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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Plaintiffs are Debtors, Defendants are Creditors

By Anna Von Reitz

This PDF from the Corporate Tribunal's Administrative Office is evidentiary proof that the Plaintiffs including the "Government" in all these Municipal Court Cases are the Debtors and the Defendants in all cases are the Creditors. 

It's admitted right there in black and white. 

So now we have proof in their own hand that what I have told you about them, that they are persecuting their own Creditors is true.  They are persecuting their own Creditors to extract more assets and credit from the Creditors against the Creditor's will. 

This is also the motivation for killing their Creditors just as the Nazis did, to avoid having to pay us back and give them free rein to seize all our "abandoned" property. 

Donald Trump as Commander in Chief and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed of this plot by the Municipal Government and it is yet another reason why the Municipal COURTS which are being operated outside the ten miles square of the District of Columbia must be shut down.

This PDF clearly admits that the purpose of these COURTS is extortion and racketeering under force. 

This is being done under the auspices of the British Crown and they are operating under the Holy See. 

It's time for the American Armed Forces to show us what they are made of and for the Queen and the Pope to honor their obligations to us and to the rest of the world in full. 

Shut down the criminal operations on our shores. Penalize the British Crown. Release our purloined copyrights. Shut down the Municipal COURTS and Corporate Tribunals. Assist us in peacefully returning our civilian courts to full service throughout the country. Open up access to the American National Credit so that the Creditors are not hamstrung in the interim. Turn aside from all plans to further murder and penalize the innocent civilian populations, or as happened in the days of Elijah, fire will rain down upon the Priests of Baal and they shall be utterly consumed. 


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  1. The Private Federal Reserve and the courts
    Private bank with board members who monotize the court system and every case and also run the for profit prisons
    And now they working to put you in one of their for profit prisons for thinking

    1. Im having issues with a court now, studying all I can but from what I've seen, they shut everyone down and afv or anything else doesnt work! You get held in contempt or declared incompetent! The only remedy for that scenario may be to bring your own court reporter! Being told by a couple state assembly leaders to hire a bar attorney or take their plea deal. My spiritual life hasnt been the same having these court dates in the back of my mind while trying to continue on and make fedeeal reserve notes to feed my family. David Straight is a genius when it comes to beating these courts back, but have had no success as of yet in getting contact back from him. The rules of civil procedure shows clearly that their summons process to me was void, just dont know exactly how to approach the remedies with these goons, like " failur to state a claim for which relief can be granted"! It suck feelong powerless against these criminals with their 98percent convviction ratings!!!

    2. If you hire an attorney you have already agreed and labeled incompetent, ward of the state and lost at sea
      If you go in and admit to being the 'person' then they take over
      Listen to the video here
      The men in black are the judges or administrators
      Crossing the bar which means you are approaching the bank the bench is the bank (hence JP Morgan Chase has a stake in all court cases)
      I'm just trying to help
      I am sure many of us are on their chopping block
      They are gathering all kinds of information on all of us through social media, text, emails, banking activities, EVERYTHING to create a case to bring us before their inquisitors
      This site here and this blog has put us all on a hit list in my opinion
      Their stated goals as per their new world order is only 500,000 million people left on earth - see georgia guidestones
      And it is no coincidence either that Jeckle Island was where this devilish scheme was carried out to create the federal reserve and that georgia is where they put up the georgia guidestones
      I believe many are already chipped like the military that work for them? Just my opinion
      And the Noahide 'laws' that they are now working to impose will prosecute all heritics if you do not renounce your faith

    3. Yes, they never really have any jurisdiction whether you answer to the name or not. Its all fraud ab initio, and just because someone answers to the name in their fraudulent illusion of proceedings, in reality doesnt give them anything. David Straight helped a lady that had been convicted of 4 felonies by a jury, just before sentencing, and everything was dropped.

      Im familiar with the Noahide laws signed by Bush in 91. I believe its HJR 104. We are under foreign enemy occupation, obviously.

