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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Pastor Exposes Banking Elite Corruption and Virus Hoax

Please comment on this video, but stay on topic.

Found here:

The word is PLANDEMIC.  

Why isn't the media talking about these simple cures?

Found Here:

Why has YouTube removed this video?

Found here:

1 comment:

  1. From Terri in Nevada:
    Hi Paul....your email asked for comments but there was no comment option so here i am. Those of us who are awake have known what is going on all along. It is in fact good however to have the actual proof researched by this pastor. I really dont know if we will ever be able to wake enough Americans up before it is to late though. They are just too used to being livestock...sheep...just quietly waiting for the slaughter. I know anna is trying to do the best she can, but really, if they come for me with their needles and their rfid chip (666) me telling them i refuse because i am a Nevada state national, not a US Citizen, is not gonna do a damn thing at this point except give them a good laugh...
    There are only 13 of us in Nevada and most, with maybe exception of Robert Hale, and Susan and Max are really still in the learning curve. We are here in the wings, ready and able to serve, but we need a hell of a lot more to get their attention than 13 people who know the truth. The world needs some kind of BIBLICAL Event to get their attention first that will prove all the "conspiracy theory" facts that we all know are true. All i can say is i am putting most of my hope in all the esoteric and mystical things that judge anna speaks about cause im afraid THAT is the only thing that can save the bulk of the human race.... oh, one thing i wonder if you noticed about the video...some how it magically ENDS (for those less astute) with the pastor APPEARING to tell his parissioners that take the vaccine and the chip...dont know if it was just a glitch in the version i watched or if Youtube screwed with it. I still have to watch the other 2 videos so you may hear from me again. Feel free to share this email with anna if you want. Thanks for all your hard work Paul. Sincerely...Terri Stansberry...NV