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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Communications With Me

By Anna Von Reitz

This is Public Notice that my ability to speak and communicate is being censored---- not by FB per se, but by other means.

Many of you have been frustrated or disappointed by the difficulties of corresponding with me.

Others have been upset because they are not getting my regular articles and updates.

Some of this is just due to being short-staffed in comparison to the volume of correspondence and work involved, but some of it is the result of deliberate tampering and malfeasance and spite.

We, as a community, need to overcome the pettiness of censorship and improve this situation.

For the newest of the new, always go to:  Paul often gets news blurbs in the middle of the night, sent from me as I am traveling or otherwise engaged in a place where I have to write articles with one finger, texting on an iPhone or similar device. 

Forgive all typos and autocorrects....

For help with political status and assembly issues and news and documents go to:

Soon there will be a new server and set up for State Recording Secretaries which will allow them to provide a number of services and ultimately allow you to publish Public Notices for Land Patents, births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, and other purposes.

And, as long as there is a Facebook, feel free to look up Anna von Reitz.

The basic email and PayPal for me will remain:

We will be building / re-building private email lists, so if you would like to hear from us on an ongoing basis, please send your email to: with the subject line: Email List. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this re-shuffle causes.


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Paul Stramer

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