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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Court Action versus Private Arbitration

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of what passes for "court action" in our present morass of ignorance is instead the private processing of corporate tribunal decisions that are not the actions of any Public Court at all. 

Any time you see a docket sheet where the style of the name of the Court and the Plaintiffs and the Defendants all match, you are looking at an action in a private corporate tribunal designed to administratively settle disputes among the officials and employees and shareholders of the corporation.   

If the court is captioned (named and described) in an Upper and Lower Case name and the Plaintiffs and Defendants are too, you are looking at a Territorial Administrative Tribunal case.  

If the court is captioned in all capital letters and the Plaintiffs and Defendants are also, you are looking at a MUNICIPAL COURT TRIBUNAL. 

These Administrative Court Tribunals conduct about 90% of all court actions in this country.  

They all function by presuming that you are either an officer or an employee or a shareholder or a dependent of a corporation, and assume that whatever is being brought forward for adjudication is an internal dispute to be settled according to the internal statutory laws of the corporation (Administrative Code) and State Statutes and Public Policies of that corporation. 

So, once again, it is up to you to "declare your law" and to choose which court you do business with, and also up to you to decide whether you address a court at all----- unless of course, someone else is trying to choose your law and your court "for" you.  That's another whole discussion. 

For the moment, let's just concentrate on the fact that when you bring forward something for settlement, it is your choice of law and your decision to address either a court or seek private arbitration that largely determines the outcome. 

Most people in this country approve of land jurisdiction courts where the Ten Commandments form the basis for the Law being administered, but those courts were taken out of action surreptitiously by our "Public Servants" in order to better serve themselves.  

So now what?  A corporate administrative tribunal doesn't fit who you are or what you need in terms of services, and the gazillion codes and statutes and policies of these corporations don't meet your needs as a living man or woman. 

Chances are you are just waking up to the fact that you are being "impersonated" as a corporate entity and a legal fiction entity, and not being recognized as a living man or a Lawful Person, either one.  

Chances are you don't know the variations of laws and codes and statutes and all the corporate legalese, all the court procedures, all the court rules..... 

So that leaves you a stranger in a strange land and makes you easy pickings for these predators. You really are unprepared to interact with these courts, and they know it.  They set it up that way, the better to profit themselves and to keep rigid control of you and your assets.  

But when you are bringing the action, you do have an option.  You can seek private arbitration instead.  Arbitration has many advantages over court actions, not the least of which is simplicity.  In arbitration all you have to do is establish the form of law, the identities of the parties, and the nature of the conflict. 

You can sit down together like rational people and speak plain English and be heard.  The Arbiter is free to render a judgment based on the principles of justice apart from any corporate policies--- and they often do so with great prejudice against those perpetuating injustice.  You just don't hear about these cases because they are private---- truly private, as opposed to the quasi-private corporate tribunal actions that are so common.  

An arbitration action does not establish any precedent for anyone but you and whoever else is party to the arbitration.  It does not establish any res judicata.  But what it can and often does manage to deliver is justice.  

So when you are standing there feeling utterly bewildered by the plethora of undisclosed courts and court operations that have nothing to do with you as a living man or woman, remember the option you do have --- private arbitration. 

As a result of the corruption of the corporate court systems and the basic fact that the courts are obliged to make insupportable presumptions against you to even bring a case into their jurisdiction --- a very lively business has sprung up for Private Arbitration Services and you will find them under that heading in many metropolitan areas.  

Make haste to make peace with your brother on your way to court.... and take a detour via private arbitration services instead.  Until we have our own courts set up and functioning again, this is the best option for people searching for justice. 


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  1. I just used arbitration against the IRS and the agent along with the state A G and the U S A G and the CEO of the bank that gave the IRS the money in my account. The arbitrator found all five of them violated the terms of the contract i put them in and fined each one of them $300,000. They were ordered to release any and all claims against me and all my property. I just received the information on the award on the 18 of May. Arbitration is the way to go. You can learn about it on youtube at Eeon's videos. Start back in December and learn from the videos up to the first of this month. Eeon is now in jail for making this information known to us, but he knew this would happen so he has been prepared for it. He even has an arbitration association to do the arbitration if you chose to go that route. All the templates for different things are on the site.

    1. I have a problem with your "arbitration" against the IRS, Bank's CEO, your state's AG and United States AG.

      Under Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), part 35 regarding Arbitration, the arbitrator has no authority to levy fines but is only authorized to resolved the issues before him or her as stipulated by the taxpayer and IRS. There is no mention of the arbitrator having any authority or jurisdiction to render a decision over a bank, State's AG or the United States AG.

    2. You forgot one very important part of Arbitration....both parties have to agree to it...I know , because I was willing but the other party wouldn't give in...!! How do you make it mandatory for both parties to agree, especially when the IRS already knows it can win in court....what is the motivation for a taxing agency to go to arbitration.....NONE..!!

