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Friday, June 19, 2020

Email Letter to the United Nations -- June 19, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Antonio Gutteres, and M. Bachelet, 

In the next few days the Municipal Government of the United States will cease to be, the corporation holding the Legal Titles to the State and Public Trusts, will return to the Equitable Title Holder, the Territorial Government of the United States of America, another corporation which is also in bankruptcy.  

When that happens and the legal title and equitable come back together, the huge phony Public Charitable Trust and the State Trusts will collapse.  

Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is the only legitimate government still standing on the land and soil of this country.  

Our States have assembled and our People have stood up.  
We have claimed the trust assets that are rightfully ours and exposed the fraud which has been promoted on our shores in gross Breach of Trust and Breach of Contract by the governmental services corporations, and ultimately, by the Principals responsible for directing those corporations.  

The World Bank, the IBRD, Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS, Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, and Bank of Canada as well as the Vatican Bank, Merrill Lynch, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other major institutions including the DTCC are up to their necks in fraud, collusion, and racketeering activities designed to defraud the American States and People, and many other nations around the world, who have suffered unlawful conversion and impersonation. 

This email is being sent to you to give you explicit Notice of these facts and their impact not only on our country, but most other countries throughout the world. 

Massive amounts of innocent private assets have been seized upon by these piratical "service" corporations, which have claimed that all these "legacy trusts" and "Special Deposits" which have been purposefully held "off ledger" and made inaccessible to Depositors for decades have been "abandoned"  and self-interested lies to the effect that the owners are "unknown" or "missing lost at sea" have been told in a vain attempt to validate theft by any other name. 

The aim of all this fraud and graft and manipulation has been to steal the assets of the entire world, undermine all national governments, and attempt to excuse this outrageous criminal scheme. 

The aim is to establish a new form of feudalism ---- Corporate Feudalism, based on the enslavement of every living being and every natural resource on this planet by a few crazed megalomaniacs, who are for the most part bankers and billionaire Corporatists, like Bill Gates, who are the scions of the Nineteenth Century Robber Barons.   

The Perpetrators propose to use the United Nations Organization as a new store front, after having been discovered using the Roman Catholic Church for the same purposes for centuries.

I hope that this letter finds you well, and has the desired effect of both fully informing and motivating you to: (1) support the lawful government of this country, which is committed to peace; (2) support the return of the lawful physical assets to the people they belong to; (3) short-circuit attempts to reduce the United Nations Organization to a puppet for Evil, instead of an instrument of Good.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America [Unincorporated] 


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  1. The perpetrators are also funding armed insurrection within our various unincorporated states. URGENT! Seattle Chaos Update! Over 4000 calls police cannot respond to in Seattle! Hundreds of child sodomizings and male and female rapes AS YOU READ THIS! Where are the Militias?

    "A man reportedly got a call out of the Seattle occupied zone where he stated gangs of thugs at night were breaking into homes, demanding reparations, and raping the occupants. Quite conveniently, absolutely no info is coming up on any search engine with regard to how many people actually live there, only that it is "the most densely populated area of Seattle. The guy in the phone call states there are about 8,000 normal residents in the occupied zone and that they are in serious trouble.

    The call reports that during the day, everything seems ok but at night lines of people go down the street and enter buildings, kicking in doors, looting the households, and raping the occupants, with the theme: You did this to us for X number of years, now it's our turn. Residents are reportedly beaten badly and raped in front of their kids."


    1. The American people have purchased 1.8 million guns in April and or May or both.

      Will the people who kick in doors get lead posing ?


  2. CONgress is the MOST corrupt men in the word and all those connect to them

    They have committed atrocity's beyond belief; starting with Soros on down.

    Best we can tell is they are blackmailed into doing the opposite of what they should - must do; as alleged representative of the people

    Will we need the Militia to straighten things out - maybe recall of all wrongdoers called our representatives.

    When will the American people say they had enough ?

    Gratitude - keep moving forward


  3. United Nations -------- is the wolf guarding the hen house among other atrocities the are moving forward with agenda 2021 and others; why would they help or stop the criminal actions against the people of the world ?

  4. (20 June 2020) – A dead President lying face-down on the ground — what a lovely Juneteenth Weekend omen… Washington statue on the ground

    …from yesterday’s Drudge Report

    As we enter the day of the summer solstice, it’s important to review the globalist objectives for the immediate time frame, and chief among those objectives is to feature a “last-ditch” worldwide regime change effort by the “bad guys.” Here are the major regime change efforts the globalists have planned…

    In the United States, they have scripted the removal of Trump so the war operations can go forward and Rand Paul & Tulsi Gabbard can be brought in after the climax in a “national unity” presidency. Trump’s removal will take the form of a 25th Amendment cabinet coup, a fast impeachment and conviction, an assassination, a suiciding, or a forced resignation if conducted this weekend or over the Fourth of July Weekend. Failing that, he’ll be removed in a November election defeat that will feature clear signs of “Deep State” / Democrat fraud. This would be followed by a short and scary Democratic (Obama/Clinton) presidency that will precede Paul & Gabbard’s installation by the military.

