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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Whoa! Find Your Butts.... A Message for the White Hats

By Anna Von Reitz

You are talking to the woman who first defined this evil as "Corporate Feudalism".  To suppose that I don't know what we are "living under" is the height of stupidity. 

Unlike a lot of my critics, I listened when Eisenhower warned us about the "Military Industrial Complex".  I heard him.  I was only a little bitty kid, almost a toddler, but I heard what our President said and I took notice.  All my life, I 
have remembered Eisenhower standing there and telling us that.  

Where were all the rest of you?  

I know exactly how we got here, the patent system that controls it, and more importantly, I know how to correct it without firing a shot.  

We can return this country to civilian government and enforce the peace we are owed, but right now, the greatest stumbling block to this happy conclusion are a bunch of old military honchos who don't want peace, who are in fact afraid of peace. 

They see war as the source of their power, their expertise, their life's purpose. 

So when I say, "Hey, fellas, you can come home now!" ---- that's not what they want to hear.   

When I say, "If you just do your job and actual duty and help return this country to civilian government, all this can be done very peacefully and lawfully with nobody getting hurt." --- that isn't what they want, either. 

That answer doesn't ring the "Ca-ching!" in their cash registers.  

That answer doesn't leave them in control.  

And they still want to be in control even though their incompetence has landed us in this Mess and even though they don't know how to get out of it, short of blowing the world up. 

Much to the disappointment of the proponents of the Military Industrial Complex
this is a spiritual war first and foremost, and beyond that, an economic war staged as a cold mercenary war between foreign federal subcontractors. 

May I add, it's a totally illegal mercenary war.  A criminal and dishonorable and unnecessary "war" that is against international law and the Geneva Conventions. 

I know how it was built, so I know how to take it apart.  

There are two paths set before you --- a peaceful return to civilian government with abundance and freedom for everyone concerned, or, World War III and the total destruction of the planet.  


I don't consider most "White Hats" to be White Hats.  I consider most of them to be self-interested flunkies of the Military Industrial Complex intent on preserving the same old Military Protectorate that has existed in this country since 1863 and which has functioned with Bad Faith and self-interest to keep the civilian government from finding its feet and putting an end to the Gravy Train.  

And that is what I really think about most of the vaunted "White Hats" who, to my knowledge, have done nothing but try to infiltrate and lurk around 
like a bunch of overgrown schoolboys sneaking a drag on a single cigarette. 

When I call on the "White Hats" for help, you know what I get?  People like Destry Payne, Citizen of Luxembourg, sneaking around spreading crap about me and causing trouble that doesn't need to exist. 

If the White Hats want to help, if the White Hats want their country back, if the White Hats realize that their "government" isn't what is supposed to be running this country and that in fact, the military is supposed to be taking its orders from the civilian government --- not the other way around --- then for God's sake, find your butts with both hands. 

Lawful assets can only belong to Lawful Persons.  You can't qualify because by definition all Military Personnel are functioning as Legal Persons.  

But if you get out of our way and put on your Thinking Caps instead of your jock straps, you will realize that we, the civilians, are the only ones who have the key and the right and the standing and the provenance to reclaim the actual assets of this country.  Restoring the civilian government is the key and the difference between victory and defeat.  

In two weeks the military government will default unless you fellows do your actual duty and assist us.  

So you can sit there and rattle your sabers and watch the Debt Clock digits fall, or you can do the right thing.  Support the civilian government this country is owed.  Stop acting as predators upon the people you are hired to protect.  And if you aren't going to do the right thing and return this country to civilian government, stop calling yourselves "White Hats".  

Grey Hats with a lot of dingy stains and spots is more like it.  


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  1. Weaponized internet and social media

  2. As I read this article, I picture people who have had their home invaded by thugs, drunken drug addicts without souls, integrity, or scruples who tore out all the wiring and plumbing, tore the hinges off all the doors,broke all the windows, and peed all over everything.
    And along comes a woman named Anna who gets on her soapbox and tells the owner 'I know how to get your house back''.

