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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Modus Operandi 5.0

By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have been discussing the ways and means of the True Enemies of Mankind-- the Criminals among us, who are in Bible terms, the Sons and Daughters of Cain. 

Cain's lineage got a head start on this planet, and it should not surprise anyone that his progeny are numerous and widespread.  Then, as now, they tend to inhabit cities and especially seaports. They also take most advantage of us while we are asleep--in the Land of Nod. 

What else do we notice about Cain?  He is callous and uncaring and has no conscience.  He kills his own brother in a fit of petty jealousy and what is his only question? --- Am I my brother's keeper?  

We are still dealing with these people today.  They care nothing for anyone or anything else beyond themselves.  

Even when they appear to have concerns about other topics and issues, this is a superficial caring that links right back into their own self-interest and profit.  Modern psychologists call them sociopaths. They may be cunning, they may be charismatic, they may be very attractive ---- but they have no heart for anything beyond what profits them and strokes their egos.  

These people are focused on profit of all kinds-- political power is a kind of profit.  The adulation of deluded fans is profit. The unearned trust of millions of people is profit.  Fooling people into doing something that harms their own interests, yet benefits the sociopath, is profit in their minds. 

It's not just money with them, but it is always in a broader sense-- profit. 

No mistake, then, that these people naturally gravitate toward and build and are happy to contribute to organizations that have the single goal of making profit-- commercial corporations. 

Most incorporated entities are organized for one purpose and one purpose only--to make profit for the owners and shareholders. 

So not only does the basic process of incorporation encourage secretive thievery and allow the receiving of unearned assets by those issuing the charters, but the resulting Business Trusts attract exactly the kind of people who are most criminal in nature--- those who are already aligned with the pure profit motivations of incorporated business structures. 

Cain's callous, ruthless, violent, and rather stupid and short-sighted mentality is as common as dirt in corporate board rooms around the world. 

Corporations as business structures are by definition profit-making machines, and the Sons and Daughters of Cain are mindlessly focused on making profit, too. It's a perfect match of tool with base motivation. 

So the incorporated business structure that results from the secretive theft of assets that occurs whenever an incorporated entity is formed, spins off another evil-- and the resulting Business Trust structure becomes a natural tool for evil men to use to profit themselves. 

If they can profit themselves by producing a good product or service they do so, and if they can profit themselves more by producing a bad product they do so with equal alacrity.  They literally don't give a fig how they profit themselves, who or what is harmed, so long as they profit by it. 

But, you say, doesn't Monsanto and it's Board of Directors know that by doing the things they are now engaged in, they are ultimately killing themselves and their children along with everyone else? 

Remember the other characteristics of Cain? 

He is not only uncaring--- he is stupid and short-sighted about his profit-making. His only fear is that other people will catch on and kill him for his misdeeds. Otherwise, who cares if his corporation kills 20 billion people ten years from now, so long as it generates a 20 billion profit this year? 

He thinks --- we will just transfer the assets, bankrupt the brand, re-brand the product, make it a different color, add more perfume to mask the odor, and be off and going again in no time.  "Round Up" may disappear, but  "Nemesis Weed Whacker" will still be selling off the shelves, and as long as we can buy off the FDA---we'll go on profiting ourselves. 

It is the same with adding fluoride to drinking water and using the excuse that it prevents cavities.  It also causes mental and emotional retardation because it is a central nervous system poison, but who cares?  

It turns a dangerous waste by-product of aluminum extraction into a profit maker for mining interests allied to the aerospace and defense contractor industries, so to someone with Cain's limited mindset, adding fluoride to drinking water is good.  His corporation doesn't have to pay for safely disposing of the fluoride, and it makes a profit!  Happy days! 

At least the rest of us will have more teeth in our heads when we die, after living truncated lives with reduced brain function and adrenal failure. 

Their answer to your concerns is always basically the same: am I my brother's keeper?  Who cares?  We are making a buck here!  

And that is exactly what you encounter in corporate board rooms throughout the world--completely callous disregard of everyone and everything in the name of profit.  Profit for the corporation.  Profit for the men who secretively own the corporation.  Profit for the the shareholders.  Profit for the operators.  

Not necessarily profit for the customers.  The Sons and Daughters of Cain are happy to sell rat poison as medicine. Literally. 

Now, it is bad enough when it is Monsanto or a consortium of Aluminum Manufacturers or a pharmaceutical company---but what happens when what is serving as your government is organized as a for-profit commercial corporation? 

All the same evils of other commercial corporations apply to the United States, Inc. and the UN CORP, too.  

Evil men bent on nothing but profit are sucked into the government corporations just as they naturally gravitate toward Microsoft and Mitsubishi. 

And the end result is that someone like Nancy Pelosi winds up being Speaker of the House, and billionaire Donald Trump is drafted to oversee a profit-making bankruptcy for the UNITED STATES, Inc. 

Did you hear that right? "A profit-making bankruptcy???"  What is Grandma talking about now? How can a corporation profit by a bankruptcy? 

They simply plan ahead and shuffle off all the profits of an old corporation into new corporations chartered by the same old perpetrators, then bankrupt the old shell they are leaving behind, leaving you behind to pick up the pieces and pay off their secondary creditors. 

So the assets of the UNITED STATES, INC. are shuffled off into THE UNITED STATES, INC., and the old Business Trust is bankrupted and liquidated.  The perpetrators start off with a fresh slate and the bulk of the accumulated ill-gotten gain from the old UNITED STATES, INC. to play with. 

