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Saturday, March 14, 2020

"Representation" -- Creating a Monster

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever since the Stone Age when the first people took a stick of charcoal out of the fire pit and started doodling on the walls the family cave, we Homo sapiens have had a unique ability to "represent" things. We can, for example, represent a running horse on our "cave" wall via a drawing, a painting, or a photograph, or, we can let our imagination run and create Godzilla or Sponge Bob or whatever else we please. 
While this gift of imagination and ability to "represent" things -- that is, produce pictures that substitute for or "represent" what is real, as well as pictures of things that are purely imaginary -- is a wonderful potential, it is also the equivalent of a granite cliff.

We can fall off that cliff. We can lose track of what is real. We can get lost in our own illusionary pictures of reality. Dead images can be substituted for living flesh. And vice versa. A doll or an android can be mistaken for a living man. A fictional character in a novel can be mistaken for you.
This becomes a form of insanity and a means for criminality to flourish, too.
If nothing is sacred, even the barrier presented by the cave wall, then everything is allowed. Any kind of craziness or cruelty can be wrecked upon cartoon characters. If your name isn't yours, if your country isn't yours, if your face isn't yours, if your DNA isn't yours, and if your stuff isn't yours, well, who are you? 
And this is exactly the game that the "governments" of the world have been playing against the people of the Earth. They've been "representing" us, and using their little pictures of us, or, as the case may be, puppets of us, to do all sorts of dreadful things.

Our actual government doesn't allow for much "representation" and what there is of it, is clearly spelled out in the Constitutions. 
The Pope's Municipal Government gets to run the Mint, the Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Offices, the Post Office system, and has a home base provided for it -- the Municipality of Washington, DC, where the Pope has established a National Shrine for the Federal Civil Service and their Dependents, as "citizen of the United States". 
Except for excursions related to their duties, that's where these Municipal Employees are supposed to stay, too. They are limited to "one mile square" for a reason. Time has proven that they can be very troublesome if allowed to run rampant. The reason?

They have accepted offices of person-hood as a condition of employment. They have become "persons" ---- pictures of themselves --- no longer people. They have agreed (whether they know it or not) to be "representative" of the Pope's government --- franchisees and subjects of the Municipality of Rome.
And as everyone knows, you can do whatever you want with fictional characters. You can enslave them. You can pillage and plunder and rape them. Just draw whatever you like on the wall. 
The same conditions of "person-hood" apply to men and women acting under contract to the British Territorial [Commonwealth] Government as members of "the US" Armed Services. For a period of time known as a "tour of duty" they renounce their identity as people and become persons, instead. If we are old enough to remember World War II, we can attest that this is where the infamous Municipal STRAWMEN first appeared: JOHN W KILROY WAS HERE.

Right along with the fictitious but all-too-effective U.S. ARMY. 
The British Monarch gets to "represent" our lawful government on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and can collect taxes and tariffs for these services from regulated activities: the interstate sale, manufacture, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

That's where the rules -- our Constitutions, limit the game, but, over the years, both the Monarchs and Popes have acted in Breach of Trust....

Using the same sleight of hand and false claims of commercial contract, the rats have claimed to have control over you, similar to that claimed by the U.S. ARMY over its "personnel" --- even though you are an actual American, a Third Party with respect to their weird world, and not part of it at all.

Imagine Yosemite Sam wearing judge's robes, popping out of the page of a comic book and addressing you? What would you do? May I suggest, slap the book shut? 
Using their "representation" of you, their very own STRAWMEN, they claim to have the right to move you, take your assets, use your assets for their benefit without paying you, conscript you to serve them, tax you, evict you from your own property, misidentify you as a "non-resident alien" in your own country, subject you to foreign statutory laws and codes, and treat you as a Prisoner of War, when there is no actual war, and you are a civilian having no part in the schmarmy consensual "commercial conflict" they are misrepresenting as a "war", while in fact acting in collusion with each other to bilk the American Public. 
In the same way, the members of "the U.S. Congress" --- not your Congress of Delegates --- a Commonwealth entity, claim to "represent" you.

Imagine Cruella DeVille, the vampire-like fashionista in 101 Dalmatians, having your "proxy" to vote for you in shareholder "elections" and you will have the flavor of what this kind of "representation" actually means. 
It has nothing to do with Public Interest. It has nothing to do with any knowing and conscious participation on your part. It's just theft and treason and crime, all based on "representing" you as a cartoon of yourself, a legal fiction, a corporate franchisee.

Or as Queen Bess famously said, "a disregarded entity".

They don't represent you. They don't have any Public Interest at heart. They conceive of their role as profit making for the Company, and whatever turns a buck, works. 
For your information, your Congressmen and Congresswomen, serve as Delegates, not "Representatives". Your United States Senators are subject to recall by your State Assembly. Your Congressional Delegates are subject to recall by the electors. 
Still think that THING in Washington, DC, is your government? 
And not just a "representation" thereof? Subject to artistic interpretation and corporate Public Policy? 
My take-home to you and yours is that you are fools if you allow this to go on and if you participate in it. You are fools if you let such a "government" feed off of you and "mistake" you as its employees or franchisees.

You are fools if you continue to let them "presume" that you are subjects of their Popes and their Queens. You are fools if you let them "presume" that you "voluntarily" occupy any "office of person-hood" related to them and their organizations at all. 
It's time to wake up and take stock of the difference between people and Lawful Persons known as People, and the scribbling on the wall. 


