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Friday, March 13, 2020

VACCINES AND 5G – NOW AND HISTORY from Larry Hannigan in Australia


  1. Thanks for posting the video I am putting it everywhere I can


    And the Rockefellers, THAT IS NOT THEIR REAL NAMES

    Read the papers they will blow your mind

  3. KILLY GATES STEPS DOWN?? Time for Killy to get his vaccine injections!

    Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates leaves board - Raw Story Microsoft on Friday announced that co-founder Bill Gates has left its board of directors to devote more time to philanthropy. The 64-year-old stopped being involved in day-to-day operations at the ...

    1. FEMA mobilized - just as they planned

    2. Road blocks, ie drive through clinics as planned

      Title: Drive-Through Clinics Could Stem Effects Of Bioattack
      Date: January 15, 2010
      Source: Bio Prep Watch

      Abstract: A study by physicians at Stanford Hospital & Clinics has concluded that, in the event of a pandemic or biological attack, patients’ own cars can be effectively utilized as a drive-through emergency department.

      The study, published Jan. 13 in the online Annals of Emergency Medicine, noted that the drive-through method could prevent the spread of infectious diseases from patient to patient and from patient to caregiver.

      “The most important message is that a drive-through medical clinic is not only a feasible model, but may be a preferred type of alternative care center,” Eric A. Weiss, first author of the study and associate professor of emergency medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, told “It can expedite and facilitate seeing large numbers of patients while mitigating the spread of infectious diseases by providing a social distancing mechanism.

      “And it not only can be used during a pandemic, but also would be an excellent strategy for bioterrorism, or for other emerging infectious disease events.”

      A full-scale exercise was conducted by Weiss and three of his colleagues last September, with results showing that moderately ill patients could be both evaluated and treated in the drive-through scenario in an average of 26 minutes.

      The exercises also revealed that the diagnoses and treatments given during the drive-through matched those of real-life patients who visited the Stanford emergency room (Bio Prep Watch, 2010).

      Information above came from this link which can be found under the tag AFTERMATH

      History of a Chicago mayor

    3. Shelby - Yeah! >>> “And it not only can be used during a pandemic, but also would be an excellent strategy for bioterrorism, or for other emerging infectious disease events.” <<<< FOREVER UNDER THE JEW BOOT, we're going to experience terror, disease, pandemic events & the JEWS are going to also rescue us, for a nice fee of course.

      Trumpet was accompanied upon his world stage by poor suffering JEW OWNED corporate talking heads, like WALMART, TARGET, WALGREENS, CVS etc insuring the public they are here for us! And he even gave a boost to JEW ROCHE! Wow! Then read their script of JEW demands, placed us under a mini-Martial Law aka National Emergency, which got him his 40 Billion w/o Demoncrat dual/duel Israhelli's fecal storm.

      >>> Note, Folks, all this is, is one jew faction being favored for another, outwardly, as it all ends up in their auto-mated self-feeding sewer to top echelon JEWS.

      The first ones paid out are the JEWS who set up the con, & trickles down to those obedient mercenary enforcement organs, like the colon, to poop out the refuse upon us. WE GET TO PAY FOR IT & receive absolutely NOTHING but another Bill & restrictions.

      DRIVE THU: Wow & those JEWS got it all set up in a day… OR its their plan all along. Got leases in place, equipment, slaves, forms, advertising, pipeline, banking accounts >>>> ALREADY SET UP, Folks, by JEWS.

      JEW>>> Eric A. Weiss. In 26 mins, waiting in your car, just enough time to fill forms, give them consent to GIVE JEWS OUR DNA FOR FREE which JEWS then monetize forever. GREAT PLAN'demic indeed. THAT’S WHY JEWS ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. See, JEWS get to run their scams, subjugate, control & profiteer. All by their Trumpet KING-CON!

      NOTHINGS CHANGED. Their hero Trumpet KING-CON & his 5D chess moves are quite satisfactory. BUT what pleases the JEWS the most is their mini-Martial Law aka National Emergency = 30 DAYS YOU STUPID GOY SLAVES! SHUT UP! NO FESTIVALS THIS SPRING!
      NOBODY CAN EARN A LIVING THIS SPRING which has always helped those make ends meet at Fairs. Nope. Cannot have Festivals!!! JEWS HATE FESTIVALS. Oops Schools Closed! Oh well, can't afford daycare, then quit your job & stay home with your own children YOU STUPID GOY!

      And the JEWS laugh all the way to the bank.


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