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Thursday, March 21, 2019

No, It's Not "Simple", But..... It Is Do-Able

By Anna Von Reitz

The situation with the US National Debt being cancelled by the American States National Credit is basically simple bookkeeping, but the process of verifying and collecting the information and discharging debts owed to millions of Americans is not.  

It is to be hoped that as the Dim among us realize that they are stepping on their own penile structures by attempting to obstruct, co-opt, and otherwise sideline our return to the land and soil (they assume that that means their debt will increase and so we have to be stopped, when in fact it means their debt will be relieved) this process will get simpler and less contentious.  

Although we have striven mightily to streamline and simplify the paperwork and have reduced it all down to just a few simple moves, and even though we are still working hard to automate the process --- it's still work, and it still requires people to gain new knowledge and make decisions and scrabble around correcting their records. 

Once that is done, they have to do some more scrabbling --- and collect the evidence of the STRAWMAN'S debt, have to open a private bank account, have to apply for the Voucher(s) and permit the DOD to issue them, and there are plenty of questions that remain. 

For example, what about mortgages we already paid off?  What about federal income taxes we never owed in the first place?  What about ongoing utility bills and charges addressed to the STRAWMAN?  

No, this is not 'simple", but once the military gets out of its own way and thoroughly understands that benefits to them as well as everyone else, and the people of this country wake up and those who are eligible to reclaim their birthright political status do so --- we can all enjoy a fantastic amount of debt relief.  

It may be possible for the DOD to simply return the whole credit to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and "instantly" erase the bulk of the US National Debt.  I am sure Mr. Trump would like that very much.  It would then be our responsibility (and pleasure) to work out the details of cancelling debts for millions of Americans with the Comptroller of the Currency and Secretary of State Pompeo.  


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  1. YES !!! That is the challenge that most people would not be able to document. How many people would have records of all bank financing in purchasing different residences, car payments, tax records not to mention all gas and utility bills for OVER FORTY YEARS.

    Any suggestions ?? Maybe each should pick an average gross salary for all those working years, then multiply it by a percentage say 60% to 75% and that would represent the bill structure covering those items above, unless you averaged well over $100,000 + average per year which would not apply to most people.

    How about your deceased parents and grandparents ???

    If the DOD would not be satisfied with that method, how about a Class Action for compensatory damages with hefty punitive damages against the "government" and all those living PERSONS continuing to cover up this FRAUD.

    I met Gerry Spence, the famous Wyoming, litigating attorney in the University of Washington Law School decades ago. He wrote a book and related advice from his Father.... Gerry, do you know when Enough is Enough? Answer: Enough is Enough, when its enough.... It's Enough !!!

    1. It can get a little crazy calculating all that. What about those who paid rent to a landlord who used that money to pay the mortgage he had with the bank. I submit that should be included as well otherwise the landlord gets credit for the mortgage on top of the funds received from tenants. Better add condo fees paid to corporations as part of the purchase agreement and of course the insurance fees required by the bank on top as well. I can think of a lot of add-ons made mandatory from banks. Add insurance claim losses especially in 'replacement cost' situations on items lost but not replaced. Not replaced doesn't mean it wasn't lost- thieves. Add the deductable as well. Licenses, fines, credit cards paid off plus interest. The list can be endless.

    2. Can't sue the government for monetary damages because of something called Sovereign Immunity. Google it.

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  3. My suggestion ;

    How much did you make every year since you started working ? You could use tax returns but again, we would have to trust the criminal IRS . You could average it in 5 year periods , but you will never come up with an exact amount.
    I have an idea of aboit what I made and what I paid...since I have little " saved " the amount owed is everything I made plus interest. It may all seem daunting so why not use GMEI Utility account as " your credit " ?

  4. Think about how many people have paid this outfit L i f e l o c k to protect their identity - $120 a year for this crap
    That's why they came up with you must shred all your stuff to keep the thieves from retrieving stuff from your garbage when they were the thieves
    Your social security statement has a tally of your earnings but not what you paid out
    Car dealers are in on the scam too - got one in my area that is now running for senate, hmmm
    For their UN Agenda and to put everyone out of their cars they will start the squeeze where people cannot pay for their cars as they take away jobs and their repo scams
    How about storage places - they selling peoples stuff on tell lie vision - call them storage wars, now how sick is that
    Payday loans - a form of loansharking
    Pawn Shops
    Title companies and the thousands of cars they swiped under this fraud
    Reverse mortgages - in the below video you will see where they offered the people reverse mortgages while N A S A was creating the disasters and they passed legislation making all this happen - this video also details how N A S A has taken over 'space' of unsurmountable acerage over the years to put people off the land same thing they doing today with their weather warfare
    See you tube this guy even wrote an app that tells you where all their Haarp macines are, all their dopler radars, all of it - all of it was not about space in the air it was about space on the land - hidden in plain sight
    See grindall61 on you tube where the cities in California are pushing get out of your cars
    The insurance companies they own will make sure that you do too because they will raise your premiums based on your social credit score which they know will go down because they taking the jobs away or outsourcing them which is why they shipping droves of immigrants in under H1B visas
    How about the Affordable Care Act crap pay the IRS a penalty because you don't have it? Insurance premiums skyrocketed and so did your deductible - all planned to plunder the wealth
    And it's one step closer to their Medicare for all so they can control the 'healthcare' system and futher their eugenics operations
    Read an article where I think in the UK the government will get your paycheck before you and determine your tax and whatever else they want and you get what's left over
    World wide ponzi scheme
    Think about this we are the only species on this earth that pays to live on it
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. "Think about this we are the only species on this earth that pays to live on it"

      Are we also the only species that does not know that life comes with a price,as does sin?
      i know that we may have been wronged and yet God has warned us of all these things and more.
      Looking for a free ride and or retribution is not the answer.
      Thinking that we were entitled to a free ride all along is also wrong and can be very misleading.

    2. a follower: I believe there was a time when the resources were free. There was a time when land was just claimed, parents taught their offspring how to grow food, hunt, build shelter. Communities thrived because of contributions to a joint effort. They also learned how to protect what they had from the lazy thieves. There was a time when people did actually acknowledge their creator and lived as best they could to the 10 commandments.

      Money or the control of value of money is the issue here.

      Re-programming society if we are to survive we will have to find a way to utilize the resources and technology that has been developed over time and apply it. Until we learn to place value back into the living things that allow us to live, we won't survive.

      Time to stop questioning which came first, the chicken or the egg and appreciate each for what they provide. Time to recognize that unless you allow some of those eggs to grow more chickens there will be no more eggs.

    3. Dan, yes great post, you are getting to the heart of the beast here. We will have to be re-programmed to understand what is valuable. I tried to make that point awhile ago. What you described in your first paragraph is one of the things that is missing now, co-operation and joint effort. Fully agree. Labor has been mispriced horrifically by lazy thieves who would rather have other people do the work by convincing the labor class that labor is bottom of the food chain when in reality, it is the diametric opposite. Anna has alluded to this but she keeps getting shouted down by people who believe every meme they hear and take it as gospel. Thus true enlightenment is hard to come by.