gould's hunger strike in the jail on Miller. "He's told him not to eat; he's told him not to participate," in the legal system. "David Miller has led him astray and right now he can't find his way out," she said.

    The Goulds said that in recent weeks communication with their son, who has been both in jail and Mendota Mental Health Institute, has improved and they want him to return to Wyoming.

    Foust said he sympathized with the Goulds' efforts to "deprogram" Russell, but was not prepared to release him on a signature bond. His trial is set for late May."

  8. Anna,

    Keep up the good work. You must be close to the target.

    I will be posting some interesting research on Keith Livingway and ROH sometime tonight.

  9. I was watching a channel the other night by a fella who was bad mouthing Anna but I figured he might have something to say so I watched. He showed a document that I'd forgotten about but remembered when h showed it and it was a letter from Anna to the Pope expounding her loyalty and devotion. I remember back when I saw it I must have been just uneducated as a newby but I questioned it even then. I need this cleared up like ASAP. It goes against everything we know and are working towards. Please somebody email me at

    1. Unknown, Anna may have posted the docs too. There are formalities to follow especially for best results. Benedict did jump to assist with Anna's suggested rectification.
      Benedict was soon 'removed', w Jewsuit Bergoglio 'Argentinian Dirty War' Francis was inserted.

      One presents best intentions to move forward when dealing w such matters. Especially when a positive response results. It was Anna's duty to help Benedict mitigate this as efficiently, effectively as possible.

      When addressing United Nations Secretary-General its 'His Excellency'. Yeah. Puke. Just the same, its formalities are most important when seeking attention on things most important.

      Anna did get Benedicts attention. How many on Earth have accomplished that? Wonder what Benedict's doing since then?

      Hope this helps. thanks & stay sane

    2. Unknown - took a while to get back w some links. There may be videos w Anna describing what happened. Sorry, not in great order, but titled at least:

      Reply to Richard - 15 November 2019
      This isn't anything hard to explain or difficult to see. It says, plainly, that I am acting as a "Private Attorney" for Pope Benedict XVI.
      Where does this say or imply that I ever worked for "the Vatican"?
      More obfuscation and misrepresentation on your part, not mine.
      Acting as a private attorney for someone, for example, Donald Trump, does not imply working for the Department of Administration --- which you, Richard, actually did. Not me.
      After all, I am the one who published the records you are "exposing" and the exact circumstance was "exposed" at the same time.
      Everyone is advised to run-not-walk to get a copy of my book, "Disclosure 101" ---available on Amazon for the past several years, so that they might get an inkling of how much work has gone into dismantling
      the crime syndicates responsible for the embezzlement that occurred on Richard's watch.
      For Richard and Company

      I have the public records to back what I am saying, and all you and the "Rotary" buddies have is your incompetence as enumerated yesterday.
      I do not appreciate your habit of putting words in my mouth and trying to misconstrue facts. I especially don't like or respect your attempts to misrepresent me as "an agent of the Vatican" ---- an organization that I have never worked for in my life.

      What do the documents say I was doing? Working as a "Private Attorney". For whom or for what? Pope Benedict XVI.
      Is that the "Vatican" or is that a mortal man in his Office as Pope?
      He was trying to do the right thing and make correction to put an end to the criminality. That's what he asked me to help with, and that is what I did for a period of seven years straight ---- I gave "Notice" of that criminality to Government Officials, just like I gave Notice to you, too, Richard Schaum.
      What did I bring to your attention? That trillions of dollars owed to Americans as the "American National Credit", the flip-side of the "US National Debt", was missing ---and that millions of Americans were not getting the benefit of credit they have already earned and is owed to them. My bad? Or yours?

