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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Family of An

By Anna Von Reitz

We come in all colors and faiths. We occupy the L-AN-D.
We are RussiAN and MANdarin and PolynesiAN and IndiAN and NigeriAN and EthiopiAN, and AmericAN and ScandinaviAN and GermAN, and ItaliAN and RomAN, and SyriAN, and IraniAN and EgyptiAN, and JapANese, and MANdAN, and AthabascAN and CanadiAN and SiberiAN and MongoliAN and LakotAN and IllinoiAN and MohicAN and AustraliAN and AfricAN and HawaiiAN and CubAN and MexicAN and PersiAN and NorwegiAN and BelgiAN......we hail from EnglANd and ScotlANd, and IrelANd, too.
See that? With your own eyes?
We are the children of Anu and Ana, not Adam and Eve.
Their fall from grace is not our story.
We have been confused about who we are and what our potential is and what our role on this planet is, too.
And that is, on many levels, the entire problem: we don't know who we are.
We have adopted their history for lack of knowing our own.
We have lived with a doppelganger in our midst, mistaking it as a part of ourselves, when it is not, and has never been.
And just as I have called you to wake up and declare your political status as Americans--- and stop calling yourselves "US Citizens" when you don't even know what that means---- I will call you to learn many other things.


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