  3. The military men may be being controlled by fungi. Fungi makes mice love the smell of cat urine, and they get eaten. Fungi have an easier time eating us when we're dead. All of these military leaders spend a good deal of time underground in their bases and cities. Fungi live underground because the sunlight kills them. Every insect, every animal that fungi get into the brain of becomes suicidal. Think about the desperate attempts to get WWIII going. Is there a fungus among us?

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 7:47 PM

      Serious, comical, truthful.

    2. lol,really good one. Check of youtube vid called Queen of Mildew

  4. Like general Wesley Clark pin the blame on military when they just take orders . The CEO and his cabinet mainly treasury and Secretary of State . Eisenhower was a big zionest. And the evil know as Eisenhower’s death camps not allowing Red Cross food to starving POWs 1.2million he killed civilians he was commander who denied food to 13 million after 1945. The cruelty to refugees was reminiscent of communist red Army.
    Survey of allied generals like Patton, Montgomery rated German soldiers best behaved of all armies in field best Air Force followed by RAF. Americans were on the bottom of list gangster culture .
    Destryhas the right to defend himself he’s just a big cheerleader for Trump .

    1. bubba, I question the info you have relayed here. We ought to double check before posting, and be as accurate as we can, because there is a LOT of bullshitt published all over the Net and elsewhere. Its called Revisionist history. I find it hard to believe this about the General Eisenhower.

    2. Abby, I'm afraid it's true about Eisenhower.... straight from the mouth of a soldier who observed the camps and was threatened for trying to feed the civilians and soldiers who were starved on Eisenhower's orders.

      In 'Eisenhower's Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers

    3. Unknown, bubba.......interesting. I just never heard of any of this before, and I grew up during the Eisenhower years. I will keep it in mind. I dont believe any of our public officials are 'squeaky clean' but just like to verify if possible.

      Do either of you know Why Eisenhower did that?

    4. Eisenhower and German genocide

    5. You will notice that neutral Switzerland was untouched during the entire conflict

      You should also make note that Switzerland is where this so called Geneva Convention and other notable meetings and things take place like, G7, G20 etc etc etc

      None of this is an accident it was all planned

      Genocide of the Germans like genocide of the people of Iraq, Palestine, Yeman you get the picture

      Their new world plans include the genocide of the American people too and the culprits behind it all are sitting in the military and in Washington DC
      Their military command
      Halliburton and FEMA camps paid for with your tax dollars

      And anyone who tells me that God will not allow it and that Trump is some kind of savior needs their head examined

      21 goals also know as agenda to one government

      Their 25 goals as stated on the congressional record

      The ROCKY boys and a fossil free interdependent world of green global serfs while they steal the worlds oil supply, all the land, all the fresh water supplies, you name it they want it
      You think corporations are big - they ain't got nothin on these bogus FOUNDATIONS of PHILANTHROPY non of which pay any taxes

  5. Oh, I don't "just" blame the military. I blame the politicians masquerading the "civil" government and substituting itself for the "civilian" government, too. But I lay a heavy hand on the military now because they are broke and in control and this is all coming push to shove and they are STILL not willing to simply do the right thing and support the actual people of this country and help us organize our civilian government the way it is supposed to be.


    2. Anna, there ARE white hats out there..... they keep to themselves and work against the evil the prevails all around us. There ARE some in our current "government" who truly seek to return to a pre-1913 or before form of 'rule'. Though they may be not completely aware of what the real extent of the deception truly is, they are of pure spirit in intent.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 14, 2019 at 11:03 PM

    This comment has been wiped twice in a row while I was entering it:
    Maybe someone is hoping i will give up and not publish it.
    No chance of that.

    *True* and natural American state nationals are NOT under CIVIL OR CIVILIAN LAW OR PUBLIC LAW!!
    That's Roman. Municipal. It's what they've forced on us now. It is the "Rule of Law". Roman Rule by Law =Law legislated by man = what we have now.

    AMERICANs have common law that is "Rule by the common man". There are no legislated laws, just don't hurt anyone or steal or damage their property and you can do as you please.
    If you do hurt or damage or steal, you will return the man to their former state/condition, at your own expense.
    Court is where a man is. You are the court. You are the sovereign. You hold court. The court is yours when you bring a claim.
    Your peers hear your claim, see your proofs, hear the accused, see their proofs and make their verdict.
    There are no "GRAND Juries" because they are secret courts, with secret proceedings, taking secret testimony against you, without you getting to face your accuser and without you knowing the nature and cause of an accusation against you,... Or sometimes that there even WAS an accusation against you. When the proceedings are over, the records are sealed and you never know who said what about you, if you even ever find out anything at all.
    It is a secret proceeding against an innocent man.

