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Friday, April 17, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

Found Here:

God have mercy on us all. Arrest Bill Gates, Fauci and all their deep state buddies.

More from this Doctor:

Read what Jon Rappoport  has to say about Fauci here:

Read Lew Rockwell on the real Bill Gates:

How many die in the United States every year?


  1. If you can manufacture endless wars, assassinate an American President, murder over 3000 Americans on 9/11, you can create a planned scam-demic

    Found Here: Cynthia McKinney PhD@cynthiamckinney
    Testing for coronaviruses which some believe have evolved with homo sapiens so is in all of us....

    Jerry Day, "Strong Evidence CV is...."

    Solid Proof the S--C--A--M-Demic Was PRE-PLANNED to the Last DETAIL During Event 201


  2. Why Bill Gates cannot escape his crimes? It's very easy to analyze him. based on his own generic Birth-chart:

    1) Bill has a Super High Energies in Fire-sign, hurting people. #house 7. meaning involving people. He was born as a good boy, as soon as his Super High Energies turned Negative, his Flammable Desire turn million Times higher in Negativity.

    2) Bill Gates became the top Devil, after his age 26. Entering into a Fire-sign Sagittarius. Now he is getting worse, due to his Sun (life) in his house of secrecy (in Capricorn, a typical sign for vindictive, bad temper and toxicity, like bad Judges and bankers).

    3) Furthermore, Whoever passed the Black hole, Galactic center, the Red Giant, become a new creature.

    4) This is a consistent pattern recognition I see repeated in many evil men. Bill Gates is not only one, the Queen also, they have transformed themselves into the new creatures, due to the power they gained through lives.

    This is not a post-diction, but a common pattern recognition, found in BAD people. You cannot argue with the BAD people, they will always deny the truth in them.

    Can you see how moneys and powers can do to people?

  3. Last line:
    I mean "we cannot argue with BAD people, they will always deny, the lies and evil games in them", Bill Gates isn't the only one BAD apple.

  4. Comparing Bill Gates and Pope Francis. Both souls have similarity. Except Pope Francis experienced the reverse of Bill Gates experiencing.

    meaning, the Pope experienced the Black hole, Galactic center, the Red Giant evil first, at young age. the Pope went passing Capricorn at manhood age, and now into the fire-sign Aries now at older age.

  5. Thank God for all these people coming out!
    This is whats going to put a stop to the plans of these psychopaths!

  6. Rockefeller Foundation Report from 2010 is the Plan-demic Script (Video) + Global Depression (Genocide?) Has Begun


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