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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Name One -- Day Eleven

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I realized that the light fixture above my bed is still hanging at a crazy angle as a result of the earthquake and that two shelves of books are still laying down sideways.

That's the way it is in a disaster. It's too much to take in all at once. It was the same way with the Miller's Reach Fire back in 1996. You keep on reaching for things that are no longer there, or trying to find things that were thrown out by someone else. It's crazy.

And the "recovery" goes on and on and on, as you discover new things broken, or go into the garden shed for the first time in two weeks and realize, OMG! Another mess from the earthquake!

Sigh. It gets tiring. So does the stress from the after-shocks. [Either they ran out of ammo at Fort Rich or someone got to the Commander and told him to stop all artillery barrages in the wake of an earthquake.]

The dogs have gotten sensitized to the rumbling and jerking and now bark in advance, which could be good--- but isn't, because we Dumb Humans don't know if they are barking to warn us of an impending earthquake after-shock or just objecting to a cat crossing the yard or the UPS man making a delivery next door.

We'd all love to take a nice, long, hot bath or shower, but really can't, because the after-shocks keep us ready to bolt out the door, so we dance through the shower in record time and get dressed like we are late for a fire alarm. Really, truly, this isn't fun.

But we are mucking it, as my Mother used to say at moments like this, and stumbling our way forward. I was able to get a few gifts off to friends and family in time for Christmas-- just enough to say, "I'm still here! I still care!" So I won't feel utterly bad about Christmas. I had forgotten a stash of presents I bought earlier this year, and they survived the wreck.

It may sound stupid, but the sense of connectedness and empowerment that you lose in a disaster is close to being the worst of it. One moment you are in charge of your world and have a clear view of tomorrow, and the next, well, the next... you can't even guarantee sending a Christmas card.

There have been a couple nasty surprises in the aftermath -- things that waited a day or two to fall over, give way, slump -- after the main earthquake. I am told that is normal and to expect more damage to appear in the spring when the ground melts. Oh, joy.

It doesn't feel or look like the normal holiday season here. We have our one string of lights turned on and one distant neighbor also has a single string of lights lit. That's it. No wreaths, no swags on mail boxes, no kitschy blow-up Santa Clauses, no reindeer, no pink flamingos with wreaths around their necks and Santa hats. I almost miss the flamingos, with their wry, determinedly jaunty plastic stare. Almost.

Even my Obnoxious Neighbor (everyone has one, right?) hasn't put up his traditional decoration: a single giant glowing can of SPAM.

It's an Alaska thing.

Long after WWII we were eating the leftover rations: drinking canned milk and eating SPAM casseroles.

And then to top off the general sense of loss and hard times, my ExO walked in this morning shaking his head.

"I've been thinking," he said gloomily.

With him, this is always an ominous prelude.

"....and I can't think of a single world leader I can name, who really seems to have the good of the people at heart. Not one."

Of course, I tried to help him with the search. After a few seconds I shrugged and looked at the wall. 
The new guy in the Philippines appears to be making a Good Faith effort to clean out the drug pushers and thugs. Trump promised to end the Chem Trails. 
But as usual, I had to admit that my ExO is right. I couldn't put my finger on any declared Knights in Shining Armor championing the cause of Mankind. All the world's leaders are mostly too busy trying to clean up after themselves, like Macron, or too intent on keeping a low profile to avoid past misdeeds, like the Queen, or just plain obscene, like Trudeau.

Not a happy rumination, but one we need to make.

What more or better can we expect, when we choose our leaders according to accidents of birth or which lobbyist group promises the most generous kickbacks?

Bah, humbug. 
Macron promises a dollar more an hour for minimum wage. Eight dollars a day, average 23 work days a month, times 12 months = $2,208. That would keep Macron in cigars for a week, but after taxes, amounts to a net gain of about $1,400 for an average French worker with a family of four. Enough to buy a half-decent bicycle, so Dad can get to work.

