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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Just In.... Read and Know

By Anna Von Reitz

Two pieces of news from credible sources that should make your hair stand on end. 

First, it appears that people are filing suit against China seeking compensation for damages incurred because of the so-called Wuhan virus. The amount of damages being sought is suspiciously similar to the amount of the US trade deficit with China.  

Go figure.  

Instead of suing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and Charles Lieber and the NIH and DARPA and the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust, and all the other entities and persons that are, most likely, the cause of the problem--- these people are busily suing their fellow-victims.  Satan must be having himself a real hee-haw. 

Take in the view.  And stand in Chinese shoes as you do so, thinking that "the Americans" are the problem, because most people can't tell the difference between "the US" and "Americans".  

FDR's Administration abused our Good Names and Credit with their 1930's impersonation scheme, and never provided the remedy they promised --- Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.  

The payola they captured from not paying us what they owed us was used to rebuild Europe following the Second World War, and an endless parade of other monopoly and commodity rigging and bank fraud schemes.  

So, technically, Europe owes us the cost of rebuilding the world, including the Commonwealth and Japan after the Second World War, plus interest----- a sum so unimaginable that it would not fit on this page. 

Then, again, abusing our Good Names and Credit, they ran up a HUGE trade deficit with China.  

Just as they did with us, they exchanged paper I.O.U.s and "Treasury Bonds" for actual, physical goods. 

Only the Treasury Bonds were issued against bogus labor contracts and based on unlawful conversion of assets, exacerbated by issuing 7-10 times the credit backed by any actual asset under the "Federal Reserve System".  

Read that--- the Chinese acted in good faith, provided the actual goods in trade, and got rooked the same as we did, howbeit, for slightly different reasons. 

It's like a domino pile up.  The Europeans owe the US, and the US owes us and the Chinese, nobody is getting paid jack, and the rats in charge are all bound up in a big boiling rat-pile bankrupting each other, mostly over digits that don't exist. 

The curious end result of all this is that, assuming the virus originated in the US, the victims are being blamed (again), and everyone, everywhere, is engaged in stupidly proposing to in-debt their children for the next 32,000 years over debts that literally don't exist.  

Debts that are the fruits of fraud in all directions.  Odious debts.  Debts that should be written off, discharged, declared null and void, as if they never were.

Imagine a hundred seven year-olds with no very clear moral compass or grasp of adult reality, fooled by 3-D photographs of cupcakes, and fighting to possess all these "cupcakes".  

Because the Debt-Credit System was hijacked and used to siphon money for "government investments" the entire world monetary system has become more and more distorted and lop-sided as this imaginary debt has skyrocketed year after year, and those responsible have made no effort to pay people with anything equitable.  

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar, sucking down Irish Whiskey, and when its time to pay, he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket today.  My son will pay my tab..... 

So the son comes in, and gets hit with his Dad's bill.  He pays it, but then, his turn to pay for his own drinks comes up, and he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket.... my son and grandson will pay..... 

If this nonsense was allowed to continue --- for example, this recent glutting of $6.2 trillion to be charged against our credit as a "Stimulus Bill" --- (except that we returned the charges) our children would still be paying that debt two hundred and thirty generations from now.  

Not only is that not fair to them, and also not legally or lawfully or morally enforceable, its sheer Loony Tunes crazy.  Bonkers. 

That the fat men in Whitehall and their counterparts in Scotland and Hong Kong and Dubai and Tokyo and Bern and New York and Rome and Madrid ever let things slide this far is unimaginable. 

Yet, to be fair, this skimming and scamming has been going on so long that it has been institutionalized and compartmentalized, so that the majority of younger bureaucrats administering this Fairy Land, accept this as "the way it is, the way it has always been, the way we do things...." even though they are themselves the victims of it and even though this was never the way we did things at any time in our history--- or anyone else's history--- prior to FDR, when this whole Mess got going on steroids. 

There is only one (1) known way to collapse the debt safely, and that is to re-venue it as credit. 

Give all the rights, titles, interests, profits, fees, etc., back to the people it belongs to, and surrender the credit  --- what I call the "National Credit" owed to us, and the National Credit owed to China, and so on.  

Unfortunately, the guys at the top of the rat-pile are rats.  They can't imagine a world where they don't control everyone and everything.  They can't face the loss of all that glorious debt, used as a club over all the purported slaves--- even though that is exactly what is needed to preserve the credit system at all. 