      The Spirit of the True God Moves Us
      (2) Pope Benedict XVI responded and tried to help despite great danger and personal cost to himself; I have no doubt that he truly wasn't told what was going on, and I have proof that he took immediate good faith action to correct --- including sending me and many others to give Notice to his employees worldwide, telling them to correct their operations;
      (3) Pope Francis has been a different story. He focuses on circling the wagons and reorganizing the church and indulges in efforts to keep the venal machinery of the Roman Pontificate intact, howbeit, operating through a new storefront -- that of the United Nations organization, instead of the Roman Catholic Church. That is to say, he is moving to relocate the problem and expand upon it.

      ** Law AND Order ***
      We did our part in the name of Fairness to bring Pope Benedict’s attention to this gross misadministration and Breach of Trust and he responded immediately and continued to make progress toward correction until he was removed.
      Francis circled the wagons and washed his hands of the lawyers and Bar Attorneys with his Moto Proprio—- not wanting himself or the Church held liable for them and their Municipal bosses even though Westminster and the Inner City of London is chartered by the Holy See.

      Our American Government --- and Our Court System
      BWAAAH! What Have I Been Telling You???
      The Municipal United States Government

    3. Shelby - am not able to read all the links, tho look very interesting. With another knowledge set, I read w this in mind, as it floats an added dimensional perspective. I see it as describing a dynamic (accurately true, or close), & other identities slip into place than written ones.
      I can't explain it & have good suggested evidence trail w links.

      This is a question that keeps popping up: Since Benedict responded favorably to Anna's evidence & request to fix it, was this a first time Benedict was shown what Anna presented? Benedict, it seems, did reach out to rectify the wrongs.

      Then shortly afterward, Jesuit Bergoglio Francis was put in. The 'read' to me is quite possibly Benedict was administering for correction & it had to be stopped.
      This is what am gathering: The process for taking over the Catholic Church was incomplete, however, a jew-shell-game was in place using IOR Vatican Bank, just like they did to America w Fed Reserve + Corporations, to do with the Catholic Church via the Vatican City State the same scam jews have done to America via DC City State. (Now Italy is said thinking of removing Vatican City State Charter)

      The similarities are too great to ignore. Add an events-timeline which parallels America's capture by the jew Fed Resv, all of a sudden gaps were closing, things began to make more sense.

      This is the question: Why is it still said the Catholic Church was doing this for hundreds of years, when the timeline evidences its recent attempted capture? HISTORY IS A LIE, yep!
      Huge problem that we're not caught up on truer historic chronology. Its going to be hard for many to infuse truer chronology with their well researched & evidenced narrative... BUT the history is incorrect.

      We'll have to adjust narrative, dates, characters, events to see a cleaner, clearer puzzle emerge for a much better fit. It fits itself, so to speak, if we're willing to let it. If we fight with our narrative to justify it, we're going to lose too much time doing that & we're out of time.
      For instance, if I insist that the Catholic Church did all these horrible things & on these dates, the puzzle won't emerge. Its my will to let it form itself & give up the ghosts. A ghost as most all the wrongs said of the Church. All of a sudden I see, hey wait a minute, it wasn't the Church's true history here! Its a planted historical narrative to destroy it & if I pick & choose which pieces to carry forward, the puzzle isn't as clear. Its pieces reveal themselves as more correct, but I have to give up that ghost to see it.

      What IF Benedict was made aware of the fraud by Anna who explained it in such a way that Benedict could perceive it, & thats what he acted upon? What if no body else had done this, shown in a language he could see, what was going on?

      It then gives credence to something I wasn't prepared for, that the Church was being taken over at the same time America was! What?! Its attempted capture occurs at the same time as America's capture. Thus Benedicts attempt to rectify it, but was ousted. He's lucky they didn't assassinate him, like they did Kennedy.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. deleted above.
      Here's an events timeline. What's going on to America during this timeline?
      *** Vatican Club of Rome Vatican City State ***

      ~~ 1929 The Lateran Treaty - creating political city-state Vatican City w Holy See full ownership, dominion & sovereign authority and jurisdiction & for Catholics, Christians to separate from Rome to find another unity. >> Holy See has Vatican City State (like DC), has full ownership of what? An Incorporated dead entity (like DC). Has 'sovereign authority & jurisdiction' (like DC). Then to destroy the Catholic Church it pushes Catholics away from Rome, to break it up, & find other unity...?? (later 2013: Insert jesuit jewdizer Bergoglio/Francis, fake pope, becuz NO JESUIT can be pope & Benedict is still alive. Benedict is pushed aside just after he cooperates w Anna to rectify wrongs.

