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Friday, July 17, 2020

100% Positive?

By Anna Von Reitz

Get a clue.  They can't even prove that a separate virus called "Covid 19" exists. 

So they can't prove that "Covid 19" causes any particular special or worse form of the Common Cold, either. 

Yet, everyone tested comes back "positive" as having "Covid 19" --- ?  

Pretty good trick, no?  You tested positive for an imaginary disease. 

Why not call it Blue Unicorn Disease? Then they could test for Blue Unicorns. 

It's not hard to understand.  Everyone, and I do mean, everyone, has had the Common Cold at some time in their life. 

And that is what the Corona virus is.  The Common Cold.  So of course, we all "test positive" for corona virus antibodies.  Ya think? 

The whackjob idiots "declared war" on the Common Cold, just like they "declared war" on poverty, on drugs, and God only knows what else, so that they could carry on a perpetual "war" on our shores, to our detriment.  

And lots more whackjob idiots have fallen for it and put up with this $@%@#$ because they "believed" this crap. 

Well, stop believing.  

Believe Mike Pompeo when he called it a "live exercise".  

Exercise.  Drill.  Like a Fire Drill in Grade School.  Nastly little Tony Fauci and even nastier Bill Gates and George Soros pulled the Fire Alarm.  

But there's no fire---except in your mind, because you've been lied to by "authorities" you trusted.  

So now Mr. Trump is in a hard spot.  If he admits being duped, he looks like an incompetent fool whose bought the lies of an "intelligence community" that hates his guts, because he actually has tried to drain their swamp.

But if he doesn't come clean, the Swamp wins.  Double or nothing. 

Anyone with brains enough to figure out a Third Option?  A solution that doesn't involve yet another war? 


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  1. Trump the German Jew

    There is more in this guys writings about the REICH and the connections to the Germans

    In the comments section it reads as follows

    The Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich, signed July 20, 1933, is still in effect today September 9, 2013.

    Article 2

    The Concordats concluded with Bavaria (1924), Prussia (1929) and Baden (1932) remain in force, and the rights and privileges of the Catholic Church recognized therein are secured unchanged within the territories of the States concerned. For the remaining States the agreements entered into in the present Concordat come into force in their entirety. These last are also binding for those States named above in so far as they affect matters not regulated by the regional Concordats or are complementary to the settlement already made.

    Article 3

    In order to foster good relations between the Holy See and the German Reich, an Apostolic Nuncio will reside in the capital of the German Reich and an Ambassador of the German Reich at the Holy See, as heretofore.

    1. The Concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich
      has been annuled by the occupation law but nobody is
      interested in realisation of this law until today.


    Trump and Putin are agents of Massad and Chabad Lubavich

  3. Perhaps you lack discernment,research,and cognition.

    That word "believe" is deliberately weaponized(thru mis- definition, and also multi-defined)such that many shall make error.

    It is dissembled such that you shall react and use the word "believe" to prove your gullibility - or wisdom.

    "Believe" means,factually, actually, as may be workable, that which you support.

    And the meaning succumbs to its etymology and translations, under any mans' imposition, understanding, or support, as anyone's discernment may allow.

    "Believe" means "to bend to the feet of (even metaphorically) to who or to what you love dearly, even to love eternally."

    e.g. "I believe "Yehoshau, or Yeshau, or Jesus" or also, "I believe and follow 'the way, the truth, and the life."

    It is misused as - e.g. "I believe in Santa, or the Easter bunny." If you do, you are indeed gullible, innocent, or a fool.

    Or maybe you are content to bend your knees,to eternally love and understand, or even worship in error? Some may prefer to worship, what they know not?

    Some may prefer to eternally support lies. e.g. "the wrong way, the lies, and the death." There are those who do bend to the feet and claim to eternal love to falsehoods, and lies. Perhaps some innocence or others because they do worship the weaver of lies.

    Anna's use is plain, workable, simple and true.

    Good blessings, share your thoughts, even correct my error.