No, no heroes anywhere in this cold and dark December. Its just you and me, Jaime, and of course, the chickens. It is apparent that if any meaningful help is to come, it must come from within ourselves, among ourselves, by people making their own stand for Mankind and for decency. We must be our own heroes, our own leaders.

Many thanks are being sent to all of you who have shouldered that extra burden this Christmastime, and who have shared our losses. The need is still heavy, but we don't feel alone--- and we may be depressed by the entire situation, but, there is progress.

Bit by bit and piece by piece, the Great Fraud is being unraveled and the criminals are being exposed. More and more people are waking up worldwide.
With this week's clean up of the more corrupt elements in the "US" military--- the old DOD, US NAVY, USAF, US ARMY, PENTAGON--- all of which are commercial corporation franchises of the French-Belgian-Swiss UN CORP engaged in commercial mercenary activities under color of law, we reached the Tipping Point. 
I feel confident that the Swamp is in fact being drained and despite all the rhetoric and attacks by the corrupt demagogues in Washington, Donald Trump is keeping his word. He may not be a Knight in Shining Armor, pure in thought, word, and deed--but among the world leaders, he is coming close to that.


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  1. As a mental health practitioner in the states I have often said "I'm proud" of Say David for example who has been drunk for over the past 40 years and desires to literally wake up and change in a positive direction. Like David many people are waking up. Change is imminent and it is coming. You're right Anna the swamp is being drained and while it might not be fast enough for our place it is happening. Change is scary but it doesn't have to be.

  2. Is there a link to the "Trump promised to end chemtrails" source?

    1. Danika, a quote: "A thorough search by The Outline was unable to find evidence that Trump has ever publicly commented on the plague of chemtrails, much less that he signed an executive order aimed at stopping them."
      Peace. ra

    2. As far as I know Trump actually made an inspection of a plane equipped with only canisters of those chemicals on board and did order them to stop...But in Calif they might have quit for a couple of days...but now right back at it...!!

  3. I agree with a sentiment I've heard by various wise people... remove yourself from their system as fully as possible. We need no guns or protests in the street. Essentially, boycott every corporation, product with poison, and don't give your energy to the corrupt systems. I think it would only require a surprisingly small percentage of us that would do so and they would collapse under the weight of the mechanisms. Won't happen next week, but it would be a peaceful "revolution".

    1. I agree. How do we remove ourselves from the system?
      I am retired, removed my money from Wall St. What else? Preparing now for "hell to pay".

    2. Hello Kathy! You can also easily find Anna's vital correction Docs and Instructions Listed categorically on Right-side of blog section "Breaking Free as Living Souls Vital Corrections" and More Useful Tools/Resources at:

      Congratulations on choosing to Come Home, Back on the Land of the Living!!! Hopefully this Site helps make the process a little simpler for you and others Now!!

      Much Gratitude. Pure Love, True Awareness and Eternal Peace-Joy Be For All Living Souls Now

    3. Kathy et al: I also highly recommend establishing and obtaining a corrected "Passport" record/case to have Authenticated Proof of Non-Resident-Non-US Citizen/citizen of United States Status. We have found that REMOVING This Huge "BEAST" off of our Living Backs has been very effective in Enforcing our Lawful Living Jurisdictions Now. Please Also See Section Titled "Third Party Valuable Tools & Trusted Resources" For the Link Located also on
      As a side Note, I can Also testify to "Sheriffs & Police" Following Me for unusually long amounts of time, and NOW BACKING completely OFF once they've run my plates in their "System". Also I've Now Seen Changes reflected On Property "Tax" Statements as "Overpayments made" without ANY explanations being given......its time to completely remove that "Service Contract" all together Now it seems, lol. Layer, By's a process for Sure, but it's a very liberating one and We Are Alive and Wholly-Completely Competent to endure InDeed!!

  4. I just really wish Trump would stop declaring all-out war on the environment and all the wildlife, and, in short, further destroying our planet!! WTF is wrong with him?! He could drain the swamp without doing all that damage. Or is that just for "show"?

