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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"To Live, and Not Die"

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a friend who has for many years struggled to build a functional, practical Utopian community grid--- to find ways for people to trade without usury, to live without pollution, to have local control, to have clean food and water, to contribute to the rest of the world --- all the things that have to happen if our race is to endure upon the Earth. 
Today, he called to tell me about all the support he has found for his efforts and the progress he has made. It was a little like talking to John Galt. He is building his "Gulch", but it is a hideaway meant for all humanity. A little phrase he used caught my attention: "To Live, and Not Die". 
Our Creator has urged us to make a choice and to choose life, to live and not die. That choice is clearly set before each one of us, and in front of us all, but we don't think about it much. 
Do we choose life and take the actions necessary to preserve life, or do we choose death for ourselves and our planet?

Peace is necessary for life --- our lives and other's lives, too.

We have by the Grace of the True Lord of Heaven been given marvelous technological superiority, overwhelming power and protection. But this was given to us so that we can freely choose life. And peace. It was given to us because our hearts and minds are open books and He knows that we will faithfully prefer and choose life for this planet and everyone on it.

It is only with great sadness that we announce that any further deployment of weapons of war against American soil by any party will result in the full force of their intended strike being reflected directly back at them. 
In other words, while we will not take aggressive action to harm anyone ourselves, any action against us or our country will result in the strike being literally returned to the senders--- reflected right back at them. 
In this way, those who choose war and death will be destroyed with pinpoint accuracy and will receive back exactly what they chose.

It has been confirmed that yes, the strike on Big Lake, Alaska, that resulted in the 7.0 earthquake, was done by the US NAVY and USAF acting under the instructions of Russell-J:Gould and other complicit former Americans pretending to be "White Hats" and instead being set up as scapegoats.

No actual White Hat attacks his own soil and his own people.

And it is apparent that Russell has been hired to in his words, "perform" these functions for the French-Belgian-Swiss cabal. 
For some months, Russell has been facing financial dire straits and no doubt that that circumstance and promises of quick political power seduced him and others into these acts of violence and has left them open to charges of treason.

As all my readers know, I started my life as a mathematician. So when David-Wynn:Miller and Russell-J:Gould showed up claiming that they had "discovered" (actually re-discovered the old Parthian grammar) the "mathematical interface" with language and grammar, it intrigued me. 
Being a mathematician I didn't bother to study the grammar which is merely the supposed result of the mathematics. I studied the mathematics and found it to be deeply flawed.

In other words, the whole reason we are being sold on using PARSE -- that it is "mathematically correct" ---- is wrong, and provably so, without breaking much of a sweat. 
This, then, undercuts the entire supposed validity and “correctness” of PARSE and also, together with the fact that PARSE is not the official language of this country, destroys all claims that the Constitutions are void because they didn’t follow PARSE SYNTAX. 
I meant to discuss this finding with Russell at a later date and to further explore the idea of improving communication using mathematical principles---which isn't a bad idea. Now it appears we won't have the opportunity to sit down over a friendly cup of coffee and do that.

It's important for everyone to understand that the "Federal Government" operates entirely under “delegated power” with respect to us and has no power of its own. It’s simply a subcontractor obligated to provide the enumerated services expressed as “Powers”. Period.

It is also a matter of international law that our States, not any “State of State”, holds the actual power.

As a result, nothing that has happened to any of the Federal, Territorial, or Municipal Branches can affect us, beyond obligating us to either: (a) hire new subcontractors or (b) do the work ourselves.

No corporation or individual acting as a franchisee or originator of a corporation can claim to own our flag, our Post Office, or much of anything else that ultimately belongs to a sovereign state. Such a premise would argue that corporations created by men are “equal to or greater than” the people creating those corporations. 
By Maxim of Law, the creation is never greater than the creator.

Whatever he might say about the importance of what happened in 1999, Russell-J:Gould is in the same basic position as Keith Livingway with respect to his claims to “own” the Title IV Flag and other property. Unless he returns all claim of ownership back to the States and People, he is, like Livingway, simply a later pirate in possession of stolen goods.

Livingway claims to “own” The United States of America because he went to a Naval Yard Sale and bought an original copy of The Articles of Confederation, and similar assertions, but what he in fact acquired was the detritus of a bankrupted Scottish Corporation that had infringed on our copyrights and was in possession of our property via fraud.

Russell-J:Gould is claiming to “own” the Title IV Flag defined by another usurping foreign corporation, the Roman Catholic version doing business as “the United States of America”, which was bankrupted in 1933 and came out of bankruptcy in 1999, when Russell, like Livingway, came forward and claimed it. However, just like Livingway, he is in possession of our stolen property.

First pirate: the Scottish “ringer” doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated” – property picked up out of bankruptcy by Keith Livingway. 
Second pirate, the Roman Catholic Delaware corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Incorporated – property --including the Title IV Flag used by that corporation, picked up by Russell-J:Gould.

