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Sunday, June 9, 2019

News Flash for the US Department of State....

By Anna Von Reitz

News Flash for the US Department of State....

….and also for the United States Department of State, the US State Department, the United States State Department, the US STATE DEPARTMENT, or however else you wish to cobble things up and rename and shuffle and shamelessly, criminally misconduct your business operations: 

We, the American States and People, are not Municipal Citizens of the United States, did not ever even reply to the offer made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt specifically to Municipal Citizens of the United States --- and were under no obligation to reply, since his remarks were obviously not addressed to us.  

Nor can we be presumed to be subject to any undisclosed, unilateral or implied commercial contracting process, as our commercial vessels have been dry-docked and otherwise moth-balled since 1868.  We couldn't have been operating in commerce nor be subject to any commercial law in 1933 and the issuance of commercial vessels in our names as purported gifts is just self-interested fraud.

Rather, you and your bosses are all under obligation to honor a normal course of business with us and to erase all trace of your improper presumptions against us and our property assets, especially the private property assets of average Americans. 

That means the lawful conversion and revenue of absolutely everything you unlawfully converted in 1933.  It also means providing correct passports. It also means providing access to the National Credit we are owed.

This jig is up. 

Correct your records and operations on our shores.  Return the National Credit and the land titles owed to the American States and People or be exposed in front of the whole world as a crime syndicate overdue for liquidation. 


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  1. Started under Lincoln pen pal of Karl Marx . Life was good ever one was in Harvard 50% students were southern .

  2. What your saying Anna confirms what the National Jural Assembly has always advocated, when a contract is void, it is not valid. It can never be enforced under state or federal laws. A void contract is null from the moment it was created and neither party is bound by the terms. Think of it as one that a court would never recognize or enforce because there are missing elements of a cause of action.

  3. Lots of good information on this page and the site

  4. With all do respect, Anna...or what? What are their immediate consequences for just flippin' us the bird and doing nothing?

  5. The only way that can happen Danika, is if employees are not answerable to their supervisors for their other words power has to be given to the employees of a corporation instead of the Corp management team.....if a Corp has a problem with an employee, then it has to go to a "centralized arbitration" court where the judge actually knows and will rule in favor of the employee without repercussions from the Corp ....!! Fair is fair...!! Corp are purposely set up to create "FEAR" in their slaves (employees), or face being fired....!! It has to be just the has to be fearful of its employees....!!

  6. A very eye opening video about the books given to us and what we swear an oath on in court
    I found this statement in another video which backs up what I said the other day about the creation of the different religions
    "Also, our English language is derived from the ancient Germanic language. God in German is Gott, where we get the word goat also, God is the goat of Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn, Satan/saturn and God are one, God is dualistic in nature, good and evil, light and dark. The English word Diety comes from the Greek word Dios wich means two, duality. Saturn is God, Saturn is the god of the zodiac and time, father time, that's why we call God our father, our father who art in heaven. The Vatican knows this, they play God and the devil. Someone's gotta control the herd of animals. Did you also know not only did the Vatican create Christianity they also created Islam with Muhammad who was part of the papal court under the papacy with Muhammads wife kalijah who was a Catholic nun in 609A.D, the Vatican is playing both sides, Christianity is secretly sun worship and the Muslims are secretly worshiping the moon, that's why the Islamic flag has the moon and they worship Allah the moon god of mecca. The Vatican has half the world worshipping the sun and the other half worshipping the moon and they're going to get them to kill each other, and they'll sit back and rule the world from their Latin kingdom which will be in Jerusalem Israel once the third temple is built, the word Vatican in Latin means divine dragon, remember the book of revelation, the dragon gave the Antichrist his seat and power. The Vatican created Islam."
    This is why they are coming forward now and saying that the Queeny is great grandmother to Mohammad to bring them in under their reign
    All planned by these psychopaths
    Anyway if you you want to watch the video this quote came from

    1. Christianity is the practice of followiing the commands and teachings of Yashua of Nazareth (called Jesus in English bibles). The Vatican did not invent this practice. People who followed the commands and teachings of Yahshua were first called Christians at Antioch. See Acts 11:26. Christ, or Christos, is the Greek word for the Anointed One whose coming was prophesied by Moses.)

    2. Man wrote those books and they have their churches teaching the lie so people will go along with it as Gods will
      And they use their 501c3 churches to foment the agenda
      They are leading Christians to slaughter
      The land is their ship and they are the pirates


    4. They are setting the world up for slaughter using religion to do it
      Have you ever sang the song in church, Onward Christian Soldier?
      The muslims have Allah we have Jesus the list goes on and on
      You see they know the secrets and we have been taught nothing but their lies to get us to conform to this bullshit
      Genociding complete nations and people while Christians did nothing to stop them so they could create the corporate Israel to go along with the doctrine while their plan all along is to take over all the land, minerals, water, everything which is exactly what they did in the middle east
      While they scream green new deal to the rest of the world converting the slaves to solar and wind power they working to take over the electrical power, the gas, the oil, the water, the land everything
      They bombed and killed millions of innocent people in Iraq based on a lie that they created 9 1 1
      Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, all of them reduced to rubble according to their plans for world domination a plan they have had in play for decades
      They have plans to slaughter 200+ million Americans as per their layed out agenda
      They plan to rewild most of the west - see the wildlands project
      FEMA plans to put us all in to stack and pack cities for complete and total control using 5G and the Internet of Things
      So while the real jewish people are waiting on their messiah and the Christians are waiting on theirs and the muslims believe and wait on Allah these psychopaths are moving us all in to stack and pack cities where they will ultimately eugenics us right off the friggen planet
      While they have kept us busy with their tell lie vision and their bought and paid for media whores and sports and paying to go to their 501c3 churches they have been setting the world up for slaughter
      Now we can either accept that and walk blindly towards the death that they planned for the world or we can work to wake people the hell up to the world wide fraud
      Just my opinions take them or leave them

    5. Shelby, your astrology itself can be and often is a religion, and a false one.

      If you want to preach your astrology doctrine go elsewhere to do it. Start your own blog and see how that works out for you. I am not interested in becoming a publisher for your astrology.

    6. From Anna:
      It is true that this is a matter of disciplining the corporations or else, but day by day we are cutting them down to size, identifying the criminals and restructuring everything. So the evils they have planned can be swept into the trash and the perps can be jailed without further adieu as long as we wake enough people up.

  7. Shelby...good job...!!

    And the other problem is our courts, which I have been shouting out from the highest mountain...!!

    Mark Taylor says we need to pray about our legal system. Three Judges came forward and one in particular. This legal system is still part of this bankruptcy of the US and they are being told to protect the Global interest.

    1. This one here describes that the sir name is what traps us
      So why are we requesting the state created birth certificate and having them authenticated by the same rogue corporations that are pillaging the world
      When you watch the video above at 47:22 he talks about a Live Born Record
      Check this out


  9. Just a thought why have your child in a hospital at all don't record your baby with the state .they got everyone thinking you must have everything from day of conception to birth noted .all rights reserved by me.