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Friday, June 19, 2020

WLM2--- White Lives Matter, Too

By Anna Von Reitz

So now we got the catchy slogan line, here's the fact.  All lives matter, and police brutality of all kinds and all levels, has to stop.  Permanently.  And not just for the sake of the victims.  For the sake of all these clueless Law Enforcement Officers, too.  

What I am about to show you is profoundly disturbing, one of five of the worst abuses of police power I have ever seen.  This is not for the faint-hearted.  

What you are going to see is a man who was summoned to show up at a "Federal Court" appearance for a Municipal CITiZEN named after him --- and he decided not to go. 
He moved to a different state instead, and a group of U.S. Marshals and LEOs of other stripe decided that he was "fleeing" from their jurisdiction ---- when in fact he was never legitimately in their jurisdiction in the first place, and therefore not subject to their court.  Or its Summons.  Or its Arrest Warrants. 

Now, we understand that there is no true Federal Court and hasn't been since 1860.  We understand that the Territorial and Municipal Courts that remain are just faking it to make it.  They don't have the authority to issue actual Judicial Warrants and so they issue disguised Impoundment Warrants as "Arrest Warrants" instead.  

Their actual job is to salvage and impound "Special Purpose Vehicles" --- and they conveniently mistake men and women as SPVs.   Must have bad eyesight and a helluva imagination.

The problem is that the corporations who hire these men don't educate them properly, don't admit the actual circumstance, don't tell them that they are just "private security agents" --- Pinkertons -- without any actual public office related to us at all. 
As a result, these men go out and make all sorts of wrong assumptions and do all sorts of crazy things.  Like this: 

Realize that these people are on your payroll and are dumb enough to do this to you and to other law-abiding harmless people --- when they don't actually even have the right or authority to address you.  

They are standing on your land.  They are your employees.
Don't you think it is about time that you woke up and told them what to do and how to act?
And put a stop to things like this happening in America?  To anyone, black or white?  

Remember, this man isn't accused of any actual crime.  And he has no reason to "flee" or "evade" something that has nothing to do with him, either. 

This horrific incident is all on the heads of the US Marshals who committed this crime and on the Sheriff's Deputy who didn't stop it.  These men are 100% commercially and personally liable for committing this crime, but because the victim is white, this will all get shoved under the rug.  

Bill Barr, the US Attorney General, who is ultimately responsible for the US Marshals "Service", won't hear a word about it, won't take action to correct it, until you all get a hair up your rumps and write him a letter demanding to know WTH???

We're Americans.  We're not Dual Federal Citizens now and never have been. We have declared our birthright political status and we are fed up to the gills, sick of being "misaddressed" and attacked as if your Employers were "the Enemy".  

If, we, your Employers, the people who ultimately pay your salaries, are the Enemy, then none of you are getting a paycheck for the next thousand years and you can all take your Pink Slips and go home, not eligible for rehire or retirement benefits. 

Mr. Barr-----it's high time you gave your US Marshals proper instructions, paid for this man's damages, and made sure that nothing like this ever happens again to any American.  Ever. 

For those of you ---people of all colors who are as angry as I am about this  misdirection of our employees and abuse of Americans--- here's the address to write to: 

The Honorable William P. Barr
In care of: U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001  

P.S. We are hiring Constitutional Lawyers to go after these LEOs and educate them the hard way.  If you are sick of being limited to being a Bar Attorney and sick of licking their cloven hooves, come on home.  

If you want to put your money to work--- slap a note on your check or enclose with your donation to:

Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Or do the same via PayPal: avannavon@gmail. com.

Just write "Brad" on it, and I'll know where it goes.


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  1. Many thanks AVR + Team. I am glad to see that White Lives Matter.

  2. When I clicked the link I got this message: This site can’t be reached

  3. Greetings,
    Paul, any suggestions as to how best compose an effective letter.
    Is there a name(Brad?) we can use to show who we are talking about or case number or some such identification.

  4. They went into a house in New Orleans and the 80 year old woman as asked handed over her pistol but first and upon her doing that they jumped her and did the procedure treating her as though she was a machine gun toting maniac who if shooting an hitting them would be a reason yet she was peaceful. Like here, he trusted them and just like many native leaders once taking the bait and showing up for meeting were taken out back and shot then the shooters praised as brave men. Same thing on tribal lands when thin native girls working the smoke shop were gang piled on beaten and handcuffed and force to follow the Jenkins Act in violation of the treaty they were lied to about. Being offered the "good deal" U.S Citizen status as US offers us all and any they can lie too that technically claims they are subjects of the federal government and such must collect taxes like all the other business in the mass in corporation franchise of citizens a new name for paupers, subjects, indentured servants and other names for those viewed as chattel property via forked tongue or in other words liars. Their order followers like these men just become more and more sick, know nothing much but think they are the smartest ever and despite having no authority to do so are doing what we see here far more often than anyone hears of. Feds with no flight test and no records or violations of any kind, never fired at all, used their own in house doctors who after 3 years of doing what they asked ripped my work of 15 years and 6000 hours based on psychologcal eugenics culling the herd tests in a labratory no where close to airplanes or airports and the professional opinion that I could possibly get in to an accident so was a danger to the public. Just entire everything worked for all the stuff they asked for, kept clean record and when trusting them, just dumped like a dirty Mcdonald burger bag. FAA was told a number of years ago to end the promotion of aviation to become only regulators and since have systematically ruined large numbers of American pilots and only focus on busts and revenue from huge fines on airlines, 10000 airports closed of the peoples "non-essential" businesses, just lined through all state aviation laws and they way "See federal law" and no one at all stuck up for my job. So too bad if they lose theirs, lotsa good honest folks still to do helpful work instead of brave sissy jobs where old women must be held down by 7 or eight strong brave men afraid to do anything but follow orders.

  5. We need to bury the trespassers in real debt, make their operation impossible. We need our courts and education on how to do that. Our own patented processes, and a button to push to file a very expensive grievance. I'll even give it a name with a nice ring, Auto Tort. It must be made as easy for us as it has been for them. It's the only language they understand. And we need to enable local businesses and supply lines, especially arms; these have been throttled near to the point of collapse so we'll be forced to eat frankenmeat and cockroach milk - more constructive fraud and monopoly inducement.

  6. Mr. Barr---- is A Leo (transmuted from Gemi. edge)
    Pope Francis --- is An Aries (transmuted from Sagitt) = Same firesign.

    Psychologists use not quite advance tool to identify misbehaved human specicy. but good enough. The Firesign people always like to team up with their own sign, to control people, and attach their earnings to people, using Mind-games as if people elect them into office, to boss people around.

    1. Politicians lie to get into office since the last 40+ years. We need to bring the 3rd Amendment Back, to prohibit all lawyers from getting in high places, aka CONgress, or any ATG position.

  7. Wasn't Haiti long time ago "changed" by newcomers who acted the same, even hanging young slave boys for entertainment, and fear for the native Haitians who were fine before the guests arrived and were befriended then turned around violating people. Any people violated is wrong. How do you like being violated? Theft, stealing, taking without asking or respecting things that belong to others. Must have got cuckoo DNA and cannot stop stealing so added in fear and killing to make sure they can steal.

  8. We need to defund all politicians since they have put all of the (policies) in place to train all LEO's via Israel's military tactics AKA Homeland Security to treat all Americans the way that Israel military treats the Palestinians.


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