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Thursday, August 8, 2019

International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam

By Anna Von Reitz

Following the American Civil War, the British Territorial Government took over under the pretext of providing us with a military Protectorate, based on their Constitutional contract to provide a Mutual Defense for our States of the Union.

Mr. Lincoln left them the Lieber Code to administer -- basically, instructions for what they were supposed to do and how they were supposed to conduct themselves and over time, that morphed into the Hague Conventions. The next day Lincoln bankrupted the Northern States of the original Confederacy.

And here we've sat ever since, left in the dark and fed horse chunks, under "reconstruction", purportedly awaiting the day when our States would reconstruct the States of America and issue new Federal States of States--- while our States have been lulled to sleep and reassured that all is well and not made aware of any purported necessity to reconstruct anything left over from a 150 year-old foreign commercial mercenary war.

In point of fact, our States are under no obligation to reconstruct the Confederation of States dba States of America and are potently capable of exercising every power ever delegated to the Confederation.

Our States of the Union were never involved in the Civil War, by definition; our states were never bankrupted, either, and our Holding Company, The United States of America, has never ceased to function.

Thanks to guile, betrayal, self-interest, and Breach of Trust by both the Queen and the Pope, we have been bubbling along, deliberately left unaware of the external circumstance and all the many, many lies that these subcontractors have been telling the world about us and the false claims they have been making against us and our assets ever since.

To expedite and institutionalize their cozy "special relationship" the perpetrators have established The Dead Baby Scam, a throwback to earlier outlawed practices of the so-called Holy Roman Empire. Admission of their corruption can be viewed on the televised London Winter Olympics footage, which shows those responsible parading in hooded robes around the giant effigy of a Dead Baby, much to the amazement and consternation of the rest of the world, which was left wondering....?

Now you know that that weird procession involved a "Sealing Ceremony" in which they hoped to consecrate their spellbinding --- also known as fraud -- against the American States and People and most of the rest of the world, too.

The British Territorial Government operating its bogus perpetual military Protectorate on our shores conscripted our doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health professionals as "Uniformed Officers". See their Federal Title 37. They then licensed those ersatz officers and under duress of not being able to practice their professions, misdirected them to do something very peculiar in hospitals throughout our country.

They were to admit the fetal afterbirth material (amnion) resulting from each natural birth process as a "dying person" to the hospital record and use whatever Given Names our parents provided as the name of the amnion.

As a result, all our mothers were admitted as patients and gave birth to a dead "person" carrying our Given Names. There is no record of us being present at all. This fraudulent genocide on paper was then used to excuse the creation of trusts by the Municipal United States Government.

The British Territorial Government held the Equitable (Beneficial) Title to these trusts created and operated in our NAMES and the Municipal United States Government held the legal title to them. The Municipal Government additionally created many other incorporated entities ---- public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, LLCs, Joint Ventures, etc. --- all operated in our NAMES.

This is an identity theft scheme of staggering proportions carried out against individual living Americans for the purpose of accessing our credit and confiscating our assets under color of law.

No wonder the British Perpetrators were marching around their effigy of a dead baby, mumbling their incantations in hopes that we would all remain asleep and never, ever figure out what was going on.

But we have figured it out and we are not happy with our subcontractors. In fact, we consider it a gross criminal Breach of Trust and we demand immediate corrective action, and reinstatement of all Given Names and living estates to all the Americans those properties naturally belong to.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is responsible for issuing correct Identification Cards owed to all these purportedly "dead" Americans under the Geneva Conventions governing peaceful civilian populations under occupation and correct passports until such time as our States Assemble and The United States of America issues its own passports again.

32 CFR PART 161 § 161.4 Policy. (a) It is DoD policy that a distinct DoD ID card shall be issued to uniformed service members, their dependents, and other eligible individuals and will be used as proof of identity and DoD affiliation. (b) DoD ID cards shall serve as the Geneva Convention Card for eligible personnel in accordance with DoD Instruction 1000.1, ‘‘Identity Cards Required by the Geneva Convention’’ And... All Veterans at age 60 are entitled to a pension and medical benefits (via the DOD not the VA).