    4. PART ONE:
      "Shut down the criminal operations on our shores.
      Penalize the British Crown.
      Release our purloined copyrights. Shut down the Municipal COURTS and Corporate Tribunals. Assist us in peacefully returning our civilian courts to full service throughout the country. Open up access to the American National Credit so that the Creditors are not hamstrung in the interim. Turn aside from all plans to further murder and penalize the innocent civilian populations, or as happened in the days of Elijah, fire will rain down upon the Priests of Baal and they shall be utterly consumed."

      "Shut down the criminal operations on our shores".
      1. If they are "on our shores", as Annamaria is writing, then she is saying they are operating in Maritime jurisdiction.
      That is Law Merchant/ Commerce/ right where they have been screwing us. Its an inferior law position to our, the American state nationals', lawful authority ON THE LAND AND SOIL OF OUR FREE AND INDEPENDENT NATIONS.
      All of this is spirutually-based on the 1611 KJV. That now that it has come time to fulfill their obligations,they are trying to sneakily change to Talmudic NOAHide "Law".

      Covering the land and soil with water to cleanse it of the goyim? [NOAH*hide*? Law. Word magick again perhaps?] Would it SYMBOLICALLY TO THEM BE Maritime shore Law: covering the land and soil common law authority of the living people with water. [*Symbolically drowning them* as their made-up Berth Certificates (water again, not fire) genocided us on their flat, two-dimensional documents?] Flood. Cleanse. Ethnic Cleansing? from the filthy goyim/ hybrid/ nephilim dirtying up their planet? Georgia Guidestones?

      The entire scenario is based upon the claim of someone wanting to be "God" other than God.

      All they do, can do, is mimick and repeat. They have no creativity. They can only make imitations:
      Imitation "persons"
      Initiation "states"
      Imitation nations
      Imitation superior authorities and on and on and on.
      Its all they've got.

      "Penalize the British Crown."
      2. WE, the living, true American state nationals have to penalize the British Crown!!!
      (why would they punish themselves?) Using our OWN authority, being the living people on the LAND AND SOIL, (not the *SHORES*/Maritime/Territirial "In Rem" /other construct, for pity sake.)

      "Release our purloined copyrights."
      3. Release EVERYTHING stolen, not just our copyrights -- along with all of the increase, gain and enrichment made from the UNAUTHORIZED use of our private and public property.

      "Shut down the Municipal COURTS and Corporate Tribunals. Assist us in peacefully returning our civilian courts to full service throughout the country."
      4a. WE the living people DO NOT HAVE CIVILIAN COURTS!!
      WE HAVE American Traditional COMMON LAW Courts!!

      "Civil" and "civilian" are ROMAN CIVIL LAW. Jesuits. Pope. Vatican,Inc. Under the Papacy of fake Catholicism.
      An OLIGARCHY. Like Washington, D.C.
      Washington, District of Columbia. Columbia is Isis. It's on the top of their pregnant dome in Washington, District of Isis.

      Continued in PART TWO, FOLLOWING.

    5. Shelby!!!!
      Alex Jones has an article today on Infowars about their plans for us to eat BUGS, just like you've been saying!!!!!!
      It's hitting mainstream news now :):):).

    6. Also, a headline on IW:

      SEE: H. R. 2977 ,(or maybe 2799... can't recall right now for sure 10/01/2001) Dennis Kucinich, something about SPACE,; but really, what it is is disclosure that in 2001, around a month after 9/11, that they were ALREADY deploying, and HAD been deploying, all kinds of weapons on populations and individuals AND were claiming to be moving the tectonic plates around.

      That's nearly 20 years ago that they were admitting they'd already been doing these things.

    7. PART TWO:

      "Shut down the Municipal COURTS and Corporate Tribunals. Assist us in peacefully returning our civilian courts to full service throughout the country."

      "Shut down the Municipal COURTS and Corporate Tribunals."
      4b. Nope.
      They don't GET to shut down their MUNICIPAL courts and Territorial Tribunals, they have to CONFINE them and leave them functioning so that we, the living American people who have been harmed, damaged, injured, violated, trespassed upon, defrauded or have suffered losses to ourselves or our property as a result of their crimes, HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BRING OUR *COMMERCIAL* CRIMINAL CLAIMS AGAINST THEM THAT WE ARE MAKING THROUGH OUR STATES.

