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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Judge Anna von Reitz Reveals How The Queen and Vatican Own The U.S. Government Robert David Steele

Found Here:


    Moses Michael Hays was a prosperous slave-trader, banker, and merchant of colonial New England. Born in New York City in 1739, he was the son of Judah Hays and Rebecca Michaels, Jewish immigrants from the Netherlands. Hays introduced the Order of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order to America. He was the Grand Master of Massachusetts Masonic Lodge with Paul Revere and friend of Patriot Thomas Paine and he helped organized the King David Lodge in 1769. Hays moved from Newport to Boston in 1776 where he opened a shipping office. In June, 1776 (one month before the Declaration of Independence) Hays delivered a now famous letter to Rhode Island General Assembly protesting the requirement that Jews sign loyalty test before the fledgling government. He is credited as being one of the founders of the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Company which served to underwrite shipbuilding, trade and insurance to newly opened Far Eastern markets. In 1784 as the first depositor, Hays became a founder of the Massachusetts Bank which became part of the still operating Bank of America.

  2. It appears that Robert David Steele doesn't know anything despite reading his 2,000 books and has a hard time grasping this. lol

    He has zero knowledge, and evidence of Anna's work. Clearly he's never read them nor bothered to study it. And he too, supposedly, is in the same line of work, of waking people up and regaining their natural law rights which have been stripped away thanks to the birth certificate which removes children out from one jurisdiction into another, hence, slavery.

    I would go on to say that, Robert David Steele is framing questions to Anna for his personal benefit with his own audience to appear more legitimate to them.
    He only has a vague idea of things that have happened, some he has even no idea of. Nor does he have the ability nor clarity to place time, events and names to those situations---and as a result, is still in wonder about it, whether they even happened or not! So delusional.

    The only thing he keeps doing is blaming Freemasons and we should all go along with that, because he said it and it has the words "free mason" in the sentence.

    In my opinion, I'd suggest staying away from Robert David Steele and his affairs like the ITNJ website and its affiliations.


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