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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dorothy, Come Home!

By Anna Von Reitz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in 1900, so all those people who are drawing upon the obvious similarities between Dorothy's trip out of Kansas and our jurisdictional kidnapping must be wrong..... or are they? 

Everyone forgets that there was an earlier bankruptcy than the one in 1933, the bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" from 1868 to 1953. 

That first bankruptcy technically began in 1896 and went to court in 1907 and was in process until it finally settled in 1953.  Frank L. Baum had plenty of time, if he was an Insider, to contemplate the impacts of this first bankruptcy and write it all down as a children's story. 

By the time the second bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated hit in 1933, our land resources were already impounded as security for the first bankruptcy and weren't available.  So FDR used us, our bodies and our labor and our private assets, to back-stop the debts of the second bankruptcy.  

That's why the results that Frank L. Baum presented originally in 1900 didn't become as obvious as he assumed until the 1930's.  

We have been "transported" to the foreign jurisdiction of the British Territorial United States and then kidnapped again into the foreign jurisdiction of the Municipal United States --- and all without any Due Notice or Due Process from our unfaithful servants.  

At which point, it's time for "Dorothy" to click the heels of her Ruby Slippers three times and realize --- "There's no place like home...." 

If you are missing America the way it should be, then it is more than past time for you and millions of others to take up the challenge posed by these Usurpers and False Trustees.  

Donald Trump is doing his best, but he can't do it alone from his side of the fence.  It requires a collaboration.  Dorothy and Toto have to do their part, and then the Good Witch Glinda has to do hers. 

If you've been in the proverbial "Land of Oz" as long as you care to be, then get started on the road home.  Declare and record your correct nationality and political status, and either join or start your own County Jural Assembly.  

There are a lot of people out there selling one idea or another, focusing on one part of the fraud or another, but the only ultimate solution is to go home to Kansas and restore the lawful government and the Public Law you are owed. 

Donald Trump is the President of a bankrupt foreign corporation. About the best he can do is keep the boat afloat and fend off false claims against the cargo by would-be pirates.  The real solution and the only real solution that there is, is up to me and you.  

Click those Ruby Slippers. 

Assemble your State Jural Assemblies and get ready to "reconstruct" the Federal States of States---- a job that has been pending for 150 years.  Once you reclaim your status as a Kansan, Vermonter or Minnesotan or..... and assemble your State Jural Assembly, the so-called "Eternal Emergency" will be over at last.  

And so will any excuse for European hanky-panky and false claims in commerce. 

You will be home, back in Kansas.  Or California.  Or Wyoming.  Or Michigan.  Or Maine.  Or.....  and all the Wicked Witches can just go flap their jaws somewhere else. 


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  1. The problem with this country is that we have groups of people with their own special agenda, which another group opposes...!! No one ever gets together against the corruption in govt and the courts, like every other nation on earth does....Paris for example...!! People on other countries seem to inherently know that it's always their govt causing the problem...!! So they all come together as one, instead of 10 different groups all demanding their LBGT rights, women rights, black and other minorities their "CIVIL rights", in Iceland...!! Here we would rather fight each other than focus on our real problem...of course their agenda is mostly the "deep states" agenda too, so they are only a hindrance to our ultimate goal..But to those far left people only wanting their often evil deeds covered, the STATE is helping them, so they have no reason to fight govt....!! To those in the LEFT community, quite being selfish, and help us all to be free first, then you can take up your agenda again after we clean up the "SWAMP"...!!

    1. You are so right! The problem is no one wants to stick together and the government made it that way! Still would like to know how to do it yes I've been reading his for a while now I'm in the process of trying to take my name back from these corporations like PennDOT this organization has enough nerve to tell me I have to take a religious test to keep my picture off my driver's license and I've bought had enough of these Liars anybody wishing to help add your name to a list to stop this abuse in the state of Pennsylvania and other abuses that they're pulling like forcing men and women who are retired or have no kids pay school tax the school tax is supposed to be a federally funded program where does the money go and why do we have to pay and especially why would I have to pay when I have no children?

