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Monday, September 23, 2019

Diabolical Thinking

By Anna Von Reitz

Satan rules the world, they say.  The Bible makes it clear that at the time of Jesus, he was already ruling the world.   He doesn't rule the Earth--- just the world.  So what is the world?

The world is all the mental constructs and associated behavior that takes place. It's the things that don't actually exist, like corporations, foundations, trusts, cooperatives, LLC's, pension funds, fraternities, etc., which are just built of ideas and labels and names, agreements, and "business structures", patents and copyrights and trademarks, generally accepted accounting procedures, banking and securities laws, treaties, doctrines, dogmas, accords, conventions, conferences, and so on.

Now that you are squarely looking at it, does it disturb you to know that Satan's Kingdom is built of nothing but words and ideas?

And does this now explain the need to examine your thinking?

Thoughts are built of words.  Emotions are built of thoughts.  Emotions and thoughts together build actions.  Actions build the world.

But how can you build rightly, if any of the precursors are faulty? 

If you use the wrong words, or the words can be interpreted in various ways, your thoughts can go sideways. 

If your thoughts are not built on a solid understanding, your emotions have nothing to rely on and can easily be completely inappropriate.

And with wrong thinking (wrong assumptions) and wrong emotions resulting from wrong thinking, it is all but inevitable that you will take wrong actions, too.

We recently had an example of that in our own family.  My two daughters-in-law got into a horrible cat fight over a complete misunderstanding.  One said something and the other "took it wrong".  This happens all the time, and we all know that it happens, but once equilibrium is restored, we don't take time to examine this phenomenon. 

We don't care enough about how it happens, to examine it, so we never catch on to how this same process is utilized by Satan. 

The foundation of Satan's kingdom is diabolical thinking which is based on the equally diabolic misuse of words. 

Deceitful words and ideas are part of the rebellion against the True God, who is the personification and embodiment of Truth. 

In the beginning, was the Word....  and in the beginning, each word had a specific function and meaning, there was one language, and everyone knew precisely what every communication meant. 

But something happened in Babylon.... words began to take on a life of their own, the meanings of words began to change and shift, and the content of thoughts sparked by words also began to change and shift and become uncertain.  This, then, affected emotions and actions, too. 

More kinds of words were added to language and these "modifiers" --- adjectives and adverbs -- layered on more layers of possible, but increasingly uncertain meaning. 

What appears red to me, may appear green to you. 

What is "up" with relationship to me, may be "down" with relationship to you.

So the effort to make our language more precise and meaningful at the same time caused it to be more debate-able.  This is where lawyers have their stock and trade, sorting through the misunderstandings and deceits and double-entendres that lurk in business and social agreements of all kinds. 

When a bank advertises "home loans" are they offering to loan you money to build a home, or are they soliciting to borrow your home as an asset for their use? 

When you realize that the common mortgage process consists of: (1) you paying for the house; (2) conveying your own property into a trust; (3) giving the bank control of that trust; (4) which they then abuse for their own advantages.... it becomes clear that "home loans" doesn't mean what you were led to suppose. 

The phrase was used as a "term of art" --- it took on a special meaning, quite different than any common use, and nobody told you.  This is Satan's Kingdom at work.   You were misled to interpret "home loans" as an offer to loan you money for a home, when in fact, it is a solicitation for you to loan your home to the bank.  The exact opposite.

The same thing happened when a group of people calling themselves the United States [Territorial] Congress "forgot" to tell you that they were acting in a "Territorial Capacity" and changed the meaning of the word "person" to mean "corporation" without telling you. 

Double score!  Two deceits for the price of one! 

First, you were misled to think that they were operating as our State Delegates, and then, whenever they said "person" it suddenly meant "corporation".   

And again, the new meaning is exactly the opposite of the old meaning.

"Person" used to refer to you acting in your Lawful Capacity as a tradesmen or merchant or businessman of some kind, but this group of men suddenly upended that meaning of the word, and from then on, when they said "person" it meant "corporation". 

Thus, when you see the words "personal bank account" you naturally continue to think of it as your own private property, your bank account, but when these Masters of Deception say or write the same exact words, it translates as "corporate bank account". 

What corporation? 

Well, they provided for that, too, by stealing your identity and unlawfully converting your Trade Name (also known as a Given Name) into the name of a corporation franchise conveniently owned and operated by them.

We are seeing this in the whole debate about "global warming", too.  There's no scientific basis to think that carbon dioxide caused by human activity (or cow farts) is causing changes to the climate. 

This deceit, this wrong idea, has gained ground-- and now we have hysterical women standing on street corners shouting like Hellfire Preachers, telling innocent people that if they don't stop using fossil fuels "the Earth will die in eleven years!" 

This is like the hysteria caused by the publication of "The Population Bomb". This book claimed to "prove mathematically" that population growth would "kill" the world by the late 1980's if we didn't all reduce ourselves to eating dirt right now. 

The 1980's came and went and only the abject True Believers (who were not mathematicians or they wouldn't have bought this crappola in the first place) continue to buy the ugly fantasy of the "mathematically certain" destruction of the planet because we are having babies.

Neutering yourself for the cause proved less popular than boycotting oil products, thank the True God.

