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Monday, May 18, 2020

Voluntary or Mandatory?

By Anna Von Reitz

This really isn't so hard to understand. When you take a job, you have conditions of employment that you accept or reject.
When you work for the Federal Government corporations, you ride for the brand, wear the uniform, take on the title, and if they tell you to get vaccinated, you do.

For the rest of us, who have taken the time to pay attention and to declare and record our proper political status, it's voluntary. We can take the vaccination or not.
That's what this is about and it's nothing so very difficult to grasp.
But if you don't want to get lined up and punctured like steers in a feedlot getting ear tagged, better beat your feet to: 
We have a little pin about the size of a credit card that simply says: "Public Notice: I am not your Employee or Dependent."
This serves Notice to any public employee, military person or Federal Civil Service or State of State worker, that you are their Employer and not subject to their rules and commands.
As long as you know who you are and have your evidence established on the public record, whether you get vaccinated or not is your choice.
If you let them "presume" that you are a U.S. Citizen or Municipal "citizen of the United States" ---- it will be their choice.
Don't wait.


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  1. Can I still work at my job if I change/declare my political status?

  2. So i am retired US Army receiving a pension (fine print--don't come back when we call you=STOPPED PENSION/PRISON) AND i WILL NOT take a Vaccine--I DON'T * trust them. Should i be concerned? Michael in sw PA.. Ret US Army

  3. I sure as hell aint taking it!...I will give it!

  4. Anna,
    Having read you 'For England 1 and 2' and found them very interesting although i can't pretend to understand various sections of it. As you mentioned Scotland seems to be different from rest of Britain with regards to a lot of this. Could you bare this in mind in future articles (there is a large independent movement here which would benefit from your knowldge).
    We are EXTREMELY keen to know how we can change our political status and take control of our strawman and take back our control. How DO we do this in UK? Can you advise on what paperwork needs to be filled in and publicly recorded? We are so frustrated with regards to this process.

    How in Scotland do we make a claim to the land as lawful inheritors? Is this something to do with Allodial Title?(we still have counties and shires and clan crests). How do we make a permenant claim onour DNA?
    Many thanks for all your efforts and hardwork, it's much appreciated.


  5. We have a little pin about the size of a credit card that simply says: "Public Notice: I am not your Employee or Dependent." Questions: Is there a link to this "pin" ? Do you have to change your public status to "activate" this notice?

  6. One can use bright-colored cardstock, black marker, slipped into clear badge holder or neck lanyard to intro our Good News solution to bless awakening people- Shine light into darkness :) FreeMom7

  7. While I have greatly appreciated your work and the work of many before you in this arena. I still wonder how and why Hawaii is a part of this assembly of states. Hawaii is under military occupation by the US Corporation and has been for over 100 years. They have admitted it. The real estate patents and records still show this and so since Hawaii was NEVER a state STATE or any form of it under any umbrella attached to America or any form of it. How does one reform what never existed?

  8. It has been stated over and over and over again - that these vermin are evil criminals running both Territorial and Municipal governments -

    "If you let them "presume" that you are a U.S. Citizen or Municipal "citizen of the United States" ---- it will be their choice."

    Q: If one declares and records his/her proper political status, what specific assurances exist - in writing and or otherwise - that these "Evil Criminals" will recognize and stand down from forcibly injecting ASN and or ASC ect?

    A one trillion dollar fine - of a collapsing dollar - may likely go into collections for non-payment! LOL...

    I keep an open mind and heart...