Same schtick, same logic, same circumstance.

In both cases, these men are in receipt of stolen property belonging to The United States of America [Unincorporated], our States, and our People.
When I talked to Russell last year he seemed to clearly comprehend the necessity of returning the so-called Title IV Flag and all other property rightfully belonging to this country to its lawful government. 

 Apparently, he (a) lied through his teeth or (b) never actually and clearly understood the facts and the law.

In any event, if he has in fact collaborated with the French-Belgian-Swiss Cabal and fired weapons against American soil and caused millions of dollars-worth of damage to Alaska and its people, he must be considered a traitor and a violent traitor, too, together with all the men with him. They are responsible for the death of two innocent Alaskans.

I very much suspect that they have all been set up as Fall Guys as part of a US ARMY PsyOp and I am grieved for them and for us all. 


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  1. Yah, right on lady... Liverwurst, Gould & Miller I have had the displeasure of wasting hundred if not thousands of hours and dollars on their delusional thinking. What a waste. I felt like a horses ass too. Just like you do now. I doubt Gould has any power to order the military to attack Alaska though.

  2. Just when ya think the nonsense cant get any more ''far out'', here it comes nuttier than before.
    Hilarious. Every word of it.
    (thank God I have a Real Life going on with Real Progress on a daily basis)

    1. Abby? Mariana wants her spider back. Be gone!

    2. Dear Abby, You get first place for being the most negative, judgmental, annoying, responder I have ever come across and I must ask==== If you don't have anything positive to say or contribute- why are you here? Or what are they paying you to be a rats ass? For the record Anna Von Reitz is the Only Member of the human race still alive that has Led freedom fighters in honor with a record of facts--and is the only one not being harvested by the opposition because she is Authentic and knows the truth and is spiritually discerned, protected by the Almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Might I suggest you get on your knees and ask our Creator to renew your mind - then maybe you might learn something and become part of the cure and not the disease.

    3. TE let me enlighten you a bit: Two years ago or back when this PARSE bullshit was pushed in here, I said at that time that it was pure bullshit. Now, I am proven to be correct. It just seems to take some of you ''positive thinking'' guys much longer to arrive at the same thing I understand from the get-go.

      I have said this about many things that have popped up here, especially the stuff anna has been bringing in here more recently, which again I already 'know' is bullshit, which will take you guys another how many years to ''get it''?

      No, anna does not have Godly discernment as she her herein very incorrectly spewed her own worldly version of what she thinks ''choose life'' means. So again I will inform you blind followers of hers that .........what God means by Choose Life means to 'take up the Cross of CHRIST and follow after HIM, and you will attain ETERNAL Life in heaven with Him''.

      It most assuredly does not mean ''just pick and choose'' as IF it is something like a multiple choice question on a school test, as anna has presented. And such misleading is surely an indication of NOT being under any guidance of Jesus, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and will Return again and WILL Rule the Earth.

      So you see, You are the one who needs to learn a whole lot of things as You have the disease, and I already have attained 'the cure''. TE, get the plank out of Your own Eyes before you assume you are in any position to judge me.

      It is your own Deception that annoys you. In these last days, truth is taken to be a lie, and lies are being taken to be the truth. It is your responsibility to know which is which, as it is quite apparent you do not. And that makes it quite obvious that your mind has not been Renewed. Mine has been for several decades and only improves with each passing decade. I also know Who renewed it, and that they don't live in alaska.

    4. Abby, even bull dung turns to flowers eventually, and may say, I was right? Lol.

      The point is that you don't agree with anything and/or anyone, and when and if proven right, it's Not because you knew anything, but because you don't like anything, outside your own self validating dribble!

      And... should anyone that claim be cleansed, or have a renewed mind, like you claim for yourself, would Not be so disharmonious and negative! [ Look around you dear.]

      By the way... it seems you now go for the "Last days" crap you attacked me for last month?

      Well done... so you can eventually learn from others? But not unless you haven't crucified the first?

    5. Correction: [last line] But not unless you have crucified them first?

  3. alanedward says;

    Mmmm well here you go, your opportunity to do some research, or at least follow along..!

    youtube user Gematria effect news.

    also something else here is the a class on Hebrew that will amaze you if you may have an interest in learning about the sounds coming from you mouth..?

    1. All this info comes from the minds of man, not SPIRIT. I'm done with "man's" kind, I will listen only to what my inner guidance discern as TRUTH.

    2. Hebrew = Hebrew'ed & drank the kook-aid. Hebrew was not the origin or our language. Nothing of the jew is truthful. Kinda like saying German sprouted from Yiddish. Puhleeze. If one wants truth, steer away from anything jew.