A more "sophisticated" man or woman (not a compliment) can easily see that: (1) both these hysteria responses were promoted by false information causing wrong ideas which caused wrong emotions and wrong actions; (2) this progression of errors is being used to promote political and economic agendas designed to control and tax people. 

Nothing more.  Satan's Kingdom at work.  Get the rubes to cling to their own chains.  Get them to believe a false narrative that lets us tax and regulate them more, with their own agreement and consent. 

This is what I call "diabolical thinking"---- and it is the actual means by which "Satan" ---or at least his Devotees--- use to lie their way to success. 

It's up to the rest of us to become such critical thinkers, such skeptics, and so true-hearted, that we are bullet-proof against this. 

Many people were startled by my statement exposing Barack Obama as a British Corporate Jock, not a Communist at all.  How could I deduce that?

It's simple.  These people always pretend to be their own target. 

This deflects attention away from what they are actually doing, causes others to have false assumptions about them and their motivations, allows them to blame their own bad behavior on their enemies, and, last, but not least, their agent gets to infiltrate the social group they are targeting.

So if Barack Obama pretends to be a pro-black, liberal, Communist, you can be sure that he is an elitist, racist, British Agent --- the exact opposite of what he pretends to be. 

This is how these people think and how they operate.  Black is white and white is black, the common man is an elitist, the progressive is a Luddite, a person is a corporation, and a "home loan" involves you loaning your home (and credit) to a bank for the bank's profit, entirely and wholly at your expense.

At every step, you are deliberately misled and your thinking, emotions, and actions are manipulated-- by deceitful use of words and phrases, by deliberately promoted false ideas and false assumptions, and then it is all kicked into action.  

It's like using electrical shocks on a mouse in a maze to "induce" the behavior you want from the mouse.

Want a war in Iraq?  Produce some false evidence, spread a bunch of lies using the lapdog media, promote wrong ideas and assumptions, get people all pumped up, and they will reliably take whatever wrong action you want them to take. 

In such a manipulated and manipulative environment, free thinking and logical deduction are even being discouraged in the scientific community. Facts and truth might interfere with self-interested commercial and political  agendas.

This is why you must examine not only your own logic circuits, but learn how these people use verbal deceit to promote wrong actions that benefit them.

The Pilgrim Fathers called attorneys "Masters of Deceit", because they make their livings alternately promoting and unraveling exactly these kinds of  deceits--- but it's not just attorneys steeped in this crappola.  Increasingly, the corporations posing as legitimate governments--- that got into their position by deceit, are using more deceit to stay in power.

This is why ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden spoke so glowingly about "Post-Truth America".   He wasn't, as many people assumed, indicating any future event in which the actual Truth would be told to the American Populace.  He was talking about a world completely built on lies, ruled by exactly these kinds of deceits and manipulations.  He was gloating about it.  He thinks its a good thing, because it allows him and people like him, to rule over good people.

It allows him and those like him to murder, steal, corrupt, use and abuse good people, and they think we are too stupid to catch on, ever, because generations of Americans have trusted what they thought of as their government and never figured out that they have been the victims of a hostile corporate take-over, and all but overcome, by these banal deceits.

But, Satan lost the bet a long time ago.  His Kingdom is forfeit.  And we are here to collect.  Be of good cheer.  One candle lights a lot of darkness, and the Truth is a sword. 


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  1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 5:07 PM

    "...does it disturb you to know that Satan's Kingdom is built of nothing but words and ideas?"

    He's a copy-cat.
    He's just copying creator and trying to be mistaken for creator, the same as it is hoped that we will mistake Fictional Persons for us people.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 5:29 PM

      It DOES greatly disturb me that we weren't told about it and that it was used to abuse and rob us and our families and to carry out all the other abominations and atrocities though.

      The whole point is that we were to have freewill. A choice.
      Just like with any "agreement", if you are not told what you are agreeing to, then no agreement was ever formed, for how can a man/wo agree to that which they don't know is offered?
      They can't. There IS no agreement.

      There must be a CLEAR offer and acceptance, and much more for any agreement to be valid, lawful, and enforceable.
      And so it is and was and shall remain.

    2. goodboots, exactly ! There never was any agreement between me and them, an it is foolish of them to think they can just go 'round making this stuff up, using us to play around with like that.

      I think they thought we would never find out about it, but now that so many have, I wonder what they think they can do, lol.
      (my guess is, they come up with a way to get rid of us, IMO)

  2. Deceit, is therefore a game!Just when your about to find it out....The deceiver throws another "Deceit" to keep ahead of you finding out the first one...and just about when you are about to find out the second one BANG another "Deceit. Somewhere along you "Realise" the first one and now your playing "catchup".....So one has a long way to "catch up". But this game has an end and the PLAYER and there is only ONE player, (because your not playing! your being played!) Well Then the "game" ends, and a new "game" begins! and we forget where we were and start playing the next game! of "Snakes and ladders". It's time to play Chess friends and WE are the WHITE players and white players all-ways move first. Black players always wait and follow.So start "Making moves" that they cant follow to win YOUR game.Do not move unless your making a winning move! It takes TIME to play the game. Pawns first and then the more serious "pieces". THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW YOUR PLAY. Here there is now TWO "Players". In this game you are the winner, Simply because you are now playing. YOUR GAME. When you win this one start another immediately. White moves first (YOU) They always follow. This game has immovable rules. Colm. Namast

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 6:55 PM

      This is absolutely great.