  4. This paper is probably not for the weaklings so stop reading now.
    The (Messiah) Mashiach was Hebrew. Going back with both His mother (Mary) Mariam and His earthly father (Joseph) Yahseph’s ancestry they are both of the lineage of the House of David. Where I see people wanting to throw an E in the name of Yahshua, noting to them, that by doing so, they are taking the power of the Father out of His Name and thereby diluting it to naught. Yahshua, (Joshua) in the English is the proper way, without the discrepancies of the vowel points. Talk about a Father;
    All the reputable scholars including Strong’s, or take The Encyclopedia Judaica 1972, Volume 7 emphatically states: “The true pronunciation of the Name (YHWH) was never lost. Several early Greek writers of the Christian Church testify that the Name was pronounced ‘Yahweh’”.
    The personal Name of the Father of Israyl and the Father of Yahshua, the Being, that He, Yahshua taught us, how to pray to, the Creator, the Being He called our Heavenly Father. Our Creator who is not a God! We are commanded not to worship gods of any kind, especially the ‘Hinder gods left behind in Egypt,’ and yet no one finds it a little bit odd, that they, this whole deceived world worships nothing but ‘Hinder gods’? (A little critical thinking is truly missing in this area. There is a guy Kent Hovind I believe, he cut the evolutionary tree down to its trunk long ago .) Is our Heavenly Father the Father of confusion? Of course, He is not; He is not a created Being and nothing in the whole of creation can come close to the wisdom He possesses. He sees the beginning and He sees the end. The gods are created beings. 2/3rds of the heavenly malakim stand with their Creator, 1rd of the fallen angels stand opposed. We are told over and over not to worship gods. Yet, we have a protestant god of many flavors, you pick, a Mormon god, a Lutheran god, a moon god an earth god, the Roman gods, Nordic gods, why the catholic Church has a god that allows them the right to pedophilia, the god Pan, as in pandemic, pandemonium, and let us not forget the famous, Sun God, who comes and goes by many names, and who is a trinity, a triad, the Triune god, or the gods named after each of the 7 hills of Rome. It is utter madness if you have fallen into this cycle of God worship. There is this god spoken of in Ephesians 2:2 and this is the god all these other gods are being transmitted into your minds through, picture her as a radio broadcaster, hit the right frequency and you have the art of fraud and deception perfectly employed, fine-tuned and deployed, ready to strike with all the deceivableness of sin, and she was not created as a mere mist; here today and gone tomorrow. No, she is the epitome, the embodiment of everything that is wrong. But, she has you cut off from your Creator by the lure of god worship. Which, cuts you off from The Father, His Son, and the Spirit Holy. Not the holy ghost. A blatant corruption of Holy Writ. It is this god who has weakened the nations, yet this god, is a created being who thought to lift him/herself above the stars of Yahweh. That god was also in Eden, she is called by many, many names. Anyone who tries to lift themselves up higher than another is a person trying to fill a god position.
    But our Merciful Heavenly Father is not. He is our healer, our Guide, he is the One who feeds us, He is our protector, He is all we will ever need. When Yahweh first brought the children of Israyl out of Egypt, the Pharaoh asked his magi, his priests to search the books; because like in Rome, all the gods were worshiped in Egypt too. Yahweh’s Name however, was not listed among the gods. I don’t wonder why. Because as it states, Satan has deceived the whole world into god worship. (Rev. 12:9)

