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Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Restatement for the Confused

By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent that at least in some corners, my message is getting distorted, not being clearly understood---- or being deliberately sabotaged.
We, the American States and People, are not at war.
Technically, we have haven't been at war since 1814.
Get those facts very clearly established in your minds.
1814 not 1914.
And here is the actual structure of the government that is supposed to be functioning and running this country:
The Union of republican states known as The United States, fifty in number, in control of the national soil jurisdiction, populated by people who are all American State Nationals who owe no duty to the government beyond keeping the peace. These are living men and women.
The Federation known as The United States of America, composed of fifty States in control of the international land jurisdiction of this country, populated by People who are American State Citizens who owe their singular allegiance and duty to their State and who run its government. These are people functioning as Lawful Persons.
The Confederation known as the States of America, composed of fifty Federal-level States of States, populated by American Persons. These are people functioning as Legal Persons. This level of our government hasn't been functioning since the 1860's.
Add to the above American institutions, two foreign subcontractors:
The British Territorial Government operating under our name as "the" United States of America, populated by British Territorial "Inhabitants" who are supposed to be here providing us with "essential government services" per Article IV of the separate Constitution governing their activities. These are all foreigners dubbed "United States Citizens". Americans can choose to act as "United States Citizens" and do so when they work for the military. These are all Legal Persons.
The Roman Municipal United States Government operating under our name as "the" United States, comprised of Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents. These are largely former American State Citizens of The United States who operate the "civil" --- not the "civilian" government functions we associate with the Federal Civil Service. Again, these are all Legal Persons dubbed "citizens of the United States" and while they continue in Federal Civil Service employment, they remain in this capacity.
Okay? Got that much firmly fixed in your brains?
The American part of the Federal Government hasn't functioned since the 1860's.
All the "federal" functions were taken over by the British Territorial Government operating "as" --- "the" United States of America -- on an "emergency" basis as of 1868.
[Our country has been run as a British Territorial Military Protectorate from 1868 to 1976, when the Perpetrators of this situation handed the Protectorate over to the United Nations.]
At the conclusion of the "American Civil War" which was in fact not a war, but a mercenary conflict like Vietnam, this Interloper published a new "constitution" for itself modeled on and very similar to the actual Territorial Constitution. This Scottish-chartered Commercial Corporation rapidly adopted a number of "Amendments" to this fake Constitution (their "Amendments" were in fact corporate By-Laws) including the infamous Fourteenth Amendment.
The Fourteenth Amendment declared all "citizens of the United States" to be criminals, and subjected them to slavery, because the Pope sided with the South in the so-called Civil War, and the Brits wanted to collect war reparations from the Federal Civil Service workers.
This cold commercial mercenary "war" between these two groups of foreign governmental services contractors has been ongoing ever since, even though the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt in 1907 and whatever slim legitimacy its "Constitution" --- including any "Amendments" --- had, vanished with it.
Our actual States, the members of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, were never involved in any Civil War.
We can be sure of this because:
1. Our States are not "Civil" entities.
2. No war was ever declared by our Congress.
3. Lincoln bankrupted the Northern [Confederation] States [of States] in 1863; but, our Sovereign States are not eligible for bankruptcy, therefore, we can be sure that none of these actions involved our States.
4. No official Peace Treaty ever ended anything called the "American Civil War".
The "American Civil War" was a vicious mercenary conflict between Federal Service Providers --- the American Federal Service Providers were destroyed or disabled, and their duties were usurped by the foreign-backed government employees.
These two remaining groups of foreign-backed Federal Employees, have been conducting a cold mercenary war on our shores ever since, with the British (now United Nations) controlled entity being used to promote wars for profit, and the Municipal "Civil" entity being used to collect "war reparations" for their activities.
