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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Modus Operandi 7.0

By Anna Von Reitz

Do you realize that: (1) secret societies, (2) university sororities and fraternities, (3) labor unions, (4) political parties  and (5) Bar Associations---- are all relatively recent developments, and they all have their genesis in the same exact time period that the Roman Pontificate  and the British Monarch have been busily incorporating and enfranchising everything and everyone in sight?  

All these "institutions" and organizations that we now take for granted -- except for the secret societies and prototypes of the Bar-- didn't exist 150 years ago.  The Greek Fraternities and organizations like Skull and Bones didn't exist.  The Labor Unions didn't exist.  The Political Parties didn't exist.   And the Secret Societies and Bar Associations are only a little bit older than these other organizational developments, having their genesis in the 1750's.  

What do all these organizations--- which have sprouted up like mushrooms for no apparent reason--- and all contemporaneous with the development of Corporate Feudalism, have in common?  

They are all private organizations, largely outside the purview of any external oversight. 

They are all to some extent, secret, and use their privacy to promote elitism and to shield their members and their activities. 

They all promote private networks of special privilege and/or knowledge. 

They all bind people to loyalty to their organizations and their aims and  "traditions" in exchange for support and assistance to obtain things of value for themselves and their members. 

They are all lobbies. 

They exist to promote group actions, group beliefs, group knowledge, group associations, group transfers of property, and to lobby for and promote group advantages.

Some of this is harmless enough, like pooling together for lower rates on health insurance or hosting an annual picnic in the park with free hot dogs.  Some of it, like obtaining opium and underage girls, is just plain old garden-variety crime and immorality.  

And some of it aims at toppling governments, profiting private businesses at public expense, plundering public trusts, profiting from enslavement of entire populations, commodity rigging, unlawful conversion of assets, mercenary wars, group sponsored thuggery against individual people and businesses, racketeering, coercion, extortion, smuggling, drug-running, human trafficking and other organized crime and collusion to benefit group members at the expense of the public. 

So, why do we have political lobbies running a government?  

Why do we have "secret" organizations on our university campuses promoting elitism and debauchery?  Why do we have "secular churches" meeting in specially built windowless temples--- worshiping what, if not profit and Baal?  Why do we suddenly have labor union lobbies advocating for groups of workers on one hand, and selling them out on the other?  Why do our policemen -- who still take their pay out of the public pocket -- belong to secret police fraternities? 

Why do almost all lawyers now belong to Bar Associations?  And are required to belong, just like in a closed union shop? 

Where did all of this come from, out of the blue, and just between 200 and 150 years ago?  Answer: from the Holy Roman Empire.  From the Pontificate of the Roman Catholic Church.  

And all of this was developing to full flower at about the same time that a certain Roman Catholic Pope declared himself "infallible" and also required that Roman Catholic Clergy had to remain celibate and could not marry.  

That's a relatively recent change, too, though well outside any of our lifetimes. 
It's immediate impact, of course, was to provide a convenient haven for homosexual men and women, and that in turn also invited other groups with sexual issues to seek clerical vocations.  Nobody wants to talk about it, but the facts are the facts, and we are seeing the results in literally thousands of complaints about child abuse and sexual misconduct.  

These lobbying organizations all have their own flavor, but they all amount to the same basic theme of networking and lobbying for special advantages and promoting special knowledge and elite privileges for their members at the expense of the Average Joe, who doesn't have the support of these gangs.  

In view of the damage these groups have done to our country and the world, there is really no excuse to allow them to exist at all.  

The only good that they accomplish could be accomplished via other rules and means, and the evil that they promote is just plain criminal conspiracy aided by a convenient means to excuse and privately organize racketeering, extortion, smuggling, drug-running, human trafficking, political kickbacks and other dirty dealing.  


