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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Robert David Steele - Latest article - Please Comment

Robert Steele: If I Were President

Briefings & Lectures

As planned for presentation to
Dimensions of Disclosure (Live Steam Still Available).
I am not running for President. While I have been disappointed by unkept promises our President has been fighting the Deep State from Day One, and I believe he can and should be re-elected provided he meets my three non-negotiable conditions:
  1. Defend the Constitution, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4thAmendments;
  2. Put America First, not Israel First; and
  3. Enact #UNRIG – election reform – in time for us to put Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and others into Congress in 2022.



    lawful claim upon the American state nationals' rights, property, statuses and more, called *unalienable rights*, PRE-CEDED (came BEFORE) the "Constitution" and the "Bill of Rights" were ever written!!

    (: DON'T FORGET NOW!!! :)
    ...It's extremely important!!!

    REMEMBER: that American state nationals' rights, property, statuses and more (unalienable rights) are LAWFULLY CLAIMED F.O.R.E.V.E.R. in International and other lawful "jurisdictions" for us in the Declaration of Independence, an American, NOT English, common law trust.........

    THOSE ARE FOR *THEIR* CORPORATE FICTION PERSONS/U.S. CITIZENS, (and they are NOT unalienable) *NOT* for us, the American state nationals.

    Our rights, property and statuses were LAWFULLY CLAIMED for us in the American common law trust called Declaration of Independence *BEFORE* the foreign commercial Corporation ever wrote its own "CONSTITUTION" and "Bill of Rights" for its own citizens/subjects/persons/ legal fictions.

    jan-marie on bluebird acre

  2. Bodhi,
    Ive not been able to take the time necessary to find where annamaria offered the so-called "National Credit" to DJT/"Trump" aka theCORPORATION/fake "israel", but I will keep looking.

    What I did find was March 17, 2019 a very short, two or three paragraphs where she tells "DJT" that she can solve his financial problems.

    I kind of skim-read:
    Mar 20, Mar 29, April 4, Mar 15; also January 11, 14, 17, all 2019. Most are her letters to DJT/CORPORATION/fake "israel".

    Keeping in mind always:
    That this so-called supposed "National Credit" is *supposed* to be the *value* of what was *STOLEN* from us in the first place...under conditions of FRAUD, THEFT, COERSION, VIOLENCE and MORE (louistmcfadden, jamestrafficant, motopropriojuly2013, DJT EO 13818, 12/21/2017).

    That supposed "NATIONAL CREDIT", *after* the theft of the American state nationals' private and public property, was *supposed* to be "UNLIMITED" because the thieves were supposedly, *PURPORTEDLY* PRE-EMPTIVELY PAYING THEMSELVES for all the services we could ever use by taking all of the land and soil, all of the FRESH WATER (are you reading this Shelby?! :):):)), ALL of the MINERALS, all of our work, labor, production, ALL of the American sons and daughters and all of *their* labor, production, and the fruit of *their* bodies.... And on and on and on and on. To pay THEMSELVES for their criminal services of robbing and abusing us and making us sick so they can provide more of their commercial corporate services to charge us for.

    Oh, and so ***NOOOOOOOW*** this so-called "National Credit", ohh!! It's only $21trillion now!!
    Hell, they just said on the radio yesterday that the student loan debt alone is $1.6 trillion, so how the hell can the so-called supposed National Credit that is for everything I just named off and is supposed to be unlimited, only $21-25 Trillion for the last 150+ years????

    Somebody thinks were a sucker.
    Somebody thinks were stupid.
    Somebody thinks were too dam incompetent to do simple math.
    Somebody thinks were gullible.
    Somebody's hopin' all them there zeroes'll get us all corn-fused mebbe?

    It's just simple arithmetic.

    The "National Credit" after the THEFT was supposed to be unlimited.

    ALL A-L-L *ALL* of our "debt" was supposed to be PRE-PAID. FOREVER. And all of the sons and daughters debts, forever. PAID. In Full.
    No mortgage..... PAID.
    NO STUDENT LOAN DEBT.....Already PAID IN FULL Bernie "Burn the Goys Again" Sanders.
    No medical payments.
    No car payments.
    No insurance payments.
    No utility payments.
    No taxes.
    No speeding tickets.


    (H.J.R. 192) using the Trusts: to setoff the charges against those trusts. Not YOU. The TRUSTS.

    SO, they are saying we "OWE" the CORPORATION $21TRILLION (repeating: the "National Debt" (that was supposedly already paid with what they STOLE)) for their services for 150+ years.

    annamaria is offering/suggesting they talk about her making the so-called "National Credit" available to "Trump" to set off the so-called financial/ Debt problem,....