  5. There are 3 strata of manuscript the Priestly, or P, the Yahwist, or Y, and the Elohistic, or the E
    It is believed that they all stem from one common source. The Yahwist is the oldest. From the finds of the 19th and 20th centuries we can verify that Yahweh was worshiped in Solomon’s temple because we have found temple receipts dating to that period, also the Lachish Letters.
    Now the Name Yahshua means what was prophesied “Yahweh is our Salvation”. One thing you
    Should know, Yahweh is no hypocrite, He lives by His truth, His only begotten Son lived by His Truth, and for someone to say that Yahweh’s Son, called Yahshua, before he was actually born into the Yahweh Family somehow did away with the Truth or Law of Yahweh given by Mosheh is preposterous. As you are learning from Anna our Constitution and Common Law was founded on these principals, that is why all Courts of Law had a plaque for the Ten Commandments when we had Common Law Courts throughout the land. If you would enter into life, it will be through the small and narrow gate. The Laws that we are not held accountable for during the present age are the Levitical Priesthood Laws, and those are the Laws that the Apostle Shaul wrote about because the Levitical Priesthood has been dissolved and has been replaced with the Priesthood of Melchizedec of which our King and Brother Yahwehshua is High Priest over the Body of Mashiach in the order of Melchizedec. He continues in His Priestly duties. While we eagerly await the redemption of our bodies which is called salvation. Only a fool would say in his heart, ‘for it is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’, to utter the words there is no Heavenly Father;
    Those words could only proceed out of a deceived and or hardened heart. It is true what has here been said about worshiping dead, what you coined as ‘dead Jews’. I’m going to explain some of your missing pieces, but first realize this, you are but a mist which appears for a short while and then are gone. Even then, your knowledge base is bent, warped, twisted and maligned. Then what you, who are but a mist, decides to paste into your memory bank becomes truth or fiction just for you. Being just a mist, here one day then gone the next. How much intellectual power do you truly wield? Unless you have a source of True Truth to draw from, with a competent teacher to explain how it is to be siphoned in, rather interpreted, how the data is to be used and so-forth. If you just follow along after the course of this world, after the Prince of the Power of the Air, the god that is now at work in the children of disobedience, meaning by nature you are a child of wrath, just as the others (EPH.2:2). As I can testify to by some of your writings here and at other times, your eyes simply have not been opened to the wonderous things that come forth from His Law. It is a Lamp, so that you do not stumble. Now back to the dead Jews as you call them. The J was invented to promote the false name Jesus, as well as to be able to change the Name of Father Yahweh to Jehovah, and the names of His servants the Prophets, hence, Jeremiah, Yeremyah; Isiah, Isayah. But also, to Slander the Yahdaim by calling them Jews. The term Jew isn’t found until 2nd Kings when they were at war with the northern Kingdom of Israyl. There are many splinter groups. All Yahdaim are not evil. The word itself means “Those who lift holy hands to Yahweh.”

  6. One of the evil’s was the conspiracy to hide our Heavenly Fathers Name, which is His glory. It was even hid in the beginning, but notice later in Yeremyah 11:9 going forward “Then Yahweh said to me: A conspiracy found among the men of Yahdah and among the inhabitants Yerusalem.” Then in chapter 23:27 “Who devise; plan and scheme, to cause My people to forget My Name through their dreams, which they tell every man to his neighbor, just as their fathers have forgotten My Name for Baal; Lord.” Just who is Baal, who is Lord God, they are not our Heavenly Father Who Mashiach taught us to pray to. I am going to try and post this and if I have success, then you will find out the answer to those questions. Later.
    The Holy Scriptures proclaim over and over that Yahweh is our Savior (Ps. 27:1, Isayah 43:11”.)
    Our Mashiach Himself Stated His mission was to Proclaim Who our Savior is—Yahweh! John, or,
    Yahchanan chapter 17. The Christian church openly admit that the false names (Yeshua, Jesus) replaced the True Name (Yahshua) in the scriptures. Louis Hartman, Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Bible, Pages 1141-1142, and the new Catholic Encyclopedia Volume 7 pp 970-971. All, the trick of the vowel point system. The word Christian itself is a slanderous insult which labels one as following a deformed idiot. The word cretin according to the American Heritage Dictionary says: I’ll skip meaning 1 and go to 2: An idiot [French cr’etin, idiot, from Swiss French crestin, Christian, hence human being, hence deformed idiot (Who is nonetheless human), from Latin Christianus, Christian.] Don’t blame the messenger because your study is weak, but strengthen it. Look up the word church, it has an interesting beginning also. Gregarious wild swine. Yahweh is building one Holy Temple through the Body of Mashiach who is Head Cornerstone. There are some facts that need to be taken into account. Yahshua was hung on a tree, a pole and not a cross pole but a stake. Such a person is under a curse. When all the sins were placed in Yahshua, all that evil and unrepentant sin placed within His blood, the Book of the Law states He paid the full penalty of sin - not just death, but also that His name was blotted out of the Book of Life! Father Yahweh had to turn His Face away for 3 days and 3 nights as His blood soaked into the ground. Because of all the presumptuously committed sin by mankind that was now in Yahshua’s being, His very life, His blood tainted with pure evil. Remember, the life of the body is in the blood Leviticus 17:14 ''For the life of the body is in its blood.'". Deut. 29:20 “Yahweh will never be willing to spare him, for Yahweh shall break forth in a destructive fire, and His jealousy will burn against that man! All the curses written in the Book will fall upon him, and Yahweh will blot out his name from under heaven.” Deut. 21:23 “his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which Yahweh your Father is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of Yahweh.” Gal. 3:13 “Mashiach redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us. For it is written: "Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree." His Earthly Name Yahshua should’ve been blotted out of the temple scrolls, they were not. That of course leaves everyone calling upon His earthly name. When He rose from the dead Yahweh exerted His power, and gave Him His inherited Name. The only Name, above all Names and would shortly, after His resurrection, soon ascended to the right hand of Power as our King and High Priest, and entering the very reality of the Holy of Holys' He continues with His High Priestly Duties, covering for our infirmities, our weaknesses and bringing our prayers to the Father. Sorry Anna, but we still need a Mediator.