    3. From Anna,

      Taxing agencies are not able to deny arbitration just like they can't take refuge in the Fifth Amendment.

      Whoever advised you otherwise is not giving good information.

      Court arbitration is also different than Third Party Arbitration which is yet another option-- but that would not be appropriate for settling disputes with any government affiliated agency.
      Perhaps that is what you are referring to?

  2. Patriot58May 25, 2019 at 4:59 PM
    You are learning a valuable lesson. There is only One to turn too in these times and days. Not men, and not women. Be grateful.

    1. If we solely operate under Gods Law we sin the moment we take a breath.
      We are almost completely trapped in Satans world, operated by his armies, " the government".
      To lessen our involvement with these evil bastards and their sinful criminal system is the goal of all of this that we work at here. I am not quitting or giving up, much the contrary. The students are becoming the teachers.
      There are great things coming.

    2. To realize that All Secular Authority, regardless of whether it appears as invalid or valid, is granted from the divine is a truly liberating feeling. The only thing preventing you people from forming valid religious associations that arbitrate certain matters (as opposed to relinquishing it all to the judicial branch) is you folks proclivity to cling onto disinformation. Orthodox Jews are doing it in their communities as are other devote religious congregations. The problem is that you people are hell bent on imposing your perception of reality on others through a secular approach and thereby trying to directly compete with the already deeply established secular state. Thus, this will remain a losing uphill battle for you all because of the leaders you choose to follow.

    3. Read what their commandments are
      This is world wide genocide and they do not care who we are
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. STOP 5G
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. How many people had their pets microchipped?
    Think that was not a carefully crafted plan to test their chipping capabilities and also the infrastructure required to track and trace all of our pets?
    WWF (World Wildlife Fund) chipping all the wild animals species?
    By the way WWF was created by rotchild
    How many people do they milk for money to save the animals in the wild when they are chipping them and they go on wold safari hunts to kill them for sport?
    Need some ivory go kill you an elephant you have tagged after all you know where they are
    WAKE UP PEOPLE 5G is the mechanism by which they plan to chip us
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. If you read my comment, you see they were fined for violations of the contract i put them in, not and IRS code or IRM rule. The arbitrator rules by the terms of the contract everyone agreed to, not the statutes, codes, ordinances, and rules per the Common Law.

    1. Both parties still have to agree to it and the court cannot force either party to an Arbitration or a "mediation"....period...!!

    2. How would a State's AG, US AG and Bank's CEO be in violation of a contract if the "contract" is between you and the IRS? Do you have the signatures of the State's AG, United States Attorney General, the Bank's CEO on this "contract"?

      Did you have a clause in the "contract" that permits an "arbitrator" to levy fines for the violations of the provisions in this "contract"?

    3. what was the name of the arbitration company you used in what state? and how did you find them? that youtube video thank you.

    4. You wrote: "the arbitrator rules by the terms of the contract everyone agreed to"

      My question is this: Who were the parties to the "contract"?

      Because only parties are bound to the terms of the contract.

      What were the remedy provisions of the contract if one of the party's to the contract was in breach to the contract? I find it hard to believe, that a contract would have a clause in which $300,000 in fines would be levy in case of a breach. In contract law, damages are assessed to make the injured party "whole" not to penalize the breaching party by fines.

      Another problem I have with your story why would a state's AG be involved with a federal IRS issue?

    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. The parties agree to the contract by silence. The 67 page contract requires them to prove the claims they make in the law they use. They must answer all the proof of claims in the contract or they admit it is fraud by their silence. We all know that rule. They use it against us all the time. The state A G allows the IRS to come into the state and place liens on people without following the law, such as getting a court ruling to prove you owe a tax. They simply issue a lien and file it in the county records, which is fraud, and the A G has been made aware of this. That's why he was listed, and the U S A G does the same thing. The CEO is a fiduciary and must protect the account by making sure the IRS has a properly filed lien, not some Notice Of Lien made up by some dim wit sitting in an office in another state. If it only take a notice of lien, i can make one up for your account and get the bank to give me your money the same way the IRS does. The agent and the IRS, a for profit corporation, are not even licensed to operate in the states. They all work on fraud, and that's why they couldn't provide the proof of claim part of the contract. If they answered truthfully, it would expose the fraud. If they refuse the offer of contract, they must withdraw the offer of contract they made with you for some amount of money you owe or some obligation. Every bill is an offer of contract and you can change the contract with a counter offer. That's what i did. The courts have no authority over a contract that has an arbitration clause in it. See January 8, 2019 Henry Schein, Inc. V. Archer & White Sales, Inc. A Supreme court ruling. Even if the court wanted to intervene, it is not permitted.

    1. According to my understanding of contract law, your story about receiving $1,500,000 in fines for alleged breach of your "contract" against the IRS, its agent, State's AG, US AG and the Bank's CEO doesn't make sense.