      I have my ideas about how to apply this but hope you will develop this concept further and give examples maybe of how you've done this or seen other people apply it.
      It takes confidence and planning and knowing who you are to do what you said. Would you want to share where such confidence comes from for you? How *you* start this process?

    2. Dear Goodboots: I have a name. this allegory is based on higher mathematics (The Music of the Spheres) it is not "explained" it is perceived.It is already "The idea". It is not a "conceptual idea" Nor does it require Anything "further" from me. Nor is it a thesis for me to expound on but rather just a thought. My confidence comes from understanding. I don't "Start the process" I live it. oooh sorry...... I just ran out of ink! Colm.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 2:48 PM

      I take that kind of jibbering instead of an answer to mean you can't reply because even you don't know what you are talking about. :)

      Lol :) Okay!
      Just asking :):):):):) .

  3. Anna, here once again you make it up as you go along. And so now your try to portray yourself as a psychiatrist as if you know what makes everybody and everything tick,lol.
    This Article sounds like you must have had a silly dream last night, like suddenly this world is just ''things that dont really exist''. Now I have heard it all.

    And so I will prefer to go to what the Creator says, which is stated in John know, that verse everybody likes to take out of context, but which tells us what the World is........

    ''for God so loved the WORLD that he gave his only begotten son.......FOR Believers..........''

    Looks to me like that verse is telling us that the World is a PLACE - - not that list of 'things that dont exist'.

    1. Look at what Jesus came to save--both the Earth and the world.

    2. >> 'for God so loved the WORLD that he gave his only begotten son.......FOR Believers..........''

      That is only the theory. We don't know it to be true 100%. 55-60% maybe true, but the bibles are full of human emotional collections, static thinking's. Even Jesus contradicted himself saying "Prophecies will fail".


      Shin Lim, is a Canadian-American magician of Han Chinese heritage, recognized as world best Magic performer.

      He and Jesus have the same or similar sign at Scorpio Heart Conjunction, meaning at Anteres Max-Power-point.
      Top Scorpio has the power to show miracles or magic.

      Anteres star is a Scorpio heart, Jesus has a Conjunction with this Star. This explains why Jesus can perform miracles at age 26 - 32 well, at the moment Saturn and Uranus came to Triangle with Jesus Anteres. That's why he performed Miracles successfully. These energies are not permanent power, BTW.

      Well, if you dislike the knowledge given to me from Heaven, then it is not my fault. I only share with you what was given to me. The Holy Ghost is my God, and is always honest and truthful in everything. He is the ONE who binds the forces of Thinking's in our DNA, to make us go through lives with difficulty and ease.

    3. Pink, nonsense, pure nonsense. I guarantee you did not get ANY of that 'knowledge' from anywhere even near Heaven. And you cannot do a horoscope for Jesus because you have NO idea of when he was born as a Man.
      Neither is Jesus a magician and you cannot make a silly attempt to tie him together with some AMG magician who is a mere human being like Shin. (I honestly think demons are Shin's assistants)

    4. dear abby: to me, that line is a very good example why sola scriptura/protestantism doesn't work.

      now, what does the catholic latin vulgate say?

      i suspect the satanists love that verse.

      because "the lord" elias is the true god, and the jewish jesus is just his son/representative.

      satanic jewish sorceror elias loves us so much, he sent his son to "save" us.

      only with pagan lord gods fighting for domination against eachother, could a dove/peacemaker emerge.

      thus, evil is good, leads to good, leads to everyone being humbled and awed.

      "lord god" of genesis is elias, deus dominus.

      a satanic dominatrix. wants to tie you up and whip you. beat the devil out of you. until you bow down to him instead of christ.

      "god is love" also a favorite of the elias worshippers. if you don't love satan you are being "hateful"

      of course, this "god is love" character is not christ, but rather "lord god" deus dominus, jewish elias.

      to satanists, all religions are created equal. all are owed respect and reverence.

      if you don't respect satanists, then they feel you are "owed" like for like, eye for an eye.

      so they quote jesus and bible stuff, but don't follow it themselves. it is only for YOU to follow. they are above it all. dominus.

      to them, jesus is simply a method whereby "lord god" elias gets to dominate and remain in power again.

      you owe "the father" for sending his son, you see.

      christ upset their plans, so we must all pay. you get to choose either "peace" and bow down to satan, or "war" (christ is god)

      note this is opposite of catholicism: pray to our lady so holy ghost can find a suitable place to enter.

      with lord god elias, he will whip you until the holy spirit (2nd coming) enters you, and you put "the father" above christ.

      you are supposed to be "tolerant" of all religions (aka reject christ) until luciferianism enters your soul.

      then, "lord god" elias claims he has "saved" you.