  7. . He is our mediator Notice Eph. 4:13 "until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of Yahweh, as we mature to the full measure of the stature of Mashiach". Also notice Isayah 59: 1-2 “Behold, (which means to pay attention) Yahweh’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear. But your own iniquities have separated you from your Father; and your own sins have caused Him to hide His face from you, so He will not listen.” It is His will that we all come to a perfect understanding of the knowledge of His Son and the True Redemptive Process. He is not willing that any should perish! Before He ascended on high, He left us His Joy, His peace, and He did send, as promised, the Spirit Holy to work with us that we can overcome the evil one and all her ploys. People are not aware just how sinister this being is, she has been building Strong Holds within our minds since we were just youngsters. We are told in 2 Cor.3-5 "For though we live in the flesh, we do not wage war according to the flesh. The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have heavenly power to demolish and pull-down strongholds. We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of Yahweh; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Mashiach". Before He left the earth, He opened the Scriptures to His disciples’ so they could understand with their hearts and their minds (Luke 24:45) and thereby teach the Truth to all who are called in this era, by the writings and discernment of the Spirit. Remember, before His resurrection He was only Begotten, however, at the resurrection He was actually born again with His Royal Family Name, into the Yahweh Family. Notice what He tells us in Revelation 3:12 last line “And I will also write on them My New Name.” Philippians 2:6-11, I will write vs. 9-10 “Therefore Yahweh exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the Name that is above every Name, that at the Name Yahwehshua every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue acknowledge Yahwehshua Mashiach is Ruler, to the glory of Yahweh the Father.”

  8. Let me state that this was written mostly for someone else, but it seemed to fit in here. So do not take this as being written against you Anna,

  9. . . . your writing, above, is what? . . . all about: the usage, misuse, misspelling, mis-key-stroking, etc. the letter "E???" or misspelling "Yahseph?"

    I hope no child had to endure your pedantry.

    You may have a stroke of brilliance, but your are also deeply symbolically challenged, yet loved just the same.

    try again, you truly seem to have something to share, but it is NOT your spelling lesson.

  10. The office of the Attorney General was notified of possible Sherman Act violations and an investigation has been demanded pre litigation on behalf of everyone

  11. Re: "a Third Option?" How about prioritizing what key corporate charters need to be pulled followed by outlining the steps that the State Assemblies need to take to accomplish this?

  12. Before the letter J, j, in the English alphabet, how would one spell Joseph? Yahseph is as far as I know the Hebrew transliteration of the English Joseph, or the Greek Ioseph, I thought I was clear on the deceptive letter (J). Names are not translated, but transliterated so they should sound as close as possible to the original language. Okay wise-guy. Also I am not a language professor, nor ewilim.

