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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Pope and I, The Ten Commandments and the Five-Pointed Star

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night I got hit with a question that really threw me for a loop. Why do I address Pope Francis as "Most Beloved Francis" if I am not Catholic and an "Agent of the Vatican"?

Because I am not addressing him as Pope. I am addressing him as a child of God, a man with a Father in Heaven who wants him to do the right thing. I am reminding him of who he really is.
I remind everyone reading this of the same fact.

I have no time for Catholic-haters, Protestant-haters, or haters of anyone, period, at all. I have not the time of day to waste with Blamers, Whiners, or Pity-Potty Pundits, either. There is work to be done and I call on all men and women of Good Will to do it.

Please note that God gave us all free will and we choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing. We have been trained since babyhood to cling to our chains and to accept having other people do our thinking "for" us, but the fact remains that our free will is never absent.

That is why I rejoice when I see people thinking for themselves, even when they blame me for waking them up, even when they don't agree with me. If they are thinking for themselves, that is a good and necessary sign --- a sort of "First Base" that has to be achieved before anything else can happen.

Once you realize that you do have free will and that you are responsible for thinking for yourself, a whole host of other things becomes possible. You can, for example, get beyond the infantile state of "either/or" thinking, and all the assumptions that go with it.

We are meant to progress beyond "either/or" thinking in our intellectual development, but many of us never get there thanks to the indoctrination and over-simplification regimen we endure in public schools. I don't think in terms of "either this or that" --- I outgrew that kind of thinking many years ago and just leave it in my tool box as a sieve to help sort information, which is all it is really good for.

Discernment of truth and an appreciation of life requires so much more than "either its this or its that" thinking, that those who can't get beyond this stage of development have to be viewed with pity. They are like race horses that have worn hobbles all their lives and are now crippled by it.

Today, I want everyone reading this to make a conscious effort to think about their thinking and their free will and their actual empowerment. You don't have to let someone else do your thinking for you. You don't have to hand over your authority over your life to some Talking Head on TV or some politicians glad-handing each other in Washington, DC.

The truth is that we are all responsible for what we think, say, and do. The truth is that we are all responsible for this world and the circumstance in which we find ourselves. It does no good to blame someone else or whine about it. The only help there is, is when we pick up our cross and carry it--- and by triumphing in our own lives open the door for others to follow after.

It's true that we have been lied to, defrauded, and betrayed. It's true that we have been enslaved in the Land of the Free. But it is still, nonetheless, the Home of the Brave. We must take up our bravery now and remember who we are and what this country is all about. Turn off the TV and walk the walk.

When I was a little girl I was attracted to the bright white stars on the flag. I used to draw them, five points with the fifth point straight up, all in neat rows. One day, my Dad scooped me up in his arms and sat down with me on his lap and he took up my drawing pad and drew a very peculiar thing! It was one of my five-pointed stars, but it had hands and feet and a head!

"Do you know what the five-pointed star means?" he asked gently.

I looked at him expectantly.

"It is the symbol of Mankind.... look here.... here are your two grandmothers...." He pointed to the feet. ".....and here are your two grandfathers....." He pointed to the hands. "....and here you are...." He pointed to the head. "....and your Mother and I are here in the middle, in the body of the star....your body, my little star. Our lives are your life now."

Who knew? The upward facing point of the five-pointed star is a symbol of our consciousness, our individual ability to think and move and be who we are, and it is all a gift from God and from those who went before, that brings us here to this present moment and makes us who we are.

And the fifty stars on our flag? Those represent the nations of our States of the Union, the brotherhood and sisterhood of all the People from each State combined. This "larger star" is the symbol of our "body politic", too, and of our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Our American Government is founded on the principal of valuing mankind and valuing our unique lives and being--- our stars all standing together in the spirit of "one for all and all for one" --- or as more recent writers have said it, WWG1WGA, "Where we go one, we go all."

That's what those fifty stars actually mean.

I also was reminded in the call last night to point out again --- why the Ten Commandments are the basis of all the Public Law meant for Mankind to obey in the Western World. It's because everyone can agree on The Ten Commandments. Jews, Christians and Muslims all agree that the Ten Commandments are right. The Buddhists don't disagree. The Hindus look at us like -- "Yeah, got that much right. Now, let's talk about your mistreatment of animals....maybe we can get to a full accord."