    5. the satanist view is that verse means we all still owe "the father" very much for sending HIS son.

      otherwise, you are hurting satan's feelings. why must you keep "punishing" him? let him enter your soul. be KIND, REWIND.

      thus, christ's sacrifice is no longer any good. we are supposed to love "the lord" (aka lord god jewish sorceror elias) with all our heart and soul etc.

      maybe if he is nice and we reject christ enough, then he will send his and/or another one of his "sons" again to come "save" us all again.

      deus dominus.

    6. also, if you reject satan, you are told to "get a grip"

      this is a fancy way of saying, if you don't understand, then you are supposed to sell your soul to freemasonry.

      maybe if you pull out your "fat wallet" enough they will explain "the father" to you.

      to satanists, we are all brothers. because we all worship the same father.

      christ/holy ghost/our lady is all quite irrelevant in this scheme of things.

      all that matters is "the father" aka "lord god" jewish sorceror elias, deus dominus.

      we are all brothers, so just give me your wrist, let me squeeze some metaphorical nails into you so you can be "born again" on the pagan side.

      note, again, complete opposite of catholicism. that is all masonry really is.

      instead of humbling yourself before our lady, so that holy ghost finds a suitable place to enter, and you receieve the christ spirit.....just worship "the father" of all domination, deus dominus, instead.

    7. it should also be noted, the "us military" (united nations traitors) loves this "lord god" elias guy and freemasonry.

      should not surprise anyone.

      and they don't accept anna's claim to rule the land jurisdiction under genesis: they claim it is all their land. you "owe" them and you owe jewish sorceror lord god elias for protecting it for all the federal citizens.

      vested people are "owed social security without any presumptions"? LOL. we all owe lord god elias for "saving" everything for us.

      what did he save? absolutely nothing, just stole our credit.

      "lord god" elias, deus dominus, rejects all of anna's paperwork. HE wants to be on top.

      i find it quite hilarious. battle of 2 satanic "father" entities for land jurisdiction.

      will anna's "father in heaven" win, or will the masonic "father"? STAY TUNED.

      looks to me catholics should sit this one out. our lady seems the only way out, while the pagan "father" entities are busy duking it out.

      QUOTE anna and others: we should all grab some popcorn I guess.

      QUOTE "judge" cavanuagh: what goes around comes around.

    8. the way "illuminism" works is they try to merge all religions together. the final boss is a conglomeration of "magic", an imposter "our lady" with her imposter son, etc.

      this is "nature's law" "natural law" you see. all religions are fakes. satan is the true god. so all religions must be judged accordingly for rejecting satan.

      i'll be at my organ.

      4-08 zircon, Sixto Sounds - Demon, Fiend & Goddess (Dancing Mad)

  4. Everyone can learn to move the chess pieces.
    but not everyone, can play.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 23, 2019 at 7:16 PM

      Yes they can.
      Everybody who wants to can play.
      Who says they cannot?

      And by what authority would one man/other tell any other man he can't play his own game; that he just gets to move pieces around?
      That is tantamount to telling a man he can't live his own life.
      That is not what you meant, is it?
      Because all mankind American state nationals have the God -given and unalienable right to play their own game.
      Anyway they want.
      What kind of game are you talking about?

  5. Anna, You have just quoted John 3:16 out of context yourself.
    Colm lol lol

  6. Sorry Anna that reply was for Abbey,So Abbey,You have just quoted John 3:16 out of context yourself.
    Colm lol lol

    1. No Anon, I did not. My point was that God himself tells us that the word WORLD is a place, not what anna tries to tell us ''world' is.

      So what is it you think I took out of context?

    2. Whirl,Whirled, Whorled, WORLD, War.

      Whirl-wind: Prince of the Air affecting interface-Earth.

      Whirl-pool: Poseidon(?) the sea affecting interface-Earth

      Etymology meaning of "War", a great confusion.

      He who sows the wind will reap a whirl-wind.
      He who troubles his own family shall inherit the wind.
      He who flushes the toilet may witness the Earth's Coriolus force direct the the spin of a useful whirl-pool - enjoy the fruits of your creation Poseidon(?)


    3. That is correct. Two different things. Jesus according to the Bible redeemed it all.

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 12:18 AM

      The man in the bible they call jesus did NOT redeem the world.

      Read it for yourselves everyone, It's written in John 17:9:
      "I pray for them.
      I do not pray for the world
      but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours."

      And he did not redeem all MANKIND either as shown above (John 17:9).

      There was a man on either side of him... One man asked to be forgiven and was; the other man didn't acknowledge or speak to jesus and jesus didn't acknowledge or speak to him either.

      If a man has rejects God, if you really don't want him and his presence in your life, he will leave you alone.

      If you do want him, you have to do things his way. Hes the master, not you.
      One has to repent with Godly sorrow.
      That's the way it works:
      No repentance with works showing your change of heart? No forgiveness is assimilable.
      How can he possibly forgive you if you are not sorry?
      He can't.
      That would be him imposing his will over yours. He will not do that. He will not violate your freewill that he gave you.

      And the world isn't allowed to violate it either, without severe, severe consequences, often from you, but always directly from his own hand.

      Get it?!! :)
      See why they can't do anything without our consent?
      Because even our own creator won't do that.
      They can't either.

    5. goodboots Exactly ! There are no scriptures anywhere that even insinuate by any stretch of the imagination, that all is redeemed or or ever will be redeemed.