    In America trad. comm law, there is none of that.
    Someone makes their claim, and so forth...

    Look it up.
    Look it up for yourself.
    Civil/civilian government is Roman, not American.

    Don't take other peoples word for things this important.
    Look it up yourself.
    Don't be duped.

    1. GB very true. Please elaborate. How are your peers assembled? Who and what standards determines the consequences if a party is not made whole by the one who does harm? Appreciate your comments...

    2. i believe goodboots is mostly on right track, but overly simplistic. good breakdown of ideas for people just learning about real american "law" but the devil is in the details.

      every "common law" beginner course starts out opposed to roman civil law. see link for why this is a fatal blindness. too long to outline the many reasons.

      law merchant, a very guilty party to all the treason and fraud of america, and many times conjoined with the roman civil law, is just the "common law" of travelling merchants.

      thus, it is plain to see, "common law" alone solves nothing. they too are in the "magna carta"

      without a specie-based treasury, 99% of everyone will be stuck in law merchant, which is just as bad if not worse than roman civil law incorporations/etc.
      password: details

  7. Think about this as well...

  8. Abby many books as evidence other losses,the bad war culture wars Dr E Micheal jones. The text books are propaganda by big money bankers I would to debat anybody in public including judge Anna brilliant as she is I think she is. On the wrong side only many things . Good boots excellent analysis of Roman civil law has been forced on us FDR,said we’re going to have Military tribunals and I don’t care what you call it stacking the Supreme courts and the cast Erie vs timpken attempt to erase all prior law. Common law was God’s law people stood as judge enters because he carried the (good book) .

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 15, 2019 at 10:20 AM

      Thanks bubba :).

    2. bubba, thanks, do you know why Eisenhower did that?

  9. Oh yes 1903 Japan’s fleet built inEngland and Rothchild wanted to embarrass the Russian czar prepping for overthrow 1917 .jewish Trotsky’s came out of NJ. With 300 tough communist and gold from zionest Benard Beruk FDR’s. Buddy.
    Germany knew 100 Russian divisions were on border to sweep Europe so they preemptive attacked going ok . But zionest FDR and his communist cabinet reporting back to uncle joe they knew if japan again attacked Manchuria it would destroy their communist utopia and world domination would be lost so the trap set. Baited through portageese ambassador that FDR was going to attack Japan. They had no choice but strike first destroyed only obsolete battle wagons carriers were safely gone(false flag).
    Eisenhower was nicknamed terrible Swiss Jew in year book militarily known couldn’t lead a parade much less an army. Promoted ahead of much more senior officers.
    Henry Morganthau sec of treasury drafted morganthau plan befor the war to kill 20 million Germans 8 during 13 after .
    Eisenhower halted the Army short of Berlin to let the red Army rape murder steal. Then as commander issued orders to deal with them harshly paraphrase and so the POWs starved 1.2 million no medical no shelter.

  10. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 15, 2019 at 7:22 PM

    Why are the German people always being attacked?

    To me, without knowing any facts about it--- meaning: just going my gut feeling:
    That puts up a warning flag that the German people are considered/known to be "genetically"/other, superior.

    Otherwise, why keep attacking a group?... I mean since it is being disclosed that the genetics/ bloodlines of certain people are apparently what the ghouls are after, and we know they are trying to dumb down and injure the people.

  11. Katen. Forest in Poland 1937 2500 polish officers murdered by communists because the were the the best weaken your adversary.

    1. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 9:40 AM

      Yes, the Poles seem to be of particular negative interest, too.
      Take down the strong first.

    2. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 10:39 AM

      I agree with you GW.
      We do know who they are! They do not need attention!
      They are way ahead of the evil ones!

      I always think and wonder:
      Maybe they are the holy angels from 2 Kings 6:16, 17? Hebrews 1:7 "... Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire."

