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Friday, June 19, 2020

The Five Nations -- Our Reptile Brains

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people in the modern world know that they have both a conscious and a subconscious mind.  They also know that they have two brains, one that functions as the repository of stored memory, and active thought, and one that keeps the automatic systems of the body operating 24/7.  This second brain and the autonomous system it operates is commonly called "the reptile brain". 

It is called the reptile brain because, well, that's what it is.  

How this happened and to what final end it has come, is a matter of legend on one hand, and modern factual reality on the other. 

When it comes to this, not to add to the misplaced focus on our differences, there are five main progenitors--- one group of amphibians similar to axolotls, and four groups of reptiles---fish, snakes, turtles and lizards. 

It appears that there was not one pathway to our current body plan, but multiple variations, and that these correspond roughly to the four blood types, too.  A, B, AB, and O, shared by the lizard-turtle group. 

The AN Family has amphibian-brain ancestry; our parents were Anu and Ana, and we are spread all over the planet, but mostly in the Northern Hemisphere.  We come in every color and kind and have the blood type A.  [Scandinavians, Russians, Americans, for example. ]

The ISH Family has fish-brain ancestry. These people tend to have blood type B. [British, Finnish, Turkish, Spanish, for example].

The EE Family has snake-brain ancestry; their first parents are by far the most famous: Adam and Eve.  Some of them have blood type AB, and represent a melding of the two earlier blood types. [Hebrews, Greeks, Maltese.]

The UR Family has turtle-brain ancestry and the O Family has lizard-brain ancestry, and both commonly have blood type O.  They love heat and live mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. [Uruguay, Peru, Congo, Venezuela, Ecuador.]

These subtle differences are not generally appreciated, but in the ancient history of the Americas, these Five Nations were well-known --- those of us who live in America are living on Turtle Island, and legends abound about the Five Nations of People-- the Salamander-People (amphibians), the Fish-People, the Snake People, the Turtle People, and the Lizard People. 

These very ancient stories, legends, and records written on stone and in "books" made of gold relate directly to scientific facts that are only now being explored -- thanks to suppression by the Roman Catholic Church, greedy early explorers, and cynical governments. 

In addition to keeping our hearts beating and our lungs breathing, our reptile brains determine our sensitivities to things like radiant energy and magnetism, and account for variations in metabolism.  

Our different kinds of reptile brains may also account for subtle differences in body temperature and whether we, as mammals, are more "hot blooded" or "cold blooded", anomalies like color blindness, our sense of direction and spatial orientation, and our ability to visualize things spatially versus thinking in words. 

It has long been known that people have different modes of learning new information.  Some people learn better by reading words, some by seeing pictures, some by hearing things spoken, and others by reciting aloud to themselves or a combination of these modes of learning. 

The US Air Force went so far as to develop the "Read, Write, Recite, Repeat" learning protocol to assure that all students are learning, no matter which mode of learning they use.  

Could it be that our favored mode of learning is determined by our reptile brains?  And that academic success or lack thereof is not just a matter of favorite subjects or motivation?  

Maybe we are all wired a bit differently by our differing reptile brains, and so, some people are "mechanically inclined" while others spout poetry?  There is a great deal more to be explored. 

Realizing that The Five Nations are more than whimsical anthropomorphic stories adds a new dimension to understanding ourselves and opens a window on the highly developed cultures that have existed on this planet in the past.  

It also humbles those who have characterized Native Americans as "savages".  The American Indian Nations of North and South America retained this advanced scientific knowledge for thousands of years, in the form of stories told around campfires.


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  1. the story is lacking substance and does not take into account several other alterations to creating the human over the past 450K years [maybe from a place/planet not from earth]; as the DNA chain could not have evolved on this quarantined planet - according to several scientists.

    One scientist has said its the claim of planet evolution; is believing that the wind going through a junk yard and coming out the other end as a finished 747............would be the human DNA

    P.S. there is O+ and O- blood types also?

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  2. Answers From An Alien From Andromeda. Open PDF – To search the PDF press Control F and enter search word

    Video 1, 9/10/ 2010, Page 3 PDF
    Question: What is the origin of humans from Earth, and when did it really initiate?
    The Terran humanoid is a composite of various races of humanoids that were transferred from other planets that changed Era in ancient times, allowing development on Earth that was in the beginning of an Era ripe for colonization by humanoids. In fact, all the different ethnic groups found today on Earth came from different places of the universe to live and thrive in this Era that is ending now, Like the Earth, there are hundreds of millions of planets serving as a cradles of humanoid civilizations.