To make this work for the benefit of the Perpetrators, a complex and now-mechanized constructive fraud scheme has been used to kidnap Americans and mis-characterize them as Federal Citizens--- both "United States Citizens" and "citizens of the United States". Basically, we have been illegally and immorally press-ganged as babies in our cradles.
The point is that these are our Employees doing this to us, and their Managers, the Pope and the Queen owe us Due Diligence under both Treaty and Commercial Contract to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. Period. At all. They are both in Gross Breach of Trust.
The collapse of the Confederation of the Federal States of States had nothing to do with us, beyond the fact that we should have been alerted immediately and assisted to reorganize new business entities to perform the duties assigned.
Instead, the Brits secretively substituted their own franchises --- substituting their Territorial States of States for our Federal States of States. They usurped upon our authority and "expanded" their commercial service contracts via an undisclosed process of assumption without our knowledge or consent.
To the average person on the street, the only change that was observable was a change from receiving services from "The State of Wisconsin" to receiving services from "the" State of Wisconsin.
And so the American People have been cullied and gulled by their British-controlled (and now United Nations controlled) Employees, used for gun fodder in foreign wars for profit, and then made to pay the cost of those wars when they got back home.
Do you see the scam now? Finally?
The Brits get us into the wars, we fight them, then we pay for them, and the Brits and the Pope reap the profits.
The Brits reap it directly as money and credit extorted from us under the false legal presumption that we are Municipal Civil Service Employees owing perennial war reparations under the bogus corporate Fourteenth Amendment.
The Pope reaps it indirectly via backdoor payments from the Brits.
And both of these governments are supposed to be our Allies, our Friends, our Protectors and Trustees under contract, committed to providing us with good faith service, "perpetual amity", to be Defenders of our National Trust ---- and if we hadn't pulled their chestnuts out of the fire in two World Wars, they wouldn't even exist anymore.
This is the "thanks" we got.
This is exactly what went on in the 1750's with the "French and Indian War" and exactly what the Colonists, including George Washington, objected to and which led (among other factors) to The War of Independence. We fought that war for the Brits and they rewarded us with punishing taxes, as if we were the Enemy.
It's the same exact circumstance and only a slightly more sophisticated scam was used in constructive fraud to gain the desired result: Americans forced to fight their wars for them, then pay for the cost of the wars, and they keep the profit.
Wake up.
And its all criminal. It's all both unlawful and illegal as hell. It's all based on fraud and Unconscionable contracts. Better (or worse) still, its all based on "Amendments" made to a corporate charter by a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907. Uh-duh.
Let's get this straight --- corporations can provide government services, but corporations are not governments.
Corporations are chartered --- that is, created --- by governments.
Not the other way around.
So all these corporations that you see here have been chartered by the British Government and by the Papal Municipal Government. And both those foreign governments are utterly responsible for the behavior and actions of these corporations on our shores.
The Creator is responsible for the Creation.
We have no more intractable enemies on Earth than the members of the UK Parliament and the Lords of the Admiralty sitting in Westminster, and once again, we are being asked to pull their chestnuts out of the fire, fight their wars for them, and pay for their wars afterward.
If we had the sense of Guinea Hens, we should have turned all our fire power on London and Rome and let both burn a long time ago. Add Brussels, Bern, and Hong Kong.
And as for the Traitors who have infested our Capitol and acted as Inland Pirates and fostered this entire charade, we should have recognized them for what they are, too, also a long time ago.
Since when do political lobbyists hold the strings to the Public Purse in this country?
Wake up. If you don't get it, if what I am telling you is too hard to understand, go back and re-read it as many times as necessary.
Satan's Kingdom is forfeit. We won the game without a hot war. Now all that has to happen is for Mr. Trump and our military to wake up, support the actual civilian government of this country, and assist us in collecting our assets.