      First, a State's AG has no authority over a federal agency or its agents. Secondly, a person acting in the official capacity of AG has sovereign immunity and can't be sued in court or be subject to an "arbitration" proceeding. Thirdly, the IRS and its agent would never entered into a private "contract" with a taxpayer in which the contract would have provisions that would fined the IRS and its agent up to $300,000 in fines. Under contract law, the guiding principle is to make the injured party whole not to punish the breaching party. The purpose of this principle is so that a party to a contract can make a rationale decision to carry out the provisions of the contract to its detriment or to breach the contract and accept its clearly define liquidated damages. In your "contract" no government agency would agree to be expose to up to $300,000 in fines.

      As for the Bank's CEO, if the bank is following clear established policy guidelines regarding IRS Notice of Lien, the CEO is not liable since the CEO as a corporation officer in following the clearly define procedures as established by the Bank. Moreover, your "contract" would have been with the BANK itself not the CEO.

      Moreover, under contract law, no one is a party to a contract by his or her silence. This makes no sense. A contract is by its nature is a understanding of parties to its terms and conditions. No person can be made a party to a contract unless that person is aware and understand terms and conditions. That is why written contracts with signatures is required.

      You wrote "They must answer all the proof of claims in the contract or they admit it is fraud by their silence. We all know that rule." This sentence makes no legal sense. Who must answer? What proof of claims are you talking about? What is the fraud that they must admit?

      As such, I find it hard to believe your story about you receiving $1,500,000 in fines for a breach of your private "contract" against these five individuals/agencies in arbitration where your damages from a Notice of Lien is clearly ascertainable and I would venture to guess that your actual "damages" are considerable less than $1,500,000

  8. Haven't you been following Anna's posts? There is no difference in the fed and the state. They are all the same thing. They just act like they are different. They are all fraudulent.

  9. In a unanimous decision on January 8, 2019 in Henry Schein, Inc. V. Archer & White Sales, Inc. the US Supreme Court confirmed that the United States is a pro-arbitration jurisdiction that will honor parties agreements to arbitrate. Specifically, where an arbitration clause clearly delegates the decision of arbitrability to the arbitrators. Courts should have no say in the matter – even if they perceive the argument in favor of arbitration as ‘wholly groundless.’ This decision provides clarity for potential disputants and is in line with prior Court precedent prohibiting courts from reviewing the merits of a dispute when properly delegated to an arbitrator.
    From the same case above: We must interpret the Act as written, and the Act in turn requires that we interpret the contract as written. When the parties’ contract delegates the arbitrability question to an arbitrator, a court may not override the contract. In those circumstances, a court possesses no power to decide the arbitrability issue. That is true even if the court thinks that the argument that the arbitration agreement applies to a particular dispute is wholly groundless.
    That conclusion follows not only from the text of the Act but also from precedent. We have held that a court may not “rule on the potential merits of the underlying” claim that is assigned by contract to an arbitrator, “even if it appears to the court to be frivolous.” AT&T Technologies, Inc. v. Communications Workers, 475 U. S. 643, 649-650 (1986). A court has “no business weighing the merits of the grievance” because the “agreement is to submit all grievances to arbitration, not merely those which the court will deem meritorious.” Id., at 650 (quoting Steelworkers v. American Mfg. Co., 363 U. S. 564, 568 (1960)).
    United States Constitution 14th Amendment Section 4:
    The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.
    So, what’s the public debt? Here is some more of what the Supreme Court said: “A written provision in…a contract evidencing a transaction thereafter arising out of such contract…shall be valid, irrevocable, and enforceable, save upon such grounds as exist at law or in equity for the revocation of any contract.” 9 U.S.C. § 2
    Under the Act, arbitration is a matter of contract, and courts must enforce arbitration contracts according to their terms. Rent-A-Center, 561 U.S., at 67. Only the arbitrator can determine the validity of the contract, not the courts.

    1. Hey leatherlips,
      Would you by chance be willing to share a rough draft of that 67 page contract you sent the parties involved. I'm in the same boat. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. email: Thank you and hope all works out well for you.

  10. The Scofield Bible is the script and the confused political situation is the act to prove the script so that people will believe it. Things are confused only to the people who have been overcome with the spirit of the Kingdom Message. Nothing political makes sense until we understand that the prophetic perversions of the Scofield Bible are being enacted on the world stage. Therefore America is to win no more wars and it cannot be saved from economic collapse as "prophecy" says it must give way to God's coming kingdom on earth according to British Israel. America cannot win any wars in its own behalf as long as the agents of the "beast system" British Empire control us. The most we can do is police the world until we are exhausted of our blood and money.
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. Every where you go uncle Tom shows their ugly face. Tell me why would someone try so hard to place negative on a success story