    Question -Can the Earth human being be transferred to some other planet?
    Yes, each planet has a specific radiation in their state of development (ages), called by some as "aura" to make it easier to understand. Humanoid races that, because of their frequency, no longer resonated with the planet Earth were transferred to a planet whose resonance attracted them to reincarnate in other ethnic groups more developed at that time. The descendants of those races that were left on Earth are actually crossbreeds between the original race and natives, so those groups were not in the right frequency for transfer at that time

    Question: The leaders in the rich countries are building bunkers, shelters, stockpiling, fuel, arms & everything necessary to maintain control of the planet in the new beginning, to survive and stay in power.

    This is an illusion of their "new world order." Initially they may survive, but these measures do not ensure their power of leadership or control in the new age. The agents sent in to target the 30% that will be on the correct frequency range will simply ignore any attempt to control by these remnants in the process of purging. They will be isolated and left to their own devices. It may even be offered to each of them the opportunity to transfer to his rightful place, which certainly will not be on this planet

    Video 2, September 12, 2010
    “Already there are detailed studies on the relocation of humanoids that will be transferred from here to be kept on two other planets that are tuned to receive their frequencies, ethnic and personal. The animals will also be relocated, that is, nothing really disappears.

    The following two locations are where treasonous “Generals”, “Popes”, and assorted scum of the Earth are headed. I’ll just label this: Have a nice trip and don’t forget your running shoes Benny and Frankie; especially the local with the man eating dinosaurs. This is one reality show video I would pay big money to watch…lol

    Question: It has been mentioned two planets will receive Earthlings who will not be living here anymore, what are they?
    They are out of your solar system, but that's not important. One of them, (planet 1), is at a stage very similar to Earth after dinosaurs in early stage of colonization. The other, (planet 2), is at a stage equivalent to the period the average age of the Earth was when it was ready to begin the development of technology. When ancient prophets mentioned "the separation of wheat from the chaff" in a simplistic language, they were referring exactly to this process which no one can even try to escape, because the process is fully bound by the vibrational frequency of each individual and personal aura.

    1. Video 91, September 25, 2012, PDF Page 242

      Again, in the case of Earth, for being a "reformatory", many of these breeds with problems, were brought here as a last resort to attempt in an isolated development. As this question will be made with certainty I will answer now; the reptilians are not humanoids, and all attempts to hybrids between them and humanoids, did not work.

      Video 53, July 18, 2011, PDF Page 157
      You said before these hybrids are a work-in-progress, but did they actually succeed in ways, they are now put into our society?

      Although there is no way to create this kind of reptilian-human hybrid. The day you meet a reptile will understand what I mean. The difficulty is the same as you try to cross an alligator with monkey. The research done so far is the level of chromosomes and genomes. So far, only generated meaningless monstrosities, impractical as a future race hybrid. These videos that you claim exist, could only be three-dimensional holograms and not real people.

  3. Them poison muahrooms at work again!

  4. we live on planet(plane) of earth (inertia) inside of a torus field.the so called planets are electeomagnetic luminaries pulsing at different frequencies.this is how astrology works. we are extensions of the one vibrating at different frequencies giving the illusion of difference. looking through at nikon p1000 at the stars will blow your mind. uni verse= one sound

  5. As the bible clearly states Anna stick to what is written. Your faith has been corrupted by this reptilian rubbish.

    1. Absolutely! Not a good idea to add things to the Bible which clearly contradicts it.
      Especially when you try to re-establish a (temporary human) government based on Bible principles, you are washing down the real value.

  6. Lately I have been noticing that feeling things sure seems to work better so my main organ for that my heart is made aware I do love it and accept it and am sorry for using fancy words and thinking to put it away from me most of the time thinking it is only a pump since being one of the only smart creatures have been taught the only smart and right ways from youth. Learned the words, defined all the stuff I was experiencing, successfully turned off much of my conciousness, that is multi-dimensional and infinite. Told that reducing the many things previously only absorbing and getting to know to a few sentences or words and calling that knowing more and making progress. Like regular genocide, hating others, falling in to instant rage and judgment over what anyone else says and use only humans to make judgments like are whales that have really huge brains and communicate by sonar enough data every 20 minutes that a human could not read in a week are smart and usually not since the comparison of all things is to us and wether or not it can read and has certain books around that tell in words the entire story. Infants, totally open in all gates take in everything and are not blocked by judgments, thought blocks, word confusion and not until learning words and the only smart people teach us the proper way to we learn to shut off most of our conciousness and only focus on the need to know parts, like obedience to master, and being a feeling less, quiet and docile just knowing how to get to work, the store and worry about money along with arguing with and blaming others knowing it is really only us or our own ego that is smart at all. Learned psychotic and society so sick that number one is the lonely ignored and for those smart people long ago defined as a mere pump, large enough to pressure pump 60000 miles of blood vessel totally cycled in two minutes, not even possible and the rest is now known yet still not taught so everyone knows of it. Keeping people shut off and in fear with reduced capabilities. I feel ashamed to say about my earth family admitting that on our planet we hate a lot, kill everything as a solution to problems, and even kill each other, hardly a team of any kind. What if our organs fought each other and the liver or heart of brain or pancreas or endocrine system were like that taking advantage or each other, plotting a trap for the stomach etc, just how successful do you think a system of individuals that also form and work together actually function as a whole or as indiviuals? Even if I had no books at all I would still know God and if some how devoid or words and thinking would still know without any school at all. Thinking alone without the heart to do its major part by purposely ignoring it, using our powers to oppress it is a total disconnect from creators magical things already done for us with our thinking leading to what, re-creating what we are? How many seeds have you created that grow in to all the different amazing things we perceive yet it also all one and the same only appearing to be something so we can experience and live life not put in in a box for examination then thinking we know it we know from looking at it from the outside, observing things. Like a large important study about why children fall over on a tricycle finally after much thinking was applied and many dollars that it was because they lost their balance.