      16."...Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”
      17 And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

      Plus some super loving and dedicated men and women, too. Present day Elishas and his servant.

    3. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 16, 2019 at 10:42 AM

      That was supposed to be: "we do NOT know who they are.".

    4. bible jesus and/or christ says noone goes to "the father" except through him.

      why people think they can do this over and over by reading "scripture", i cannot fathom. for "jews" and pagans and non-catholics and non-christians it makes sense, for anyone else ????? straight up paganism.

      new testament perhaps less so, but nowadays they have been merged into a giant ball of meaninglessness with no context.

      "the lord" is the make-believe god of moses. 72 names of god and similar is kabbalah/gnostic type stuff. muslims have a similar names for allah. this hints the "jewish" and "islam" were once one or common ancestor (perhaps zoroaster) as ucadia docs mention (despite the fake poster who used to post here, some ucadia docs have interesting facts). the latin catholic nominum interpretatio exposes this.

      that's why old catholics said "our lord" (christ) and "our lady", so you don't get mixed up with old testament jewish "the lord" which is really just shorthand for a number of "lords"

      the talmud says as much: the 615 or so commandments, cut down to < 30 or so, then 10 by moses, were just based on "abraham is a pretty good guy, lets be more like him"

      i suppose alchemistically speaking they figured if they merged all the "good" qualities everyone had, they would arrive at a conception of "god". the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      "fire == spirit" is egyptian/rosicrucian alchemy
      "soul science". kaballah and gnosticism.

      masons say the "jews" just exported this straight out of egypt.

      rosicrucian "alchemy" is a big part of this mess. woodrow wilson for one.

      the "jews" also supposedly just got it from the persians. see e.g. cyrus who rescued them from babylon. they didn't want idols. hence "god" or "spirit" is a flame. so someone can still draw a picture of a flame, but hopefully people got the message it is not a physical battle.

      any "bible" verses talking about "spirit" as "flame" is likely masonic/egyptian/kabbalah/gnostic-type "alchemy", best avoided, UNLESS it can be proven this was a metaphor to convert people to christ i.e. speaking in pagan words so they would understand.

      although masons promote "the lord" to try to unite everyone under a single "father", conversely, they feel he was basically a demon/all punishment/etc.

      thus, in many ways, "the lord" is many times simply for everyone else. the people promoting it, like moses who ordered put to death idol worshippers in same breath as "thou shalt not kill", seems they don't actually believe it.

    5. fire/flame as spirit/god was also used or "revealed" if you prefer (sarcasm) by -- used to pull off fake "miracles" according to "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobinism"

      that book also correctly points out IMO, Swedenborg's ideas are simply materialism/overthrow of religion, under the guise/cover of endless "revelation" that coincidentally all seem to benefit himself and his believers.

      compare mormonism. you can become a "god". celestial kingdom, etc. aka more "illuminism"/alchemy and strong rosicrucianism/masonry influences.

      "egypt" was supposedly where all the magicians/wise men would "train". so persians may have just borrowed this "flame == spirit" thing from there, and jews then borrowed from persians, etc.

      now, if people think old testament "the lord" is true then rosicrucians/masonic/gnostics books/etc. supposedly explain this "soul science" and how you can obtain "godhood"

      it should be noted, belief in "the lord" implies:
      - bible jesus and/or christ is/was all fakes
      - BUT 2nd coming/johns apocalypse "the lord" sends his son, so "the lord" and 2nd coming "pagan jesus" are not incompatible

      many others also do variations of this "the lord" game and "alchemy" "soul science"

    6. as i have pointed out many times before, the common denominator of satanists posing as religious figures is "2nd coming". swedenborg fits the pattern yet again.

      Swedenborg claimed in The Heavenly Doctrine that the teachings of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ were revealed to him
      2nd coming is pagan jesus. son of the "gods" (plural). root and stock of david.

    7. goodboots says, "I will stand up."September 17, 2019 at 10:33 AM

      I love reading your comments because, for me, it brings into sharp focus exactly WHY our/the grandfathers kept it at (paraphrased a bit) "the laws of nature and of nature's creator" and tried to keep the fictional imaginations of men's minds out of the picture as much as possible pertaining to our govern-ment. They knew what they were dealing with.


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