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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Is COVID-19 Even Real? Coronavirus is NOT COVID-19

Found Here:


  1. great video. watched it last week.

  2. The whole world needs to hear this. Thanks for the info

  3. shallow this is a falce .flag. And set up by black cube or black stone vultures 7 trillion dollar co. In bed with treasury, Pharma,Wall Street and America is fleeced on cue cause there is no law only fake police state to beat us down 24/7.

  4. The devil and his children are busy. Be not deceived. Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

    1. THE GREAT AWAKENING IS HERE: Judge Anna Von Reitz, Benjamin Fulford, Alcuin and Flutterby, and Author Henry Makow PH.D. ... PLEASE WATCH AARON RUSSO'S AWARD WINNING BLOCKBUSTER FILM HIT "AMERICA,FREEDOM TO FASCISM" Now playing ON THE INTERNET, across the world, and in your home too!!!

  5. Good video Jerry Day. Another very good video to watch is Dr Sherri Tenpenny interview on coronavirus

  6. Turns out now that science is finally discovering native peoples and those others here who have described a natural network around us and all things, our heart senses this all the time. Unforntunatley now these healthy nearly free of heart disease are nearly killed off from this same insane ignorant group. Most of the medicine has come from them being fooled by the new people who the gave these ancient plant medicines ( no science does make medicine from thin air) So what would a people who ignore the tremendous power of their hearts have as a major cause of disease and deaths amongst their scientific narrow minded mechanical taking apart of peoples bodies like a motor or machine. How long to you last with all the connections cut and a plastic machine pump in your chest? No longer than 4.5 years. And just how does it happens that this entire people playing follow the fake leader and be a good and obedient order follower who does not ask any questions of the order giver concerning those orders? Heart disease even getting worse as time passes. Their new network that similarly receives information from everything around us even our clothes and sends it not to us but a central world computer center belonging to the order givers mega business cartel. Well it disturbs our organic network and once in place keeps us even more disconnected than now. Check these things out please do not just believe me or anyone else without knowing. Start with that question. What is the difference in knowing something versus just beleiving some words you receive over invisible waves containing data that you know how to decode like English or songs that come on those unseen man made radio waves. WHO has already been sued for fake disease events and selling vaccines of nothing. Remember Pres Ford taking a vaccine years ago on TV then after 20 men died from instant heart attacks due to the national swine flu that turned out killing only one actual known case was just sort of wound down and forgotton, yet is still a big threat and no vaccine yet after 30 years of so???

  7. Great Informative Information 👍🏿
    Thank You 🙏🏿

  8. We Americans love our conspiracy theories, don't we? This is bogus news, though, scientists have been addressing cross-reactivity with other corona viruses for some time -


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