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  1. Anna, we know all your words, you have spewed them ad nauseum. Words mean nothing, reality of the matter IS americans have been spilling their blood all over the world in all the shoot-em-up-bang-bang that 'they' have sent them all into. And they have been doing it during this whole time that you claim 'we have not gone to war'.
    It does not matter one iota whether any of these wars were declared, or not - what matters is all the millions of americans that have been dying in WARS.
    Anna, what does it take for you to get into Reality here? Forget your words, and try to look at all the bloodshed that has been going on. Whew !

  2. Read the full story, regarding common law," at:
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers September 14, 2019
    What is Law? Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. Law is a system that regulated and ensures that individuals or a community adhere to the will of the state.
    Trump Comes Under Savage Attack By Crazed Judges Who Know Their Leftist End Is Near.
    Basing their nation on the principals of “common law” to be overseen by a federalist court structure, this report explains, the United States court system was intended to deal solely with legislation enacted by its citizens’ representatives, and any disputes arising from them—all of which are overseen by too-many-to-count separate court systems operating within America—the most important of them being the Supreme Courts for its 50 individual States—and the one for its federal government—the latter of which is headed by the US Supreme Court that has full jurisdiction over all State and federal courts in America—whose cases it hears and rules upon are delivered to it by the 13 US Federal Courts Of Appeals—whose 179 federal appeal judges review the cases handed to it by 89 US District Courts and its nearly 700 federal judges—and of whose more than 7,000 to 8,000 cases it hands to the US Supreme Court each year, fewer than 2% are able to be heard and ruled upon—thus making the 179 federal judges ruling from these 13 federal appeal courts infinitely more powerful than the 9 justices who sit on the Supreme Court.
    During the early part of the 20th Century to the ending days of the Obama-Clinton Regime, this report details, activists in the Legislative Branch belonging to both the Democrat and Republican political parties began expanding US Federal District Courts and filling them with federal judges able to make and enforce rulings favorable to this nation’s elite oligarch rulers—that in turn created a multi-tiered judicial system more favorable to the elite class than to ordinary American citizens—but whose most catastrophic consequence of saw the Democrat Party appointed leftist federal judges shockingly changing America from a system of “common law”—to one being ruled by the single word “law”—which is “a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior”.
    By these radical leftist federal judges in America substituting “law” for “common law”, this report further explains, they were able to force upon their citizens godless socialist policies...
    Godless and demonic socialist forces in America are now cowering in terror over President Donald Trump judicial nominee Steven Menashi (above).

    1. Paul, I agree Sorcha is disinfo and perhaps deliberate propaganda. I understand the author is a guy out of russia, but cant verify that. I used to read SF but soon realize none of it was true and stopped reading it.

  3. Abby, Anna knows full well about all the millions of americans that have been dying in wars. And yes their lives that were lost DO MATTER. She is trying to wake people up to the fact of WHY this has been going on and HOW to stop it. REALITY is that this continual war and american lives lost will NOT CHANGE UNTIL AMERICANS REGAIN THEIR RIGHTFUL STATUS AS AMERICAN NATIONALS INSTEAD OF CITIZENS OF A CORPORATE ENTITY PASSING ITSELF OFF AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You cannot solve the problem UNTIL you fully understand the problem and what caused it in the firstplace. You cannot rebuild what is rightfully yours until you fully understand the problem and know what rightful action to take to solve the problem. The hard part is wakeing every soul possible here on the shores of our nation to the cold hard facts after being brainwashed into believing everything they have been told since birth that was ALL a lie with intent to deceive. A lot of people need to have it expounded to them continually before a glimmer of understanding sets in, much like trying to tell your own kids what is best for them, and telling them over and over again. It is a slow process but the only one that will truly save this nation. Help by spreading the truth of what she says instead of complaining. That gets no-one anywhere except more of our young people dead in wars while the corporations profit off of their spilled blood. Someone you know and love could be next if you don't get started. Peace and love and true action begin at home. You cannot change the world until you change yourself.

    1. dreamer, are you still believing your own story here? Maybe you have not take the time to really take a good look all around, comprehensively. It is naive to even fathom that people are gonna change this world. That is almost laughable if it was so sad that so many people just keep on living in such a fantasy.

      Reality is just not pretty sometimes.

    2. Abby....why are so against changing it?
      I would like to hear your plan of action.
      Have a great day.....

    3. Turtle, Im not at all against changing this world. I am saying Man cannot and will not change it. But if you want to go on thinking so, then that is your choice. But sooner or later you will see what I am saying. There is a remedy, but neither you nor most of mankind want to hear it.
      Have a good evening....

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 9:33 PM

      This is how we're all "kept off track" and they are able to continue...

      1. Shift the focus away from the FRAUD by any means possible and
      2. Get everybody bickering about differences of opinion.

      It works like a CHARM.

    5. goodboots, well I had a reply and suddenly zap it disappeared.
      Oh well. But yeah, I agree, that seems to be a 'game' being played in here. Its really an insult to our intelligence and we are presumed to have alzheimer's but it just aint so.

      I remember that Anna did admit she was involved with someone who is a channeler..........even though I have warned numerous times that channeling is communicating with demonic spirits, and they are liars and will tell people whatever they want to hear. Therefore, the information they think they are getting, is totally unreliable. Its an extremely dangerous path to go down.