All around the world people can agree that stealing and lying and adultery and murder are wrong, that disrespect of parents and disrespect of our bodies and disrespect of the property rights of others --- are all wrong, wrong, wrong. We all know the basics of do no harm to others, and suffer no harm yourself.

So that is why the law of the soil is based on The Ten Commandments. It's not a Christian thing, it's not a Jewish thing, it is an ethical standard that everyone can recognize and live with, that promotes peace among people and nations. And that is what we need.


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  1. free will noun
    Definition of free will (Entry 2 of 2)
    1 : voluntary choice or decision
    I do this of my own free will
    2 : freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention

    Anna so you are saying, as most folks, that there is no divine intervention in anyone's lifeb by God almighty ok how do you answer to this??

    Romans 8:28-30 King James Version (KJV)
    28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

    30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.


  2. However, many are called but few are chosen.

  3. We have free will when it comes to action.we have no free will from the reaction. Cosmic law

  4. the 10 commandments are against the catholic trinity. any "christian" or "catholic" (excepting perhaps gnostics, "christian socialists" rosicrucians etc.) they WERE "the law" but christ/messiah came, if you follow him, you are fulfilling/surpassing these. hence the biblical jesus gives a new commandment. moses did the same: whittled it down from 600-some to 10. that is where the 10 commandments come from: whittling down 600 rabbi-written "laws"

    no, we dont all "agree". devils in the details. is "circumcision" going to save anyone? this was open to anyone who wanted to be a "jew" as a sign/mark, like baptism. it is said biblical jesus did this too, to live up to / be the perfect man and prove he was the messiah.

    if you believe in christ, the 10 commandments are obsolete. various popes anathemized anyone who thought mosaic law was sufficient.

    very simply, either christ fulfilled the prophecies, and the old mosaic law is obsolete, OR you are waiting for a second coming

    for christians and catholics there is no other possibilities. this is "new age" "revert to prechrist times" "wait for baphomet (2nd coming)"

    apparently anna didnt ask any "popes" real or imaginary. makes this clear.

    you dont have to "Agree" with "catholicism" or "christianity" but recognize there is one "christianity{" that denies christ, is setting up a false second coming, and another "catholic" one that insists he already come and fulfilled all prophecy.

    (technically, prophecy was decreed to be allowed, so long as you dont contradict the pope); in other words, they didnt do "witch hunts" they granted broad leeway...just dont prophesize about false prophets/coming antichrist and say it is "god"

    this "false conjoining" of 10 commandments falls into that category.

    no gods before me. so christ cant be god. that should be a giant hint right there. honour thy mother and father (i thought if we were "Reborn" "Baptised" in christ, we are joining a new family "the church"? this was PRECHRIST and addressed to (from christian and catholic POV) pagans.

    in the end, to christians and catholics alike, the 10 commandments amounts to bowing down to pagans, denying christ ever came and fulfilled anything, and if you are particularly hoodwinked, bowing down to false second coming. this is the abomination of desolation; it is most potent when false "christianity" and false "catholicism" run rampant, because that provides more deception.

    just like history channel knights templar, it seems anna never bothered to ask a catholic or a "pope". once she quoted a masonic anti-pope. pick and choose the dogmas you like, ignore the thousands you dont.

    this isnt rocket science. one "side" wrotte volumes about a coming messiah, then decided to wait for the next one. some of them "converted" some did not. nowadays we have quasi-christian and pseudo-catholic groups siding with the "side" that thought christ was a phony.

    if "christ" came, and was, and is, and ever will be, then the 10 commandments are obsolete. you follow them by following him.

    if he did not come, or no longer is, enjoy your illuminist "merging" of everything while you wait for baphomet/lucifer and his 2nd coming.

    this isnt rocket science. i dont care what "Religion" people are, but please dont try to mix everything together and say we all worship the same "father". thats what satanists/illuminist/masons do. they also turn your "star" 33* (or 66, 99^, lots of possibilities) so you get 2 points up top. that should explain their "plan": reclaim your soul.