And now, get ready for Slam Number Two..... 

Not only has the Office of the Pontiff been closed since 2011 --- news that apparently escaped the vast majority of the Catholic population on Earth, including senior clerics --- but now Pope Francis has admitted it, and signed the should-be-non-existent Pontifical Calendar without claiming to be the "Vicar of Christ".  He signed it in his own name, plain old George. 

Think about it.  If you are in fact acting as the administrator of the biggest liquidation of commercial entities in history, what does that have to do with the Church or Christ?  


Better to suck it up and take responsibility for it yourself.  

I would assume that that is what Pope Francis is doing by stepping outside his role in the Church to do this dirty clean up work related to the Pontificate. 


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  1. FDR and the boys chosen ones found false flags.sending our treasury plates ink and money to the Jewish controld Russia,
    Putting us all under bankruptcy law so in court your under bankruptcy law ,he brought us all the CQV trust cattle human system,
    Destroyed common law courts,made us enemies of the state,unconstitutionally made him self a dictator adding 120 alphabet departments that work for him and the only law is the sheriff and his deputies but what do we have not Andy of Mayberry!

    1. "Bankruptcy law itself is a scamming scheme, on top of Gold Theft for England" like this one:

      Usually, in 5 people, there are 4 people confused, believing in the flaw.. Only 1-understands it's fake. See the ratio in the video, and do your math.

  2. Ok. Very interesting: Pope Francis is doing by stepping outside his role in the Church to do this dirty clean up work related to the Pontificate.

    Have found similar, but NOT: Office of the Pontiff been closed since 2011 - nor - signed the should-be-non-existent Pontifical Calendar without claiming to be the "Vicar of Christ". He signed it in his own name.
    No clue. Since he was instated in said March 13, 2013, was Benedict attempting to pursue same prior to Bergoglio? In a previous article post I asked if Benedict was helping with Anna's request back in 2013, thinking Bergoglio was inserted to prevent Benedict from pursing resolution to Anna's request. Dunno. Just wondering.

    Another question: the contract or orders involving Pontificate office to know with whom, what, etc.
    Very interesting developments.

    1. my constructive criticism:

      I concur too many ???? unanswered and when you post a question, you never get a reply, you just get railroaded with another article. Maybe i should consult the Magnum Mysterium. Sorry for the pun Anna Vonrites but you have a lot of intuitive people reading your information. Many good researched items, but many voids to make clear.

      Its the same thing continuously aticle after article, like the covic19 suggested approach: virus cell wall is destroyed at 77 degree, oh but thats when it is outside the body that is, so we are waiting for summer hot air to kill the critter floating around, but in the tropical islands of the world they are shut down too, uummm pretty hot in some of those area? Even in the most remote island of the ,1500 miles off of South Africa, Tristan da Cunha.

      SOOO, it is recommended you blow hot air in your nose and bring up the heat and kill them critters, but wait i thought our body temperatures is 97.7, oh but the virus has to be outside the body for heat to affect its cell walls and melt it, so then what the heck is the purpose of blowing hot air INTO your nostril for. Anybody please!

      See i have my best friend in the hospital, doesnt seem like he will make it, but i also found out he has a lung problem i did not know about. They wont give a report of the initial diognastics, wife has the corona virus too, didnt say which one, but they wont let her seem him, he is on lock down and if he dies they will burn the body and she will never see him again. If she has the virus why not let her see him?? Me think something is up, me saw something wrong when towels came down, me very intuitive, but i was labled a conspiracy theorist.

      Once you go in you dont come out with this covic 19 and if you dont sign any paperwork you consent to whatever the witch doctor said. i have yet to see a test report on the reading of this virus, and of course mostly everyone has a corona virus of some sort but they dont tell you this. They just told the wife "if you dont have any of the system just stay home". She like the rest of the sheeples lacks the intuition to ask those pertinent questions.

      Yes we need to be asking question to ANYTHING you read and when those questions dont get answered, you tap into you early child hood intuitive mind and ask the big one, WHY?

      Have a blessed and remember the Almighty God is in charged and all is running according to plan

      Sea of Glass

  3. So........Trump is just another part of the same old plan????????

    1. I think so. He knew 911 and the systemic Fraud beforehand. So I can't help him much on excuses that he is surrounded by the vermin.

