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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Fundamental Understanding

By Anna Von Reitz

When any -- ANY -- incorporated entity attacks an unincorporated entity, a crime occurs.

Pure and simple.

When the "United States,Inc." attacked the Confederate States of States, they also damaged the actual States and People. Thus, a crime occurred.

Thereafter, the Vermin responsible (mostly Railroad Barons) bankrupted the "United States, Inc." so they wouldn't have to pay for all the damage they caused, and together with dishonest politicians and bankers, fronted the Scottish impostor doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated". 
More crimes perpetuated by incorporated entities against unincorporated entities occurred--- fraud, usurpation, breach of trust, etc., etc.,----all criminal activities carried out by incorporated entities against unincorporated entities.

The Pope as Trustee of the Air Jurisdiction and the Roman Curia should have stepped in immediately and liquidated the offending corporations, but they didn't. Instead, they acted in Breach of Trust and profited from these immoral and criminal organizations.

Same thing with the British Monarchs that were supposedly acting as our Trustees on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" ---- they should have been riding herd on the Scottish Government and should have prevented any member of the United Kingdom Government from preying upon us, and instead, they acted in Breach of Trust and profited from these immoral and criminal organizations. 
Now we have the French-Belgian-Swiss rot-mongers fronting other incorporated entities (US ARMY, USAF, US NAVY for example) making attacks on living people and actual land masses using incorporated entities as "fronts".

At each and every time that this happens, these corporations are functioning as criminal organizations and are subject to immediate liquidation.

The Law is: any incorporated entity that does anything unlawful against an unincorporated (sovereign) entity is guilty of crime and subject to immediate liquidation.

That's why we are still standing and they are not.

Please note that the saying, "The meek will inherit the Earth." may also be interpreted as, "The Miq will inherit the Earth."

The Miq is the ancient Moral Code of Commercial Law. If that Moral Code is followed, all these corporations that have done these evil things must be liquidated and their assets must returned to the people and countries they have harmed.


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  1. alanedward says;

    get the book "letters and numbers" only five dollars, over seven hundred pages...!

    follow along with "gematria effect news" on youtube.

    hope you can appreciate this insight. not trying to push this upon anyone, as the saying goes,"You can only lead the horse to the water.."

  2. There's also the massive crimes, murder, genocide of Paradise & massive land, property theft & forced continued suffering by those in charge by NOT providing relief for those who have suffered. Entire streets filled with buses of children, cars driving to school, work turned into nano dust... with the Living Beings still in them.
    Where are the CHILDREN ON THE BUSES? Dunno lets ask the jews, jewsuits, Vatiscam, wouldn't they be the ones claiming insurance on their missing cargo.

    So, guess all we can do by the law of Miq is use the powers of our minds to hold up little mirrors to deflect the evil back upon them?
    Its long been time to start taking them out... to meet their maker, & leave not one replicable cell in our Gentile universe for them to ever re-emerge.

  3. Was going to add Harriman the rail road was staying in Rothschild castle ,Lincoln was a rail rode attorney . Molto jew pen pal Karl Marx more communist murderers .

    1. Its time to take down the Lincoln Memorial and replace it with Andrew Jackson....!!

  4. Time to find some hackers and hack into the financial system and shut down the payroll. The soldiers won't work for long with no paycheque.

  5. The law of Miq is a new one for me☇

  6. Let me know when a DIVERSELY Worldly Educated T.E.A.M. of Private individuals are willing to Unite and use the WORLD KNOWLEDGE,STRUCTURES AND TRUSTS TO CREATE FOR "We The People" our OWN "Private Trust" to take back CONTROL that We let be TAKEN from us by NOT simply TAKING SELF RESPONSIBILITY to "Privately Unite as We The People".

    1. If people aren't educated on "money" and "law", we would revert right back to this system within a few years....!!

      And if and when we do restore our Rebublic, there has to be something in place so no one or agency is in charge of money ever again..!!

      It needs quantum oversite by computers that can do it...!!

  7. How do we wake the sleeping giant ( the people ) ? They are already armed and when they know how bad they have been pillaged and plundered , we can just drag these bastards out of their ivory towers and execute them all. Then let higher thinkers do the liquidating and return the earth to us...slves no more.

  8. good morning all, well at the ending of read, if these corporation are guilty then let liquidate them, best remedy I heard up so far.

  9. The acting Pope is Jonathan Price
    The acting Queen and Kind of England is Lucille Ball and her hubby
    So tell me folks how you going get remedy from people playing roles for the banks
    How about Hillary Clinton is Shirley Jones
    Tell lie vision programming by the grand masters
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