  7. What is the progress of the letters sent with subjects 1, 2 and 3 Decrees over Mandate?

  8. WHERE IN TARNATION DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS CR*P? What is it with you & YOUR reptilian issues?
    And this load of crud: The American Indian Nations of North and South America retained this advanced scientific knowledge for thousands of years, in the form of stories told around campfires.

    They did not have it then & they do not have it today. LEARN FROM LIFE. They, these American Indian Nations don't even have it in them to RISE from the depths of their self-implosion. They ain't got it, never did.

    Really? Those Native's you keep referring to as some quintessential master spirit kings have an iq of about 80, they DID NOT CREATE MUCH BACK THEN & they still do not create much today. Never have, never will.
    A trained Chimpanzee had an iq of 80.
    Where are their magnificent accomplishments, Anna? There aren't really any. They don't build, they don't manufacture, they don't really grow things, they don't really produce more of anything in a day more than they consume.
    There isn't anything much coming from these peoples but stories. Ever. Ok. When they were living in teepees & pow-wow, Americans had pocket watches.
    Thats the tip, Anna. THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE of producing much more than the tripe reptilian gibberish you seem to find so valuable.

    ANNA you really do make a fool of yourself too often to be a responsible FIDUCIARY for American State Nationals.

    And for the life of me, absolutely under zero circumstances would I, in a position of responsibility, authority, power have anything whatsoever to do with you.

    YOU RUIN THE CREDIBLITY OF STATE NATIONALS WITH YOUR WACKADO CLAIMS, that are so lame, it has got to come from a loose lobe.

    YOU RUIN THE CREDIBLITY OF STATE NATIONALS for anyone of serious responsible position to dare allude to your existence, much less suggest that anyone of serious concern read your articles.

    YOU are making a fool of yourself too often. NOBODY much less Trump, much less Military Brass, much less anyone in government would nor should take you seriously.

    Who in responsible positions would risk bringing up your name?
    YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A FIDUCIARY. You are a acting the FOOL.

    And you fire off letters to the UN, then write this kind of junk.
    YOU ARE CAUSING HARM to seriously dedicated people restoring our self-governance.

    That is NOT advanced scientific knowledge shared by the campfire for generations. GIVE IT A BREAK already.

    Just so you get a clue about a thing or two & who was behind the destruction of Amerindians - Their vilification of Whitey over poisoned blankets, thus WHITE GUILT which YOU promote is baalsh*t:
    Levy Andrew Levy, a resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, "with two female slaves and one house," was Joseph Simon's business partner, and Simon's sons-in-law, Levi Phillips, along with Solomon M. Cohen, Michael Gratz, and Solomon Etting, were also associated with him at various periods. In partnership with William Henry, Simon supplied the Continental army with rifles, ammunition, drums, blankets, and provisions. The name Levy Andrew Levy appears on the receipt for a number of infected used blankets and handkerchiefs from the smallpox hospital that were given to the Indians by the British in 1763, leading to a deadly outbreak of smallpox that devastated members of the Indian tribe.

    Now either quite drinking so much, or find another hobby while you are drunk.

  9. Wink Wink, I want to thank you for your comment...I wasn't sure what I was going to say exactly but you kind of summed it up nicely. Anna, maybe you should re-read what you wrote and understand how ridiculous you sound. I know there is a lot of, 'unbelievable,' type information out there that is true, but this is absolutely hilarious! You have demonstrated that you possess this superior knowledge regarding our country and the many facets of it and then you write something that most of us would expect to come from some totally devil/demon possessed fool! On the other hand, I laughed so hard that I should thank you for the great laugh!


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