    6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 11:14 PM

      Abby, My comment here right under Anna's just got zapped two times in a row! Same comment.
      Shit, it must be important! :):):)

      I'm beginning to suspect that this blog is being trolled in real time and the commenters who get too deep into the truth might just be being zapped.
      Will said his comment he took time to prepare got zapped the other day.
      So that's you, me, and will. Probably more.

      Well maybe some paid troll doesn't like the truth being told we see it.

    7. dreamer; There were many great points raised here, Abby and goodboots both are on target.

      To begin, I think many people here agree that Anna has done a great service by presenting a lot of historical context to the conditions we are experiencing. There is a lot of new information, she is an eloquent and gifted communicator, and I personally can sense that the info is of good intention. On occasion she can be misunderstood.

      But it is hard to be misunderstood if you continue repeating your words as Abby has expressed her frustration with.

      At one time I felt much as you claim to, about respecting Anna's prerogative to drive her points home, and we HAVE seen endless iterations of those same talking points.

      Your comment is factually correct there is no argument there, but with an almost Pollyanna style delivery which is what triggered the alarms. I saw it too quite frankly.

      For those that apparently struggle with some of the material as Anna says, I think at this point it is more productive for them to just nod their heads in agreement with what is offered and do some homework after school to catch up.

      We all have to do that, nobody is gonna die if they have to hit the books to catch up, it's good for anyone to know whatever is proper factual history.

      Some of the students who read this blog who have been paying attention are anxious to know more of how the story will unfold. Specifically, what does the remedy really entail? What is it going to take?

      And some people argue in favor of truce basically, where the bad guys are still in charge and do whatever they want to do, but leave the slaves who figured things out alone.

      All they have to do is submit a notice that says "I know what you did last summer for the last 5,00 years, don't bother me or I will tell your mother and she will kick your ass" and that is your get out of jail free card. Lovely.

      We know Anna would like to see a clean slate and a clean world, perhaps for the first time in history? Who knows but it would be glorious, would it not?

      So for those assembled here that know what they are looking for when they see it if Anna does provide an opinion, the lectures can go much faster with less repetition.

      I predict that she will not get to that point, I think it is too radioactive for her given the stakes. The other side has too many of the good weapons. And it has always been thus.

      For many this is the big kid's table, and sitting here means you are giving up other productive activities just to have to focus on this shite, the fraud and deception. We all have better things to do than to have to do this.

      I know she has already said what we should do almost every day, but not many people really instinctively agree that the other side will fall on their swords knowing that the truth is out there. What we have seen thus far is that they double down on the criminality to cover their tracks regarding the legal fiction that has been created to implement their agenda to date. It has worked for a long time, but karma is a bitch and it will raise a hand and object if you won't.

      goodboots didn't come out and accuse you of being controlled opposition in her comments about how they insert little bombs in the narrative to derail the focus. But she could have...

  4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 9:12 PM

    We need your references for your information.

    I tell you again, we understand your words just fine, its where you are getting your information from is what we want to know.
    Were balking.
    Were stalling.
    Were asking for your reference creds and you ignore us and refuse to produce them.

    Where are your references?
    Are you "channeling" this stuff like Abby keeps asking?
    Is that why you won't tell us your references so we can go look thus stuff up for ourselves?
    Because there are no references, because your "channeling" it?

    If you continue to refuse to furnish us with references to the papers or documents where we can go look this stuff you are saying up for ourselves, its going to look like you are not getting it from any paper archives but that you are making it up.
    Is that what you have meant when you said your assignment is not terrestrial or something like that?

    Why don't you just tell us the entirety of where your info is generating from? Or if its coming from different sources then tell us what is documented and where we can find it?
    We all recognize, I think, that you appear to have put many many years into this effort. We have seen you seem to fight very hard and never give up.
    But our soul-based intuition, (we the people dont have "dog-sense" as you referred to it for...yourself?) tells many of us something is "off".
    Can we get this cleared up once and for all?

    You do have to explain since you are claiming to be the peoples' Fiduciary.

    Are you claiming to be a Sovereign?
    Do you have a bond posted?

    You do have to answer.
    If you refuse to answer those two questions as a Sovereign would do (that is what a Sovereign does, not answer questions), then I am going to take it that you believe yourself to be a Sovereign (not a sovereign) pertaining to other men and women and believe yourself to be in a status that you believe is superior to the people and I am going to start making my comments from that perspective.
    The more we can figure out how to work with each other, the better it can be for all.