    ((((annamaria)))) please correct me if I am wrong!!!!

    I welcome your clarifying my understanding on this please, if I am in error.

    The long and short of it is, the way I have read the entirety of it is, that if you become a new LEGAL FICTION CHARACTER, a Lawful Person, in her new, made-up, The United States of America (NOT based upon the July, 1776 American common law trust: The Declaration of Independence), then YOU will/may receive your land titles and gold back when the "National Debt" is offset with the "National Credit" and all this silliness about these trusts (eyeroll) goes away..... Through HER, THE/YOUR FIDUCIARY!!!

    1. I'm reading it goodboots!
      They owe us a hell of a lot more than $21 trillion
      The Federal Reserve Scam and their Debt Slavery System

      goodboots have you ever heard that pagan means pay again?

      I have noticed one other thing, on the calls that Anna has with the lady named Teri, if you anagram her last name Sahm you get the word sham?

    2. Now it is just an observation not an accusation

    3. If you read back in some articles you will see that Anna suggest that everyone get $2,000 a month and an extra $1,000 for whatever
      Hmm considering that rent for one of their 400 sq foot tiny home nation plan they got going will run you $2,000 a month - guess the other $1,000 can pay your untility bills and for the contaminated water they will serve you while you get your vaccines
      Meanwhile every man woman and child in israel gets an estimated 35,000 a year from the american tax payers while they kill the palestinians
      Just some observations is all

    4. No, I never noticed about pa-gan being pay-(a)gain, but I have noticed that propagandize is:

  3. WHAT IF: RDS IS A JEW LATINO CON, CIA PSY-OP? We've posted what RDS has long done, especially to target posts he does not like, in a massive lists upon lists data base, said to be used when he finds out who they are. WHAT KIND OF FREAK DOES THAT? RDS is that freak.
    The mark of a jew is their incessant talking, an incessant verbosity, & patterns of returning all into a perceived self-relevance, self-aggrandization. RDS is CIA, even helped is jew thugs as Bezos/Amazon weave their Open Source = Dragonfly type ops, which were said by RDS to be for us, as consumers, to see the sources of our products, for instance. NOT. RDS glib serpent tongued & black-robed controlled-ops for MASSIVE GLOBAL SEXUAL PREDATORS & HUMAN HUNTING PARTIES is inexcusable. And anyone who doesn't recognize exactly whats going on w RDS simply refuses to do so. The first time ever hearing RDS a download of evil swept the room & lingered like a black smoke. Had no idea who this guy was, gave him that chance. For days to weeks afterward, we tried to figure out what the hell entered & how. RDS as a backdoor archon portal.

    1. Winkwink and Bodhi,
      I just found an article on a website called Christians for Truth called: "DNA Study Finds Early Inhabitants of Israel Were Blue-Eyed and Fair-Skinned".
      AUGUST 26, 2018 By CFT TEA

      Then I visited Bodhi's website shortly after that and Bodhi has that article up on the esoteric awakening website!

      It is really funny, because I can remember the "elders" of the elders back when I was little (the people born around the 1860s or 70s) used to say that people who had blue eyes were thought to be from the original Hebrew tribes!

      Being so little, I didn't actually know what that meant, and my family wasn't particularly "religious" so it was just something that I remember the very elder people telling me but have remembered it all these years. I realized they wanted to make sure that I had picked up what they were telling me.
      I did. Bless them.

      They said also that people with blue eyes were said to be from the same family as Jesus.

      I did notice when I began to learn about MK Ultra, that nearly ALL of their victims have blue eyes and blonde hair.
      I guess some also have light green or hazel eyes and strawberry blonde hair/other. Lee Harvey Oswald.
      But so many of the ones I've seen or heard about are blue-eyed blondes.

      I don't know if you guys have ever heard of Royston Potter. I've listened to him off and on for a year or two. He's been through the ringer with "religions"; sometimes he talks about it; I don't listen because he gets way out there (to me,) but he put up a video on Stateoftoday dot com the other day and for some reason I decided to listen to what he had to say.
      I'm really really glad I did.
      Its called "What are the Nephilim? August 19, 2019."
      He explained the Nephilim using the Hebrew letters and words. I recognize enough about that to realize that what he was saying was credible -to - very credible, especially when put together with the Book of Jude.

      I wonder if either of you read the Book of Enoch, or the Jubilees? And, if yes, what you thought of them.

