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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For All the Jural Assemblies - 45 Religion and State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

While it is each State's right to determine its day to day organizational course within the Public Law, the Organic Law, and the International Treaties we inherit, it requires negotiation with the other States and the convening of a Continental Congress to address issues of fundamental change. 

Various religious groups have offered to take over and use the reins of the civilian government to promote their own beliefs and practices, which is a violation of the fundamental separation between church and state. 

While the vast majority of our ancestors were Christian, most of them had suffered or had family members who suffered religious persecution.  They well understood that giving the government any oversight at all of religion led to abuses of religious freedom.  To secure and guarantee religious freedom for themselves, they guaranteed the same for everyone and set religion outside the purview of government. 

As a result, our State Assemblies are not religious organizations, however dedicated the various people making up an Assembly may be to their faith and their views as a private matter.

Most State Assemblies traditionally have a Chaplain and open with a prayer or moment of silence allowing members to say a prayer prior to their business meetings --- a prudent and respectful practice that does not however suggest that the nature of the Assembly itself is anything but that of a secular and civilian government.

We need to observe that the present attempts to enslave everyone on this continent began with the successful re-enslavement of former Plantation slaves by the Territorial United States Government following the Civil War.  In essence, the British-backed Territorial Government abolished private slave ownership with one hand, and institutionalized public slave ownership with the other hand. 

Because we did not understand what they were doing and it did not affect us, we did not object, and this insidious form of enslavement originally applied to black Americans has eventually borne its cancerous fruit in the present attempt to enslave all Americans.

These abuses are typical of what happens when the coercive force of government is allowed to impinge upon any Natural Right,  and the reason that the Founders placed such issues as free speech, religious freedom, and freedom of assembly beyond the reach of government.  We would do well to remember the lessons they had already learned the hard way and to respect our history and our foundational principles.

It is also worth observing that by far the majority of the churches in this country took the bait and incorporated their operations as franchises of commercial corporations, thereby subjecting themselves to the International Jurisdiction of the Sea --- which is ruled by Satan. 

If they were not wise enough to save themselves as churches, why should we assume that their leadership in the secular realm would be better informed? 

Let each man and woman hold firmly to their best ethical standards and with Good Faith and common sense and clarity of purpose move forward together.  We are assembling the actual States of the Union to restore our lawful civilian government, to conduct business that is long overdue, to enforce the Public Law, and to preserve our inheritance.  To succeed, we need to keep focused.


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  1. Very well stated and important to comprehend to prevent later problems.

  2. Knowing the nature of mankind is to put ego and personality before self restraint and obedience to God's commandments, my concern is that State Jural Assemblies may become populated with the former kind of personality and their attendant problems because these Assemblies will naturally attract those seeking personal freedoms.

    In the work of the Jural Assemblies there must be order, reason, logic, respect, knowledge of American history and of American Common Law, and underscoring the whole there must be true respect shown for God's commandments or else the potential for constructive progress of the Assemblies will become caught in personality conflicts, contests of ego, in-fighting and confusion. A chaplain and sincere prayers offered at the Jural Assemblies (and by all seeking freedom from oppressors) will help to maintain the necessary spirit of purposeful, cooperative, respectful decorum. I would also recommend readings from scriptural themes be read to keep Assemblies mindful of what God's order actually is.

    We cannot reasonably imagine to establish a better order than Heavenly Father's or we commence on a journey destined for disorder and dysfunction, like the system we see has resulted from following Lucifer's plan of deception and personality contests. As Anna pointed out recently Samuel the prophet warned against kings as rulers, and urged God's people follow God only, not kings, rulers, princes, or the rule of man.

  3. I would remind everyone to be aware of the islamic deception techniques to ensure sharia law is not progressively pursued. While church and state may be separate, any state must guard against the unholy traits of such a cult.