      The vermin always omitted the Corporations' "Inc, Limited" extension. We know these by looking at their secret Corporate registrations. The vermin corporate courts too, they hide everything so well, to stay in power obstructing people properties and lawful rights, for the vermin ungodly profits.

  4. George Bergoglio just admitted that he never was a true Pope. He never was the Vicar of Christ. It's not just about stepping outside his "role" in the Church. It's about jettisoning the title of Vicar of Christ. He knows he never was a legitimate Pope (Vicar of Christ). He now is showing his buddies in the New World Order that he is in lockstep with them, and wants to be the head of the new one world church of the anti-christ. He left Christ's true Church decades ago.

    1. >>> Jesuit Jorgeo Bergoglio made his sacrifices to Moloch <<< He is NO POPE.

      Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina's "Dirty War ...
      Prior to his election by the papal conclave, the role of Jorge Maria Bergoglio in Argentina's "Dirty War" was known and documented. It was known to the US State Department. It must have been known to one or more of the 115 "Cardinal Electors" of the Papal Conclave which convened at the Sistine Chapel on March 12, 2013.

      Many of the victims were held for months in official institutions, where they were repeatedly tortured before being killed, their bodies "disappeared." The dirty war continued even after the military finally permitted Perón to return to Argentina. He regained the presidency there in 1973 but died almost immediately.

      WHY ALWAYS THESE JEWS at the center of it?! And they LIVE & PROSPER IN OUR AMERICA. UNtouchable. WE protect these psychopaths. NO MORE! NO MORE!

      Does Henry Kissinger Have a Conscience? | The New Yorker
      Newly released documents have revealed more about the former Secretary of State's role in Argentina's Dirty War, and provided further evidence of his callousness.

  5. USPS tjreatens shut-down in June. Hum.

    US Postal Service could shut down by June, lawmakers warn
    ...However, when President Donald Trump signed into law the $2 trillion coronavirus emergency spending bill, it allowed USPS to borrow just $10 billion from the Treasury Department...

    Well heck maybe the jews could help USPS w a few shekels:

    Chutzpah: ADL Wants a Federal Bailout | RealClearPolitics – - The "relief package" pushed by ADL and several hundred other groups demands $60 billion in "emergency stimulus funding to support our work... during this time of crisis and need." ... Coronavirus ...

    1. Wink.

      Listen, I can see that you are digging up useful, timely information. Yeah I was kicking your ass previously about ranting over Jews, but dude, we all know that.

      But the content you are posting at least shows that you are trying to help with the dissemination of the issues. The article on Henry Kissinger, that is the kind of thing that needs to be brought to the table for those that aren't aware.

      I mean we all know what a huge scumbag he is, the world will be a better place. Sadly scumbags like him are reborn all the time.

      News related to what Jews are doing is timely, even the ADL article you posted at the end is helping to shine a disinfecting light in dark corners. Just stay calm and get even.

      Peace and clarity to all. The only reason the other side is remotely where they are is because they place greater value on critical thinking and making plans to get what they want.

      We see the result today of that planning to imprison the world. We on the other hand sit on the couch eating bon-bons being "entertained", or we go down to the mall to buy sneakers with lights in them, while they plot the destruction of mankind from their lofty perches.

      Different game.

    2. That not true this game has been in play before founding of this nation .
      Average Americans have to work and have to rely on text books and newspapers.
      The new Gothenburg press is the internet now we have the Rodney Piper glasses !
      They know it and are shutting down top intelligence sites everywhere!
      But that doesn’t stop our learning and dissemination of truth .
      They counter with fake news, false flags.
      But can’t put the cat back in the box we now know!

    3. @Will Smith: What are you blabbering about? Kicking Wink's what? You don't hold a candle to this guy's knowledge. What a ridiculous thing to say.
      I have to agree with your last paragraph though. That sounded coherent and truthful

  6. I think I have found something here.... Would love to hear your opinions... KC

    1. Kaycee, I have spent over an hour reading their web data. The first major concern is the latest update is Feb 2019. The second is they are in line with the UN 2030 agenda with focus on item 16 of the sustainable development. Additionally they are using acronyms in their data which have no explanations that I can find without spending more research time which at this point I cannot justify.

      It would be a concern for me that they called it The Government Network which in my opinion has the same implications perceptually of the Federal Reserve which is a private organization named to deceive the masses. This organization appears to be the same.