    2. Without trying to be overly critical and with due respect to your thoughtful and on point contributions to us through this post, to use the Left vs Right as representing the problem is remaining in the duality from which we're trying to emerge. In defense of the 'Left', I know many people who would probably fall into this category. They are black, white, Native American, Mexican, gay, straight, 'trans', Buddhist, Christian, Sundancers, Rastas, and the list goes on. Mostly, they are men and women who endeavor to employ themselves outside the 'system'. They are artists, musicians, builders, organic gardeners, inventors and more. Many of them homeschool their children and are in the forefront of implementing permaculture and alternative energy systems. We probably wouldn't have solar power, organic food, non-toxic paint, and bio-remediation without them. Like much of the 'Left', many of them are economically challenged and there's often a lot of brown rice and kale on the table. They seem to give little attention to each others color, religion, or sexual preference, but endeavor to work together from a common value system. Yup, there's a drug problem in this layer of our community and I'm not saying a lazy pothead has more value than a gun-totin' alcoholic, I'm just saying the categorization can go both ways if we're guna play there. And let's not confuse ignorance, lack of education or resources and confusion with evil. To me, evil is deliberate ill intent, sometimes for it's own sake and more often for personal gain. The right vs left, Demo vs Rep don't really represent any of us. Shall we dump it?

    3. Yes, Love It Mae Well stated, Thank You!!!

      In-Truth-In-Fact-In-Deed!! Always.

      With Gratitude, Pure Love, True Awareness, and Eternal Peace-Joy Be For All Now


    "By the time the second bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Incorporated hit in 1933, our land resources were already impounded as security for the first bankruptcy and weren't available. So FDR used us, our bodies and our labor and our private assets, to back-stop the debts of the second bankruptcy.

  3. Anna, if we move to another " state" we are still of the one we were born in , so what is our status in the new state ?

  4. nationality is determined by place of birth

  5. Yes!! It's Truly Time Now to Come out of the Illusionary WORLD OF OZ (DEAD NEGATIVE VALUES of NO REAL SUBSTANCE) and Come back to Real Substance backed TRUE Values and Honest, Lawful "State" Monetary Values once again. Its True Bill Time!! No More Excuses As Its A Choice to keep playing their false "Money" Game, "ACTING" As "DEAD THINGS" and PAYING "USURY FEES" For the "BENEFIT & PRIVELEDGES" of PLAYING DEAD as THE MASTER BEAST MIND Requires. No More!!! Wake UP from THIS GAME OF Living HELL/DESTRUCTION on Earth and STOP Giving THIS False BEAST "SYSTEM" Your True Substance and Lawful Author-I-ty Now!! It's New True Contracts and Lawful substance backed Money of Real Exchange time for these Dead Corpse to Start Paying up and Be Fully accountable Now!! Notice to Principal Is Notice To Agent, Notice To Agent Is Notice To Principal...Always!! Non-Negotiable-All Rights Reserved. Always

    Our Lawful "State" Money IS Silver! Our Terms and Conditions as Living People and States Are, and Have Always Been Lawful Money. If We Are Now Home, we Must Now Demand Lawful Payment vs. Legal "Tender" as the Basis of ALL our Private Contracts/Relationships moving forward, individually, collectively, Now. No More Excuses or FALSE ACCOMADATIONS for Ficticious, Non-Accountable DEAD ENTITIES Any Longer, or to Be tolerated. Period! Stand, Stand, Stand True In All Thoughts, Behaviors, Deeds Now!! We Got This!! Its Time!!

    Much Gratitude, Pure Love, True Awareness, Eternal Peace and Abundant Joy Be For All Living Souls Now

  6. when one looks closer at anna's analogy ; ruby slippers is hollywood's satanic version; baum's version is silver slippers, which can be seen as lawful money... so erase the mental picture of "red" from ones mind...

  7. Anna has a wild imagination to think that filing some papers is going to make america what it ''should be''. America will Never be what it should be.....unless you can also throw all the foreigners out along with all the invaders and sneaky ones crawling thru the tunnels as we speak.

    Now before you go calling this 'negative' (some of you snowflakes favorite word, lol) it is NOT. If you'd bother to really stop and think you would easily see this is all a very true statement Ive made.

