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Monday, June 10, 2019

What the Evidence Suggests

By Anna Von Reitz

With rampant speculation ongoing about what "really" happened in England recently between the Queen and Donald Trump --- let me suggest that the evidence suggests that the Queen is removing her government from the middleman position, and letting The Donald have direct interface with the Municipal Government system run by the Vatican. 

This makes sense, because the Queen was being squeezed between a rock and a hard place, acting as a Vassal of the Holy Sea in various capacities and also then being relied upon to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, at the same time.  Can anyone say---gross conflict of interest?

As profitable as it was, it can't have been a secure or pleasant position to be in, so no surprises that the Queen under the pressure of her advisers would wash her little gloved hands and hope for the best.

This also makes sense because The Donald actually works for the Municipal Government as the President of the United States---- but he was having to go through the Queen and bow and scrape because she has been holding a portion of our Delegated Powers and exercising them "for" us.  Now he doesn't have to run interference with the British Government and can go directly without Protocol to the Vatican.

The incoming mail also suggests that everyone is blaming the criminality and nastiness on the Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, which is true, but hardly responsible given the trusteeships and treaties involved: both the Queen and the Pope were supposed to be riding herd on the Lord Mayor and the British Crown and providing oversight on the "ways and means" of his procurement operations worldwide --- not letting them devolve into the biggest racketeering and identity theft scheme in world history.

So now all of a sudden we have what they are calling the Global Defense Fund or the Global Security Fund or Economic Security Fund or Exchange Stabilization Fund or whatever other name(s) they want to assign to the same pile of ill-gotten assets that the rats assembled and used to utterly rig and control the world currency markets --- about $65 trillion in assets used to manipulate, control, and enforce their schemes and interfere with the economies of other countries.

Well, whoopee-ding-do, I suppose it could be in worse hands than Donald Trump's.

The situation also suggests that instead of Steven T. Mnuchin enjoying a semi-autonomous position as a sort of Co-Chair in control of the Commodity Rigging Fund (CRF)--- that's what I and the other Cynics call it--- working for the IMF as an Interpol Officer, he will be pulled in and acting under the thumb and forefinger of Mr. Trump, which, as Mr. Trump appointed him, is the way it is actually supposed to be. 


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  1. The "Lord mayor" has no power over anything like we thought...!! He wanted to do something about Trump and found out quick he couldn't do any of it....!! The banks told him to shut up...!!

  2. Yes, well, after all the crap that has come out of the Lord Mayor's lodgings for the past hundred years and all the trouble the banks and the lawyers are in because of it, I am not surprised. But let's keep an open mind and listen to what the Lord Mayor has to say in defense of Westminster. It might be a very worthwhile learning session.

  3. The promise to redeem needs to be implemented! THIS NOTE LEGAL TENDER, has no place to be, or not to be, as I see it you can make special paper, special ink, special seals, and yes even special thread, I see the bank teller hold it up to the light too find these special meaningless do kickees, then the magic pen to make sure the paper has just enough poison in it to react, so as to make sure it is not real(or is it fake), you remember John Wayne biting the gold coin, to make sure it was real?!?!?!?! Ya OK watch my next trick! So since 2013 no new printed money? OOOOPPPS why??? So no new debt, the print press is on special leave of absence!!
    I bet the print operators are still getting full salaries? On and On it goes, just the the carnies at the carnival you spend $45.00 FRN's to win a dollar booby prize. Remember wake up a little Suzy wake-up it's 4 O'clock and what? They have no reputation! Look out for the UFO's

  4. I've been watching Field McConnell @Abel Danger for awhile now swearing that Trump is IT and that he is Trumps 4th Marine. Well now the IRS is coming at him and we'll get to see how the courts with the yellow fringed flags treat our Whistleblowing Marine.
    God Bless every one!

    1. I don't recall him saying it was the IRS as such, but that his bank is foreclosing on the mortgage for his house I guess. He also was also talking about the State of Wisconsin giving him some trouble. Anna was just on one of his videos recently, she was on with Greg Hallet and she did refer to that session recently. She said it was an "amiable" meeting which sound like code for "agree to disagree", which Field picked up on in a later video. Mr. Hallet didn't address that issue that I could tell.

      Earlier in the year he was all about everything Gobsmak and Andy but now, not so much he is flying solo now. Some kind of falling out, I have tried to find out what happened but no luck thus far.

  5. Kathy Tittle - Wonder if Field is a National? Did he record his papers? Wonder which court/jurisdiction it will be? Is it Municipal or Territorial - maybe we won't know.
    This is an article of Anna's warning of processing centers popping up. Wonder if it might be of interest to Field?