  5. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 9:25 PM

    I wanted to apologize for being so smart-alecky with you the other day. You seem to be a genuinely nice and caring person and I respect you for that. We are both trying to accomplish a similar goal, we just presently have very different ideas about how to do that.
    From now on if you make snarky remarks about my comments, I'm just not going to respond.

  6. Goodboots, when I want to clear my mind of all this nonsense, I go to google and bring up some very awesome real talent to listen to, such as The Texas Tenors, IL Volo, Forte', Paul Potts, or Susan Boyle. And I think Im in the next thing to heaven.

  7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 11:24 PM

    Abby, I put on a sunhat and go get on my lawn tractor and mow!

    Today was perfect so after I worked in the yard I laid out on the patio with all my flowers and ended up dozing off for a few minutes. It was perfect. I'm planning on doing the same thing tomorrow so I'll add some of your music:).

    1. >The Fourteenth Amendment declared all "citizens of the United States" to be criminals, and subjected them to slavery

      This is patently false

    2. goodboots, I can just see you driving along, mowing .....TO a whole boatload of Nessun Dorma LOL. Here's a you tube I highly recommend everybody goes and listens to; chill out, get 'culturized'.

      Some in here need this for its therapeutic value. Listen all the way thru; it goes from one you tube to another, and its ALL good.

      Keep in mind - not only is it all pure and genuine talent, BUT they are all real people, with real street-stories behind them. That is what makes them all so special

      Yes its pretty much operatic, and I do NOT like opera, but I am just really hooked on this stuff.

      So ya'all should go take a break from all this seriousness in here, and SEE if it doesnt change your perspective on life in general. I tell you it IS quite therapeutic.

      Then you can go back and sop up some more of this same ole same ole sad stuff, if you want to. Your choice.

      (I would be interested in hearing your after thoughts)

    3. Oh forgot the you tube. Here it is, lol

      Enjoy !

  8. "Satan's Kingdom is forfeit. We won the game without a hot war. Now all that has to happen is for Mr. Trump and our military to wake up, support the actual civilian government of this country, and assist us in collecting our assets."
    So much wrong with this statement i barely know where to begin.
    We won the game???
    Let me ask this? Do you honestly think that "Mr. Trump" is headed in that direction?
    Do you a "Bible believer" honestly think that this war is not going to go hot, or get much hotter?
    How many of these 'marks' these 'Rubes' do you think you can get to wait by their mailboxes for their assets to be returned??? all while sending you donations.

    1. I agree with your observations. It is tempting to be optimistic but Trump is stuck between a beach and an ocean down there in Mar-a-Lago on this. There is no real evidence he will deliver on setting things right, even if he might somehow instinctively want to.

      How do you think it will all go? I agree that it will go hot before it is done. Hopefully not nuclear hot but there are a lot of probability calculations being done out there.

    2. a follower, you absolutely hit the nail right on the head !

      It is totally obvious she knows almost nothing about the Bible.
      I am going to once again reiterate.........the bible is NOT about 'religion'. It is a real history book of the Past of this World.
      It is also a very current 'newspaper' if you can imagine that.

      For just one little example, folks: It says ''in the last days people will not listen to Sound Doctrine, but just want to hear what they want to hear''. That is in 2 Timothy 4:3 and 4 especially.
      Now nobody has to be a churchy person to understand that that was written ages and ages ago, and nobody has changed that recently either, so naysayers dont need to bother going there with me.

      Just go read those verses, digest them as they are as real as real can ever get. Understand that those words are absolutely true, as every naysayer IS saying them TODAY. Plainly said, the majority of the people in this world are saying the bible is insignificant, a piece of garbage, worthless, and they do NOT wanna hear it.

      Ok. Now listen to this: Dont you wonder just HOW that could have been known all those zillions of years ago, and printed in The Bible? WHO could have known it would come to this, after we've had such a ''believing past in years past'?

      WHO could have known this country would go from billy graham packed stadiums preaching God, without any incident or riot or protest - - to now burning down little churches and an agenda out to destroy 'christians'?

      Got that digested yet, all ye naysayers? Now for the rest of what the bible IS, it is Gods Own Word foretelling the future of this world. Who ELSE is it that ''knows all, the end from the beginning'? You see, that is telling us it is a heads-up book foretelling ALL. And to this day it is right on target. If that doesnt wake naysayers up, then they really have a bigger problem than they realize, because.........

      yes, it is definitely gonna get so ''hot' it will be beyond belief, but I will not go into all that here or now. Go try to prove me wrong, cause Im ready for ya, lol.

