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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Interesting history about Donald Trump - Please Comment

Please comment.

Found Here:

Found here:


  1. Isn't it our military policy to destroy all military hardware left in foreign lands so that the locals can't make use of them against us?
    Should be, anyway. . . Or just bring the sh|7 home so we can use it here to defend. . . US!

  2. Can't watch any of it, absolutely sickening how the world has been molested by these vile monopoly money printing self appointed vultures

    He's an idoit just like everyone else going along with their vile plans

  3. Thanx Paul for putting these two videos out here. I for one am so happy that Trump has taken over the Corp. I also hope that he at some time will also take over the 'Republic' The united States of America. He has kept his word and I believe his heart is to do exactly what he says he will do. If there are people who don't want him to do that they may be able to stop some of what he's trying to do, but I believe with those of us who are praying for him on a daily basis (sometimes hourly) we believe he'll succeed in doing great things and then hopefully as he understands what needs to be done to transition to The united States of America I hope he'll do that. I believe only God can transform the hearts of the people who are so negative they can't see beyond their noses. We are in a new era, and we will have a government that will be for our new era. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. And I believe that's really close.

  4. "No more important word than 'luck."-Trump

    Do you know "Luck" is a word that is not in the Bible?

  5. I am an optimistic Canadian. While on the surface there are aspects which makes one wonder where Trump is headed, he has said for many years the leadership has gone astray as is evident in the first video. It appears that those who were capable of which he spoke failed even him, so at this age, he has finally stepped up.
    It is a big swamp and all those trade deals that had paybacks attached are going away and the swamp doesn't like it. He understands business and fairness in trade and he wants that back for the people of America and the world. Education is key and the wrong education has lead us all into this and that will take some time to turn around as un-educating people is a challenge, but he is showing the results of that right now.
    I believe that mankind is turning the corner and gaining momentum. Once people can see the injustices for what it is and witness the elitists collapse, and gain back some self confidence, progress will pick up speed.

    1. What I am surprised about is how few the comments are in this post compared to the norm on Anna's posts. Perhaps the truth is coming home after all.


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