  13. Meanwhile continued destruction of Christianity, Catholic Churches:

    Another destruction of our great history, a centuries old organ, to diminish Christianity for Talmudic Islamic replacements.
    Fire damages French cathedral, arson probe launched

    Fire erupted in the gothic cathedral of Nantes in the western France on Saturday before being brought under control, sparking an arson investigation and leaving Catholic officials lamenting the loss of priceless historical artefacts.

    The cathedral's 17th century organ was destroyed and its platform was in danger of collapsing, said regional fire chief Laurent Ferlay, but added the damage was not comparable to last year's devastating blaze at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. ...

  14. eh, yahweh is apparently just more masonic 2nd coming.

    so...i will pass.

    the hermeticists claim no spirit can be joined to any body without a soul. hence holy ghost (male, spirit) + our lady (female, anima, soul is the body of a spirit) == christ/god in man form.

    3rd times a charm as well. thrice greatest hermes.

    the "magi" seem to have got this figured out. with all the other alchemy in bible stuff (7 stars, 12 gates the 144,000 enter through...christ says enter in the narrow gate, broad is the way of destruction..., genesis "creation" ...) ...these things all need explained for anyone claiming knowledge of "bible" stuff, old or new.

    i will stick with the magi solution.

    only the alchemists even attempt to explain 7 spheres, 12 gates, etc.

    everyone else it seems is "knowledge for me, obedience for you"

  15. this magi rule also rules out any other trinity...unless there is some female "soul" character serving as "mediatrix" for the "mediator" son.

    so, in accordance with these "magi" rules does yahweh transfer the proper spirit to christ "god in man form", or anyone else for that matter ?

    and, if you dismiss hermetic "alchemy" ... what of 7 planets/spheres/stars/sacraments, 12 gates, etc. ?

    what of striking rocks with magic wands? what of aaron and moses and other people who have magic wands?

    what of christ being crucified a reference to snake on a stick?

    these all need explained if one is dismissing the "magi" rules for "alchemy"

  16. also needs explaining: the 3 wise men, the offerings they made, the star they followed, etc.

    im inclined to think only the hermeticists have any clue about "bible" stuff.

    and, without "our lady" -- where does any man, let alone jesus, get any particular spirit in them?

    only the magi rule explains this.

  17. also, what of various bible characters who play with snakes?

    only hermes/mercury and his magical cadaceus of separation/merging explains this.

    what of the "red sea" ? alchemically there is a meaning. anyone else?

    4 corners of the earth. alchemically there is a meaning. anyone else?

    etc. etc. etc.

    "angels" pouring out 7 "vials" -- alchemists "get" this. noone else can explain.

  18. plus we have all the air/land/sea law. and fire == spirit

    supposedly the vatican set this up, but alchemy precedes that.

    again -- who even has an explanation for this "division" of things, both spiritual and temporal, heaven and earth, etc. ?

  19. plus gates (see ms windows logo) is doing their own 2nd coming alchemy.

    and with delphi technique, you get endless holographic trinities anyways, synthesized reality.

    so, a trinity is a good counter. what you bind or loose on earth will be bound or loosed in heaven, etc.

    plus the whole "keys" thing. and the apocalypse is the keys of death and hell.

    so, we got competing sets of "keys". seems like a trinity.

  20. yahweh doesnt explain any of this.

    just pick and choose and somehow you end up at 2nd coming, after not actually explaining any of this stuff.

  21. plus there's that:

    thats kind of a blocker.

  22. also, there is a heavenly father in the magi scheme. its just "holy ghost" -- the spirit of god. "our lady" - the soul. jesus (in man form) -- the body/flesh.

    all 3 together: god the mother, god the father, god the son.

    mother of god, father of god, son of god.

    altogether, they are "god"

    so this scheme does have a "father" -- its just not yahweh and not "the lord"

    thrice greatest hermes. how else would the magi have set things up?

  23. plus e.g. ripley's scroll, "anima" clearly has spikes/rays/whatever you want to call them like e.g. our lady of guadalupe.

    plus you see written in the "margins": body/soul/spirit.

    so, the magi solution looks consistent across different realms of "alchemy" and different alchemy texts even.

    who is going to argue with the 3 wise magi? or the 7 angels with vials in their hands?

