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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Ever Had People Look at You Like.....

By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who has followed the rabbit trail as we have, has discovered many truths that, at the time of discovery, were jaw-dropping.  

I remember discovering that the IRS was a private bill collector for the Pope's Municipal Government----and was in fact operating under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

That was a big one. 

I remember when a friend of mine in the Deep South who was into Civil War History first pointed out, "Hey, the Civil War was never declared...... and there was no Peace Treaty ending it, either....." 

Talk about causing a brain freeze..... !

Pack enough of those under your belt and you look around and realize that: (1) you were not given a full deck; and (2) darn near everyone else is in the same condition.  

Of course, as I and our Team have learned more and more, we come to take these things for granted, and as we talk to each other we assume the stature of Geeks talking about Particle Physics. 

As you start this learning curve and start trying to share what you have learned with friends and relatives you are very likely to encounter resistance.  

What you have learned and what you are telling them is not in line with their long-accepted view of the world.  

And since they have a cozy, comforting view of the world and the government, they don't want to give that up for a world that is ambiguous, and frankly, frightening to think about. 

There are all sorts of reasons people stopper up their ears.  Fear is a big motivator.  Sloth is another --- it might interfere with watching football and require one to go to Town Hall  Meetings instead.  And then, there is simply feeling "overwhelmed".   

Life is tough enough with jobs and kids and everything else.  We know.  Been there and done that, too. 

Honestly, whatever reasons our friends and relatives have to blanching to pale green when we try to talk to them about history and law and the politics of it all, it still hurts, because for most of us, what we have learned is compelling. Indeed, it's urgent. 

The situation needs to be addressed, and we are the only ones that can address it.  Me and you.  There's nobody here but us chickens.  

At any given time, I have to deal with Newbies who have never given a second thought to their government or history, people in the Middle who are rushing around chasing every rabbit hole in sight, and my Peers --- people like Kurt Kallenbach and Romley Stewart who have followed their own threads into the Spider Web and come to know it from their own vantage points. 

One of the most pervasive evidences of crime against us that we have is the use of DOG LATIN --- our names appearing in all capital letters.  Every American above the age of four has noticed their name being spelled in all capital letters.   

Everyone knows that the proper way to spell a persons name in English is Upper and Lower Case, just like we were taught in Grade School. So what's the purpose or meaning of spelling a person's name in all capital letters?

If you ask a lawyer they will shine you on and say, oh, it's nothing.  Ignore that.  It's all the same.  

But it isn't.  

If you ask a grammarian, they will wrinkle their foreheads like a Venetian Blind. 

If you consult tomes published for the use of lawyers, you will learn that all caps name are used to denote the estates of dead men and corporations.  Nothing else.

Say what?  Are you dead?  Are you a corporation? 

At this point in the discovery process, Romley Stewart and his Crew of deadly determined researchers, set off on a world cruise of history and deceit and criminal government activities going back 1500 years to the reign of the Roman Emperor, Justinian.  

And they have delivered the ultimate and complete answer to what the use of names printed out in all capital letters means.  

Say good-bye to the glad-handing lawyers, telling you that it doesn't mean anything, go back to sleep..... 

And if your relatives say you are crazy, sit them down with a bag of chips and some beer in front of the television set they love---- and watch The Justinian Deception.  

You want proof?  You think we are all Tin Hats?  

The satisfaction of seeing your Doubter friends and relatives with their mouths hanging slack will be sufficient to justify the expense.  

I recommend that every State Assembly collect the shekels and buy a set and make this available to members.  It might even be the focus of a series of meetings and group discussions.  

Knowledge is power and proof is sweet.  Especially if you have ever had people look at you like you were crazy, when you tried to explain this part of it to them. 


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  1. Anna: You are so very correct. Some of my family, well most of it, won't have anything to do with me anymore. It is like I am dead to them, only I'm learning so much more and they are the ones behind.

    You are going to be called to help our country go back to being a Republic.