      Good scriptural references you quoted there. Even Jesus uses the world word, and says he doesnt even pray for this world, nor all that is in it, nor all people in it.

      And as John 3:16 THROUGH 21 tells us......God gave his son for 'whosoever Believeth'.........not everyone believeth, and so for those unbelievers, they get no benefit at all, as is stated on down in verses 20 and 21. Far too many peeps just try to take v.16 ......which does not tell the whole story just by itself.

      Taking v.16 by itself is taking it out of context; true context can only be obtained by reading the entire story there. Then we find that God is saying ......''he loved the world FOR THOSE who became/would become true Believers, out of the whole world....and the rest of it is 'just gonna fall thru the sifter'.

    6. Abby...that's not fair to use Jonn 3:16 without all of the rest of them which I won't post but one. (Paraphrased, go read it) Jesus prayed for his disciples when he prayed to the father "I am no longer in the world as these are no longer in the world but I thank you father that these are no longer in the world, but Fatber ,I pray that you take them not out of the world but that you keep them from the evil. There's apparrantly an evil sector in the world & a heavenly one.or there are 2 worlds, which is it? I believe you can leave one & go to the othe., & keep in mind , Jesus was standing right there on the earth saying he was no longer in the world. So where was he? In heaven right here on earth. Lord's prayer "thy kingdom IS COME, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."The presence of Christ is heaven, where Christ dwells. If he dwells in you, you are heaven. He made a new heaven & a new earth for the old is passed away. Something to chew on.

    7. Karen, your time frame is out of sinc in much of your statement, some word mistakes, and a general misunderstanding:

      Firstly, I dont see what scriptures you are referring to, as they do not appear in Jesus' speech there from John 3:16 on to v. 21.

      I dont know of any scripture where Jesus said he was no longer in the world. The scripture I know of states ''for we (the believers) are no long OF the world; we are still IN the world but no longer OF this world'.

      There was no going back and forth from heaven to earth, and earth to heaven. I dont know where you got that idea from, or what time fram you are even referring to there. ? You may choose to believe that, but it is not scripturally correct.

      All red letters in the bible are the words of Jesus as he spoke them here on earth, not from anywhere else.

      The Lord's Prayer you also have misquoted. It does not say thy kingdom is states ''they kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven''. That has not yet happened, and it should be obvious that His Will is not being done on Earth just like it is in Heaven.

      No,the presence of Christ is not heaven. His presence can be anywhere at any time he chooses. And there is not one person on this earth that ''is heaven'. Whoever told you that, you need to go back to them and make them show you proof of that, back up their statements.......they cant because it is not to be found in any truthful scripture.

      Additionally, No he has not yet made any new heaven or a new earth as this one we are now on is still here, and will remain here for at least another 1000 years. It is only After that 1000 year Millennium of his reign here on earth as king of kings in his theocracy, that he will then move on to a new earth and a new heaven, and this one will be done away with at that time. That is a very long way off.

      There is definitely an evil sector of this world along with a small Godly side, but it is all lumped together for now; all one and the same place.

      Karen, thank you for joining in the conversation; you are just a little off on your Time Frame and the Order of things.

  7. Picture me, abby, as an observer sitting in the bleachers watching a ball game between two opponents, each trying to beat one another. They're both so sure they are going to win; abby's eyes just go left,right, left, right, unrattled and slowing munching on a hot dog (with mustard) on a nice warmed bun. Sits among all the nail biters,cheering for their home team as if their life will come to an end if they dont win.

    Even with all the supportive cheering, their star QB gets sacked and now its 3rd and 15; abby takes another bite of the dog and thinks ''go long, go long'.

    Thats whats wrong with all this wrangling, always trying to come up with some solution and still at 3rd and 15, always getting sacked, over and over again.

    Looks to me like its ''time to go long'. Instead of passing along new finds of info, new ideas, sorting thru the trash, whats true, whats not......and the idea of waking 7 billion people up, then trying to convince them of what is really going on WHILE they each listen to all the Major propaganda machines spinning worthless garbage........which is why nothing ever progresses.......

    I gotta wonder why so many people waste their time protesting silly stuff like climate change LOL ........instead of protesting against the Propaganda Machines which is what I think is at the Root Cause of why y'all cant get thru to anybody.

    In a nutshell, people should stop wasting their time on ''all these plays that just get ya sacked all the time''.........and instead Go Long Demanding a News Station that will tell real Truth, and protest all those that we have, all of which are keeping Truth from being told to the Masses in one fell swoop.

    Why keep doing what doesnt work? And perhaps protest the FCC guy that Trump appointed, forcing him to take action against all these propaganda machines called Media - - which is supposed to be a public service - to inform the people of whats going on ! And Demand that he allow some patriot time money bags to be Licensed to air real Truth.

    Without the freedom of Truth to be Aired unhindered, yer just doing things the hard way, will never reach the goal post and forget making any touchdowns; you wont even get close enough to kick for the extra points.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 12:32 AM

      "perhaps protest the FCC guy that Trump appointed, forcing him to take action against all these propaganda machines called Media - - which is supposed to be a public service - to inform the people of whats going on ! And Demand that he allow some patriot time money bags to be Licensed to air real Truth.
      Without the freedom of Truth to be Aired unhindered,"

      Now THERE is a well-thought- through and very practical suggestion for something that most of us could actually do.
      Great idea!