We are not DOD "personnel" but we are Protected Persons owed a correct ID from the U.S. military, and "protection of our persons and property" as well.

To say that we are dismayed and disgusted by the hypocrisy, graft, greed, disloyalty, guile, deceit, necromancy, identity theft, false probate of living estates in violation of their own statutory laws and U.S. Supreme Court decisions --- Scott v. McNeal, 154 U.S. 34 (1894), conspiracy against our lawful government in contravention of the Constitutions that created and empowered these foreign subcontractors to exercise our delegated powers in the first place --- would be a complete understatement.

The entire Dead Baby Scam is a plot so evil, so fantastical, so bizarre that it beggars all belief, and yet there it is -- exposed at the London Winter Olympics, clearly tracked on the public records of these organizations --- the largest identity theft and credit fraud scheme in the history of the world, all predicated on a fictitious genocide on paper and deliberate misapplication of our Given Names to our amniotic waste materials, substituted for the True Owners of our Earthly estates -- the Zygote and the living baby resulting from the unique Zygote underlying all other claims from the moment of fertilization onward.

It is an Eternal Shame that any Church has colluded to Dishonor the Covenant between Mankind and our Creator.

Let it stand for the record that the Hospitaliers, also known as the Knights of Malta, are the agents and principals responsible for the largest part of the implementation of these fraudulent records and the resulting false claims in commerce against our living estates. Let it also stand that they have been aided and abetted in these activities by members of the Roman Catholic Dominican Order, which has conducted an Inquisition and religious persecution on our shores using the instrumentality of the IRS to prosecute millions of false claims in commerce against Americans.

For this fraud and theft, the Office of the Roman Pontiff, liquidated in 2011, is fundamentally responsible. We continue to hold the Roman Curia, the Holy See, and the Roman Catholic Church as a whole responsible for gross Breach of Trust in criminal self-interest. We also hold the British Government and the British Crown responsible for their part colluding in this outrageous Breach of Trust and international fraud scheme.

Let this also stand for the record of the entire world that all such bogus Cestui Que Vie ESTATES are dissolved upon their discovery, together with their derivatives, and all beneficial intellectual and material rights, titles, and interests return to the living people to whom these assets naturally belong.

All Municipal COURTS outside the District of Columbia must be shut down. This is a non-negotiable issue of our national security. These COURTS are being operated under color of law and are trespassing in violation of The Constitution of the United States.

We, our States and People, do not intend to be involved in any commercial mercenary squabble between federal service providers, and we are not acquiescing to any bogus commercial claims or foreign administration of fraudulently created and falsely probated estates operated in our names.

All subcontracting Agencies of the Municipal Government are to be fully informed of their status and the personnel briefed concerning this fraud, so that every American however employed knows what went on here.

All Territorial Courts are restricted to their internal administrative duties and such duties in Admiralty as are strictly defined and intended under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States of America of 1789. The officers and subcontractors of the Territorial United States Government are hereby "fully informed" concerning this fraud scheme directed against their employers and benefactors-- the American States and People-- and are called to perform their duties in Good Faith and to honor their obligation to support and defend our States and our People.

Our government, The United States of America, is fully functional. We are aware of the worldwide conspiracy of corporate interests seeking to overcome the lawful governments of the people in every country. It is more than past time for the perpetrators of these schemes to be recognized for what they are ---- criminals and outlaws, intent on thievery, murder, and fraud. Anyone supporting these incorporated entities in their aims is an accomplice to this profound evil and part of the problem we all face.

The Holy See is under demand to re-task the IRS to process credit claims brought by the American States and People. It is also under demand to redirect all Municipal employees to ensure cessation of all false commercial claims and improper probate administrations. Although the IRS operations were shut down in Puerto Rico, the same old evils are being perpetuated in the Northern Marianas Islands --- the Ladones --- the Islands of Thieves. We are not amused and continue our demand that all such criminal activities cease, that all false liens be released, and that no such trespasses against us continue.

