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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Think. See.

By Anna Von Reitz

By now, we've all heard the appalling and "official" evaluations coming out of China as confirmed by Western military and Special Ops programs. 

The Nipah Virus unleashed in China has laboratory mortality rate of 45-75%, but, for unknown reasons, is only killing about 15% of victims in real life. This is still an incredible number of lives lost, approximating the entire population of the United States being wiped out. 

Imagine everyone you know, together with their hopes and dreams, their skills, their love affairs, their quirks, their sense of humor, their pet peeves--- think of them all dying over the period of a few months.  Think of what it would be like in terms of disruption to families and work routines and even just dealing with all the dead, but still infected, bodies?   No way to even give them a decent traditional burial.

Yes, of course, China will be "devastated", and hardly anyone will be left untouched.  Their export markets will be interrupted and their factories shut down for months, at a minimum.  Their export facilities and packaging systems will have to be super-sanitized to insure that the deadly virus is not being exported along with widgets, and everyone concerned will have to be satisfied that its safe to trade with China again.  

But as bad as this is, it was meant to be far worse. The Perpetrators bragged that they foresaw a 45-75% mortality rate.  They meant to take out at least a billion people in China alone-- an act of genocide on an unprecedented scale.

Meanwhile, the vermin responsible will seek to benefit themselves by having the patent to the only two drugs known to kill the virus.

This is far from the first time that we have observed their use of the Hegelian Dialectic to benefit themselves --- create a problem, and then profit by providing the solution. 

It is not the first time we have seen this shocking, diabolical, mean-spirited, cynical, criminal process in action, but it should be the last time, if we have the sense of rabbits.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has the whole spectrum of the process sewn up --- the patent on the virus and the drugs to combat it.  We can safely assume that they are involved at the very root of this problem, and we have the means of stripping the patents from them.

There are many evil men who sit in our corporate board rooms and think that they are immune from the Public Law, safe and insulated from any retaliation, ever, at all. 

That's what they think.

So, think some more yourselves.

When was this unleashed?  A few days after Trump and China inked a new independent Trade Deal that didn't allow the rats to profit and manipulate things, and which didn't require the Chinese Government to kickback its exchange rate profits to the Rothschild Central Banks.

Trump and the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex had no reason to undermine this happy resolution to mutual problems.  China had even less reason to do anything to obstruct a full-steam ahead trade relationship with the United States of America. 

When the dust settles, you will see that the guilty parties are, once again, rogue elements in the CIA working with rogue elements in the British M16, funded by the Usual Suspects including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and all operating under the conveniently named, "Umbrella Corporation" ---- aka, the business arm of The Trust.

 And they do have reason to obstruct the new United States of America - China Trade Deal, because it undermines their hegemony and control of trade policies and currency markets. So they are taking their revenge and obstructing the Trade Deal at the same time they are promoting their business interests and venting their insane population control agenda. 

Now, look at the "Umbrella Corporation" logo.  It looks like you are looking down on the top of an open red and white alternating-sectioned umbrella, but what else does it look like?  The equal-armed Maltese Cross.  And the equal-armed Maltese Cross, also known as the "World Cross" is the emblem of what?  The reptilian Dragoons, the old military caste, the Aryans (Orions) that "from Heaven to Earth came".  It is not Christian. It far pre-dates Christianity.

And yes, it does represent what we call an "umbrella" corporation, a single corporation that controls many other corporations, also known as a Holding Company Corporation, too.  Over 700 of the world's largest corporations have all been linked together by a single interlocking trust directorate, all operating under the more-or-less concerted direction of the Roman Curia.

By evoking the concept of an umbrella they trick you into seeing their logo as the top of an umbrella, instead of shifting gears just a tiny bit, and seeing the logo for what it is--- an open representation of the Maltese Cross and the co-opting Death Cult pagan religion that has secretively sheltered in the Roman Catholic Church for centuries.

Take a good look and you will see the Maltese Cross, not the top of an umbrella.


