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Friday, June 5, 2020

Tucker: Our leaders dither as our cities burn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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  1. Real-time Grey State. Order out of chaos is the NWO mantra.

    1. TrumPuppet™ The Last American President. Soros?

    2. Solar Eclipse on June 21st foretells the core Issues are about SECURITY and INSECURITY at American home. Evil Politicians are taking advantages of the chaos, to propel their same fraud forever.

      I agreed, black looters are out of controlled mad. Why didn't they fight with the police if they want to vent out anger?

      The whole things boil down to Corporate Corruption, oppressing people one way another. Shame on the Bankers, Corporate Gov't, for diminishing people resources, when black are hungry, they turned violent. It takes energies to protest, when they’re tired they tend to looting for energies. So have the Crooked Bankers pay the prices.

    3. Its not the blacks, theirs countless videos of white masked men and women vandalising ,setting fires and even paying blacks to join in. So its the whites that pit BLM together in the first place.

  2. Tucker is a crypto deep state touts the 9/11 lie knows it’s a Mossad op

  3. Let me get this straight...if we come home to the " LAND" and file all our paperwork , and become part of our state assembly, then we automatically become immune from prosecution, especially since there isnt anyone " injured" or property deliberately i have that right..!!

    Courts have " NO AUTHORITY" over us, especially when it concerns traffic tickets, drugs that involve no violence, no adhesion contracts allowed, no licences , no press- ganging, no identity theft, no contract without " consideration", no prosecution of a " mutaul off - set credit exchange"( its civil) ...

    Do i have this correct..!!

    Seems to me we are doing this ass- enforcement has become to powerful, and none of them are trained in " real law"...!!
    If we are going to change things then we first have to educate all law enforcement because none of them have the slightest clue about " real law", and then we all become victims of this system..!!
    If this really worked i would immediately file all necessay paperwork and join my state assembly...!!
    I have to have the same rights as all law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate all cops that dont adhere to our " original continental constitution" or know law...!!

    If not i have the absolute right to protect myself from unlawful arrest and unlawful imprissionment and arrest the officer...!!
    Until this happens we will never have peace...i already have this right according to PC 834...

    Arrest defined: An arrest is taking a person ( corporate) into custody..An arrest can be made by a peace officer or by a " private person"...thats me..!!
    But just try it and see what happens..!!
    We need more than a " civil suit"...we need to arrest and convict police officers that do not obey law...real law..! Which means that i need to carry cuffs and a gun and be protected as if i was an officer..!!

    No difference..!! In my opinion we need to get rid of all BAR ATTORNEYS first, including all judges , so that the people really have the power and the cops understand this..
    When i buy a car , i have the absolute right of a " mutual off- set credit exchange" and that it all becomes civil after that...anyone that calls 911 has to be arrested too in order to defend himself properly....let the judge make the call...!! That would cut down the number of 911 calls immediately..!! If the person doesnt know law and calls on his neighbor, then both have to be arrested first and then let it play out in criminal arrest , then a " civil suit" to collect money....civil suits take too long and criminal suits are handled immediately...!!

    1. James
      >>>> If we are going to change things then we first have to educate all law enforcement because none of them have the slightest clue about " real law", and then we all become victims of this system..!!
      If this really worked i would immediately file all necessay paperwork and join my state assembly.

      I wonder how much insurance they secretly carry on cops?
      How about a 'judge'
      How about a 'Prosecuting Attorney'

      These are so right guys. The admiralty idiots don't know sh*t about proper rule of law. Anna knew their position and massive law violations. Don't you think she defeat herself? We need to be wise, and focus on the MOST importance FIRST.

    2. You are correct in your assessment. And why do they keep insulting animals? Most of them are smarter than we are. I have no "leaders" or "representatives". I represent myself. These are not our governments anyway.

  4. I wonder how much insurance they secretly carry on cops?
    How about a 'judge'
    How about a 'Prosecuting Attorney'

    ALERT (6/5): The 6/6 Massacre

    From this evening through tomorrow morning, I’ll lay out the puzzle pieces that point to a 6/6 massacre of protesters in Washington D.C.
    It is scripted to be a “Deep State” operation that will lead to a removal (through a cabinet coup or second impeachment) or suiciding of Trump.

    (3 June 2020) – Watch The Three-Day Weekend Very Carefully
    It looks like a cabinet coup is brewing around Trump over the Floyd Riots PSYOP.
    If you remember the links I left before on here that I am not permitted to link here anymore go to his website and read all latest updates

    The Kushner narrative being spewed out by Steele is also in play.

    And last but not least we have the nut job in the middle east filing charges against someone who has made threats to him and his family (mighty white of the man who's been slaughtering the Palastinians for decades)

    …from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

    “A few days ago, I filed a complaint with the police about a series of threats to murder me and my family,” Netanyahu tweeted Monday. “Today, unfortunately, I had to file another complaint against a vile man who detailed how he intended to murder me and my family.”

    The tweet included a screenshot of one of the threats, which called for Netanyahu, his wife and two sons to be beheaded, and then have their bodies hung from the balcony of the prime minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

    “When will the media and the Left, who do not stop for a moment trying to topple a right-wing prime minister, finally condemn the unruly and incessant incitement against me and against my family?” he also tweeted.

    The “Deep States” / communists may move on Bolsonaro also, so watch all the NWO heroes over the weekend.


    The Palestinians and their families, NOT SO MUCH

    Remove his security give him some rocks and send him on his merry little way, see how that works out for him

  5. Michigan Patriots Heads Up Per Jimstone

    ATTN STERLING HEIGHTS MICHIGAN: A looting and burning spree was requested by your city government and is scheduled for YOUR city starting June 6 (Saturday) in the afternoon. They will be staging the attack at the golden circle If you have an appropriate weapon, be available....

    Protesters Showed Up In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho But The Locals Made Sure That There Would Be No Riots…

    "When word started spreading that the same protesters that had just broken windows and looted stores in Spokane were going to come to Coeur d’Alene, hundreds of citizens mobilized to protect their community. So when the protesters did show up on Monday night, they quickly discovered that a very heavily armed “welcoming committee” was waiting for them."

  6. Protest at place called GOLDEN CIRCLE
    Michigan on the GREAT LAKES and right in line for the CRYSTOLBAL (crystal ball) storm headed that way
    In Illinois I believe a town called Little Egypt

    Massive storm named Cristolbal = CRYSTAL BALL
    Targeted straight up through Mississippi River area
    (NEW MADRID fault line)

    These places and storm names are telling a story

    Ley lines, names, targeted areas
    Have a look at future map of United States ('VISION' came to them, I suspect they'll say comes from their kabbalah mistic occulted powers' and map was drawn up and created by the Phoenician Navy (aka US NAVY)

    Easy to predict future maps when you know their magical powers of army of brain dead military working their weather modification, fracking all up and down all these fault lines causing movement on of those fault lines on purpose to fit the narrative
    NOAH floods coming - their created CRYSTAL BALL massive storm headed up out of the gulf IS A SIGN, IT'S 'PROPHECY' they will label it

    Climate change, different definition than one used for weather, CLIMATE CHANGE of BLACK placed ABOVE all, immigrants being shipped in by the thousands under numerous types of visa's

  7. NEW LAW

    Of course the creator being funny but best take heed


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