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Saturday, March 14, 2020

False Positive Test Results

By Anna Von Reitz

Play none of their games. 

This just in. 

Half the tests they are giving people to test for the Moronvirus come back as false positive—- that is, confirming that you have the virus, when in fact you do not. 

Anyone smell a rat here?  

What’s the purpose of a test if it’s factually unreliable? 

Just turn off 5G, arrest the rats, and come home to America. 

If any of THEM come to your door, just say- “Let’s make this short and sweet.  We are Americans.  Not US citizens of any kind.  We are living in Alaska (Maine, Alabama, etc) not “the State of Alaska”.  We are not Federal Residents and this is not Federal land.  You are therefore trespassing.  We are minding our business and staying home, which is what we recommend to you, too.  Now kindly get off my private property.” 

If they try to force their experimental vaccines on you, throw their abortion mantra back in their faces—- “My body, my choice.”

Do everything you can to get your political status corrected and on the record and stand ready to defend it if any of these jackboots show up on your porch.

Italian Research Group Reports that Newest Swab Test for Covid-19 Being Used in China Produces 80% False-Positive Results on Those Who Are Diagnosed on the Basis of Contact Only

Can We Trust The COVID-19 Test? What You May Not Know About the ELISA And RNA Tests


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  1. exactly what I been telling people!

  2. Amazing Polly is doing a great job as well in her researches

  3. They're collecting DNA is what they are doing not testing

    Test kits my a$$
    Must not have sold enough DNA 23 and me kits, plan B

    And the sheep line up to give it away - free testing

  4. Just some observational thoughts:

    Turning off 5G is a matter of life and or death!

    Dr. Francis Boyle speaks to the evidence of a particular version of Corona being an engineered-offensive-bio-weapon =>

    Here are the links to the first two studies Dr. Boyle refers to, unable to read the third =>

    Here's yet another perspective - very interesting => Yes YouTube and others really do sensor free speech =>

    The "Moronvirus" comes back as both false positive and false negative.

    The issue here is faulty test kits, period. Point in fact, the initial test kits, still being used, were rushed into production. This translates to poor engineering/design - poor quality control - and poor manufacturing standards.

    This version of Corona is "Novel" due to the fact that it has never before been seen in or outside of the human body.

    Interestingly, you have many requests for "Moronvirus" testing being denied by the CDC. I suppose - if you don't test then you have little to no infections to report and or focus on only false positive results from defective test kits.

    I have personally chose - years ago - to plan aka prep. for the worst and always hope for the best... The recent food shopping runs - are not - will not - be a problem.

    God Bless and be well

  5. So how I have missed the boat. What is the deal with everyone hating on 5G? I work for a big telcom wireless company and around the equipment daily so I ask for my own safety. This company has also made me come to work while downtown Houston is essential on lock down. My coworker nice as he may be went to one of the busiest high traffic restaurants this morning to get tacos to feed his diabetes and obesity. As to him that takes priority over exposing himself and his coworkers to this corona virus. So if the Corona virus doesn't get me the 5G might take me out apparently. Wish all you guys the best keep me in your prayers please.

    1. All the communications tech, et al. emit dangerous EM radiation. It just depends on your exposure of power, duration and proximity on how fast it will hurt you. The radiation magnifies any weakness in the physical makeup and will degrade a healthy body over time. The "science" has been known since the very early days. It just never seems to make it far in the media, funny that. 5G is especially dangerous due to the very high power levels and frequencies required, making damage potential much greater for even less exposure to it.

  6. I totally agree it is a moron virus! This virus is nothing than your average flu that has already this year killed 10 thousand people in the U.S. 2020! Your more likely get the reg flu than this moron virus! Why are they causing panic,fear in American people? What are they doing that they don't really want us to see if know? I say being naughty ! Relax ,enjoy ,and pray! Ignore this craziness! We need to find out what there doing now to us? I heard in PA they took the right away to buy ammo! Is this a test run for what's to come to see how will act? It must be a epic for all this panic and fear there doing !Please don't watch the news!

  7. Questions that need answers.
    1. Where have all the TV & radio commercials gone for the regular standard issue -Flu vaccine?
    2. Why is the gov. & media Not reporting on how many of the alleged regular standard issue - Flu victims are currently hospitalized & their age groups with percentages ect..?
    3. Why is the media Not reporting on how many of the alleged covid19 cases are currently hospitalized?
    4. Why is the gov. & media not reporting on how many of the "tested" turn out to be just the standard flu or cold?
    5. Where are the standard annual/seasonal commercials for products for the regular flu?
    6. Is the media going to have a special awards show for the best looking CORONIAVIRUS Emoji?
    just asking


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