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Sunday, June 14, 2020

The New Earth Union

By Anna Von Reitz

Our country began with a union of States. This was, in turn, merely an “externalization” of a deeper Union— a union of people, who embraced the precious cause of freedom and the concept of unalienable individual rights. 

The depth of this union of people was demonstrated by their unanimous Declaration of Independence. All the colonies moved forward together as one, and those making the Declaration put teeth into it with a “pledge” to these principles, backing their Declaration with “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”. 

They pledged it all, not to any king who would reign over them, but instead, to their own natural sovereignty, their right to live as free men and to self-govern. 

We must make that pledge again. 

This is not a medieval pledge to serve a king, but a pledge made to oneself to honor the Universal Law of freewill and self-determination, and to mutually resist all despots and tyrannies with equal determination. 

Our Forefathers were not only rebelling against the rule of George III, but were opposed to all monarchies and theocracies on principle.

Like the Norman Barons who had been elevated to the status of “sovereigns in the own right” in England gathering together to write the Magna Carta, our Forefathers realized that freedom and freedom of choice is the natural condition of mankind, and that any willing contract of servitude should honor eternal truths, not the persons of men or the dogmas of religion. 

We are called to this devotion to eternal truth with our eyes wide-open and with a thousand years of past experience to guide us. 

The principles upon which we stand are now well-established in the minds and hearts of people on a worldwide basis.  

Just as we would not serve kings and their armed bands of thugs, we will not serve corporations intent on selling us “services” at gunpoint, with or without the aid of private hired mercenaries renamed as “law enforcement officers”. 

We are in no way deceived about the purposes and intentions of these commercial organizations whether they style themselves as “service organizations” or produce products. 

Their profit motives and will to conquer markets and enslave consumers are now, as ever, transparent and self-evident. 

That we have sunk so low and become so gullible as to accept any infantile dependence on foreign commercial corporations acting as governmental services providers is a testament  to the utter and profound deficiency of our educational system, the corruption of our churches, synagogues and mosques, and the cupidity of our courts. 

Surely, if any of our institutions of government, law, education, or religion, had stood firm against the seduction of commerce and kickbacks, we would not be facing the threat of demise and it would not be necessary to form a worldwide union of people opposed to corporate thuggery. 

For whether it is the despotism of kings or the despotism of Monsanto, it is despotism just the same. 

We are compelled by our nature, by our belief in justice, by our valuation of love, and by a canny sense of our own self-preservation, to take action against the corporate despots who would rule over us in the same or worse manner than King George. 

We declare the formation of The New Earth Union and publish this copyright upon its name and patents and trademarks; we also declare its eternal mission to unite people in the cause of freeing our minds, bodies, and spirits, to discern and promote the truth, to protect life and individual property, to increase the abundance of love and health, to preserve the Earth, and to so educate ourselves and inform our institutions about the nature of money, that we never again fall into these same traps. 

It has become apparent that the scourge of Corporate Feudalism has extended its grip worldwide, and that certain cartels of large corporate interests are literally threatening to take over the world and run it all like a giant plantation, complete with slaves and The Company Store. 

We pledge ourselves to our own innate sovereignty, to restoring our national governments, and to liquidating all corporations that fail to serve the Public Good. 

We call upon all people of goodwill and conscience to take action—-and as we Americans once created our union of States based upon a union of like-minded people to give rise to a new country,  let this new worldwide union of people give rise to a New Earth. 

We leave you with this thought: 

“Love is the Universal Currency, and we make ourselves Paupers for lack of it.” 

How do we increase the abundance of love? 


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