They leave you on the hook as co-signers and invested shareholders of the bankrupted entity. 

Who cares? We are making a buck here! Am I my brother's keeper? 

In this case, the parties making the ultimate profit from all this are the Pope and the Queen, who just happen to be the ones chartering all these incorporated Business Trust structures in the first place.    

First, they profit from all the assets they receive as the undisclosed result of the incorporation process, then they profit from all the income from their governmental services corporations, then they shuffle off the profits to new similarly named corporations, then they bankrupt the old Business Trust structures and leave you on the hook to pay their bills. 

It's Babylon and Egypt all over again. 

They keep their secondary Creditors happy at your expense and keep right on trucking. 

Who cares if you lose your home, your business, and your standard of living?  
Who cares if that erodes your ability to work and earn and buy more stuff--including more government services?   They are off and on their way to China. Tally-ho! 

Who cares if their privateer operation in Puerto Rico is discovered?  They've got another set up ready to go in the Northern Mariana Islands. 

You see what I mean? These people really aren't too bright.  Just sneaky and self-serving. They don't see that the Greater Good is "profit" to them and their business. They get lost in all sorts of petty sidebar schemes that turn a profit today and kill off their customer base tomorrow. 

Look  back at the story of Cain to see the mentality you are dealing with, and then take counsel accordingly.  

Pope Benedict bowed to the inevitable. He knew that the UNITED STATES, INC. had been caught red-handed engaged in criminal activity against the States and People of this country.  He knew he had to liquidate it as a crime syndicate, so he did. 

But he didn't liquidate the American Corporations Company, or Cede and Company, or the Depository Trust Corporation/DTTC at the core of the criminality and enslavement racket.  He didn't liquidate MERS and all the banks and securities houses that have benefited from it.  He didn't liquidate the Belgian equivalent of MERS known as the BEAST.   He didn't get rid of the IRS. 

His Successor, Francis, circled the wagons at his behest and has overseen the quick-march reorganization designed to set up the same old system and try to pull the same old crappola again. 

Pope Francis washed his hands and the Church's skirt with his Moto Proprio, and then he allowed the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy to chug along and let THE SAME PERPETRATORS set up a new incorporated Business Trust --and let them CONTINUE to use us as Presumed Co-Signers (!!!) and to use our assets as collateral subject to their debts---business as usual in other words. 

That is why we have complained in public and exposed the mammoth failure of the Curia to self-correct. 

It's like the right hand slapping the left hand.  Nothing has actually been done.  The same criminals are in control.  The same illegal, immoral, and unlawful practices are being employed by the "new" corporation as by the old. 

Same story, different day--- except.... we are no longer asleep and no longer in the Land of Nod.  As with Cain, all they are afraid of, is that the rest of us will catch on and kill them for their misdeeds.


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  1. Like cop following a drug dealer and see the Crack pipe thrown out were watching now .

  2. Too funny! True but sickeningly funny

  3. “... there are two races of men in this world, but only these two - the ‘race' of the decent man and the ‘race' of the indecent man. Both are found everywhere; they penetrate into all groups of society. No group consists entirely of decent or indecent people. In this sense, no group is of 'pure race' - and therefore one occasionally found a decent fellow among the camp guards.” -
    "Man's Search for Meaning”, (p. 108) - By: Viktor E. Frank

  4. I am not being critical here about what Anna has written. But when you are making a Biblical reference as she did here with Cain, then it should be correct according to the record. Many have asked for references on much of the information she has brought forward, just a reference to go research, but mostly we get none. But this one is easy, if you are going by the Biblical record. Noah came from the lineage of Adams' son Seth. All the rest of mankind was wiped out, and Noah's sons repopulated the earth. The sons of Cain were all destroyed in the flood.
    Now Anna, I Love you and support you and I follow your writings. But the way I was taught when it comes to research of any kind, the devil is in the details as they say. The details matter, whether they are Biblical references or the Historical record of what was done to our country. I believe your writings will be looked back upon in the future as a guide to understand how our country was hijacked. The work of the LLF will prove to be a great historical turning point for the world, I believe. But when people read things in an article that they know to be untrue, they will most likely dismiss the whole.
    "It is the little foxes that spoil the vine."

    1. Reply from Anna:
      So you think, and yet, the mentality of Cain is well-established here and proven to be alive and well. Therefore, the Sons of Cain were preserved in the DNA of the survivors of the flood, or, the flood only destroyed "the Earth" the writers were thinking of, and there were other survivors than Noah and his family outside the Mediterranean Basin.

      There can be no other explanation for the observed phenomenon, so the idea that because the "Sons of Cain" were destroyed that his characteristics vanished is not supported by the facts.

    2. How do we know with any first hand knowledge if the Bible is true and correct in any form with all the manipulations and versions printed? The Bible is written by men. Men manipulate the Bible for their own purpose. The Church creates it's own version, for its own gain.

      We all have first hand knowledge of people who have the characteristics of "Cain". Cain and Abel is a parable. A story to teach. Not one man alive today has first hand knowledge of Adam and Eve or Noah or Abraham and Isaac. So how can any man testify with first hand knowledge everything printed in the BIBLE is absolute truth?

      10 men will interpret the Bible 10 different ways. Interpretation is "Opinion.

      It is very obvious that men in the likeness of "Cain" are alive, very well and prospering today, and certainly not giving a shit about their brothers any more than "Cain".