      ~~>>>> Only in 1937, the Pope's Municipal Government agreed with the … Territorial (Commonwealth) Government (<<<< As Anna says in an article the Queen, tho mistaken, perhaps meant Monarch, as Q Eliz wasn't queen until 1952/53 - easy mistake). IMPORTANTLY these dates are RECENT.

      ~~ 1942 Vatican Bank, The Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR) was founded on 27 June 1942 by Pope Pius XII. Note name change means a different corporation?? Just like the Federal Reserve isn't federal nor reserve. This is a private institute which is located within Vatican City State & run by an 'advisory board' who gives report directly to the pope and a committee of cardinals. Just like Fed Reserve in USA to Congress Inc & CEO Pres Inc.

      ~~ 1962 Vatican II = Swiss Octogon-jew-coup; takes over, 'it' is 'guarding the Vatican'. Not unlike 'agencies' CIA, NSA, DoJ, etc infiltrate America, guarding DC Inc. Same idea, just the standing guard costumes aren't as pretty.

      ~~ 1968 FRIGGIN JEWS: Club of Rome - Conspiracy Wiki - In April, 1968, the Club of Rome was founded by members of the original Morgenthau group during a meeting at Rockefeller's private house in Bellagio, Italy. The meeting was organized by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist who had close relations to the Olivetti Corporation and Fiat. ~~ Another group representative at the December 1980 Washington meetings with "observer status" was John Graham, also known as "Irwin Suall," head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is an outright British intelligence operation run by all three branches of British intelligence, that is, M16 and the JIO. Suall's extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach.

      ~~ FRIGGIN JEWS: Club of Rome The Club of Rome describes itself as "an organisation of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. Wikipedia Type: Non-profit, NGO ~ Location: Winterthur, Canton Zurich, Switzerland ~ Fields: Global warming, Well-being, Humanitarian challenges <<<<< Oh, really? What comes from their wretched mouths we hear every day? Reckon Corona-Con is a 'humanitarian challenge', eh. No 911 needed, just freak the goyim out & they herd like stupid sheep. jews laughing all the way to the bank.

    6. 'What If' timeline:
      ~ 1677 (not 1492) 'Columbus’ voyage to America << Shocked? 'Columbus' narrative is re-written. He sailed to already occupied lands, already progressing forward, commerce engaged, societies structured, cities alive, peoples protected. 'Columbus' is a title, as a Column Army, so he was taking a Column of forces to his destinations.

      ~ 1705 (not 1520) Martin Luther's The Captivity of Babylon; fought against the jews infiltrating, destroying the Catholic Church. Protestant Revolution became a jew controlled op, just as they do today. The vast monumental schism Luther objected to was the usurpation of Catholic Church by JEWS! See the Judensau plaque at Stadtkirche Church where Luther preached. What the jews were doing then has never ceased, they're still doing it today. Protestant Revolution taken over as an op by JEWS, who have re-written our history to commandeer destruction of Catholic Church, Christianity, White peoples.

      ~ 1725-1773 (not 1520) The Society of Jesus was created then, not before & its main business was to spread the Messianic Bible and reconstruct history by reconciling all the calendars of the world to Gregorian Calendar. Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome. Dismantling of Society of Jesus in ALMOST ALL of Europe & with the official suppression of it by Pope Clement XIV in 1773. In this way, the trace of all this great and extraordinary manipulation is erased [referring to their creation of our FAKE history is erased, but now we know!].