  5. Where is it posted as to what life is like outside the system? One judge tried to escape and got 38 years.. with 8 others.. so where is everyone escaping too? Are you just going from McDonald's to taco Bell the steakhouse or where..

  6. Being Self Governed Is Not escaping "Any-Where" or "Getting Away" with "Any" Harmful to self or others Thoughts, Behaviors and Act/Deeds Period. Its Consistent, Balanced, Responsible, Prudent Work In ALL Thoughts, Behaviors and Acts/Deeds Every Single Moment, which IS True Work In this World, and that we All have the Capacity & Ability as Gifts to Learn, we simply Need to be Willing to Learn and Do the Work within ourselves First. It's definitely Not Easy Nor has it been fun, But the Priceless rewards/treasures gleaned along the way are Liberating and Most Abundant InDeed!!! Its Always been our choice to Learn, Be, Do and Have. Always. We Just didn't See the Choice, as the "Worldly Systems" have Distorted and Completely Twisted the Original Intentions and Original Order In Truth and Fact. Stay True, Stand Strong Now!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and True Peace Be For All Now

  7. Kelli, Anna, et al,

    When looking outward we can see few people who are building everything up from within their own resourcefulness and dedicated efforts, and sometimes it seems discouraging.

    But those who realize as Anna repeatedly reminds us that "if it is to be it is up to me" and who continue to build and re-build their personal world by their own consistent efforts to be productive, thoughtful, competent in all essential skills, clear thinking and independent of mind, who act as if every responsibility in person, family and community is actually a stewardship of opportunity to influence people and things in the best ways one can conceive, and when such conduct is set in motion as a daily discipline, then a better and higher view of our prospects to find freedom and prosperity emerge.

    One inspiring underlying truth is that whatever principle of intelligence we are able to attain to in this life, that same principle of intelligent thought and action will go with us - forever - giving us so much the advantage over life's never ending challenges for applying pure principles of intelligence to every challenge. Those who have done this in their own living have left solid legacies worthy of emulation for the rest of us. But now it is our turn to act with principles intelligence in our time and stewardship over the creation and among the people we live with today.

    I think Anna is doing an exemplary job of setting a high standard of civil responsibility, maintaining a clear and principled view, and discovering and sharing remedies for wrongs as well as ideas for a better tomorrow. Imagine if 10,000 people applied what she teaches. With the speed and efficiency of the web it will not take long to get to that point.

    Let's apply what we're learning, share our results, help others to do the same and soon we will have the next stage of this journey under discussion: living within our lawful jural assemblies and acting as sovereign people thereof.

    1. Yes, wholeheartedly agree and so grateful for your gift to express your insights so Simply, beautifully Joel! Thank you, thank you!!
      A movie came instantly in my mind when reading your post, 2 movies actually..."Bugs Life" and "Its a Wonderful Life" both Movies have very powerful, life Altering Messages for our deeper consideration to learn from, live by. FEAR IS the Biggest Lie and Burden that we must SEE for what it truly really IS, and How we've allowed that burden to RULE OVER our minds and Control our thoughts, behaviors, robbing us of our True Power, knowledge, wisdom, and Authentic Love & Good-Will from within. Its time Now!! I'm Grateful to Now to Be FEAR Free and fully committed In Love and wholly faithful Service to Be, Do and Have Now as naturally intended. Everyday I See the shift taking place in others, and its a beautiful sight to see Indeed!! We've All been blessed with the Original Power and Author-i-ty to Write our own stories, but we allowed ourselves to become the "subjects" As Dead Spirit-Sole's trapped "victims" in a Dark and Nefarious Plot of identity theft and destruction. That Story HAS Ended
      This Is Now Our Stories to Right(write) as the True Authority of our Lives Now! The Story-line IS unlimited and our Own choice to choose Now! Make it Powerful, make it Great, Make it Real and Be Blessed beyond measure!!
      Much Gratitude, Love, True Awareness and Eternal Peace Be for All Now

    2. Joel et al; What I truly See and inner-stand On Now more than ever Is how Everything IS Connected. Every little element and nuance to ALL serves a greater purpose, and makes up the Wholeness of All, and has its origins in Fruitful Good-Will and prosperous Intentions for All, Always.

