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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day Six Disaster Update

By Anna Von Reitz

I will make this short and sweet.

Everything is returning to normal.  We have, all together as a group, sustained about $40,000.00 worth of damage and various physical injuries that are not life-threatening and on the way to healing.  We continue to need donations to make everyone whole and continue our current operations.

The "weird tsunami" has petered out and downgraded over the course of the night from a fifty foot wall of water to a twenty foot "high storm surge" which may cause some damage to the docks and similar facilities, but doesn't pose any very great danger to life or hard to replace or repair infrastructure.

We have chucked the family china and crystal into the dustbins and shuffled large amounts of "broken everything" out to the curb.  It's odd looking at the empty shelves and cupboards and facing Christmas Dinner using paper plates. 

So much for GHW's "kinder and gentler" world--- a world in which everything would be taken from the Americans, even our Good Names and our national borders.

Next time you hear the awful statistics about families and lives decimated by the Opium Drug Epidemic, you know who to thank.

I am still acting as Pay Mistress.  My PayPal is:  Donations can also be sent to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


  1. Anna I am glad you are safe and sound. You put the call out to the universe, it will hear you, and your needs will be met. I will send more when I can!
    I AM IN DESPAIR too. I was researching what our state could do ( CA) to stop the tunnels from being built from the Delta and routed down south because Brown and Feinstein caved into the FED. Protesting os all they do here...
    I discovered CA, as well as most all other states have given up their 10th Amendment Sovereignty, thru the 17th Amendment adoption. They can't stand up to the Fed anymore nor do they want to. Then to make matters worse if we had ANY representative force, say an Assembly in each state as you recommend we do, we have a Congress and a Supreme court that DENIES the Article 5 Constitutional rights of the states to change or amend the Constitution. To make matters WORSE:
    Coleman v. Miller, 307 U.S. 433 (1939) established that under the court's political question doctrine, Congress was empowered to ignore or veto the direct text of the Constitution!!! In a second attempt at securing Article 5 rights-this occured...
    Walker v Members of Congress was filed in 2004. The suit was significant in several ways. First, whereas Walker v. United States had sued Congress as a group, ( first lawsuit) Walker v. Members of Congress sued the members as individuals. This meant that each member, was required under federal law, to individually determine their opposition to the lawsuit and request the United States represent them opposing the lawsuit. All members of Congress opposed the lawsuit by requesting the government represent them. Despite the language of the complaint which removed any member of Congress from the suit if he supported obeying the Constitution, NO member of Congress chose to obey the Constitution. Thus, all members of Congress have publicly advocated they oppose obeying the direct text of the Constitution and support they having a veto of its text.
    This proves they have their OWN constitution and cannot let on.
    How are we all to proceed now?
    I was just trying to save the delta...and God led me to this!
    More info and credits here;


  2. File your insurance claims for losses and damages; whats the problem.

    1. Deductibles perhaps Abby over scores of people's loses (& not being of medicare age perhaps,too dear🎵

  3. These transverse wave energy weapons can penetrate. Even a submarines at sea so the use it to communicate with the nuclear fleet. But has evil purposes like destroying twin towers in Manhattan .
    Kids in busses in paradise California . And possibly
    Quakes in big lake.seems no limit to the evil.
    they need supervision like a common law grand jury investigate with dejoure and a special Marshall or sheriff to investigate no CIA. hiding behind national security .

    1. They all need a bullet in the head. Anyone who attacks their employers deserves death, period. This treason has gone on for over 150 years. Grand Juries my ass, lynch mobs more like.. then after the pile of vermin gets big enough we can sort out who is left and hold them accountable. How much of your life are you willing to have taken by force ? How much suffering are you willing to have your family and loved ones go through ? Where are the men who are willing to fight for what is right ? Anna , sitting in Alaska in a shaken up house does more than almost anyone I know to educate.. time to gather the troops , educate them and overehelm the enemy and take back with force if necessary what is ours and punish without mercy these bastards ! They even built their own prisons ( FEMA CAMPS COMPLETE WITH GIULLOTINES ) To make our job easier....

    2. YES Patriot ---- You are 100% right . No amount of support /Jural assemblies etc are going to do ANYTHING-PERIOD . All these lawful "REMEDIES" and getting TRUMP to listen to the basic and proper function of government and getting him to "ACT" is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ---PERIOD .Time for TALK is OVER

    3. Yeah, right fools😥

      Power Belongs to the People
      2 Dec 2018 - 3:47:00 PM
      Power belongs to the people.
      You are what matters.
      All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER.
      They are scared.
      Think Fake News attacks [2nd only to POTUS himself].
      Trust yourself.
      Think for yourself.
      You are not alone.
      Open your heart and your mind.
      Where We Go One > We Go ALL!!!

  4. All I know is that at GHWB fummeral Trump was sitting with the worst of his traitors...!! How uncomfortable and ackward do you think that was...

    Bush jr, must be thinking when is it my turn...!! Along with that entire first row....!!


    Arlene Johnson

    This is what a gentleman said about the earthquake earlier this month (December 2018):
    From a Canada contact - part of a letter today
    “This morning, my hometown, Big Lake, Alaska, was targeted by a Resonance Energy Weapon, more generally known as a Directed Energy Weapon. 
Big Lake sustained a direct hit and was the original epicenter of a 7.0 Earthquake.
We saw the “Green Beam” from Elmendorf Air Force Base just prior to the event. 
Big Lake is not located on any natural fault line. 
Let’s make this perfectly clear: 
Any member of the U.S. Military targeting our soil is a criminal and a traitor. 
Anyone giving such an order or obeying such an order needs to be pre-empted with deadly force and removed from command, court-martialed and shot. Period. 
The “Nuremberg Defense” — “I was just following orders!” — has already been tried and failed and will fail again.
Any member of the UN Military targeting Big Lake, Alaska, is committing a crime and violation of the United Nations ENMOD Treaty. They also need to be removed with deadly force, arrested, and remanded to their country of origin for prosecution.
Big Lake, Alaska, is not a “domestic target” and has never been incorporated as a franchise of any Territorial United States or Municipal United States corporation.
This craven and criminal attack on our civilian population as retaliation for my exposure of the bank’s colossal theft of private assets now being offered as a bribe to the military leadership neatly demonstrates the corruption of elements within our military — in particular elements of the US Navy, DOD, and Air Force.
As the lawful Fiduciary for The United States of America I am asking all military officers to honor their Oath to protect America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and I am asking them to assist in the recovery of our assets and the return of these assets to our lawful civil control. 
The banks have robbed us and defrauded us under the watchful eye of our own military forces, and this has been the long and short of it since the 1860′s.”
    Give it up Nibiru disinformation disseminators. Planet X is a diversion from what’s really happening. Google the USMCA and Trump to see how the American people are being betrayed again.

    Arlene Johnson
    To access my e-zine, click on the icon that says Magazine.

    1. " truedemocracy"... so if there are more of us we get to kill, grill and eat your body...isnt that " true democracy " ?


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