      ~ 1768 (not 1583) jew Protestant Jesuit, Joseph Justus Scaliger (not 1540-1609) final thrust rewriting of history, added 1000++ yrs, changed to Gregorian calendar. It coincides with the dismantling of the Society of Jesus. Another method adding 1000 yrs: dates written using 'i' or 'j' as i400, means 400 yrs after Christ. They changed it to 1400 right before our eyes! We see the i400 on the painting, sculpture etc, but the brochure, books say 1400. Poof! 1000 yrs added. There is much to know about this jew Scaliger! He wrote himself into deep past as jew Flavius Josephus 37-100 AD, thus is fictional character, never existed! Characters & events thru out history are FAKES, pushed back along the timeline in 185 yr increments.

      ~ 1776 - AMERICA - Considering these dates, what really happened prior to 1776 we're told is also a lie. Notice Scaliger was 1768, just prior to 1776! Staggering! The Scaliger's push to rewrite our history was during this time! NOT 200 yrs prior! Add Martin Luther 1705 NOT 1492, this too just preceded 1776.

      What the hell?! The Gregorian Calendar changed just prior to 1776? Good Folks, we have been massively lied to about everything! We are living in their Talmudic matrix of lies, deceits, enslavement, harvesting, doctrine of scarcity, war, poisons, disease, death, genocide, destruction of all life, soul capture, of that is God's.

    7. With these truer dates forms a more comprehensible reality, as hundreds of years, gaps, fissures, abyss', disappear. Pieces come together in a much more condensed timeline. Most all their FAKE characters, events, wars, GONE. Our truer history is much, much shorter, progress more cohesive.

      ~ No fake Dark Ages that never were, no fake Antiquity.

      ~ Their fake Antiquity is really the Middle Ages 1300-1600 (not 476AD -1500), there was no Great Roman Empire as told.

      ~Trojan War & Crusades were the same historical event, at the end of XII-beginning of XIII c, not 1095-1291. Until the Crusades Islam was indistinguishable from Judaism &… only then did it receive its independent character while Mohammad and the
      first Caliphs are mythical figures. Islam is Talmudic.

      Note changes as 'Modern dating'- Uh yeah, their lies are exposed!: Trojan War Traditional dating: c. 1194–1184 BC vs
      Modern dating: c. 1260–1180 BC

      ~ Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D. & is probably Mt. Sinai.

      Here to share our truer chronology. Still, question is What really was America prior to 1776?

  10. Shelby - good info... Thanks for thinking of me. Yeah, whats with Hudson? Is it all fiction too? We need older true maps, too, see names. they've falsified maps, so gotta be astute.

    Am having flip-flop mania, I tell ya! Now with the Rose, its looking like another of their stolen symbols & false narrative, twisted, reversed.

    What was true is captured, redefined. Its wickedly insane. They give themselves the names of the true ones, even steal portraits as their own.

    Info is reversed in meaning, so we have to keep going, come out the other end. We're churning in their captured scenarios.

    Skimmed the link, but didn't find the Scottish reference, dang it.

    Keep going, find earlier & earlier meanings, as for symbols, numerology, geometry. The closer to truth will be the closer to Golden Mean/Golden Ratio, Fibonacci, etc. & Beauty, which is truth, is also numerical, mathematical.

    Those freaks cannot create, so they steal everything, lather their reversed filth on it. Their ugly.
    Nothing is theirs. All they do is change whats good. They are the evil; all they touch becomes the lessor, never the higher.

    Ha ha ha just read that stolen land Israhell, was occupied by ancient Whites w blue eyes, say archeologists. Not a jew found yet.

    Meanwhile, crypto-jew Turk Erdogan gives Hagia Sophia to the Islamists, their other low-life, low iq Talmudic slave cult.
    IT IS CHRISTIAN built, Christian seat, not Israhell, that farce Rothschild jew-ridden sewer.

    Hagia Sophia Mosque Conversion: What Is the Strategy ...
    1 day ago · Islam does not permit Christian-style depictions, and it remains unclear whether some of the Hagia Sophia’s iconography, whitewashed by the Ottomans and …