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Friday, June 19, 2020

COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery

COVID antibody tests

are going to become a focus, now that many states and nations have partially or fully lifted their lockdown restrictions. As we enter another chapter in the long book of Operation Coronavirus, authorities are trying to implement widespread testing based on detection of antibodies (along with contact tracing or surveillance). Now is the time to inform yourself about what the COVID antibody tests are and how they work, since there is a lot at stake here. Authorities are planning on upholding or violating your rights and freedom based on the results (and more importantly the interpretation of the results) of these tests. In truth, we all possess the right to personal bodily autonomy and medical sovereignty, and being forced to undergo such a test is itself a violation of our inherent sovereign rights. However, regardless of what choice you personally make in that regard, it is crucial to understand how these tests work and what the results mean, because – rest assured – the results will be used against you if past history is any indicator of the intent of the NWO (New World Order) conspirators.
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  1. "inherent sovereign rights"

    that is/was the "new world order"

    the old world: no inherent sovereign rights, divine right of kings, etc. -- "freedom" is irrelevant, you are either on the "right team" or the "wrong team"

    the new world order/new order of the ages/the new atlantis: all men are created equal
    hegelian merger of the two: the divine rights of lucifer

    so, yes, the "new world order" has progressed to the point of "reflecting" or "turning back" against "sovereign rights" -- but those "sovereign rights" were just the beginning of the "ne world order"

    moral of the story: dont make deals with the devil, he may give you temporary "freedom" but will always stab you in the back, because all he really wants is a divine luciferian kingdom, where worship of him is demanded and required; freedom of religion is just a bait and switch on the path to this.

    eustace mullins correctly noted the "new world order" is really just the "old world order". likewise, the "new age" of aquarius is just the revival of the old pre-christ era.

    and, that is what "sovereign rights" comes down to: rejection of christ, christ is not god/sovereign, everyone is their own christ.

    america's "sovereign rights" were always "new world order"

    1. the declaration of independence does a beautiful sleight of hand: declares natural rights from the "creator" and then turns around and says only men make governments.

      thus, we have an unknown god -- never identified, and never will be so long as there is "freedom of religion" -- who "authorizes" people to have "sovereign rights"

      which "god" is this "creator"? which trinity? which timeframe? which dispensation? 1st or 2nd coming?

      is he a permenent god, or seasonal and replaced in due time?

      this is the new world order masonic/illuminist "the creator" that always was, is, and seemingly will be giving americans their "sovereign rights"

      clothed in darkness, noone has seen his face -- aka darth vader "the lord" of old test.
      to the mason, god is our father in heaven; he is our father, and we are all brethren -- morals and dogma.

      this is also in line with "the creator" of decl. of indep. : a "father" above all religions and other "gods".

      the father of mystery babylon.

      which is simultaneously both the "new world order" (post-christ, christ is obsolete) and the "old world order" (pre-christ, before christ was)

      in the end, either "the lord" (old test., claims to be above all other gods) is "god" or christ is "god" (and "the lord" is satan, and so is his 2nd coming "son")

    2. old world order: bible jesus says he was before the "gods" of abraham, moses, etc. -- was, is, ever will be. and that "the lord" is a fake.

      new world order: "the creator" tries to usurp this and give people "sovereign rights" in exchange for their worship of satan.

      as far as "the lord" goes, the 10 commandments only apply to people part of the moses/mosaic covenant -- a read of the old test. shows many cases they did not apply to anyone else.

      they are obsolete, jesus was supposed to have "a new commandment"

      moral of the story: "the lord" satan pretends to give people "sovereign rights" so he can then turn around and stab them in the back.

      america is in large part, "those who say they are jews and are not" aka freemasonry/illuminism aka the synagogue of satan.

      according to the apocalypse there arrives a time where they are supposedly no longer needed, have served their purpose, so i guess it is just a matter of time until "the lord" satan decides they have outlived their usefulness.

      it is just a question how long it will take for mystery babylon and this false "the creator" entity to unravel.


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