The British Government is under demand to cease and desist all commercial mercenary actions on our shores and to end all collusion with the Municipal United States Government against the American States and People. This includes redirecting all Territorial Court Personnel who are present on our soil to stop their trespassing and racketeering activities without exception.

The Territorial Courts and Administrators are required to observe strict interpretation of their boundaries and must cease and desist improper conscription of American medical personnel, licensing of American medical personnel, registration of American babies, and all other actions, procedures, and activities designed to steal our identities, unlawfully conscript our private assets, and otherwise trespass upon us.

Anyone issued a Birth Certificate has been the victim of this fraud. The Birth Certificate is proof and evidence of Unconscionable contracting processes being used to defraud American babies --- literally in their cradles.

Any American having such a Birth Certificate is exempt from commercial claims and is entitled upon declaration of their State National or State Citizen political status to access the American National Credit to offset all bills and presentments made against Municipal PERSONS or Territorial Persons that have been operated in their NAMES/Names.

If you are not presently employed by the U.S. Military or the Federal Civil Service nor serving in an elected or appointed political office of the Territorial or Municipal United States nor receiving unearned federal welfare benefits nor willingly and knowingly operating a federal corporation nor seeking federal asylum, you are eligible at this time to reclaim your birthright political status. Federal employees who quit Federal Service or retire will be eligible to do the same upon completion of separation.

We are serving Notice on the U.S. Department of Defense with this International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam that we are non-combatant civilians who are owed proper identification as internationally protected persons and who are owed proper passports, too.

We are in the process of assembling our States of the Union and have posted our Will and Intent as of September 9, 1776 and have re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent as of November 4, 2015.

Our government observes separation between Church and State and guarantees religious freedom to all.

American Indians and African Americans are under no presumption of servitude nor of obligation nor of any enemy status related to our government and are to be considered American State Nationals like any other American born on our soil, equal inheritors of all natural and unalienable rights and blessings.

If in view of the mis-administration, Bad Faith, criminal activities, and false claims advanced in Breach of Trust--- the Queen, the Pope, or the Lord Mayor desire to say one word against our directives to their personnel on our soil--- they have had more than ample opportunity to disagree with our evaluation of the situation and they have failed on all counts to do so.

Whereupon we accept their admission and acquiescence and direct Mr. Trump and the U.S. Secretary of Defense to begin operations to shut down the MUNICIPAL COURTS preparatory to full reinstatement of the Federal Postal District Courts we are owed and our occupancy of the State Courts. We also direct the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and the IRS to unblock the individual accounts owed to The United States of America and to every American State National who reclaims their birthright political status by public recording of their declarations and who presents a Birth Certificate in evidence of Unconscionable contracting processes and unlawful conversion of their estate in violation of both commercial and international law.

Each State Assembly is validating and correcting the political status records of Americans who are Beings in Possession of all their natural and complete property rights and who are owed the guarantees of the Constitutions and who are also owed access to the American National Credit. Victims of this vicious scam are encouraged to come forward and to record their declarations of political status and to claim their Given (Trade) Names and Lawful Estates.

It is to the eternal shame of the Holy See and to the British Empire that any such situation exists and that average Americans are being imposed upon to correct the Bad Faith and Errors of these Subcontractors run amok on our shores and elsewhere throughout the world.

It is also to the eternal shame of the Bar Associations, their members, and the Judiciary that has aided and abetted the enforcement of this criminal fraud scheme to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of basic decency and justice.

An almost equal share of blame is owed to misdirected Federal Agencies, including the FBI, BATF, IRS, FEMA, DHS, CIA, DIA, TSA, BLM, USDA, SEC, and others that have engaged in and acted in support of these institutionalized crime schemes designed to defraud, oppress, and control their hapless employers.

These private "federal" agencies have been used to enslave us, so that the racketeering profits from their activities could be used to enslave others around the world, in a reprise of what Queen Victoria did in the 1850's and 60's --- that is, to sell out and enfranchise the British People to raise money for the Raj in India.

The people of the world have already said no to the Raj, to the Nazis, and we shall say no to any US or Chinese military hegemony dedicated to the same ugly principles of criminal injustice, greed, oppression, enslavement, immorality and deceit.