    1. for people who werent "raised" anything, does a supposedly christian or catholic "the lord" "father" really want you to bow down to your parents if they are nonbelievers? doesnt make sense. might as well bow down to lucifer/satan. that would be denying christ, making zero effort to "enlighten" anyone. makes no sense, except if you know this "the lord" character was and is a prechrist imposter/wannabe.

      this is also explained (was on the front page) how moses decided to call a follower "jesus" (a nickname). this is in the haydock "bible" and we have a book or two of this "jesus". there are many "jesuses" biblical and otherwise. the new age people do "cosmic christ".

      there is a reason biblical moses has horns and whenever he spoke, you could not see his face, but only his back side. two-faced "trickster god". same old baphomet. same old knights templar "john the baptist" revert back to pre-christ times, just another way to deny christ.

      same thing "new age" people do, disguise it as "progressive" "tolerant" "liberal" when in reality, it is just revival of paganism/pre-christ philosophies/etc.

      i dont care which "Religion" people are or aren't, but when you falsely equivocate and try to "merge" things you are just as "Satanic" as the bar attorneys. talking out of 2 sides of your mouth.

      there are MANY "gods" and quite a few "jesuses" biblical and otherwise.

      "invisible contracts" (written by a mormon) makes it clear "heavenly father" has contracts on our heads. i dont subscribe to this "father" that is some other "Father"

      this is identical to masonry: we all worship the same god/father, and we are all his brethren. "mormons" this is all too predictable, but why is anna and others pushing this? are "christians" and "catholics" that deceived?

      satan wants us ALL. ALL religions. ONE beast. identical to this "the lord" entity. is the only "christ" story that makes sense IMO. holy ghost is father. otherwise it seems this pre-christ "the lord" (instead of "our lord") character always sneaks in, trying to get everyone OF ALL DENOMINATIONS (or lack thereof) to bow down to him.

      whether you "agree" or not, catholics always said "our lord" because "the lord" is some other dude. they are NOT compatible/interchangeable. SOME protestants say "jesus is lord" but this "the lord" character continues trying to overthrow christ.

      christ was supposed to have put this "the lord" character to rest as a fraud/false entity. for occultists/pre-christ people i suppose it makes sense, but why oh why would "christians" or "catholics" bow down to a pre-christ wannabe imposter? is the smoke really that thick?

    2. even if we assume christ is son of "the lord"...that still doesnt make sense, because bible christ says the only way to "the father" is thru him. even that bible story, "the lord" is obsolete, not (or no longer) to be worshipped alone/directly.

      even that bible story, is in line with this "the lord" character being a false "father" and the only way to the "real father" is thru christ.

      if we realize "holy ghost" is the true "father" as says, then things make much more sense. knowing that "the lord" is a false prechrist imposter, then "our lady" neatly rounds out the trinity, since this false "the lord" character doesnt belong.

      (even sola scriptura, the only way to the father is thru christ, that makes much more sense holy ghost is the real "father". because before christ, you could always follow "the lord" as moses said. christ being "son of the lord" makes no sense. "the lord" as father makes no sense.)

      if "holy spirit" and "holy ghost" are interchangeable/equivalent, and are the "Word of god" as recorded in scripture, that still doesnt make sense, because that is like saying christ is the son of scripture (since weve already eliminated "the lord" as "Father)

      i.e. an invented made up "jesus" the scribes invented to deceive. just like points out he will strike the flock and scatter them. is the only story that makes sense to me. beware of false "the lord".

      it also explains why going through "our lady" as a backup/hail our lady makes sense. because there are false "Fathers" floating out there, with false savior "son". better to go through his mother, get the real christ and holy ghost.

      going thru "the lord" directly is denying christ in multiple ways.if "the lord" already "laid down the law" via moses etc. then why bother to send his son? did "the lord" screw up the first time, his son had to come simplify it to one commandment?