    But dream on if ya like; it helps y'all avoid actually looking at reality I guess. Such a segment of mankind just loves to overesteem themSelves thinking they can 'make it so by thinking they can make it so'.

    Yoi !

    1. Hi Abby.. I missed you! Let's take a little broader view.. In 1492 and onward for the next four centuries, we were the foreigners. We could just ignore the American Genocide. Most of history has done that and we could just say " Suck it up! You lost the war!" The winners get to write the history books. Now we are America instead of Turtle Island. But we're not really America yet, because the foreigners kept their hand in the pot, and there's too many of us and not enough Indians for them to just send us packing. And even though most of us are still unknowingly British CITIZENS, I'm pretty sure they don't want us back.

      The problem on our southern border is a dilemma. Much of the poverty in those southern countries is affected by the US trade policies and corporate agribusiness. Agribusiness loves illegal migrants because they don't have to pay minimum wage, health care, unemployment and so forth. It keep's their overhead down. Who do you think does the stoop labor to pick our tomatoes and strawberries? These migrants are willing to take a huge risk, sometimes to their lives, so their relatives back home can eat. Sometimes those relatives disappear in the night if they're too outspoken or active about wanting to change their conditions.

      The weaponized immigration on our southern border was financed by someone. I wonder who?

    2. Abby?
      America is thy
      Land of
      thee Free....
      a melting pot.
      Where did your ancestors and you come from, foreigner?

    3. First of all, cultures do not mix well at all. And there is enough space in this world for each to have their own country, anyhow; try to force different cultures on me is like trying to shove a round peg into a square hole, lol.

      Perhaps ''foreigners' was not the best word to describe what I was alluding to, but y'all already knew what I was saying; don't act like you didnt.

      Back in the early 1900's when my family emigrated to america, they could not wait to become americans, and quickly learned english, and the american ways. They all became multi-lingual and spoke perfect english. They learned to use a sweeper and didn't insist on their old dirt floors or old wood floors; the ''did like americans did'.
      Unlike the trash we have invading us today, and over the past couple decades, like middle easterners that don't know what a vacuum cleaner is and turn apt. carpet into a dirt floor ''like back home' who have NO intention of becoming americanized, are belligerent, obnoxious, unruly, have NO manners, and intend to turn us to their ways. They go into our stores and are like a wrecking crew, scattering everything around, as they please - and nobody dares to say anything to them about it.

      So there is no comparison between my ancestors coming over here in early 1900's .......and the diseased free loader trash that is coming here now. Or have you forgotten they are bringing many diseases with them and the freeloader aspect?

      Jasun, only a foolish person would want to live in any 'melting pot'so Im for loading them all up and sending them back where they came from. You wanna play PC, then go live among them, let us know how long they let you live, lol. And if you take a good look, this is not any 'land of the free''; its a land of tyranny.

      I was born in the u.s. btw.

  8. It was Silver Slippers I believe, Mr. Baum (RIP) hit the nail on the head, the STRAW MAN (all capital letters) who just needed a degree, the Tin Man with an artificial heart, the lion who just needed a medal, poppy's lovely poppy's, flying monkeys (my favorite) and the man behind the curtain who gave nothing you didn't already have. I take it all literally, what a great read1

  9. I have been wearing purple and marron kinda ruby red shirts all week, hope nothing bad happens cause of it. I did not know the colors had so much power. The Slippers do fit with the silver dollar lawful money. Yellow Bricks lead to the fake Maharrooosshi fellow fakin it on TV. A General briefed a bunch of us Army troops in 1986 saying that a lot of wars were then based on appearance, how your stuff looked to others and that you could fake it or use it to fool the enemy.

  10. Have a look at UN Agenda to one (21) and the role 5G will play in eliminating the population
    So while we all gather around the computers and cell phones and pay for these services they have planned through US patents to eliminate us
    with the CFR, AIPAC, Trilateral Commission, the UN and I bet you can't guess who is not getting 5G - how convenient wouldn't you say
    If this gets rolled out there is no future for any of us - paperwork or no paperwork - there is no remedy for escaping this
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

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