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  1. Excellent information in regards to the credit collection letter
    How to address if one was not born in this country, but was naturalized
    "Where it stated I was born in Virginia ".

    1. I was "naturalized" in Virginia ?? That would confirm any documentation from that procedure I suspect.

    2. Naturalization into the Pope and/or British "U.S.citizen" is another form of ID Theft, by lying to cause people Sovereignty to be lost, into the Bankers darkest slavery.

      The Vermin's should have known better, that their Legal Trick /Chicanery are subject to void, and penalty by righteous law, due to the NON-Disclosed evil setup.

      Bc, people paid high price, for the Vermin's deceptive benefit. I've seen people in EU-rope deceived, to become a U.S. citizen, without living in America, to learn N.American history.

  2. .
    Be careful as what seems correct is just another redefined "term" and a rabbit hole

    Of course thats in the legal - illusion system [created by the BAR Ass. - Guild]

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  3. James Traficant was one of "them" the representatives. He spoke out about the congress and United States existing in name only and effectively only acting as receivers in a bankruptcy and that the people needed to be told about the truth of it so they could deal with it. The shut him up and today a search on google turns up a lot of how he was convicted of corruption. Think it was taking a donation over the amount or something. His testimony and defense was gagged due to to a claim of "might hurt the government" "secrets of national security" they pull out of a hat to cover their crime try to hide it keep from being prosecuted and convicted themselves. Total ridicule or the law and government and people and a shame to themselves. He spent 7 years in prison for trying to do his job.

    1. Thank you, AirCarvings for posting that bit about Jim Traficant....I'm canuck so watching US politics is....well, like "reality TV...?? isn't that an oxymoron? So when I watched Mr. Traficant address Congress and basically tell'em where the bear shit in the buckwheat....they didn't want that to ever happen again....just amazing that he survived the 7 years they tried very hard to have 'im "terminated with extreme predjudice"....he would get himself thrown in solitary to avoid GP. In his last interview he'd mentioned that he had to becarefull what he said because he knew that his life was at risk.... a short while latter he died from a tractor roll over....??? hmm, how convenient.... don't try to be an honest congressman....sorry about the diatribe, but that Man should be a bronze statue that every congressman should swear his oath before....but who am I? not even a "us citizen" thankyou ancestors, lol (wwgowga) this is a world problem not a national one...just my opinion. Trevor.

  4. Looks to us as though JEWS are running everything listed below, but MAYBE the Post Office system.
    Funny how closely the pope is to the JEWS that he'd let them print fiat. Wow, they must be very close... Like the Club of Rome close & Vatican Bank close.
    We can't find the Catholic Church anywhere we look, only ALLEGED associations for which cannot find legitimate leads nor evidence.
    Starting to look like hot air rumors & JEWS blaming the pope for JEW CRIMES. Be great to get some evidence on that, somehow. Showing the pope is in fact large & in charge.
    Looks like the pope is as much a figure head as the QE2, no real power, since the JEWS do it all. JUST LIKE IN AMERICA all jew fakery for harvesting.

    "...The Pope's Municipal Government gets to run the Mint, the Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Offices, the Post Office system, and has a home base provided for it -- the Municipality of Washington, DC, where the Pope has established a National Shrine for the Federal Civil Service and their Dependents, as "citizen of the United States"... "

  5. Shelby - yeah yeah, Swissy. Of course. Though Post Office system may differ from Postal Service & United Postal Union. Yeah the postal codes out of Swiss Octogon Pharisee. Just not familiar with specifics of each. Or which came of the other.

    The Universal Postal Union (UPU, French: Union postale universelle), established by the Treaty of Bern of 1874,[1] is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that coordinates postal policies among member nations, in addition to the worldwide postal system. The UPU contains four bodies consisting of the Congress, the Council of Administration (CA), the Postal Operations Council (POC) and the International Bureau (IB). It also oversees the Telematics and Express Mail Service (EMS) cooperatives. Each member agrees to the same terms for conducting international postal duties. The UPU's headquarters are located in Bern, Switzerland.[2]

  6. So the question is what can we do?Because this is a lot off information to prosses especially when it got to do with international law Vs common law and to re move are self from this franchise. Aka strawman. We should have someone in every state that can help the people to educate or help or pay a fee. For there services... That the only way citizen can educate them self.

    1. UnknownMarch 15, 2020 at 11:04 AM - Go to - Read, scroll down to documents to be completed & Recorded. Not many pages at all & most are only 1 page. Too easy considering the necessity & benefits. AND ITS FREE - No charge for such valuable documents & guidance.

      Then a State Coordinator tab will direct you for contact with Assembly for your state ====>>> Just what you're asking about, its already in action!!
      Its there, its here, we are the ones we've been waiting for!
      Anna & Team are credited for the knowledge behind all of this.
      Then the people who wish to serve their government are doing so. They form the The American States Assembly.
      CAN YA BELIEVE IT?! It is happening.
      RECORD your papers, as per directions. Ask for help, guidance etc. from your State Assembly.

      Special THANK YOU to Paul Stramer who saw the value of Anna & Team and made this blog.

    2. Unknown you need to identify yourself at least with a handle. My job is difficult enough on moderating this blog without having a bunch of unknowns and anonymouses here. See the rules in blue at the top.


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