      I HAVE ALREADY NOTIFIED THEIR DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, INC. OF THIS FOR MYSELF, an American state national, without regard for any statutes of limitations due: to FRAUD.

      "Assist us in peacefully returning our civilian courts to full service..."
      4c. Nope.
      I don't believe we need any more "HELP" from these corrupt, lying, murdering, criminal fools.

      They simply need to haul their filthy, lying, murdering fat parasitic arsses out of our buildings and off of our land and soil in an orderly fashion, on our timeline, in accord with our instructions.... because I keep hearing references being made to ropes and hammers and nails and I think I might be hearing some pounding now... maybe that's just the woodpecker. :):)

      *WE* have American traditional COMMON LAW courts.
      And non-militia.
      That's it.
      Our fathers must have invented the "Keep It Simple Stupid" slogan.

      American state nationals don't have:
      Civil courts.
      Civilian courts.
      Courts of Law (Commerce / Law Merchant).
      Courts of Admiralty.
      Courts of Equity (Kings Bench... with Temple BAR attorneys sitting as King in judgment over us.)
      Courts of Common Law (English)
      Courts having to do with Magna Charta directly, in anyway whatsoever.

      What we have are American traditional militia and non-milita common law courts where claims/counterclaims are heard, proofs are shown and the jury decides; with a truly-elected Justice of the Peace overseeing the "court".
      All things are handled mostly at the County level.
      Its very inexpensive.
      There are very few publicly held resources to allocate.
      There are no Grand Juries. (that's English/Magna Charta common law and are part of the political bands our grandfathers DISSOLVED!)

      The man *IS* the State.
      You ARE the State.
      The man *IS* the court.
      The sovereign man is (the) Sovereign of the court pertaining to the claim he is holding court for: for the purpose of being heard by the people (not the People: that's FICTION), who are called the "jury", but are, in actuality, the Judge; who are all sovereigns/have freewill too.
      There are no laws, no Public Law or other law or Laws or legislation; no jury nullification of laws.

      The people ARE the law.
      The jury is the Judge.

      The man claims the court.
      The court belongs to the sovereign man who is, the Sovereign, when he or she is holding court.

      The man is sovereign and when "holding his court" is the Sovereign.
      Every man or woman is equal in this.
      All have the exact same right to hold court.

      *They* ab-so-lutely HATE this!!
      They cannot Lord over anyone.
      Where is their chance to rob you? There is none, its gone.
      They aren't even involved and CAN'T be.

      Its the people TCB/taking care of the business OF the people: without interference from interlopers who want to come in and start charging other men and women for not following the rules they make up for YOU to follow.... But THEY don't have to follow them.

      "throughout the country." "
      The USofA unincorp. isn't a "COUNTRY".

      We never have been.

      The United States of America is not a country or a State or a nation.

      It is an agreement, a union and a con-(with: the several States' sovereign rights held intact) federation.

    8. Didn't think it would have to be a
      PART THREE, but there is:

      "Open up access to the American National Credit so that the Creditors are not hamstrung in the interim.":

      5. When our private and public property was STOLEN:
      it was supposed to have been set up as the NATIONAL CREDIT
      for the people it was STOLEN from
      to make "charges" against by way of/via the Individual Trust Accounts;
      kind of similar to a checking account but without the checks.

      The so-called NATIONAL CREDIT pertaining to the people then is absolutely NOT the paltry amount of $21-25 Trillion
      but instead, it is:
      All of the actual physical property, the lives, the work, the goods, the natural resources, the food, the fresh water, the production, the sons and daughters, the minerals, the lumber, the fish, the grain,and so forth, that:
      The English Monarchy
      BAR Association
      Vatican, Inc.
      FAKE Catholic Church
      "Jew" bankers STOLE.
      (all/most of whom we are now hearing, if true, are satanic paedophiles who do people sacrificing and peoples' blood rituals to gain their "power").



      ITS Y.O.U.R. O.W.N. P.R.O.P.E.R.T.Y.!!
      You ALREADY OWN it.
      It is both the public and private property stolen from you and yours, over the last over 150 years.
      Is that worth only $21-25 Trillion?