  2. I get it ! I am dismissed and pooh pooed and I have no credibility. I find myself just biting my tongue and hoping things come to a head soon that it makes them believers of this grand deception. Thnk You ! Anna and Company for all your tireless work and research

  3. You are right. I have been researching this for almost two years. Cross checking, back checking and 'discerning' the true Truth Tellers. I have tried to share it with people, get the deer in the headlight look. I follow up with them later, "no I never looked into it". I have decided to "Stand square on my own square" and proceed forward. This is a process. I look anticipatingly to record my paper work. God Bless you Anna!!!

    1. Gary - huge & commendable efforts, time, thought on researching. what a deeply personal discipline it is. Really is a feat.

      What we've found in our research is the historical timeline isn't true... Agghhh - its been hard on us. We didn't get upended, tho was/is as living in parallel universes. To find our research was so off, so wronged, we had to take a detour to concentrate on Fomenko's Chronologia huge volumes. Since on the road a lot, can't be around books, I chose to go to his How it Was In Reality sections & kinda work backwards.
      Like I did know our history was rewritten by jew Scaliger, who added 1000+++ yrs & changed to Gregorian Calendar, etc, but thought he was late 1500-1600s. Then Fomenko showed Scaliger was in 1768!! Puts thrust to totally rewrite just before 1776. Whoa!

      Which help others w their missing pieces. So much started to make more sense, pieces came together. It was time gaps, too long a leap. All of a sudden entire timeline was shortened.

      There is no antiquity, its all Middle Ages. No Dark Ages (which was discredited anyway, but now more certain). BC was pushed drastically forward, stuff never happened, historical characters never existed, events, lineages.. oh man, it hurt, but it really did help.
      just wanted to give a heads up on fake historical narrative. Its really bad what they've done. Unforgivable. Check it out. there are vids on... hold on might have some links for ya.

      got it:
      Fomenko’s Chronologia mathematically & astronomically evidenced true historical timeline. ~ & HOW IT WAS IN REALITY Contents ~ & video closed captioned in English on his process ~~ New Chronology By Fomenko 52:11

      thanks & stay sane

  4. Justinian code wrote the code of civil law or edicts of Roman senate- unlike common law you are judged case by case the civil law is automatic violation pay penalty cold inhuman
    Kinda like the tribunals and the taping of our own bonds that go int thair retirement account.

  5. The elite want to murder 6.5 billion stupid useless eaters....we want to wake them up and " murder " these insane satanic " elitists. 6.5 billuon against what ? Maybe 10,000 , 100,000 ? The real question is , how do we break the spell that they are all under before they get the vaccine with the nanobots and microchip ? Its all a matter of numbers. Right now they are overwelmingly in our favor and we are not doing such a good job of keeping them . Too much ego and infighting and asskissers and people who refuse to face the truth, repent and come clean. Unless you all ( Paul and Anna included ) stop your childish behavior our worst fears play out and Satan wins. You have my #...lets see if we can unite and move forward.

  6. Hi guys kiwi Nick here again, haven't posted for some time now but I felt I needed to get some info out. You know Anna's been saying for a while now that the Municipal Government is in bankruptcy, well since they needed legally to stand down for 90 days, this must be the 90 days for reorganization under the cover of COV-19. I'll tell you why I believe this. 1) I was listening to the Deputy Prime Minister the other day on Radio New Zealand. He stated that "NZ will come back better after this pandemic that ever before and nothing will be the same" or words to that effect. The interviewer said "How can this be as the books don't look good, I guess it will take time to build up again" NO NO said the DPM, "It's been done before with Roosevelt and the NEW DEAL" Thanks to Anna we all know what that NEW DEAL was all about!! I guess this is why when we watch those video's of the empty hospital the people there say "WE ARE BURNING CASH BIG TIME" Their not being funded at the moment.

    1. Unfortunately the scum has been here a long time. Since at least the 1820's. Yes in many places we have fluoride in the tap water, however our family lives 3.5 hours north of Auckland and have a 5000 Gal water tank, thank God. We also have the new Death towers too! Aren't we so modern and fried LOL. Cheers Wink Wink.

  7. So by capitalizing the word JEWS what exactly are you indicating?

  8. Just highlighting it’s not unlawful when it is you know your in a police state !