    3. christ is supposed to be "prince of peace".

      this false "the lord" who says "no gods before me" is a false fraudulent "peace" offer. this is the prince of darkness posing as the "prince of peace"

      bible jesus and/or christ was offered all the kingdoms of the world if he would just bow down to satan. sounds exactly like "the lord's" plan.

      noone goes through the father except through christ, says bible christ. why would any "christian" or "catholic" make separate deals with "The lord" (a different father) outside of christ?

      why would anyone believe mormonism's "heavenly father" who puts invisible contracts on our heads? another "deal" outside of christ.

      such unconscionable "deals" with false "father" entities should be rejected.

      this is the "abomination of desolation" when people deny christ and try to make separate side deals with "the lord"

      christ is supposed to be official mediator/messenger. looks like "the lord" is jealous of losing his godhood, and is trying to nab people by posing as "peacemaker".

      satan just wants your soul. then all will be "peaceful". if you dont give it to him, then there will be no "peace".

      "satan" "god of this world" eastons bible dictionary. same old. you have to admire his persistence i suppose.

      "peace" under satan/"the lord". or there will be no "peace". LOL.

  5. some of the other giant problems with "thou shalt have no other gods before me" aka "the lord" (besides this disallows christ, and christ says "the father" is only reachable thru christ, so who is this other "Father" dude?)

    1) if this "lord" dude is "Secular" then who is this "lord" guy? if he's not a christian god, not jewish, then who was "moses"? egyptian pharoah? even then -- pharoah law is now for everyone? still makes no sense, unless we are doing the illuminist eye of horus sun god rebuild solomon's temple 666 thing.

    2) i have been robbed many times. i have heard many tales of "adultery". noone "Agrees" on this. this is fiction. especially with all the crimes going on, people rob just to survive.

    3) the so-called "satanists" who demanded a baphomet statue be put up, arkansas IIRC, do not accept these "commandments" (of course, deceived and deceiving tricksters that they are, both "sides" are "satanic")

    4) this "the lord" dude, why does he call himself "god" if he is "secular" and we all "agree" on him? that is still just a trickster "god" talking out of both sides of his mouth. why the charade/masquerade? is this just moses/pharoah in a ski mask or something trying to intimidate people?
    5) why should "christians" or "jews" or "catholics" or any "religion" care about what a "Secular" "lord" pretending to be "god" but really isn't says? "comity" with non-believers? to trade with some other people, lets say there are phoenicians/romans/law merchants who worship this dude? we should all pretend to worship a knowingly false god because its good for business? can people not trade even if they are of different beliefs? why must we all agree all the time?
    the implied argument comes down to "We all agree our christian/jewish/etc. religions are phony/incomplete, but this secular "the lord" pretending to be "god" (but really isn't) has the missing pieces. doesn't add up anna.

    seems more like lazy overtithed "priests" at best who should have their "Wages" cut for promoting such rubbish, and satanists trying to deceive everyone at worst.

    this "Secular" "the lord" guy fills in all the gaps of the various "religions"? but he's not really "God"? it just sounds like "Satan" trying to unite everyone under him. why the charade if he's not REALLY "god" and instead is "secular" ?

    6) "mormons" (and "masons") will happily point out "we only look out for our own" (as one posted here once). they also do this "the lord" guy, but he is only their "Father". so there are at least 2 of these "the lord" guys. because their "father" does not include people who are not "his own" that makes it different than the secular "father" who is for "everyone" apparently.

    1. 7) you can of course say "you dont have to accept all 10 commandments, pick and choose" ... but that still doesnt explain why 1 commandment is thou shalt have no other "gods" before this "the lord" dude, and why that commandment is "wrong" and the others are "correct".

    2. 8) people dont agree if "adultery" includes pre-marital relations. there is no "agreement" on this. wordnet even says "willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations". so you can have non-malicious affairs apparently, so long as it doesnt interfere (your spouse doesnt find out). just so long as you mean well, sin away.

      other definitions include "premarital" others require one person already be married/betrothed. 2 married people is double adultery. one is just fornication. statutes vary. there is no "agreement" on this. i believe some "common law" you become "married" by the act, or at least this is evidence of "living together". even "married" definition varies, which implies "Adultery" varies too. let us not get into "spirit wives" LOL. is it possible to cheat on your spirit wife/wives or vice versa?