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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The US National Debt vs. The American States National Credit

By Anna Von Reitz

The US National Debt is approximately 25 trillion dollars.  This debt is owed by United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States.

Approximately 90% of this debt is owed to American State Citizens and American State Nationals, with the remainder being trade deficits and other forms of debt owed to other countries, primarily to China.

The DOD has discovered a credit of approximately 21 trillion dollars on its books.  This is the National Credit owed to the American States and People.

This credit accrued over nearly a hundred years during which generations of Americans exchanged their labor and goods for I.O.U.'s issued by the Federal Reserve. 

When the DOD issues a Credit Voucher to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to offset Debts presented for payment by American State Nationals or American State Citizens, the US National Debt is decreased by the amount of the Voucher. 

If, however, DOD issues a Credit Voucher to pay off Debts presented for payment by United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States, the net affect is to increase the US National Debt, plus additional interest. 

When our National Credit is accessed by American State Nationals and American State Citizens and applied to their debts,  the US National Debt decreases and US Credit Rating is restored.

As this National Credit is already accrued, allowing American State Nationals and American State Citizens to access it does not represent any new expense or burden to the US.  It's simply bookkeeping which needs to be done and which relieves everyone of debt.

It relieves American State Nationals and American State Citizens of odious debts by canceling those debts using already accrued National Credit, and it relieves United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States of their National Debt burden at the same time.

Everyone wins.  Nobody loses.  So why isn't it being done as of yesterday?

Answer: first, many American State Nationals and American State Citizens were being deliberately misidentified as United States Citizens and/or Citizens of the United States, making them ineligible to receive the Credit Offset.

Second, many United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States continued to mindlessly indebt themselves, racking up not only debt, but interest charges.

Third, although the Department of Defense did ultimately come clean about the existence of the National Credit, they have not had the authority to correct the situation. 

Only we, the living people, have the answer: everyone who is eligible to reclaim their birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens, do so.

Do the paperwork we've outlined, record your claims, when you are finished with those steps, go to our new website,, as soon as it is available, sign up to receive more information and then collect evidence of debt owed by the STRAWMAN --- mortgages, college loans, utility bills, wherever the name of the STRAWMAN account shows up. 

These are all debts that are owed mutual offset credit exchange--- that is, cancellation by Credit Voucher.

As these debts are cancelled against the National Credit that Americans are already owed, the US National Debt burden is relieved as a result of the same transaction. 

Win-Win, one by one.


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