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  1. A very good report on your smart phones and where they leading the masses
    Go ahead give them your fingerprint and unlock that thing using your face

  2. its quite amazing, from underage girls to "blame the single/unmarried people". cognitive dissonance.

    the idea that if only the immoral unmarried priests suddenly become married they would be "moral" is also unproven.

    for all we know, "bad" people continue in their "bad" marriages, and make "bad" children. i don't see 100% evidence either way.

    bonnie and clyde were a team.

    the masons do things in the year of the world/light (and various illuminists/bonesmen/templar), they are 5000 AM/AL or so.

    the people doing "2nd coming" is much larger than "rome" switching to satan. this is masonic meeting of the children of seth and cain aka revival of nimrod. mormons do this. so does "british israel". MANY instances of this "millenialism" inherent in "america" that we are "destined" and "providence" and all that. many other bible-based groups pushing this rubbish too.

    this is the blind spot in anna's crucifixion of roman catholicism: the number of entities doing "2nd coming" is much larger and older too. "rome" only switched in 1777. right about the time as...thats right, "america's" "millenialism" and illuminism was in vogue.

    jeffersons bible he cut out all the non-jesus pages, leaving 46 pages or so. "even the indians" could make sense of it.

    franklin speculated about metempsychosis/transmigration of souls, watching a fire burn, noticed how the 4 primary elements fire/water/air/earth were transmuted. and wondered if this was how "nature" worked, surely "God" would not create new souls for every human. surely this was "economy" in action, proof of a benevolent deity, eternal life, etc.[]=languageSorter%3A%22English%22

    if i see an actual contingent of any meaningful size of married OR not people who want nothing to do with incorporations, all-seeing-eye law merchant counterfeit "dollars", etc. i will be happily surprised.

    as of now, it just seems the realm of fiction. "blame rome" seems the easy fall back for decades/century of internal rot and immorality.

    various "communists" were criticized for trying plan a "revolution" to match 1917, in places that had little in common.

    that is what it seems like here. see "sex soviet" page.

    the "communists" quickly learned to adopt the "Family" model, as the nucleus family was the most malleable/moldable towards their agenda. they are one and same with the "state" (e.g. IRS forms).

    while their long-term goal may be melding of all society into one "family", in the meantime, i see many many "families" worshipping the incorporations

    reducing everything to "unmarried people are the devil" is insane. franklin would seemingly disagree with this.

    for all you know, i am the reincarnation of solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines.

    why must married people try to make everyone else miserable?

    theres this fantasy image that single people are all partying, having wild liasons, taking drugs, while everyone else is in debt and stuck in a fraudulent mortgage.

    it seems more like jealousy/envy, of a fantasy that never was.

    while it is a can of worms i dont wish to debate "underage girls" is also quite meaningless/morally relative. in "common law" in various places 14 or less was "ripe" and this is what "married people" did.

    so we adjusted for modern times. fine. but there goes your "rome is the devil". you are just doing morally-relative anything goes "religion" yourself.

    do you want common law or not anna? are we going to roll back marriage to 12 and 14? make up your mind. care to give us the law of the land-based bible definition of "underage"?

    1. you are stuck/hoodwinked in the materialist/physical realm of the vulgar "mercury" anna, worried about underage girls/etc. which is just theatre/distraction.

      "millenialism" the below is "based on the bible" and likely the rosicrucian manifestos too, whether they say so or not (old testament genesis masonic/gnostic "let there be light")[]=languageSorter%3A%22English%22

      A NEW LIGHT of alchemy Taken out of the Fountain of NATURE A N D MANUAL. EXPERIENCE.1674
      very relevant to post-1777 "rome" and many others. marry "the lord" with "holy spirit" and out pops 2nd coming antichrist.

      while you are distracted with vulgar "mercury", they are busy transmigrating people's souls, baptizing them in water and fire, towards their idea of "perfection".

      post-1777 "rome" and many others do "marriages" all day long. they try to "marry" everyone to lucifer. them and many others.

    2. the idea that if only the immoral unmarried priests suddenly become married they would be "moral" is also unproven.
      A good point, goes along with the thinking that to file all the relevant paperwork = a leaving of Babylon and a turning back to God.
      And yet just knowing how we have been misled is not a free pass into everlasting life. Seeing, recognizing and calling out evil does have its place.
      We are not victims , when we too are part of the problem.
      See Danials prayer.

    3. a follower - I wanted to share this with you
      Many blessings

    4. Thanks Shelby will have a look.Thought this was interesting this morning

      Breaking! Israel Warns Iran Of Destruction Full Spectrum Survival News
      Benjamin Netanyahu - I hear our neighbors from the North South and the east threatening our destruction...
      Sound oddly familiar? Who is the one in the Bible looking to the North, South and the east?