      WE HAVE TO DEMAND THAT OUR PROPERTY THAT WAS STOLEN FROM US BE RETURNED. ALONG with all of the gain, increase, enrichment/other benefits, that was made from the UNAUTHORIZED use of it, while we were being deprived of its use, benefit, and enjoyment.

      Don't be suckered into a swindle of accepting FICTION CREDIT instead of ALL OF YOUR PROPERTY, plus what was made off of using it while you were deprived of its use yourself, under threat forces, COERSION and fraud!!

      What makes up this FICTION called the NATIONAL CREDIT is actually Y.O.U.R. V.E.R.Y. O.W.N. S.T.O.L.E.N. P.R.O.P.E.R.T.Y. Held by the corrupt, criminal Corporation.

      *****If I am NOT correct, I sincerely invite and DEMAND that someone provide proof of my errors.
      I will GLADLY accept all verified proofs, shown on the Record, that what I am saying is wrong AND I will promote that verified proof just as vigorously as I am promoting what I am saying now, because all most of us here on Paul's blog are looking for is the full truth.*****

      "Turn aside from all plans to further murder and penalize the innocent civilian populations,"
      6. IMO, That is already being taken care of by people who actually love America and us.
      Ex: China Lake is not just an MKUltra torture facility where sons and daughters are put in electric cages. It was supposedly one of the largest chemtrails facilities in the world.
      ...They didn't blow their own torture chambers and biological and chemical weapons facility up! Someone who loves America did that!

      "or as happened in the days of Elijah, fire will rain down upon the Priests of Baal and they shall be utterly consumed."
      There is no "or" left to it.
      They are not being WARNED anymore to NOT do something.
      They have already done it.......
      Significantly, I believe, that their crushing over THREE Hebrew 50-year Jubilees already since around 1865... Without showing any signs of mercy, and in fact, removing mercy altogether is bringing irrevocable judgment on them now.
      Depending upon what you believe, it looks to me like perhaps mercy was also removed from THEM around 2015 when they tried to step into the FOURTH cycle of terror, abuse and fraud upon the people without observing the Hebrew Jubilee for the FOURTH time.jmo.

  2. Found this article of some interest
    JP Morgan Chase is involved in every court case

    Another read that is of the utmost importance

    The jew suit blood oath
    I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.

    Now folks I believe the military is all manned by these monsters and their plan to destroy anyone and everyone on this earth is running full speed ahead

    The Roman Pontiffs Army
    And make no mistake they wrote the books and are following the script

    As Santos says the Piso family wrote the bible
    At around the 28 minute mark listen to what he says about the books and the thieving done by the men in black - the courts

    Which leads me to their triple crown and Justify this past year and their derby horse racing

    Their triple crown is the first world trust

    1. The families

    2. Dang this article is long as hell Shelby lol. Pretty decent so far.

    3. Yes it is and Anna's information is in there too along with some of her articles
      The link below read the crap from Kissinger
      Please we must talk to everyone and inform - that is priority number 1

  3. Rock, email Coach Bob at for some help.

  4. Lex.non scripta.or law not written ( natural law ,GODS law) man's interpretation common law.
    As David Quade space on common law abatement his friend entered out side bar and basically said here on special appearance my name is capitol lower case his Christian name. an man on land my law is the king James bible answer I say no more.

  5. The only way this debt credit system works is when both sides are honest and honorable, problem is, even before a court case starts it's Dishonored, they bank on your ignorance of not knowing how to handle a court case. Stay away from lawyers unless they're non card-carrying. Unless you know exactly what you're doing stay the hell out of the Courts, trust what I say they will take everything you own if you do not know what you're doing.

    1. What we need is good non card-carrying counselors to step up and form a team and offer , we need teams such as these all over the country.

    2. It was supposed to say an offer assistance

    3. Spirit Walker agreed. It takes a lot of study to learn how to handle the criminals. I just started not long ago but with all the info and disinformation agents, its hard to find the proper process. According to David Straight you have to show their fraud. He has an affidavit that shuts them down called the never perfect affidavit. Its named that because they change the rules on a whim, so it has to change as well.

    4. Rock, I'd suggest you choose and there is many someone that absolutely knows what they're doing such as Anna von Reitz, and stick with her. If you're not sure what you're doing already following other people and doing what they suggest if it's not in the same realm as Anna's you're going to get more confused you have to stick with one that's just a suggestion you do the suit yourself.