    3. Hmmm, where is that 'thumbs up' button? Being German I appreciate that statement.

    4. ....if I may interject ....I've been told that "hebrew" meant Dessert bandit....and yuh gotta givem' this they've stayed true to

    5. alan edward: anna stated she understands mathematics; Zack K Hubbard would be a super ally to have so she can understand that trump is not to be trusted; i heard David Wynn miller say {liars figure but figures don't lie} the people that can't comprehend gematria have their heads in the sand...

    6. Danika, the spirit you follow is a lying spirit. It is most certainly not The Spirit of Truth which is God himself, whom you do not know.
      Lying spirits and your 'inner guidance' is nothing but your own opinion and there is no truth in any of it.

  4. Where, and when, did Russell-J:Gould get the power of the military to call a strike? Who told you this? Where is his link to the military? Could it not be more plausible that the powers that were have decided you two present too much of a threat and so are working to tear you both apart? This post makes me wonder.

    1. Look up Russell-J:Gould videos he tells how he did it.

  5. I would like to know how you intend to redirect their attacks back on them if they do another attack. Where does Anna get that power? If it is real, I hope it actually happens and we get rid of at least some of the filth plaguing the people.

    1. John HD, she cant. Its all part of the grand delusion some people are going thru in these last days. I also fail to believe that this was any personal attack on anna, as I don't see where anna is of any threat to anyone.
      We can look at Paradise, CA though, and know that ''they'' burned it all down because it sits on a huge amount of gold, like a gold mine which 'they' want for those valuable resources.

    2. According to the Galatia Federation all the nuclear weapons were destroyed by the ET's in the 90's, all this threat about other countries having nuclear power for weapon's against us is to get the masses behind a war. The ET's took care of the nuclear problems and the Draco's it is up to us to take care of our own problems here on the planet and raising our frequency to move to a higher spiritual level.

  6. Hi Anna,
    There are planes or whatever flying over residential homes don’t know what is being sprayed and as soon as night falls planes with red lights and flashing white lights seeming lazer type being directed at passing cars being reported. As well as Chemtrails be stopped?
    Thank you
    God bless you

  7. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for this article......David Wynn-Miller and co-conspirators, pirates, pillagers saw only a side of governments.

    Settling in on the Island of Maui, Wynn-Miller called himself the King of Maui. From the viewpoint of the Royal Families in the Hawaiian Islands, he and the others are no different than the usurpers of our Queen in 1893. His explanation was that the Masons/Freemasons were superior and over a Queen from a Monarchy turned Constitutional Monarchy government.

    Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli did not join the Masons/Freemasons and he did do the Mahele in 1848 which gave "forever lands" to his people and "fee simple" or 30 years/freehold, less than alodio lands to "Aliens" or foreigners. Wynn-Miller explained in his film that all lands were not owned....wrong. If our ancestors were living in this day and age, Wynn-Miller and others like him would be booted out of the Hawaiian Islands and banned from Hawaii and many other nations who have treaties of friendship, peace, amity, etc.
    Wynn-Miller claimed that his work meant "no wars" but in actuality his declarations were nonsensical most of the time.
    Wynn-Miller's explanation of 911 and other historical events should be reviewed.....I found that the Postal Savings held $965,000 (rounded off) in 1892 prior to the criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.... along comes Wynn-Miller and Friends who claim that they are the Postal Judges..more like identity thieves because Postal Treaties were made by the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii in 1870, 1883, and 1886. His history takes on his videos have yet to be reviewed by many...and have found those to be interesting. The one that captured my attention was that he claimed 800 Hawaiians were killed after the date I have found 250 and got totally disgusted when the henchmen asked for vacation because they tired of watching heads roll in the baskets......sad but much genocide activities found...the whites scalped, hung/lynched, used the Frenchmen's equipment to chop heads off, used sharks to kill, etc..... but thank you for your postings...…...aloha.

  8. Reference for the $965,000 (rounded off amount) posted at the following link: aloha.

  9. Does anyone remember the song ....
    "Everyome wants to rule the world"...!!!

    It looks that way to me...!!!!

    Even if PARSE SYNTAX was mathematically corect, it would take another 3 generations at least for people to learn it, if ever...!! He was simply trying to prove that the way contracts are written up, really means..
    "NO CONTRACT "...!!!

    1. That is the understanding that I have received from his teachings. Even Bill Clinton used it in his problems with the young women. A popular video showing Bill saying it depends on exactly what the definition of "is" is! David-Wynn-Miller: coached his through the trial threatening to destroy the gov because of the way everything is written in "no contract" if they continued to prosecute Clinton.

  10. where these the same guys who were responsible for the the Paradise attack? and the Navy and Air Force included this too?

  11. Just research your birth certificate and correct your status a d standing which is very simple to do and if that's correctly done then Anna is on to something? No need to push who is it isn't right. Put your money we're your mouth is and correct your birth right status and move on.

  12. Awake in our Mythology, The Christ Conspiracy Part 1

  13. Clearing the Birth Certificate as taught in Australia: Seems a lot easier, after you watch a few of the videos.


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