The New World Order is nothing but the Old World Order, an endless repeated attempt to establish a global Roman Empire, an idea which needs to be put out of its misery together with its insistence on distorted musical scales, incorrect calendars, idolatry, immorality, abuse of power, and every other cruelty and stupidity that anyone can name.

Clinging to the past only prevents us from embracing a far better future.

Americans are invited to peaceably come forward and declare their proper political status and assemble their States of the Union. The United States of America will continue to work with The American States Assembly to ensure an orderly and safe re-venue process and will continue to press for reform and correction of U.S. operations, proper identification of American Civilians, issuance of credit owed to Americans, and overall restoration of our lawful government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

All U.S. Territorial and Municipal Employees, all U.S. Territorial and Municipal Elected Officials and Appointees, all members of the U.S. Territorial and Municipal Judiciary, all members of the U.S. Armed Forces, all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all Foreign Governments, all participants in the United Nations General Assembly, all High Contracting Powers and Principals are hereby given Notice of the Crime committed against us. This Notice is provided to encourage your understanding and assistance as we address this criminality and enforce correction of The Dead Baby Scam.


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  1. I suggest you watch this is about California and the secret non elected governments that are working UN Agenda 21
    They are set up all over the country

  2. The presentation that I posted above fits in with the below 72 criteria they have planned to remove those who do not agree

  3. you are asking us to worship another dead baby anna, and you call it the "living god."

    problems with anna's story:

    1) without holy ghost and our lady, christ has no heart or soul, is not the son of god, just an unsaved man suffering from "the fall"
    2) the supposed "roman catholic church" has been infiltrated by followers of patron saint of freemasonry john and his 2nd coming since 1790s (latin) and 1960s (english)
    3) lincoln did the same "living god" as anna. this 2nd coming fake christ appears to have no soul or heart.

    4) yes, the dead baby is you. but it's also christ.

    5) america has no claim to anything except satan gave them self-government. "nature's god" in declaration of independence. hermes/mercury, the god of tricksters and thieves. see benjamin franklin explain this.

    in the end, they are mocking christ. americans never really did christ, they always rejected his divinity. the fact your "city on the shining hill" is caught up in this mess is not surprising.

    target #1 is christ. americans are pretty much tied to lucifer all on their own, with or without fake popes, tyrannical masonic kings/queens of england, etc.

    in roman catholicism, everyone who rejects holy ghost or denies divinity of christ (e.g. rejecting our lady) is in a state of everlasting sin.

    people on this list: all of america, the pope, all modern "roman catholic churches". pretty much anyone not following

    calendars/etc. are quite irrelevant to salvation. of course, "sun day" "moon day" "tew's day" "odin's day" "thor's day" "freya's day".

    what calendar do you propose non-satanists use? the french revolution one?

    your mormon buddies are all about "sealing". anyone not pushing 2nd coming is of the devil.

    catholicism says any "pope" "nun" or anyone else who denies the divinity of christ (and perhaps other mortal/serious sins) automatically is excommunicated.

    so you are addressing non-catholics "as if" they were.

    ultimately anna's story is perhaps 50% truth 50% heresy.

    in many ways, it looks like the satanist plan is to force everyone to convert to roman catholicism as the only legitimate christ.

    that is the problem with anna's "living god" solution. that version of "christ" has no heart, no soul. same as 2nd coming imposter.

    all your problems can be traced to "68th convocation of the rosy cross order, fundamental laws, 1916" available for free

    if you think that is a "fake" please point out who,what,why,where,when,how.

    that document covers your merger with "england", america's "destiny", that americans have no freedom of religion, the osiris/isis/horus trinity.

    also satanic witchcraft and egyptian alchemy. such as "nature's god".

    without "nature's god"/hermes/mercury/lucifer there is no declaration of independence anna. that is your problem #1.