    In the UK, they have scripted the removal of the “British Trump,” Boris Johnson, first by a “COVID-19” infection and now by political scandals. Following the planned events of this weekend, BoJo may be driven from office over his support for Trump.

    In China, they may script another attempt to remove/assassinate Xi Jinping by the anti-Xi factions led by the Jiang Faction. This is why we’re seeing a new “COVID” lockdown in China’s capital city, Beijing.

    In Russia, they may script an attempt to remove/assassinate Putin by the “Atlantic Integrationist” / Medvedev Faction between now and early July. This could take place at the June 24th Victory Day Parade or around the time of the July 1 national referendum to extend Putin’s presidency.

    In Brazil, they will script an attempt to remove/assassinate Bolsonaro by the COVID-pushing “Leftist Deep State.”

    In India, they may script an attempt to remove/assassinate Modi by the “National Security Deep State” so that a border war between India and China can go forward, thereby breaking India and China’s cooperation in the BRICS. This is why Modi was reluctant to condemn China over the recent border incident; the script has both Xi and him attempting to forestall the conflict. The attempt on Modi may include a Muslim element to also elicit war between India and Pakistan.

    In North Korea, they have scripted an apparently-completed “shadow coup” against Kim Jong Un by his sister and the communist hardliners led by Kim Yong Chol. This is why Kim Jong Un’s sister is pushing towards war with South Korea right now. (Perhaps she is doing it in return for the hardliners sparing her brother’s life?)

    These scripted removals/assassinations are intended to depict the worldwide alliance of no-goodnik “Deep States” making an attempt to remove resistance to their “evil Western-version unilateral / unipolar NWO” and defeat the BRICS effort to build their competing “good Eastern-version multilateral / multipolar NWO.” And during or after the war operations take place, other, successful regime change efforts will ensue, including…

    The scripted fall of the French and UK political establishments so the UK and France’s UN Security Council votes can fall into pro-Putin hands (thereby enabling the reform of the UN into the multilateral / multipolar NWO). The fall of the two establishments will be achieved by blockbuster revelations, outrageous suppressive actions towards the public, and a resulting rightist “people’s revolution.” In France, Marine Le Pen will take power, with BoJo, Nigel Farage, or a Farage-like figure taking power in the UK.


      Besides the regime change effort, other immediate globalist objectives are to…complete the crash of the global financial system (during the war operations) so the NWO Financial System (NWOFS) can be installed (the NWOFS will feature “sound” commodity-backed currencies, a global reserve currency run by the “reformed” UN/NWO, and an Austrian economic system of free enterprise overseen by UN/NWO policymakers), and
      destroy Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (during the war operations) so the Third Temple can be built in its place (the Third Temple will be a multi-faith center where Vladimir Putin will reveal himself as “the final Antichrist” halfway through the 7-year NWO).


  5. James Perloff Retweeted
    This got deleted... retweet! What are you hunting?

    Stop what you’re doing. Stop. Read this carefully. Now, tell me you don’t have any grave doubts as to which side the UN is on. Read this again. And again.

    UN Geneva@UNGeneva
    UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.

    Why is #antifa waving a #UN flag? #Seattle

  6. Looks like the mob boys have scripted ole Trumpty Dumpty for a fall

    21 June 2020) – Yesterday’s Trump rally was delightfully anticlimactic, but they did go forward with one element of the setup: in the afternoon, they broke news that six Trump staffers tested positive for Coronavirus…

    …from CNBC

    Here is an excerpt…

    Six members of President Donald Trump’s advance team preparing for his Tulsa rally that kicks off Saturday evening have tested positive for coronavirus, according to his re-election campaign…

    A source familiar with the matter tells NBC News the staffers have been on the ground for about a week, have not been wearing masks and have been going out to restaurants…

    Of the six members of the Trump advance team who tested positive for coronavirus ahead of the Tulsa rally, at least two of them are United States Secret Service agents, a law enforcement official told NBC News.

    Since the six staffers interacted with the other staffers, who in turn interacted with Trump and Pence on Saturday, the door has been opened for the “Trump and Pence caught COVID in Tulsa” scenario. Now let’s get out the popcorn and see what Bolton has to say tonight.

  7. And being that the entire structure of the UN is fraud like all the other corporations, like the crooks you email give a damned

    World Health Forum and WHO and whatever other fraud corporations with plans to kill 90% of population and NOT ONE COURT EVEN INTERNATIONAL

    Hope those who work for these organizations all know unless they are one of the family they too will be their victims

    AND MY 'REPTILE BRAIN' is smart enough to know that if these entities are not eliminated from this planet there will never ever be peace


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