      The people can do it!
      We have the answers... Why do you think they are trying so hard and spending trying to keep us apart, causing dissention and trying to intimidate and silence us?!

    2. goodboots, and I forgot to add that the Protest of the FCC guy should be for him to yank the Licenses of all the ''tell lie vision' stations - - as Shelby calls them - - for their treasonous propaganda !

      When Tman appointed him, I thought something would be done with the News Media.......but now its been over 3 yrs. and we see nothing at all. Dont ya just have to scratch your head at a country that lets this stuff go on endlessly, and not a whimper out of anyone, and especially the prez??

      These major news media tycoons are the root of The Problem since Information is a basic foundation of just about everything else !

      And so I must assume since a blind eye is turned from it, signaling that it is approved of........then it becomes obvious to me that ''they'' want us totally misinformed, do not want Truth abounding about result in Destruction.

      At the same time ''they' take up copious hours discussing problems and IF they really want solutions, LOL.

      Bottom line.........nothing can get fixed among a heap of lies upon lies.

    3. I found this article to be one of the more interesting and informative that I have read lately. I like the statement that God is the personification of Truth. I think that God was intended to be by some of the writers or scribes of the Bible to be the personification of all that is positive, in contrast to that which is negative, philosophically, not mathematically. No one that I know of has ever been able to define God, but some have the audacity to claim that they were made in God's image. More likely God has been made in man's image of what they hoped they could be in a perfect Earth/World.

      Abby's sporting analogy is an interesting one and I have also wondered why there has not been an ardent Patriot News Network to counter the Fake Media, and one might respond that there is one, but it is more of a dispersed bunch of small nets than a cooperative, consolidated net of Truth for the Patriots. It would be interesting to see how it would play out, though to level the playing field, so to speak, perhaps the head of the FCC might have to be injected with a Truth serum daily or hourly, or just refuse to keep him on anyone's payroll. But one could expect to be vigorously attacked whenever the Patriots actually spoke the Truth, which should be continually... or they should also step aside for new blood, to keep on track. Keeping with their Modus Operandi, however, they would more likely infiltrate than to attack frontally.

      Without the knowledge to prove it, I have suspected that religion, over the centuries and millennia, has not been exempt from revision as possible by the vipers to keep the people confused and divided. For example, how about the advisory to Love one' enemy; that only makes good sense for one's enemy, if he or she is truly your determined enemy! Or that Jesus died for peoples' sins; He probably died because of their sins in their failure to prevent his crucifixion. The one espoused most prominently today is sufficient to create a mass of people with inbred guilt complexes. Sad to say, but true, that a great many more people grow up through their formative years getting indoctrinated with religion before they have the ability for critical thinking, than those who are taught any of the philosophic wisdom of man. And, in fact there is a Biblical passage something to the effect that the Wisdom of Man is as Filthy Rags compared to the wisdom of God. That should be enough to keep people from learning anything of value from their predecessors!

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 1:19 PM

      "... how about the advisory to Love one' enemy; that only makes good sense for one's enemy,..."

      People have to search things out for themselves to get the truth and this is a perfect example.

      Using Strongs Concordance:
      What we've been taught about this verse's usage of love is a misinterpretation or disinformation.
      It only means: to do "rightly" or "righteously".

      We are to treat all mankind with uprightness from our side of things.
      We'll all be held to account for such violations and damage caused by us treating people otherwise.

    5. rational rebel, indeed christianity has been tainted by certain folks who had a deliberate agenda to do so, as they follow their ''daddy, satan' who is the Father of Lies and Deceit.

      And so over the past decades 'they' have periodically come out with new bible of their own making, changing wording, watering it down, softening it to please people, and most of all, to try to create the very confusion that we see today.

      This is why I periodically bring forth the real wording, ungarnished. And since we have so many newer generations who have been brought up with the ''kinder gentler, garbage'' .....called why so many think that I am full of hot air, LOL.
      But actually I am sticking with the same old KJV bible that has not been ''polished up'.

      Oh yeah, it gets me lots of rotten eggs thrown my way, but I long ago arrived at the place where I think nothing of it, not bothered by it, because I know they have been listening to their apostate pastors in their apostate churches full of the watered down stuff that will fill their Collection Plates.

      The bible is ''all positive' in the sense that it tells of how in the end He is going to get rid of all the troublemakers, liars, deceivers, and all other such rebellious truth haters (because they contribute no Good to anything and would be out of step with Truth and Righteousness, etc) - -
      So that may sound negative, but I view it as positive because it is always good to get rid of trash and garbage so we can finally ''set the table with all that is Good and untainted''.

      IMO, the main problem with what is referred to today as 'religion, is that most people get their opinions and ideas about it from just listening to every rumor that comes by their ears......instead of going and studying for themselves (which is what I have done, and from where I get my information ) - - and learning it from where we are supposed to learn it........from the Author Himself.

      Even at that, I do not propose to know all 66 books; I only propose to know what I NEED to know, and am very focused on getting it right - - since I know I am held responsible for what I say and what I ''teach'' to others.