  1. I always read your posts right away. Thanks for your insight and leadership on this most critical of issues,. God

  2. There is a lady, Sharry Edwards who has a Bioacoustics website and is developing a frequency antidote ti this virus and also has a free download mp3 audio that addresses lung infections. Using voice frequencies she is able to determine if you have contracted the virus and suggests in the meantime to listen to the mp3 to build your immune system. Testing is free. Her website is:



    1. CORRUPT LAWS, By VERMINS, Self-Interested escape.

    2. The British monarchy works for Rome they were never British

      Entire British history is fraud based on directives from Rome through the vatican and Switzerland

      They are pirates but the real pirates is ROME the thieves who started this entire narrative for the world after they changes the timelines, calendars, created books for the narrative to be distributed to all of their flocks, etc etc etc


      After of course they used the people in all nations to secure the natural resources like oil and minerals and jewels, etc etc etc
      ROME will claim it all once the people are exterminated

      Even the duped 13 illuminated families will be exterminated



  5. Besides the lying media, the lying chinese communist government and some easliy swayued 'truthers' wheres the fasctual evidence that this is happening.

    I see people with loads of discernment except when a so called shooting occurs or now the coronavirus. Heavy on jowl movement, extremely light on facts.

  6. And meanwhile your trusted wireless provider and your power company are zapping you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with frequencies that are off the charts
    Keeps you from seeing the 5G roll out while they throw other shit at as
    And no they are not healing frquencies
    Set up on purpose to slowly exterminate in their SMART cities

    1. Shelby - and a heads up, Folks, as just now reports are coming in that 5G isn't at all as harmful as said. I DO NOT AGREE, & I don't care whether it is or not. None of this ought to be anywhere in the first place, as TECHNOLOGY COMPATABLE WITH ALL LIFE is available, but the JEWS prevent its use.
      Can ya believe it? Now 5G isn't bad at all??
      Well at the very least it POUR BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of our wealth into JEW POCKETS. As if that isn't harmful enough! Just another sucking by parasites stealing our everything.

      Now Trumps approaching Sanctuary Cities, funded by JEWS. In this case California. Lets see how that works. If precedent is set against all Sanctuary Cities.

  7. Check this out, a comment someone made in a video I watched

    'Wuhan is an anagram.....Isaiah says they first turn things upside turn the W into a M and then is HUMAN....WE are the virus.'

    And of course they put all kinds of 'codes and statutes' in place to accommodate for their dirty deeds
    And don't forget hollywoods contribution and pre programming
    Even have pre arranged drills to lead the sheep

    Lots of information in the below link about their planning

  8. If the "Spanish Flu" is any indicator, it was more deadly on its second cycle.

  9. Bellerian1 the disruptor! You remind us of a four year old who gets their jollies by bullying others, making fun of someone you are thoroughly jealous of, or spreading discord. You are truly a stateless entity of little to no substance as proven by your childish kindergarten playground level of input. At minimum one would have to assume your premise begins with an imbedded male chauvinism program in your DNA. At least you’re not spreading fear porn like some of the other brain farts who get their jollies by spreading others opinions lacking any credibility whatsoever.

  10. OUR HISTORY IS A LIE. There is NO DARK AGES, it used a filler.

    Aryans were CHRISTIANS, followers of Christ. Aryans honored Krishna.
    Blue Eyed Aryans in the Mahabharata which in fact narrates about the recent events of the XIV-XVI cc. finally completed only in the XVII-XVIII
    ARYAN aria, arya means Kind & Wise in Sanskrit.
    Krishna Buddha – Indian Ramayana – 1400-1500
    Indian God KRISHNA (Buddha) – is their regional image of Jesus CHRIST

    >>> These events have been purposefully, artificially, pushed back into a false ‘antiquity’ by JEW Scaliger’s agendists. Here it says 500 BCE – NO it occurred in XIV-XVIcc.
    Aryan - Aryan" has its ... In Ramayana and Mahabharata, ārya is used as an honorific for many characters including Hanuman. Indo-European language throughout Europe and the Middle East, c. 500 BCE. In Avesta and Persian.. literature.

    DEMONIZING WHITE PEOPLE, HISTORY IS UNFORGIVABLE. Stop WHITE HATE. Whites are the most generous, giving, tolerant, inventive, productive, creative, thoughtful, culture-filled, freedom fighting, people on Earth. And... WHITES ARE THE MOST COLORFUL … and a MINORITY RACE

    In 1920 Whites were 30% of world pop, now down to 12% = 2/3 Whites are gone from face of Earth in just 100 years.



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