    5. Yes true, she actually recommends David in one of her blogs, thats how i found him.

    6. Rock read this book and join this website, you will find what you need.

      It won't be quick but I just saved you countless hours of sorting through mountains of garbage to find the gems. Good luck bud

    7. sorry typo there lol the address is:

      Found this interesting
      They've painted the picture that the Knights Templars were a noble bunch but in reality?
      Watch the next video and see the same hand signals that ole humty dumpty does during every tell lie vision sit down appearance

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Maybe they do but what you fail to realize is who in reality is actually the debtor and who is the creditor. Where does the credit come from?

    2. Happy, This may be true that Creditors sue debtors, but I'd put money down that in the actual paperwork it states that the plaintiff is the debtor, even though they are the ones doing the suing. The problem is that the debtors (actually the creditors) depend on someone else to speak for them (an attorney or lawyer) and once they do that, they are already declared, ON THEIR OWN that they are incompetent. Here comes the train!

  7. Oh stop with the sweeping generalizations. Creditors (you and me) sue as plaintiffs, is common. Stop eroding your own credibility with questionable, creative cliches.

    1. Response to Happy camper from Anna Von Reitz:

      Why don't you read the page in front of you BEFORE opening your big mouth? It will be less embarrassing for you, if you do.

      The information revealed on the form is the exact opposite of what you "presume"--- it's the defendants who are identified as the Creditors, not the Plaintiffs.

      That is the entire point and that is what is clearly revealed on their own form, in front of you face.

      But you are too indoctrinated and too anxious to try to discredit what I am showing you to open up your eyes and READ instead of blowing off your mouth.

      If you want to add to the discussion read the material before commenting or get off the page, because you are not on it.

    2. Anna, I'm a bit confused. I find it odd that "creditor" or "debtor" is even mentioned, but is it possibly because the roles of creditor and debtor switch once a counter-claim is filed?

  8. “Happy camper” is a homeless guy. He coudn't figure out many things, that over 100,000 - Million evidences captured against the Gov'tal Thieves, calling themselves the lenders fraudulently via multi-layer Loopback (Pass-Through Trusts,Bonds, Book-entry), mimicking the lending effects (or Fraud on average ppl), with missing lender NAMES and Signature, in million Contracts. The form Anna mentioned at is one of many million evidences.
    Beware, if you filed too many evidences in the thieves courts, they can call you Vexatious litigator, and fine you for $25k or more. They can file manipulative Doc.s against you, to tarnish your position. Now, if you try to get those millions evidences, you may not have luck, from the SEC database. So I say, good job Anna. Remember, we are the one helping the thieves create Wall Street trading. Why wouldn’t we know about their 1988-89 plan of their SuperHighWay of Information?

  9. Those smart Thieves also publish online Free help, to fight Fraud, so you would look the other way. They give you a run-around to CFPB, or FTC, and Local Finance Dept., to confuse you. The ingredients of their successful Fraud is "Confusion & deception" = Mercenary war. For us to fight this game, we need extra Brain(processing power), good tracking, extra memory, and special GPS. So ppl learn to use a good tracking system, to reduce the complexity, and confusion.
    The last ppl calling me {generalizing things}had been victimized, in homeless situation. Shame on them.

  10. I got food stamps a few years back for a few months. They sent another card and it said JP Morgan bank on the card and said if wanting to find out about the card, problems etc, to contact JP Morgan. So food stamps is just part of their incorporated "lets toss out the ten commandments and jump up and down on them laughing about our great success in evil deed completion" business using in many cases to American Common Law offices since the Americans are still on break, out to lunch or interegnumbing and not around. I recall in school being told and trained to always do as you are told, same in the military. Schools a good idea possibly to expand and cultivate ones thinking practices also have made great re-training camps. The people crave these schools and do not even know Dept of education a tool of the corporate rulers have been using them to train in to obedience to their system most people for years now. While people study takeovers and infiltration techniques their seems to be no sleuthing in to it or even looking to see if who wrote it had intentions of any kind. The military shop I worked on aircraft in said, "What does assume make us?" Well it makes and ass out of ume, that sounds like "It makes an ass out of you and me" And so it does, yet today people often ignore facts and just accept a popular opinon tossed out by the liars.