      As you stated.........why get bible teaching from people who only have their own opinions, gleaned from their own likes and dislikes and wrongs which they too got from listening to others, all unlearned and with no backup proof of what they are 'teaching'.

      THAT is what is meant by 'the wisdom of man is about as worthwhile as filthy rags'' compared to the wisdom of the Master which is what we are to strive for. If everyone would do that, there would be little to no arguments and disagreements about christianity.....because we would all be learning from the same ''text book'' instead of so many learning from the tainted wisdom of other men/women.

      About guilt: preaching of the truth is intended to bring guilt upon the guilty sinners, to cause them to want to repent and turn from their sinful ways. And so then the Lord washes them clean and guilt goes bye bye.

      But what is happening in these past decades, 'churches' have replaced all that with their ''feel good stuff'' that is of NO benefit whatsoever to anybody and THAT is what is called Apostasy.
      They have gone so far away from real Truth, that they have NO value at all. (thats why nothing ever changes for them; they come out and left in the same place as when they went in; empty and let down. Then they rinse and repeat week after week, riding on the same ole go nowhere merry go round.)

    6. I was getting too long there, so I continue here with what Love your enemy means to the christian. Love is Truth, and Truth is Love. Just as lying to people is not love at all, for it is deceptive.

      So our responsibility to anyone is to tell them the Truth, and especially to tell them the Truth of the Word.....even when we suspect they are not gonna like it. The Lord never say 'check and see if they are gonna like it before you speak it'. Our only job is to tell them the Truth; the rest is not our job, what they do with it, or what becomes of it after that. Who knows, maybe much later on they will recall it, but thats not our business.

      God has never intended that we be emotionally loving our enemies. In fact in 2 Tim 3 starting in v.1 we are warned about these perilous times that we are now in. Perilous means dangerous.
      And so we find a list of 18 different kinds of dangerous people in our midst, and are admonished to..........''from such TURN AWAY'.
      (because they will just cause us a whole lot of trouble and be dangerous to us)

      This is where we are to use godly wisdom, not open ourselves up to becoming a victim of their nefarious antics.

  8. The problem with you, Abby, is that you air your opinions and fall short on the critical thinking skills.

    1. Anna, still trying to snow me? Wont work. These opinions of mine ARE my critical thinking; that much is obvious, yet you try again to twist words.
      You do the same with 'world and earth' when in fact they are one and the same. And no He hasnt redeemed anything yet, but when he does it will be very very little - - far from ''redeeming it all''.

      What you call ''critical thinking' is you're taking what is really a rather simple thing, and dissecting it like a frog in some biology class........when actually nobody gives a damn whats inside frogs, LOL.

      Your real problem with me is that you cant quite get your 'far out stuff' past me. Maybe you could try some good ole logic and perhaps get your feet back on the terra firma; commonly known as Reality. Hmmm?

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 12:36 AM

      "no He hasnt redeemed anything yet, but when he does it will be very very little - - far from ''redeeming it all''.

      A "remnant" is all.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 12:50 AM

      In the same *manner* that a CONTRACT cannot be formed with you unless you know what it says and agree, FORGIVENESS cannot take place unless you know that you need it and ask.

    4. very good! yes another way of saying it would be "not playing with the full deck of cards". in this regrade.

    5. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 2:41 PM

      Exactly what Abby and increasing more and more commenters keep noticing and pointing out: that there are a couple (or more) of "cards" habitually missing, so-to-speak, in "avr's" "deck" of info in (some of) these articles!

    6. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 3:34 PM

      "in this regrade."

      *Grading*, being the assignment of things to a specific degree or level in accord with their characterustics;
      And, *RE*-grading being the movement of the "thing" from its present level to a higher or lower level or degree;
      I cannot fathom how this word "regrade" had any bearing at all concerning the affirmation of one's true and natural "political status".... that is the main topic of discussion on this blog.

      So, since you could be bringing fresh insight and a whole new perspective to our discussions here, in your opinion, just what do you perceive (your referenced) 'this' regrade to be?

      And, IYO, do you perceive that the thing you believe is being regraded here, is being regraded upward or downward?

      And why?

      Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful and substantive answer to this most interesting possible new perspective you believe you may have.
      I am certainly looking forward to reading your answer.

  9. Anna, Abby wake-up call is valid. Bc I don't see why we should the whole country follow your tedious paperwork processes that don't work. Somebody else also suggested the same thing a year ago, to have Anna do a 1-shot deal for all. People are urging you to think outside the box. Why making the Crooks rich by when they raise their filing fees at rocket speed?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. "Yard by yard life is hard, or "1-shot deal for all."

      "inch by inch life's a cinch, or physics of levers, hydraulics?

      Archimedes may have said, "Give me a long enough lever and I can move the world."

      Jesus Christ may have said, "those who are not with me scatter."

  11. Attributed to George W. Cecil:

    "On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of decision, sat down to wait, and waiting died"


    "On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions, who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and waiting--died!" -- George W. Cecil

    submitted for your kind perusal or dismissal

  12. Anyone know what a Masons Legislative Manual is?

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 1:35 PM

      Nobody ever answers "yes".