  24. Staff or Rod of Asclepius is healing medicine, as Christ is the healer.
    Caduceus is poison. A Surgeon General's Caduceus & promoted petro-chemical Big Pharma

    The Staff of Asclepius, Through The Years | Medgadget - - The single serpent staff also appears on a Sumerian vase of c. 2000 B.C. representing the healing god Ningishita, the prototype of the Greek Asklepios. So what about the two serpents, and the ...
    The cover illustration is that of a Caduceus, with caution tape replacing the two serpents. Please note that the Caduceus [top] is a symbol for commerce and negotiation, not the symbol for medicine. The traditional symbol for medicine is the rod of Asclepius, a single serpent entwined around a staff [bottom]. As I am sure you are aware, the misconception that the Caduceus is the symbol of medicine stems from the adoption of the Caduceus by a U.S. Army Medical Corps officer in 1902 as a symbol for that group. Since the Caduceus is associated with commerce, theft, deception, and death, we, in medicine, are well advised not to use it to represent our profession.
    Lanny Garth Close, MD
    Howard W. Smith Professor and Chairman
    Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
    College of Physicians and Surgeons,
    Columbia University Medical Center

    Staff of Aesculapius—one snake, no wings—was the symbol of medicine from the ancient Greek world. Aesculapius and his sons were mentioned in the Iliad, a minor war about, oh, say, three millennia ago.
    The Staff of Aesculapius is the symbol of medicine worldwide, and in the United States it is used in the logos of the American College of Physicians and the American Medical Association.
    Imagine my embarrassment when the cover of Hopkins Medicine, the magazine from my esteemed alma mater, has as the symbol of medicine on its cover the Caduceus—the symbol of Hermes, god of the underworld (read: dead)! The Caduceus, with its two snakes and wings, is not, repeat not, the symbol of medicine! And Hopkins, with its esteemed traditions and long interest in medical history, should know better. We should not be making the common mistake of the proletariat and use the dreaded Caduceus!
    For the true story on the history of the symbol of medicine, visit my website, , and click on the snake. Long live the Cult of Aesculapius!
    Timothy Leigh Rodgers, MD ’71
    Santa Barbara, CA

  25. What If: 'snakes' are newly invented weapons, as cannons, guns. Serpents bite, explosions, sky serpents. This is extremely relevant in that it was this battle, below, which decimated the jews Royal Hereditary Lineage, who demanded animal, human sacrifices & all allegiance to them. Apostolic Christianity won, thus the great battle to free mankind from the jew.

    Now we're going to have to do it again, as the cancer wasn't eradicated. This time, it must be eradicated. And White Christians will once again defeat reptilian bloodlines, forever.

    Apostles' Christianity – was adopted as a state religion only after the dramatic Battle of Kulikovo in 1380.


    Chapter 4.

    In the Apostles' monasteries in Russia gunpowder and cannons were invented. The first cannons were wooden and were made of the oak trunks. The inventor of cannons is Holy Sergii Radonezhsky... The invention of this new incredible weapon was used intelligently by the Apostles' Christians in their fight against the emperors-'heretics'. In a critical moment the Battle of Kulikovo, the canons were put at the disposal of Dmitriy Donskoy = Constantine the Great, who acted in support of the Apostles' Christianity. His opponents, the believers in the 'Royal' Christianity united under the banners of khan Mamai = Ivan Veliaminov. The main military forces of the Empire were on their side. They didn't have a slightest doubt in their victory. On Dmitriy's = Constantine the Great's side only the militia assembled. But at the same time they had fire arms – cannons, which the enemy did not know about. It was those cannons = the 'Christian weapon' – which decided the battle. They possibly not so much defeated as inspired terror in the enemy. Dmitriy's victory was perceived by his contemporaries as a miracle. Having won, he made the Apostles' Christianity the state religion of the entire Empire [4v1], ch.6.

