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Monday, November 4, 2019

Anna's take on the previous announcement about a "national" call

Please cancel and make sure everyone knows that this “announcement” Dennis sent out was premature and not coordinated nor even discussed with me or anyone else.  At this point Dennis isn’t even strictly speaking a member of his own State Assembly because for reasons unknown he still has not completed his own paperwork. I think he means well, but this is a loose cannon move on his part and I want it shut down. 

I have asked him to get in direct contact with me to discuss what it is that he wants to accomplish and get help with his paperwork if he needs that.

But as things stand, he is not eligible to be Arizona State Coordinator and he has no business and no authority to set up any “National” calls related to our organizations. 

And then a later email after Dennis and Anna talked on the phone.

Well, Dennis, since we just talked, and came to an amiable understanding of what you were trying to do and why it is important to be precise about what the purpose and the name of the activity is--- in order to avoid international misunderstandings, I trust that all that is now settled. I will let Paul know and ask you to send out a second "corrected" announcement that makes it clear that this is being offered as a "State Assemblies Forum" for Coordinators and Members from the Several States to help disseminate information and provide a channel for people who have questions, to get questions answered.   That's all well and good.  Just don't want to cause any more confusion than exists already with the nomenclature!

And this is the "corrected" announcement for the call on Wednesday.

Hi Folks ;

The First National Assembly Call, now called, State Assemblies Forum, will be on Wednesday November 6th, 2019. at ( 7:00 pm. Az. time, 6:00 pm. Pacific and 9:00 pm . Eastern. )
They will continue on the first and 3rd Wednesday of every month.
The call in number is 712-775-7465  the pin code is 706517
The playback number is  712-775-7470

Spread the word !!!
We need everybody in the Country on the same page !

Thank You !

Dennis Knill

Yavapai County Coordinator
Arizona State Coordinator

And this was Anna's note to me after she had spoken with Dennis yesterday:

I spoke with Dennis yesterday. As suspected, his intentions were good.  He just didn’t quite understand the verbiage involved and the need to coordinate.  

Having gone over that with him, this effort is being dubbed the “State Assemblies Forum” to avoid any confusions.  The intention is to provide support to people who are isolated in places that are just now organizing their State Assemblies and need help, and to provide additional Question and Answer support. 

It is a daunting task to learn the history we were never taught in school and also quite a process to correct our political status records and then beyond that get our State Assemblies organized and functioning correctly.  I have written down guidebook-like material for the Jural Assemblies and also information about the peacekeeping functions that are traditional and common to our States, but there are additional situations and functions that arise and so—this provides another means for State Coordinators and State Citizens to connect and  support each other going forward. 

Dennis will be sending out a corrected invitation (see above) and the State Assemblies Forum will be meeting on the air twice a month for now but I suspect that it will become popular and become a weekly event over time.
From Paul
After this debacle I will no longer be making any announcements on this blog about any meetings, seminars, webinars or assemblies that do not have previous approval in writing from Anna.
The only exception might be an announcement of a business meeting from me once in a while.


  1. Strong protocols are needed to apply to any would be State Assembly and its constituent members before it can become officially recognized and allowed to participate as such, otherwise confusion will become generalized and the effort to organize A National organization of State assemblies will fail.

  2. Thanks for taking the trouble to clear that up, Paul.
    Much Obliged!

  3. We have to expect infiltrators, deflectors & saboteurs, so take what they say w/ a heaping grain of salt. You can always recognize these ilk for they just toss out accusations w/o offering any facts to support their claims. There's a special place in Hell for these people I'm sure.

  4. Just out of curiosity, is Dennis actually Arizona State Coordinator? Sounded as if he had not quite completed his paperwork; perhaps he has?

    1. From Anna:

      He is waiting for his Authenticated BC to come back from the State Department, so he has not yet formally completed the paperwork process but he has declared as an Arizonan, etc. and lack of this last little bit of paperwork is basically a technicality.

    2. Thank You Anna. I basically felt just like you did in your note to Paul.....We all have been doing all this paperwork, studies, research, and donating, and so that just seemed way out of line to make such an independent, unilateral move like that.

  5. What is the saying...."getting ahead of your ski's"...

  6. Well why is he calling himself the Arizona State coordinator and the Yavapai County coordinator as well if he is not?And why is he being encouraged to proceed if he hasn't COMPLETED the paperwork only just now starting? What happened here?

    1. I would question those accolades as well. Understanding the intent, unless and until the paperwork is done, those titles may draw the wrong attention and end up like the Colorado 9

  7. I caution everyone as to who you follow on line

  8. if this is true the actual constitution of the country is a tri-lateral international trust treaty and service agreement is a public covenant of guarantees owned to and by the sovereign states operating in international jurisdiction. the Head of State violate there guaranteed, there states are still private so Head is in violation and we settled chapter seven bankruptcy about two years ago this is the Head of State job. Inter- American Treaty of Reciprocal assistance Department of International Law (OAS) American State propose, in order to improve the procedures for the pacific settlement of their controversises, to conclude the treaty concerning the Inter-American Peace system of the Act of Chapultepec. High Contracting Parties same enforce as stated in the E.U. Treaty K.3 of High Contracting Parties Assembly think now who has the power in this countries the Vatican church during 1300, now 21st century it's Ethiopian Orthodox church of Emperor Haile Selassie, I- We told the world in 1936 in league of Nations in our lauguage it was us today and it's be you tomorrow don't play with the almighty God this is Ethiopia time tomorrow is now, Orthodox is still holding the Pope know first Pope in Rome was Black, this is the almighty God Kingdom so everyone obey or suffer, from the almighty obey or,!!!!! We love the world and America but enough is enough Almighty is in everything with life he control that vessel don't played with the Orthodox, give us our fare reward and the peoples shall rises with the almighty God. To many year America has been playing with there family Vatican and England now you has collapse now it's the Orthodox time let them have there time Empire of Ethiopia we run the world for all the peoples Selassie set his church and state up to work for the peoples of the world. Ethiopia Interpol coming in the world Government Selassie God chosen one for the peoples then the world would have peace as Selassie spoke in the United Nations in 1945, you peoples like to hide, almighty said no, I control these peoples on this earth i'm in every last one they do what i want them to do or Psalm 6, for the lord knoweth the, way of the righteous, but the ungodly shall perish. So let all work together of restoring America and Ethiopia then rest of the world shall fall in place they are watching us, and we playing with the almighty God Almighty is with the righteous and shall protect them to the most of most, let us wake up our babies are suffering while we playing these stupid games when we know better we all grown adult living in the eyes of the almighty its no more 1936 mustard gas, we never forget but we give love to the world everyone must obey the almighty in control and the belligerent and the insurgent going down everyday and the almighty is rising, Orthodox not going to stop ringing these bell, Ethiopia/Cush will stretch out her hand to the almighty god the upper Nile region of Ethiopia. You God are awesome in your sanctuary, the god of Israel give power and strength to his peoples, Envoys will come from Egypt, Cush/Ethiopia will submit herself to God. Can we just put or personnel different and just remove these bellerent Insuregent from our Country Now.


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