  11. Really the blame game of shifting away from the jewish.take over of America and all of Europe is sickening . Full court press to destroy anything of Anglo Saxon or nordic.
    The fight is ancient .
    Moloto.jew.Lincoln was the game changer bankrupt the federal Virginia co.and pumping executive orders appointing himself head of ARMY.bringing in Admiralty law and THE Jewish FDR.train wreck the world non stop tyranny . Obomer.tried to repeal.the bill of rights.started shadow government senior executive service..stop the blame shift.

    1. A must read

  12. The BAR members have managed to change the JUDICIAL courts to their JUDICIARY!
    Not at all the same thing.
    They have 0 as in no jurisdiction!!!
    Showing up at these courts is perfecting jurisdiction,
    so stop showing up in name of the dummy!

  13. A MUST watch for everyone - anyone on the coast be aware at all times
    He did a multiple part series on this the one above is the third which I believe is very revealing
    EVERYONE WATCH the below video as well - I can tell you with certainty that this has happened in Texas and Rick Perry and Mitt Romney and the Bush clan were all part of it
    The stickers that are talked about are already on all Texas cars, rfid chips in Texas Toll Tags, SMART City signs already up in Frisco/Plano Texas
    Cameras everywhere and I mean everywhere
    Stack and pack housing all around this super highway collecting tolls from just about everyone
    Moving hundreds of thousands of people here from everywhere, housing developments everywhere, stack and pack apartments
    Utility poles the likes I have never seen in my life before surrounding this entire area, not like the old wooden utility poles, huge metal poles and I mean massive metal poles bolted to concrete bases which is where I believe they running the 5G
    Lennar homes partnering with Amazon and building wifi certified homes - everything controlled via wifi in the home
    This is what is going on and I am sure that it is happening everywhere in the mega regions
    USMCA deal that humty dumpty is doing is part of the deals and he's part of it and so is Gulianni
    People need to wake the hell up
    COLORADO and IRON MOUNTAIN is their home base after the destroy new york

  14. All presentments are an offer to contract. Reject and return the offered contracts (by Registered mail with return receipt) within 72 hours of receipt. They need your permission to proceed. Don't give it to them.

  15. To all of our returning and ex military
    For all young men out there please wake up to the flase narrative and male bashing and realize that this it is very important to be men and we love you for it
    In the meantime, many, many women are arming up
    Cannot stress enough that we all pay attention at every turn

  16. Bodhi, The declaration of Independence doesn’t mean a thing when you deal with Thieves, Crown the Templar, they worship the Devils, Free mason Cross type. They recognized independence and gave to each States of Indochina in 1946-47; then the French, British, and US(Inc) still returned to Bomb Indochina more, until 1974, at American and SE Asian expenses. So forget about the need of Decl. of independence for America. Let’s have a total house clean, better.

  17. It seems to me the Nazi were an extension of Wall St. and the six Million death figure is some what dubious at best.

  18. Neither the Declaration of Independence nor our Independence was something GIVEN to us by our Masters!

    The DoI was our grandfathers giving lawful NOTICE to the world (that, by the way, was lawfully "acknowledged and accepted" by same) that our life, freedom and all other property, rights and statuses are given by our creator, not by man or any other.

    If YOU do not want to be under its protections, then all you have to do is Record that;
    make that part of the Public Record about yourself that you do not recognize and receive the Declaration of Independence's authority or protections over you and that you dissolve the connections between it and yourself.

    That way, you can show that it does not apply to YOU, but you have not infringed upon us, the people who understand its inestimable value and DO recognize and receive it to pertain to us and to what belongs to us.

    Easy to do.