    The above is learned from Fomenko's Chronologia - Corrected historical timeline based upon mathematics, astronomy, texts, artifacts, also corrected for the over 1000+++ added years. We've been lied to by jews who were the LOSERS & will be losers once again.

  26. What If Magi: A.T.Fomenko , G.V.Nosovskiy
    Chapter 2.
    In the epoch of Christ, in the second half of the XII century, Rus’ adopted Christianity wholly and instantly, and did not wait for a thousand year as the Scaligerian-Romanovian history assures us. Russian Czar Vladimir = Vladeyushyi Mirom (meaning ‘One Who Rules the World’ – translator’s note), Csaritsa (Queen) Malka and Cossak Military Commander Ataman (military rank in Cossack regiments – tr. note) all came to worship Christ. They are represented in the Gospel as The Magi or The Three Kings, under the names of Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar [6v1], ch.3. Afterwards a magnificent Cologne Cathedral was erected in their honor, where the famous sarcophagus of the Three Kings was placed. The shrine could be symbolic, and the Kings themselves buried in the central Imperial Burial Ground of African Egypt...

  27. Back on point. Since no virus has been properly isolated, how can anyone say that it is a virus which is causing illness? Well, we can't. Even if one could prove that a "virus" is present in large enough numbers to cause an infection, how do we know they aren't present for other reasons, like cleanup, perhaps? Perhaps illness is being caused by other agents or conditions such as a drastic change in the environmental levels or frequency of EMF radiation, or some ubiquitous pollutant? They have been trying to prove viral contagion since 1918 and have not been successful. How is it that contagion is accepted as fact? Germ theory is a theory for a reason, it has not been proven!

    Among the major bombshells Dr. Alexov dropped is that the leaders of the May 8 ESP webinar said no novel-coronavirus-specific antibodies have been found.
    The body forms antibodies specific to pathogens it encounters. These specific antibodies are known as monoclonal antibodies and are a key tool in pathology. This is done via immunohistochemistry,
    which involves tagging antibodies with colours and then coating the biopsy- or autopsy-tissue slides with them. After giving the antibodies time to bind to the pathogens they’re specific for,
    the pathologists can look at the slides under a microscope and see the specific places where the coloured antibodies — and therefore the pathogens they’re bound to – are located.
    Therefore, in the absence of monoclonal antibodies to the novel coronavirus, pathologists cannot verify whether SARS-CoV-2 is present in the body, or whether the diseases and deaths attributed
    to it indeed were caused by the virus rather than by something else.
    Dr. Alexov has an unimpugnable record and reputation. He’s been a physician for 30 years. He’s president of the BPA, a member of the ESP’s Advisory Board and head of the histopathology department
    at the Oncology Hospital in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.
    There is evidence that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns half the patent for Moderna’s COVID vaccine, and NIH scientists have filed provisional patent applications that could see each
    of them collect as much as $150,000 annually in royalties from the vaccine. This arrangement invites corruption, and may help explain why the government let Moderna skip animal trials for the
    vaccine and infused $483 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to speed its development.
    Sars-CoV-2(novel corona virus) is the Corona Virus-an infectious agent IS what the TEST is looking for it CANNOT detect signs symptoms syndrome disorder or disease
    Sars-CoV-2 attaches to the ACE2 molecule
    Sars-CoV-2 is an RNA virus with a lipid membrane (like all previous corona viruses)
    Stanford Covid-19
    Follow-up testing with a molecular diagnostic test should be considered to rule out infection. This antibody test result should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2
    (COVID-19) infection or to inform infection status Positive results may be due to past or present infection with non-SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus
    strains, such as coronavirus HKU1, NL63, OC43, or 229E

    The CDC and WHO elected to commit to a narrative of a novel coronavirus – exhibiting properties that were anticipated in the U.S. Patent 7,618,802 issued to the University of North Carolina
    Chapel Hill’s Ralph Baric – and, in the absence of testing protocols, elected to insist that SARS-CoV-2 was the pathogen responsible for conditions that were consistent with moderate to severe
    acute respiratory syndrome.

  29. The best belief is no belief, only discernment which the bible has advice us all so we don't get fooled by beliefs.