      Unfortunately, those Good intentions become "Lost" and "Unconscionable" on Man's(Colorable De Facto law, APPEARING REAL) Mind Alone, without True Spirit filled, Lawful/De-Jure guidance In SoulFul-Will Leading and lighting our way in the Naturally Created Living Flesh, As Originally Ordered and Intended. We Have allowed ourselves to Become "Dis-illusioned" by our Physical Eyes, Desires and Vain minded EGO SELF(Edging God OUT) and have suffered the consequences through endless battles Within (Cognitive dissonance between our Hearts and Physical Minds) and expressed Without as Outwardly expressed In Physical Wars FIGHTING WORLDLY CREATED "ENEMIES" IN Faithless FEAR, ANGER, Hate, Jealousy, Bitterness, resentment, and MASS Destruction/Killing OF ALL Living Spirit-Souls Who Do Not "SUBSCRIBE" to the Same Beastly, Territorial "Idol Worshipping" man-made "Systems" As Worldly trained to Be "Socially Acceptable" Double-Mindedness in thoughts, behaviors and Deeds resulting IN ONLY DEATH and Destruction for All Living Beings. Once We choose to See All As Originally ordered and Intended, we can see clearly how to Re-Connect, Restore, Re New the Natural and Correct our Divinely Guided, Gifted Lives As Originally Intended to Be. We Got this!!

      E.T. Tishbite Beautifully Expresses this and Is Shared for All Here:

      And Anna Expresses It Here:
      Christ-Mass-Awakening 2018
      I Love You
      I'm Sorry
      Please Forgive Me
      Thank You
      repeat +++

      Much Love, Gratitude, True Awareness and Eternal Peace Be Re-stored For All Now

    3. Kelli, Joel, I enjoyed reading your posts, and recognize like-minded individuals. I will look at your link for Tishbite later, Kelli, just wanted to recognize and appreciate your inner work. This is the work that needs to be done by each person in order to reach the goal of Heaven on Earth! It is possible. It is coming.
      I'm sorry
      Please Forgive me
      I Love You
      Thank you. Never stop "cleaning".
      In Joy

    4. Yes! Thank You Jewellsmom for your kind words and thoughtful reminder added to "Never stop Cleaning" Sooooo True!! Choosing Consciously to Be thankful, especially when going through the "Refiners Fire" has kept the connections positively "Clean and Clear" INdeed!! Sooo Grateful Now!! We Got This!!

      Much Love, Eternal Gratitude, True Awareness, and harmonious Peace-Joy be For All Now

  8. just came across this link...

    Trump/White Hats Pave Way to Abolish Income Tax Publicly, but HR1 Law (Which Abolishes Income Tax for Informed Citizen) Is Already in Effect - Write "Exempt" on Your W4 and Never Pay Income Taxes Again

    Especially read the comments below...

    1. did you come across that site....??

      That is great news if it really works...
      Do you know if anyone tried using that law if the IRS comes after them...!!

  9. Have you thought about inalienable as it presently in use--what does "in" mean?
    Historically, the word unalienable was used--what does "un" mean?
    Peace. ra

  10. No wonder why the IRS and FTB had their unlawful liens removed by all the credit rating agencies...!!

    It was passed in Jan of this year, and implemented by March or June later in the year...!! How come we weren't told...they never said exactly why they removed them...they just did...but that means the county recorders office is commiting fraud if they are still listing those liens (only notices of lein) as real leins...!! I have to go down to the CR and see if they are still listing them...!!

  11. I am not sure if this is creditable not know of anyone trying it yet.


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