    1. goodboots this is the website I was talking about a few weeks back, it's back up - I would presume he is getting donations to help him live and keep his site up again

    2. Read the article down on the right of the page about the Catholic North American Union
      This is why they pranced the popey around the white house like they did few years back
      They all know what the hell they are doing
      Triple crown, justify which translate to they feel they are justified in killing billions of people to get to their new world order

    3. How about the Boston Marathon incident
      Telling everyone there isn't one of them that is not in on the dstruction of all of mankind

  19. This is priceless
    Today while walking my dog ran in to a financial advisor walking around our neighborhood offering financial advice, lol
    Boy oh boy did I give him an earful
    The he tries to tell me there are ways for people to protect their 'money' in the event they dump the dollar, lol
    I guess that would be Switzerland and off shore bank accounts which by the way are run by the same crooks
    I had his head spinning, lol

  20. A good read for anyone in California, everywhere actually may be some valuable information as far as foreclosures

  21. Your name under the law
    Just thought I would put this out there, yes it is long but lots of information in it

  22. And here is exactly why ole BARR enacted capital punishment laws in prepartion for the coming holocaust of America
    No coincidence wither that they shipped all kinds of guillotines in here either, they will kill you for worshipping Jesus Christ or eating meat and then they will bill your insurance company for your decapitation under their newly implemented ICD-10 coding that was implemented a few years back
    Under the banner of the Society of Jesus they will now claim they are permitted to execute you
    California fires and the USAF
    The Popes military
    All of them are working under the Vatican and they are all for profit private militaries


  24. The CREDITOR is:
    the CQV Trust/LEGAL FICTION/"the NAME".

    Not you (the living man).

    You, the living man, are the Trust's Beneficiary....Who is conveniently "presumed DEAD"! even though they know you were and are alive and well.

    And sneakily fraudulently probated your "estate"/gave your property, rights, and statuses to someone to whom they do not belong:
    ... when you were just a few days old, so they could steal the trust/estate "contents"/property /collateral/ chattel/ security/surety.

    The trust contents is YOUR PHYSICAL BODY!!!

    What else do you have when you are 12 days old? Nothing.
    What is the source of all credit pertaining to you? Your life's production value.
    How do you create more value: reproduce other moneymaker-shekleshakers, (sons and daughters) that's how.

    In other words:
    1. Your body
    2. The fruit of your body
    3. The fruit of your labor.
    (4. And where satanists are concerned, your breath of life: your soul.)

    Is the contents of the trusts that they set up to rob.

    Among other things, I have Recorded that:
    1. I am alive, well, present and competent.
    2. I claim all the contents of the Trusts from the very beginning.
    3. I claimed my physical body and all the fruits of it and of its labor.
    And much more.

    1. YOU are the creditor. The NAME has nothing without you.

    2. Thanks for the input Rog.

      The info I have comes from listening to the actual Frank O' is not conclusive, Its just the way I understand things myself right now. All is JMO.

      You, the living man, are neither the Creditor nor the Debtor.
      Your position is that of sole and exclusive Beneficiary.
      The Creditor is the Grantor /Settlor/ Creator of the Trust (has UNLIMITED value in their system) = the NAME and the contents of the Trust is the Creditor;
      the Debtor(s) is/are the Trustee/ Executor /Administrators of the Trust/ who are the Officers of the Corporation who are running the pretend "courts": they are mostly BAR ATTORNEY ACTORS, acting as if they were judges/other.

      This from Dr. Sam Kennedy:
      The Clerk of the Court is the Trustee over the CQV/other Trust.
      The BAR Atty playing like a judge is the Trustee of the Constructive Trust they call a case;
      The "Prosecutor" is the Executor of the specific Trust "assets"/ contents /property being administrated.

      Back to Frank's info:
      There is a contractual agreement between the Grantor and the MUNICIPAL Trustee(s) that you, the Beneficiary, the living man, are not involved in any way.
      You the living man, the Beneficiary, have your own separate agreement with the Grantor that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the MUNICIPAL Trustees, Executors, or Administrators.

      You, the living man, the Trust's sole and exclusive Beneficiary were given a gift/endowment from the Grantor that no one else can use, benefit from, or enjoy.
      And the Trustees have a contractual obligation with the Grantor to make sure nobody else uses the Trust contents.. They are paid to protect the interests of the Beneficiary.

      The two separate agreements, do not overlap at all.
      That is the whole point of setting up a trust.

      It is a Conflict of Interest if the Trustee benefits in any way from, or uses, the Trust's gift/endowment ...Breach of Trust and of Contract with the Grantor... grounds for making a claim against the Trustees.