      The long and short of his whole video was that the product of the intermixing of men's DNA with angel/fallen angel DNA is a creature without a soul that LOOKS like a man/woman but is not: because since it was not God-created, it didn't get a soul.
      So it runs around as a soulless man.
      That seems to be what we are looking at and dealing with now... These creatures that have no morals, ethics, principles; who lie, deceive, slander, murder, torture, cause wars, try to reel in all of the earths natural resources and kill everyone else. Calling themselves "Jews"? [Rev 2:9 & 3:9].

      I've realized quite awhile back that even the brain-hacking being done isn't really what they are after... What they want and desperately need is a soul. They have had access to the left hemisphere of the brain for a long time, its the right, the creative side, that they can't hack.

      I'm kind of all over the place with these bits and pieces of information but I'm just starting to see how all of this fits together with these sickening disclosures of all this hidden evil that has been going on for so long.

      If you listen to roy's video, would you mind sharing your thoughts about whether you think he is correct or not.
      My conclusion at this point us that I think he is, but would appreciate your thoughts if you have time.

    2. goodboots, Quick notes, thus wordy & don't mean to be abrupt: On Roy, he could be correct in interpreting Hebrew as he's learned it. To us, Hebrew is a junk language, taken from other languages by Habiru aka jews. Its like saying German came from Yiddish. Phoenician would be more creditable. Hebrew holds no truthful significance to us.
      We'd say Tribes of Israel, rather than Hebrew tribes. Hebrew's a language, not a gene pool. Appears to us the reason jews allocate themselves as semitic is to mimic what they seek to destroy, as Aryan languages, now diminished to Indo-Aryan for instance. The escalation of Hebrew as relevant is a trick. Phoenician is a more significant language, as Yemenites speak today (& why Israhelli jews kidnapped over 5000 Yemeni children, fake adopted them & sold them to organ harvesters, others being adopted by USA jews, having been sent in cages).
      Speaking of giants, please see the beautiful woman: face in Washington, Oregon, her arm California, her legs or fins extend to Gulf of Mexico. She's holding something Wyoming to New Mexico, also see the rabbit face Utah, her hair Alaska:,-104.1875921,3313638m/data=!3m1!1e3 Giants existed, archeological finds. Even in early 1900's a gent sold bones from Catalina Island, Ca., perhaps a burial island, of course endless other giant skeletal sources. We're on the trajectory that something destroyed Earths giant trees, which had provided for larger life. The Grand Canyon, mountains resulted from mining, seas existed in flat lands, we're living in a quarry.
      As for the soulless jews, yes & of course the jew says its the only one w soul, thus jewdaic reversals, means the jew has no soul. We see evidence in how jews treat children, today w their terror events, organ harvesting, sex trafficking, consumption. Add they have no problem using their children in false flags as Sandy Crook, or faking a story over a daughters death as Anne Franks Diary - the jew is not like us, especially Whites, the jew does not value what we value. Crusius-El Paso, Betts-Dayton, Fields-Charlottesville etc, so-called White supremacist killers are JEWS, not White. They use their own jews w great pleasure.
      Right now Jew York Times is pushing their new version of their jew run African slave trade becuz the truth is out. The jew never ceases & is far, far, far beyond our comprehension in its evil. Right now jews at Penn Univ are growing fetus' in plastic bags, ready to grow their own stock of children within a few years. AND WE LET THEM. This is producing children bereft of the spark of love between a man & woman. This is the producing of a jew, soulless, incomplete, genetically altered, not of Creator, as the jew displaces God, inserts itself. The jews Golum grown in plastic bags, for jew use & consumption. AND WE CODDLE THE JEW, LET THE JEW DO WHAT IT MAY.
      We must determine now how to rid ourselves, Earth, of the jew. Forever. The jew gives us no recourse.

      An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

      Since genetically Blue eyes pass thru the mother from her father, which involves both female & male lines, so perhaps could insure a more reliable lineage. Our Christ was White, blue eyed, blond & Aryan, bloodline source of great ancient knowledge & tech far, far more than we're told. Hope this helps, am short on time. Thanks & Stay Sane.

    3. Thanks winkwink.
      Wow! There's alot in your answer.

      Are there two or three reliable sources of info on all this that I can begin reading? You and Bodhi are the only ones I know that I'd deem credible right now but I hate to keep asking you guys all these questions.