      P.S. When it starts, it is not going to rain for the first 3 1/2 years. Now just imagine all the repercussions of that. (Im trying to be gentle here and not disturb yer whole sunday, lol.)

    3. Will, I think Tman would like to cleanup all the crap, but honestly I believe his hands have been being tied all along, right from the get-go. Remember he began even before his inauguration, both feet on the ground running. But we noticed how it quickly began to unravel. And now in nearly 3 yrs. he has been blocked from getting any of his Promises put through.
      We cant even get accurate information on the Wall; one story says work is being done, others say very little done, just some repair work of previous fence. I have no idea what is true on that.
      Vote fraud work he started, went right into the tank. Immigration is.........where now? No true update there either.
      Reports have been negative and positive, so who knows??

      Oh I would love to be optimistic, but every time I look at the way things really are, I dont see any evidence to base that on. I also remember Nov. 1963 and how it has gone from then to now.

    4. From the "strange happenings" file, a college professor has published a study 4 years in the making, disputing the official government coverup for the 9/11 WTC 7 collapse, which was never hit by anything but went down at the end of the day the same way the twin towers went down, at freefall speed.

      And oddly enough it was U of Alaska, Fairbanks that did the study. Wow! I think I hear Twilight Zone music playing now given the Alaska connection. You can't make this up.

      I haven't seen any coverage of it, on the CNN website you you can read a great story about how a lovely celebrity couple paid off a university so their retarded offspring could gain entry to the hallowed halls of higher learning. That was almost going to be an alliteration for a minute there. Gasp! The poor dear was thrown in jail for a couple of weeks to give her time to digest her egregious error.

      And...we can watch Friends Forever, 25 years of laughter at 9pm if we wish. More news you can use.

      Now to be fair, I don't know how we would vet this story at this time, since it is only playing in alt-media theaters near you. I think I saw it on ZeroHedge first.

      Nobody currently knows why U of A, Fairbanks went off the reservation on this one and contradicted the official government story on this. It is long overdue. There is a 3,000 voice strong Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth group that has been lobbying for many years for the truth about WTC 7 to come out and by extension WTC 1 and 2.

      If you hear of a U of A professor that perished under unknown circumstances in future you will get the drift.


    6. the link above spells out why "the hasbara project" is significant with brother nathanael speaking !!!

    7. lut, thank you for the link I did watch it. I do like Brother Nathanael actually he seems to call it as it is.

      9/11 is toxic to the bad guys, and the story is starting to unravel, actually even the 9/11 commissioners responsible for the official report are breaking their silence now.

      It was just too unbelievable, and the high level perpetrators are going to attract liability. Greg Hunter covered it yesterday in his interview with Kevin Shipp.

      It may take some time before this bleeds into mainstream but there will be a lot of pressure at some point.

    8. yes will and these z i o suckers have to be held accountable for the uss liberty attack as well !!! ken o'keefe spells it all out in his past lectures of what's really been transpiring for decades since at least 1913 when the banksters actually took over . wink wink also has done his homework and knows who's who in the zoo !!!! these psyco's mean business and don't care about anyone else ! my place here is just one example !!!

  9. " If we had the sense of Guinea Hens, we should have turned all our fire power on London and Rome and let both burn a long time ago. Add Brussels, Bern, and Hong Kong."
    Must be the "catholic" coming out of you?

  10. Go check out NAVCO
    They are responsible for the surveillance at certain restaurants (at least that is what I saw today at one) and they report the infomation back to the local police and the FBI
    Cameras everywhere and I mean everywhere
    Have a read
    This is out of Colorado
    Have a look at stuff like One Earth Future
    I'm tellin you this is embedded everywhere like a damned virus



    1. I have recorded ours & assisted others with Declaration & Claim of American National Political Status cover page list with Extensions, also referencing earlier recordings that were needing to be updated with newest docs; Very Empowering! Noticed US Atty General, County DA, State Sec. of State, County Sheriff, COURT officials, County Code enforcers.