      To the best of my private knowledge right now, the Trust gifts/endowments /"contents"/ are your natural God-given property, rights, statuses, production, CHILDREN, and other, AND OUR PHYSICAL BODY... that they have stolen through fraud and nondisclosure and enforced upon us with violence, all against our will.

      As you know, these filthy criminals:
      1. Pretend genocided/ murdered Americans on paper at a few days of age.
      2. Pronounced/made false records showing living American sons and daughters *as*/as*if* or falsely presumed to be, DEAD,
      3. Then, went on to fraudulently "probate"/ divvie up/make false claims on/ separate us from: our property, on the fraud basis that we were *presumed DEAD* and they were going to take care of the property we left behind for us until we returned from being lost at sea or whatever.

      At this time, I believe that they constantly skim any gain, enrichment, and increase that is obtained, leaving the trust continually *empty* or *bankrupt.*
      They say you left your body behind and they've been saddled with taking care of it.
      Maybe one day they say your mother gave you as a gift.
      Or the next day they say your father never claimed you.
      They say you were lost at sea.
      Or are an incompetent, ill, or need their *help*.
      Or a volunteer corporate employee.
      Or are a welfare recipient.
      Or you accepted their benefits.
      Or you are a merchant mariner.
      We have a private law merchant contract with them.
      We are their enemy.
      We are an enemy combatant.
      We gave them your placenta.
      It was your twin.
      We didn't take care of it, so they have to.
      The placenta is the Creditor twin and we are the Debtor twin.

      It doesn't really matter to them what kind of a nonsensical claim they make because in their fraud jurisdictions they just claim that you have to prove them WRONG...instead of them having to prove anything to you.
      And keep in mind, they legislated that they can lie in their Courts,to their Congress and to you! I'm outofroom.

  25. And don't forget:
    These sows are the ones trafficking our little American, and other, sons and daughters for satanic ritual abuse, torture, terror, experimentation, hunting, electrocution in cages (China Lake "military") and other brutal violations the little ones should never even know anything about.

    For anyone who feels led to join me, I'm asking God to very quickly return all of their curses and judgments back upon them right Now, without remedy.

    I ask that a lot.

  26. Now I'm just gonna throw this out there for you - ever hear of the
    Epstein Barr disease
    No coincidence people
    Epstein gets whacked while Barr is Attorney Genral - come on

  27. Anyone have an opinion regarding the OPPT actions headed by Heather a few years ago? It appears that OPPT (One People's Public Trust) foreclosed on all the corporations, that they have not rebutted. Not rebutting or filing counter arguments brings validity to OPPT's claims. Rebutting would prove the fraud(s) so they won't. Not that I expect the cabal to repect their own law but Universal Law must be satisfied. So, it means to me that it puts our standing firm, Universe/God must stand with us as we reclaim. No weasel room to claim that we "agreed" to our condition. I'm not trying to say that what OPPT did was valid but it looks like it to me. Any thoughts on how/if this fits with our fight? Thanks

  28. To Shelby, Goodboots, and all the other idiots commenting without thinking and without research ---- Go away. Paul, just shut them down? This is ridiculous. We are dealing with a foreign government operating in a foreign jurisdiction on our land and soil. The only way to deal with the situation is exactly what I have been telling you to do for ten years --- expose it for what it is, expose who is doing it to us, declare your rightful political status and put in on the record, boot up your State Assemblies, elect your land and soil jurisdiction courts and peacekeeping officials and hired or volunteer peacekeeping officers. This is about self-governance or lack thereof, and until you boneheads all wake to eff up and realize what has to be done and stop sitting on your rumps talking nonsense, we will be no better off than we were when we started.

  29. Calling names? Why?
    Boneheads, idiots, effs, rumps?
    All I've done is ask you to answer a couple of valid questions. I'm supplying info that ties in with our freedom.
    I think probably Paul realizes that.

    No reason to get this upset Annamaria.

    1. All I ever try to do is provide good information as to what is happening
      To outright slam any of us as idiots is uncall for
      I send a lot of people to this site to help and to be called an idiot and a bonehead?
      I wonder how many people I have sent here donate to Anna?


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