    4. goodboots, Fomenko's for historical timeline mathematical, astrological corrections & addresses the added 1000+- years by Protestant jew 'Scaliger' who is also jew Flavius Josephus as he wrote himself in 1500 prior. Protestant jew Scaliger rubber-stamped fake historical timeline which we follow today, replicating characters & events renaming them. Gheez how many King Louie's, eh? King Henry's? Come on.
      As we search old maps (America too!), pictures in books we agree w those endeavoring to expose their findings, the architectural marvels had advanced purposes as antiquitech producing free energy, healing resonance (why the roof of Notre Dame was destroyed??), Star Forts world over. America had considerable advanced populations & incredible architecture which has & is torn down, often as a 'Worlds Fair Exhibit', when the buildings were NOT built for the fair, were of exquisite construction, older than claimed. Most old Estates owned by Pharisee jew elites may not have been built by them but occupied, restored from previous structures, given to them as Pharisee bloodlines to occupy. Europe's castles were captured, occupied by Pharisee & their symbols attached, giving the impression they built them, but they did not.
      So-called 'White colonists' architecture world over show signs of advanced antiquitech, were not built by invaders, but welcomed. Funny in research how JEWS will name themselves the architects of these White colonialists structures & still blame Whites as invaders.
      San Francisco had free energy street cars on rails into early 1900's, no electric lines but safe energy-infused rails. We had free energy & the Pharisee jews destroyed it. S America had magnificent free energy structures, even small magnificent beachside structures lit up w no wires, which were destroyed (by Pharisee jew Bernard Baruch??). Asia, Japan, Africa India, world over, contributions to all built by Whites deemed evil by jews.
      Hope this helps & Stay Sane

    5. Yes, its very interesting how much has just been blotted out, even since the fifties and sixties. Its just like a dark piece of canvas was put over all of this information and we can't see what was there.

      I'm so grateful to have spent so much time around the elders in my family who talked about things when I was little. I mean like 7 or 8 and under.
      They knew it was important to pass the information on.
      Bless them.

      The focus now is bringing it all together after we take those covers off the info. Its so hard for people to assimilate info that is so shockingly different from what we've been told. But people have really started taking their poor little barraged heads out of the sand. I somehow get to talk to quite a few people about all this and now when I say, "Did you know about_______?" about 60-70% of the time they at least say they heard about it and when they have, they want to know a little more. Can't overwhelm them though. Line upon line and precept upon precept.

      And is especially true about the government system when we have been just overtly LIED to by *our Leaders* through their covert agreements... All designed to harm, well, no!... to destroy us, silently, while pretending to provide "services".

      We really need to get a full picture of what has gone on in the past, follow the timelines, see who did what, and why; as well as finding out the "how", so we can not rush into something harmful or make mistakes or get defrauded again where ones with evil intentions misuse our hopes and intentions to build an honorable, just, free, beautiful, prosperous, safe place for all of us who want to respect and care for one another to live in peace for once.

      Thank you so much. Your time spent sharing all this info isn't wasted. (((Hugs))).

  4. Too late, Trump has already betrayed his supporters regarding the 2nd Amendment. The government deep state aka crime syndicate is the catalyst for the "false flag" killings. They then enact the "solution" of gun control - got it. We know law abiding gun owners are not behind these false flag killings and they know it too. They use the same MK Ultra patsies for these crimes Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, and now white nationalists-it gets old after a while.
    “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws Are Even Worse Than You Think
    "Red Terror" -- Why the Demon-rats Want Your Guns
    The Only Effective Barrier to Gun Confiscation is...
    Jews Disarm the Goyim But Arm Themselves

  5. Connecticut man has guns confiscated and is arrested after sharing meme on Facebook
    According to Connecticut's News 12, the Norwalk Police Department had received an anonymous tip about a meme posted by Wagshol. On the grounds of pre-crime, an officer took him into custody and proceeded to seize the legal firearms owned by the 22-year old registered under his father’s name.
    The state's gun-crime prevention law known as a “red flag law” has resulted in the seizure of Wagshol's firearms that were supposedly purchased for undergoing firearm training.
    Wagshol’s attorney Darnell Crosland said that he didn’t make any comments on Facebook had only reshared memes.

    "the Norwalk Police Department had received an anonymous tip about a meme posted by Wagshol."....incredible....welcome to your new police state people...where if someone is offended by a "meme" or opinion you post, an officer is permitted to invade your home arrest you and confiscate whatever they damn well please... based on an anonymous tip....amazing

    1. Doesn't even need to be anonymous, they can make it up and link it to your central file they got going on everyone
      Remember because of registration of those arms they know where they are
      Because of your purchase of said arms with your chipped credit card and their tracking and tracing of everything you purchase they have a complete picture of who has what
      That is why Texas is considered hostile territory
      Go watch some things on grindall61 and see who all the planners are working their UN agenda 21 in behind the scenes, foreigners, long white beards etc etc etc
      In one of the videos this 'foreigner' says in a country like ours you just can't have people doing what they want!!!

  6. Two hopes on those three conditions with the sabbatean Trump, no hope and Bob Hope.