      Because I chose to DO & participate in Anna’s Team plan, I am pleased to be included in Sign In America Debt Relief Program, having regional state fiduciary discharge some debts for us; he says he’s done mortgages, IRS, car & student loans, county taxes.
      I would indeed consider that “SUCCESSFUL”! Nothing works unless we DO what’s required; I encourage your lawful peaceful participation in the remedy & Take back your inherent Power and exercise same appropriately. If it is to BE, it’s up to Me ( & any of You, too!, but each must Choose for oneself). If not this Now, then what? When? Each chooses to be part of the solution…. Or remain where one is. How’s that working for you?
      I also find the Mon. nite calls highly informative in many nuances of this freeing process; I used Terri’s template for our docs  Blessings to ALL- FreeMom7 

    2. Sounds like a game of 'Reward and Punishment'. ''if you do all this tap dancing to our tunes, then 'we will reward you by relieving you of the FRAUD we did to you in the first place.''

      I wonder, did they send you a ''Thank You for Playing Our Game'' note?

    3. Freemom7...what state are you in? Also, Terri's Docs? Different than those on ASA site? Thank you in advance for any info...

    4. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 15, 2019 at 7:03 PM

      If you do that, freemom7, you are still in their FRAUD system but now you are willingly participating, aren't you????

      Why not just stay away from them? Knowing they are liars and FRAUDS. It seems unwise to do any kind of "exchange" with them:

      I pose the question for myself:
      Why would I sign up for allowing a corporate/other criminal/other to remove me from the secret liabilities they attached to own my private property, without my consent?

      To me it's like bargaining with the devil and like he, the thief and liar and CRIMINAL, wants us to be sooo grateful for him giving back what BELONGS TO US! ["Extortion"?? :):) ]
      "Oh! You'll wipe the liability for YOUR debts that YOU secretly put on MY private property if I just agree to 'Sign Here'... and then you PROMISE I'll have no more trouble from you and your flying monkey brigades???? Oh!! *THANK" you mister devil sir,... Where is the pen??"

      NO! I am not financially responsible for that to begin with! They are.
      Besides, we are sovereigns-in-fact and we have lawful claims against them for all of this.

    5. Abby- No reply necessary from THEM regarding my Certified/ Registered Mail Notice to them. THEIR Silence is acquiescense to my notice as THEIR superior, sovereign foreign (outside and beyond) THEIR alleged jurisdiction, thus Good News to me. “Absent specific written response from you received within ten days, we will have established our herein claims as truth, fact and evidence which can be used in any court venue we may so choose. Respectfully Reserving all Rights By: … © "

      Richard – We Live upon & claim Nevada domicile ( if we were “in” Nevada, one might think one DEAD & buried, which we are definitely Not!) upon the land & soil jurisdiction, peacefully lawfully standing our ground, taking dominion as The Almighty’s stewards. Teri’s docs aren’t different, but rather updated, which is what I also needed, having earlier done some, but not tied them together neatly and importantly with the newest ones; they just provided me a specific recorded example from which I created ours, specific to our situation(s).

      Blessings 2 U & ALL peacefully lawfully standing one's ground in Truth & Honor to Creator, in Love for highest good of All- FM7

  12. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 2:11 AM

    So many people who understand what has gone on and the underlying fraud and the abuses of the peoples' rights, are still being jailed for not participating in the admitted fraud.

    Its easy to get distracted from the truth of it, but I think the actual objective is to steal the soul rather than just your work or wealth. But they want those, too.
    The scenario they have set up is:
    1. If you participate with them in fraud against yourself, they will generally leave you alone.
    2. If you refuse to participate in fraud against yourself, they have hired people to harm you in exchange for a portion of your property.

    A major point is how there are so many "communities" springing up everywhere where groups of people are setting up their own "govern"-ance... Where they have declared their beliefs and seperated themselves from the authority of the u.s. or european govt. I'm thinking of the no-go areas that are offlimits to the Corp policy enforcers.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 7:59 AM

      There are two other points:

      If you participate in the FRAUD against yourself and others, that makes YOU a criminal under natural common law too; but maybe they will give you "privileges" so that you can commit crimes without natural common law consequences (comey, HillBilly, strzock?)
      Especially if you agree to commit more crimes?

      2. Some of your neighbors
      (Maybe not your organic neighbors, maybe they ship them in to infiltrate areas) have to agree to participate in harming you for a portion of what you've worked for and built.