    2. Dan Carpenter - AGREE! Exactly what I found. See below posts. Mock Government. Using terminology to simulate government. Its language, goals are old, redundant, cookie-cutter. My research dealt w the ones promoted into position.
      Federal Reserves new JEW handler BlackRock Fink promotes Sustainability for entire umbrella investment agenda. That's the mega-$hekel$ theme. Churning shell after shell after shell funding $tart-Up$, collapsing them, wash rinse repeat.

      Modus Operandi. See the Pattern is very clear. Seeing movement out of China into Indonesia, India. all we see used for in shell Incs are Muslims, some Hindi who are inserted in advanced positions, then culling, eugenics, vaccines, pollution, harvesting humans & all assets. NOTHING CAN SAVE THEM from whats coming. Poor now, eviscerated in near future. Easy pickins.

      Nor do we see those India, Indonesia highly paid Muslim Shells doing anything for THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Like crabs in a bucket. They have NO PROBLEM ELIMINATING their own 'lower classes', which is THEIR structure & nobody else to blame but themselves.

      Nothing can help them now. Those that could WILL NOT, but will blame us & in turn create their own enemies by honoring Baal, Mammon, demonstrating once again ALL OF THEIR FALSE GODS ARE WEAK, cannot sustain life, but only destroys it.

      So appreciate Kaycee's link. Its so much more involved than just "it". Look at how young they are, but for USA JEW Efraim Wyeth, seasoned hollyweird producer, handler. How many of these is he involved in?
      AND THIS IS HOW JEWS DO IT. thanks & stay sane


      its just typical fantasies of wannabe nerds, selling out to the highest bidder most likely. even if they pulled it off and it reached some level of universality -- it is just going to be "regulatory captured" -- i mean controlled by those who already have all the other types of "money".

      look e.g. at cfr/riia or any of the major banks talking about e.g. bitcoin (et. al. digital coins). or countless businesses. nevermind identity thieves/human traffickers/all that other stuff.

      just typical libertarian/"anarchist" claptrap. i am not accusing them of committing any crimes -- calling it "government" is just typical sarcasm.

      however, if such a thing was ever truly "independent" you can be certain any "intelligence agencies" would either seek to control/monitor/use/dominate it, or destroy it. it is really that simple.

      most likely just some very naive/young/clueless-about-anything-besides-their-favorite-technology-(software or hardware) people...but assuming they are "sincere" and not something "staged" from the get-go, you can be certain they will be used and abused and eliminated (i just mean losing all control over their "creation", irrelevant how that happens) the second they are no longer need.

      likely just dumb idealists and "government" is just a funny name. like the "pirate party".

      what is amazing is rich bankers and others are likely chuckling "so basically these people are confessing to impersonating "government" and admitting to being "pirates") ---- whatever you think of copyright law corruption or government corruption -- that is just basically giving the vermin an excuse to do whatever they wish.

      again, most likely just some very naive kids (of whatever age) --- but there are so many angles they can and will be "used" (assuming they are "genuine" in the first place) ---- and really not many scenarios they can possibly "prevail"

      anna herself has said the american states and people use "blockchain technology" for id purposes. its just a buzzword.

      just another group of whoever jumping on the buzzword bandwagon.

  7. Comprehend this. Urgent! Wuhan China had 500 5G turned on the day the people died. Coronovirus/Covid-19 is nothing but a COMMON COLD. Its the towers that is killing people and at 60Ghz, and they are about to turn ours on and UP and thousands upon thousands of people are going to DIE! It will occur EASTER SUNDAY whilst they (elite) pray and celebrate with Satan. IF the people of the world don't come TOGETHER IN A PRAYER OF AGREEMENT TO FIGHT IN THE SPIRIT WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, THEN MAY THE FATHER PROTECT US OUT OF OUR OWN IGNORANCE. take care folks. I pray His protection, peace, tranquility, prosperity, hope and love be upon you all. :)

    1. Lets hope that Trump's warning that many will die is not 5G or the corona virus.

    2. Trump is definately planning something..he, himseld, said he wont wear a mask...what does that tell you...he also said get ready for a couple of very difficut weeks me that means the virus will run its course and we will be purged by all the deaths and imprissonments that are taking place right now..!!

