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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Rick Manning: Red Flag Laws Raise a Gigantic Red Flag

I worked with Donald Trump’s team before he announced for the presidency on opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a policy decision which put me at odds with many of my conservative friends. But defending the United States of America against a trade deal which would eviscerate our national sovereignty was worth the cost.

Today I find myself in opposition to President Trump on a pair of foundational issues – the right to keep and bear arms and due process, which both are under attack through so-called red flag laws. The sad reality is that history demonstrates that these types of well-meaning laws are too easily abused.
I do not make this choice lightly. Recently after returning from a meeting at the White House, I had lunch with a friend. A fellow patron of the restaurant overheard that I had been in the meeting and heard me say favorable things about the president, after which this unknown person approached my table and started screaming invective at me. Even as his two young boys pleaded with and pulled on Dad trying to get him to leave, this self-proclaimed Georgetown Law grad continued his screaming rant as spittle flew from his foaming mouth. Along the way, he expressed the opinion that I and everyone like me should die, along with other lovely bits of wisdom.
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  1. Should come as no surprise to anyone he is an actor playing his role
    He was a plant from the word go

  2. No doubt trump was a plant making us think he was a savior long enough to full implement the hate speach and anti gun laws.