    2. Goodboots- I have Not willingly participated in THEIR fraud system. EVER! As I have been further enlightened in same, I have actively stood and acted against it, in thought, word & deed, always peaceful & lawful; actually quite the loving revolutionary, as Jesus was, and Anna & Team most certainly are, imo.
      ‘Tis challenging to “just stay away from them”, when THEY actively come after one’s property via the NAME, attempting joinder of the Living with the DEAD in so many ways. Executing one’s Declaration & Claim of American National Political Status with extensions & recording same in the public county record allows one to set oneself Free with verified admissible evidence that one can in deed use to Refuse for Cause any presentment one may have offered to one, peacefully & lawfully. We are thus creating our own “community” outside and beyond their presumed jurisdiction wherever we are at the grassroots county & state levels, restoring our self-governance, placing ourselves on THEIR “do not detain” lists, and assembling our jural assemblies and other duties necessary to reclaim what we have allowed (in our ignorance) to be stolen from us. Why not participate in setting oneself Free in this manner, uniting together to assist others in same and take back our land & soil country from the territorial & municipal usurpers?
      Blessings 2 U & ALL peacefully lawfully standing one's ground in Truth & Honor to Creator, in Love for highest good of All- FM7

  13. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 7:09 PM

    Yes, great point!
    "They actively come after one’s property via the NAME, attempting joinder of the Living with the DEAD in so many ways".
    A spiritual abomination for sure.
    Excellent point. Should stop them "dead" in their tracks... Not that it actually will, but it should.:)

    "Executing one’s Declaration & Claim of American National Political Status with extensions & recording same in the public county record allows one to set oneself Free with verified admissible evidence..."
    I have published my own myself.
    The Court of Records is THEIR Court, which didnt really become fully obvious to me until the annavonreitz article saying that some of the counties were shutting their Recording offices down. Theyve done something similar to that before...In around the 1820s-30s in order to steal the land from the pioneers...
    So, I published my Cancellation of All POAs myself.
    My county Register of Deeds told me it was a waste of time to record the papers I have because (more or less) they are not recognized/ do not come from on THEM so they wouldn't really do me any good, but they would record them if I wanted.
    Also a different county Recorder told me he would record anything I wanted, but that he couldn't guarantee what any judge would do with the papers.

    Bodhi has brought up the fact that we need to be careful about recording things because it is THEIR system.
    I agree.
    They could turn around and hit people with Recording false documents in THEIR system.
    It IS their system.

    More avr success stories need to come on here and share.
    Until now, virtually no one has... other than one or two people who have said, like you, that they used papers other than/ in addition to avrs.

    Do you have an example of a Refuse for Cause letter that has been "acknowledged and accepted" by them that you feel comfortable sharing?
    Also, what recorded papers did you include with your Refuse for Cause NOTICE? Your Declaration and Claim and ...anything else?

    "Why not participate in setting oneself Free in this manner, uniting together to assist others in same and take back our land & soil country from the territorial & municipal usurpers? "
    I am certainly all for that except maybe not quite "in this manner" that you guys are doing it... Meaning, as said earlier, they stole directly from me, including my private physical body, using false claim of private Law Merchant contract, and so there is no lawful reason in the world why they should now claim they need an intermediary in order to return it. They need to deliver it all directly back to me in the same manner it was stolen.

    I do understand though the FORCE and ABUSE and DISHONESTY and THREATS they use in forcing ones unwilling participation and calling it "consent". Just looking at what is on the alt-news everyday, the lying, hiding, making stuff up... Its like watching four year olds who want to get somebody in trouble.

  14. Example excerpts- … Please consider this timely response to your presentment, which we are returning the original to you, … refused for cause pursuant … We, are lawful people, not “Residents” (meaning things identified) … we currently stand our ground in truth and honor as stewards of The Almighty One upon … land and soil and ourselves outside and beyond your jurisdiction and alleged “Codes”. .. not applicable to us as living people or the land and soil we live upon. See our two Declaration and Claim of American National Political Status, with extensions, MANDATORY NOTICE: Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act … NOTICE OF LIABILITY: 18 USC 2333, 18 USC 1341 and 1342, etc. [Co Recorder DOC #s given] …Notice to agent is notice to principal; notice to principal is notice to agent… Absent specific written response from you received within ten days, we will have established our herein claims as truth, fact and evidence which can be used in any court venue we may so choose. Respectfully Reserving all Rights, …


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