    3. Dan Carpenter. the coronovirus is a hoax on the world. Something nefarious is going to be unfolded. The following is a message I received on my yt news channel late last night.
      " Stealth.G.Rider 4 hours ago · Automatically held
      Well people. What's they're hiding is... they're planning on testing 5g at its maximum now unrestricted power. This will immediately cut all power globally causing an emp effect. This WILL result in millions of instant deaths. This will kill of millions who are in hospital relying on electronic equipment to keep them alive including pacemakers and devices to stop deadly seizures. This was revealed from a classified document. It's planned for Easter as the elites and higher Archy worship Satan, going against every important moment in the Bible. Get ready. It's happening. This is why thousands are quickly burning the 5g masts and this IS why we are in lockdown! Those who survive, the "magical Bill Gates world virus cure" will surface very quickly, so those who believe there's a virus WILL happily get it. Those who don't, will still have to have it as it will be mandatory. Heard of xeno bots? Nanobots? Yup that's the plan... a tech expert who's corrupt as s.h.I.t is funding a vaccine.... think! PLUS read the US court case documents Cyrus a parsa has filed. BILL GATES IS A GENOCIDE CAUSING b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Along with MANY MANY "IMPORTANT" PEOPLE. Read it.... and be.... AWAKENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RISE UP AND FIGHT BACK NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!! "
      I tend to believe this message due to the Fact that Cyrus a Parsa DID in fact file a case, see the following:
      PDF FILE:

      unless they are STOPPED, it appears the 5G will in deed kill millions. And WHY? To possibly collect on the Cestui Que Vie Trust? Who know? Sacrifice for the Satanic Easter Sunday celebration? Again who knows. Likely just for the sake of KILLING. ALL PANDEMICS WERE CAUSED DUE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IN OUR ATMOSPHERE. SEE MY FOLLOWING VIDEO:

      60 GHz RF Radiation frequency. IS DANGEROUS TO PEOPLE
      5G Cell Towers are More Dangerous for Two Main Reasons:

      First, 5G emits “ultra high frequencies”. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length of each wave. This means more waves hit our bodies in the same amount of time. Previous cellular generations emitted from 1 to 6 GHz frequencies. 5G cell towers may emit frequencies as high as 300 GHz.
      Second, 5G technology requires “ultra high intensity”. Since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (and get obstructed easier), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate 5G cell towers will have to emit the lower 3G & 4G waves as well, and many more “mini cell towers” will have to be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. All of this combined will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure.

    4. I cannot find this case in the Southern District of California United States District Court as per the filing information.

    5. CAROL - thanks for the Cyrus Parsa tip. He was interviewed in 2 parts by Project Camelot.

  8. Thanks Kaycee for the link. Went thru each 'Core Organizers' here:

    Here we see a Mock-Up fake government-like using same terminology, sovereignty, governance, constitutional convention etc => JEW SIMULATION = JEW WORLD ORDER. As I mentioned in a recent post, the JEWS will now promote India’s Brown Man, advancing, highlighting, promoting jew agenda that they take over the White Mans world, that Whites who are Racists, Supremacists while JEWS are the ones behind it all.

    READ THIS =>> : THE GOVERNMENT NETWORK - Self-Sovereign Identity Challenges and Solutions - The Government Network is building a borderless nation powered by Blockchain Technology, operating from a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Its purpose is to innovate governance one step at a time through the implementation of applications serving direct market needs as drivers for the ecosystem. The goal is to build a nation, Accessible and Free for All, operating on a decentralised governance model, that empowers the people with abilities to achieve their goals independently through the power of technology. The nation will use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to operate through a DAO. The organizers of the nation operate from a Belize company in order to execute a successful and legal CrowdSale, while guiding the development of the Government Network. The government structure will be determined by a constitutional convention of experts.

    JEWS are the front handlers, including Movie Producers, film to advance media agenda.
    They're associated similar as: Alpha Bet, Secure, Angel Co. CANNAvenue (cannibus as medicine, health), etc, who seem to be amazingly successful in having 8++ “start ups” which sell for millions very quickly $$$ explode then turnover, as Cannabis to JEW Kraft Heinz investment for $23 million. JEW corps facilitate all this FALSE ECONOMY, pushing along their Chosen-Trained, all of whom are educated in White Universities, immigrants out of Belgium, England, so this is JEW Colonialization Project once again.

  9. So Anna I hope you cut ties with the Pope as his private attorney that you are in service to per your Secured Party Creditor filing.