    1. catholics are forbidden from putting their names on masonic organizations. such as "nature's god", such as the "new atlantis".

      also any organization doing 2nd coming or "living god" (merger of 1st and 2nd coming, aka lucifer).

      pride goeth before a fall.

      all catholics are forbidden from joining any modern "roman catholic church" anna.

      you are dealing with satanists/freemasons pushing 2nd coming.

      catholics are forbidden from pushing 2nd coming. everything post 1960s is fake "roman catholic church"

      everything post 1790s is also suspect, when latin sacraments were "changed".

      there hasn't been an "official" "roman catholic church" for over 200 years anna.

      everytime you spread such lies, you are playing right into satan's hooves.

      any "pope" who changes what they have been handed down (from tradition, orally, and otherwise) automatically excommunicates themself. no paperwork needed.

      that's the rules of catholicism. all the "2nd coming" imposters have already damned themselves. they are no longer "roman catholics".

      that goes from the highest fake "pope" to the lowliest fake "nun".

    2. my dear anna, your "declaration of independence" says america worships "nature's god" aka hermes/mercury trickster god of thieves and liars.

      speak of the devil, surely he will hear about it. is it any wonder he is reneging on his "deal" to give you self-government, freedom of religion etc. ?

      the paperwork for all your "independence" says you worship satan. do you really think he will honour his "deal" ?

      that should be priority #1. otherwise all your other solutions are all for naught.

    3. the entire "roman catholic church" is based on "keys from heaven" which is the trinity. our lady/holy ghost(spiritum sanctum)/jesum christum. those are the real keys.

      the modern "roman catholic churches" screwed up/lost their "keys to heaven" long ago. they are all excommunicated automatically. no paperwork needed.

      without the proper trinity, no "father" "sister" "brother" "priest" "pope" "nun" "cardinal" "bishop" "archibishop" "exorcist" or anyone else has any "roman catholic church" authority whatsoever anna.

      those are the roman catholic "magic names of god", comparable to your "we the people".

      everything is delegated from that trinity or has no authority, just like your "we the people"

      where or where did you learn canon law anna?

    4. the mormons (only do 2nd coming) were recently (past year or so) celebrating "all they have accomplished together" (with vatican II imposters).

      they claim they are the only ones who know about "sealing" and how to build proper "temples". they are proud of this.

      their plan is to seal everyone to freemason johns 2nd coming. same exact plan as the fake vatican II "roman catholic church"

      they claim each seal is 1000 years. so you really have no choice anna, you must worship lucifer.

      please ask "your friends, the mormons" about "sealing".

      the only catholic so-called "sealing" is sacraments and baptism.

      which the "official church" no longer does, because they are doing wrong trinity. they are just "sealing" people to satan.

      the fake roman catholic church only does 2nd coming nowadays, just like your friends the "mormons"

    5. the fake modern "roman catholic church" seals everyone to 2nd coming satan with a fake trinity.

      the official mormons "seal" people to 2nd coming satan, and many deny a trinity (seems to not be mandatory people believe in one)

      satan is on both/all "sides" 99% of the time. when will people learn?

      there is a common denominator amongst the satanists: 2nd coming.

  4. xerces, you need to read a lot more before you decide for everyone here what the Catholic Church is and what it teaches.

    1. no sources paul. i have a good one you are violating:

      humanus genus.

      catholics forbidden from joining masonic organizations/naturalist type "religions"

    2. freemason king james bible says john is their patron saint.

      ergo, catholics are forbidden from associating with people doing 2nd coming on that alone.

      morals and dogma, 2nd coming is their idea of "light"

      many masonic sources on this. transcendental magic, another one. albert pike, the book of the words. alpha and omega is the lost word of gnosticism.

      thats 2nd coming again paul.

      anyone who denies holy ghost is in a state of everlasting sin. that goes for popes/nuns/etc.

      or do you think they are exempt?

      people in a state of everlasting sin have no "priestly" powers paul. without the proper trinity, the whole church falls.

      kind of hard to "absolve" people/etc. when you yourself are in hell.

    3. jacobin "liberty cap" on us senate logo, also a "naturalist" "masonic" organization.

      roman catholics are forbidden to be "federal citizens" it looks like.