      Other than the obvious, what is it?
      Do tell.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 3:52 PM

      Now I know, it is legislatures' equivalent to "Roberts Rules of Order".

  13. Abby, goodboots et al, Glad to see you 3+ are in agreement. You guys remind me of GWB - 911, he likes to use the word "THE WORLD" for his own agenda. They failed the Insurance Investigation. The Insurers will not pay for their FRAUD. Now we know Fraudsters will NOT fight each other, they only fight with someone they perceive as Stupid. Well, we're NOT so stupid as they think. We developed the core OS, Internet networks, etc.. at deep coding. What makes them think we are any way?

    Like I said, I have checked at least 1000+ famous people to see what they have in common. They all have Scorpio energies in them. That is sign of Pluto+ (25% negative) or Pluto-(75% negative), or any powerful signs in #8, ruled by Pluto.. Bankers, Politicians, Fake Gov't all have the same Deceptive Power.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 1:32 PM

      Since when is referring to a scripture verse using something for one's own agenda?
      To be blaming other people for intentional dishonesty without cause, you must be admitting to us that you do that yourself.

      If by your comment you meant that I was/am "Telling the truth to the best of my ability", then you are right about me. For once.

      If you meant anything else about me, then you are way off base and sound like you basically don't know what you are yammering about. As usual.

    Romley Stewart in Autrailia challenging the pirates

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 3:47 PM

      Went looking around on internet for present info-- found one thing from about 5 days ago; it wouldn't open.

      Sounds big! What's going on?

    2. The video I attached is from Romley and him approaching a police officer and telling him that he is acting in a commercial contractor and that he was illegally parked
      He even puts up the registration of the car, shows how he is a private contractor etc etc etc
      Romley is from Australia
      All of these 'nations' 'corporations' have been usurped and all of there 'governments' are fraud and operating under the Queen, Vatican and the SEC out of New York
      Romley of course got hold of his certificate of live birth record not the birth certificate
      Basically they have screwed every nation on this planet and usurped all birth certificates
      Anyway hope this helps

  15. Bodhi if you get a chance go check out the video on this channel title magic time
    See also the heading at the top of his page
    Curious as to your thoughts on this

  16. An interesting look at how cgi and tell lie vision are bring used against us

  17. What agenda? I don't have any. I don't waste my time arguing about the the controversial verse or scripture in the bibles. You allow yourself to post many links and freedom of speech, and you won't allow others to have any opinion doodboots? It has been this way always: -- One man's truth is another man' test.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 10:38 PM

      What the hell are you babbling about Pinkham?

      You can say any dam thing you please,... I have rarely ever commented about your comments, except the smartass ones you make about about me.
      And hell no you can't just say anything you want about me. That's not freedom of speech you dam dingdong.
      You are perfectly welcome by me to make respectful comments about my *COMMENTS* as much as you like, and I will try to see your POV and also answer you respectfully back.
      But you when you attack *me* "personally", you can expect me to defend myself. If that isn't suitable to you, keep your yap shut about me personally.

  18. Abby says: >> Pink, nonsense, pure nonsense. I guarantee you did not get ANY of that 'knowledge' from anywhere even near Heaven.

    Of course in your brain world. That has always been the same, on how you viewed Anna. You mislabeled every one or demonize everyone except your own negativity. If you are such a upright why did you end up with broken bones and health problems? Aren't those an indication of your own carelessness Abby?

    I bet the crooks are happy to see you guys are in disharmony,..Heehee..

    1. Oh Pink, I wonder if you will ever acquire any real common sense, or even any real knowledge about anything.

      I dont really owe you any explanation, but I dont recall saying I had broken any bones. What I said is I have been just suddenly found to have several fractured compressed discs. And in case you are really as nosey as Im sure you are, I will add that I have NO idea how they became compressed except to chalk it up to ''old age'.
      So so sorry to disappoint your wild uncontrolled imagination as you sit there in your twisted glee, thinking you gotta fall to get compressed discs.....or that I am careless.

      ''crooks are happy to see us guys in disharmony'?? The one who is in disharmony here is YOU. And so for that, these are my last words I will WASTE on you:

      You just proved your knowledge did not come from anywhere near heaven.

  19. HERE YOU GO PEOPLE, the bible fever you love to entangle yourselves in:

    There’s probably no other book that sparks as much continuing controversy as the Bible. It pits believers against nonbelievers and biblical scholars against themselves. One of the biggest controversies is whether the Bible can be used as a historical document.
    10 Controversies That Could Change How We View The Bible

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerSeptember 24, 2019 at 11:09 PM


      You're the one who is starting arguments about the bible.

      You wrongly said about me:
      "and you won't allow others to have any opinion doodboots?"

      For your information Dink-ham, I don't have time to spend reading all of the comments, and limit myself to spending my time almost exclusively on only the ones that I find helpful.
      Therefore, I could not possibly be *not* allowing other people to comment because I DON'T KNOW WHEN THEY DONT AGREE WITH ME BECAUSE I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

      Is it YOU who are trying to be controlling if you don't agree with what someone is saying, rather than me?
      Are YOU doing what you're accusing me of?

  20. Artemis wrote "Taint' what we know that hurts us so. It's what we know that ain't so"