    4. catholics are commanded to expose masonic/illuminist frauds/heresies/etc. humanum genus.

      "nature's god" fits the bill as all-time grand masonic deception. noone can serve 2 masters.

    5. pretty clear (humanum genus): QUOTE to join with these men or in any way to help them cannot be lawful.
      "mary" is vague, and clearly they haven't studied masonry "holy spirit" (and thus fail at avoiding heretical phrases), but look who's in the real catholic trinity:
      QUOTE the life of the Virgin Mary who dwells in the Most Holy Trinity.
      obi wan kenobi street nearby. very catholic. "the lord" darth vader, whom no man has seen his face, is a false father, just doesn't belong. no "love" from him.

      guess who the "death star" is. 2nd coming."the+seventh+seal"+movie

      QUOTE in 1995, the Vatican included The Seventh Seal in its list of its 45 "great films" for its thematic values.
      QUOTE Upon revealing the chess strategy that will save his life, the knight discovers the priest is Death.

    6. You have no idea what I believe at all. You have no idea what the real Catholic Church believes either.

      If you quote anything after 1958, as authoritative of the true Church you are wrong and part of the problem not the solution.

      Like I said, you need to read a lot more before you shoot off your mouth about the real Catholic Church.

    7. xerces you are wearing out your welcome here. You are starting to act just like a paid troll, just taking up our time and not really contributing anything positive or of substance toward finding any solutions to the problems we all face.

  5. ALL of these entities that Anna tries to tell us have been 'liquidated', gone bankrupt, and 'no longer have power'...........well, as far as We The People are concerned, they are STILL alive and well and STILL in full operation. And nobody knows the difference, and their so-called 'end' has changed absolutely nothing.
    The beat goes on.

    1. They're Talmudic Zombies, were never Living. Its the residual satanic Talmudic forces carried on thru their jews, jew'ites, useful idiots. Even the jew is fiction, entire history concocted, all lies. It takes time for parasites to die off after having been fed so well upon us.
      Its our awakening as Living Men & Women who put it to its end. We call it dead, death, but its always been dead, fiction. Its animated simulation feeds its facilitators. Think about that!
      A Spiritual War has multiple dimensions, not just 2 dimensional paper.
      If we allow the jew to continue it will never die. If we awaken to its facilitators & our consent to their evil doings, we'll sooner be Victors. If we let the jew continue & coddle it, we endanger every one else, all living & Earth.
      We know a difference already. It is differing. Those so-called Whites supremacist shooters are already called out for what they are: jews. Folks are making it different in as many ways as its evil has perpetuated.
      Maybe do something, like stopping the jews from poisoning our wildlife for their perpetual death cult sacrifices & destruction of all living. You have a poignant manner, put it to good use:

      EPA reauthorizes use of “cyanide bombs” to kill wildlife ...
      Aug 09, 2019 · “While the EPA added some restrictions, these deadly devices have caused too much harm to remain in use. We need a permanent nationwide ban to protect people, pets and imperiled wildlife from this poison.” According to Wildlife Services’ data, M-44s killed 6,579 animals in 2018. More than 200 deaths were nontarget animals, including foxes ...

  6. " It is also to the eternal shame of the Bar Associations, their members, and the Judiciary that has aided and abetted the enforcement of this criminal fraud scheme to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of basic decency and justice. ."

    Is the BAR being slowly phased out in Washington state?
    Washington House Senate Bill # 1788 passed House and Senate

    The Washington State BAR to be placed under the Washington State Supreme Court and made voluntary as opposed to mandatory to practice law in Washington:


  7. Here we're told long ago of the evil jews & their control of UK, British:
    Watchman Willie Martin Archive -[A].htm

    9). "The part which Jews all over the world play in white slavery is one of the foulest blots on our people." [33] …

    24). "Jewish hopes for the future depend on two lynch pins. One is the League of Nations idea, and the other is the British Government, and we need scarcely say that we refer to Jewish hopes in the widest application of the term." [71] "There must be a proper lookout for the civic and political rights and the status of Jews in various countries unless there be established a Power above all nations..." [72]