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Saturday, October 27, 2018

So Much for the Goldfish Report....

By Anna Von Reitz

Good intentions have to count for something, even if it would be far better and more effective if those intentions were backed up with actual truth and with right action.  So I have refrained from saying anything much about "The Goldfish Report", but finding myself illogically attacked and misrepresented once again, I have decided to take exception. 

Not just because "The Goldfish Report" is definitely wrong about me and what I am saying, too.  I have to speak up because as long as people believe in lies they are incapable of defending themselves.  And that is how and why --- above and beyond all else --- they wind up in jail.

We already know that the "US District Courts" are not operating under any Constitutional power whatsoever. 

We know in fact that the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS are ecclesiastical courts --- Star Chambers, Inquisitions --- run under the auspices of the Roman Municipal Government and its franchises. 

We have "judges" here in Alaska who are now openly admitting that they are mere "Jurists" --- hired under contract to give opinions about law without having any public office or power at all.   

We also know in fact that the United States District Courts are run as private corporate tribunals under the auspices of the British Crown Corp and that these have no power to address anyone or anything but British Crown Corp officers, employees, dependents, and franchisees. 

The fact that actual justice will not return until our actual government is restored should also be self-evident.

The question should no longer be: "Why are we being screwed over by these courts?" but rather should be: (1) Why are we allowing these foreign courts to operate on our soil and address our people?  and (2) Why are we individually subjecting ourselves to these private religious and/or corporate tribunals instead of claiming our actual birthright standing? and (3) Why are we failing to form our own Jural Assemblies and providing ourselves with our own American Common Law Courts? 

Where the @%@#%@ is John Wayne when you need him?

It's largely because everyone involved has their favorite brand of reality that they, like The Goldfish Report, insist on clinging to, even when their theories  have long been disproven and even when they fly in the face of the actual facts, the actual experience of patriots, and the historical records, too.  

The Goldfish Report would keep us all running in circles looking for answers to questions that have been answered for twenty years, instead of facing facts and dealing with reality.  

They don't like to hear that their hero, Winston Shrout, was most likely still operating as a VESSEL owned and operated either by the Holy See or by the British Crown Corp and therefore owed federal taxes.  And if so, [because we really don't know the whole story yet] that would be the reason that the DEFENDANT was impounded. Uh-duh.

The answer to the court problem is right in front of us and the success of our effort in the right direction is already assured.  I have been harping on it for years.  Declare your political status as an American, stop claiming to be a "U.S. Citizen" [which means you have voluntarily adopted the political status of a Puerto Rican], and then organize your Jural Assemblies. Provide your own courts. That is what "self-governance" means.

You haven't been providing your own Courts and enforcing your own Public Law.  That's what's missing.  That's why we have lawlessness in our courts. That's why people like Winston get railroaded and defamed. Don't believe it? 

Read the Supreme Court case Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., in which Sheriff Richard Mack imposed upon the court for a finding that yes, Sheriffs hired as Law Enforcement Officers, could if they so choose, actually honor the Constitutional guarantees and enforce the Public Law. 

Now, ask yourselves, why on God's Green Earth should it be necessary for a Sheriff to go all the way to the Supreme Court to be told that he can, if he wants to, enforce the Public Law in this country? 

It's because there are almost no Public Courts left. It's because the Sheriffs are working as "law enforcement officers" and not as "peacekeeping officers" ---- they are hired by "Counties" operated as corporate franchises of federal "government services corporations", not land jurisdiction Counties owned and operated by the People of our States.

It's because stupid people have been leading stupid people.

It's because these foreign "governmental services organizations" make Big Bucks by entrapping and feeding off of you. 

It's because the British Monarchs and Popes have been in Breach of Trust for 150 years and nobody has called them on it. 

Except for me and the rest of the Party Hearties. 

You can go arrest these vermin who are parading around using commercial "law" as a means to entrap and falsely accuse people. You can kick the  Inquisition off shore.  You can kick the British Crown Corp Tribunals to Kingdom Come, too.  

But the only way to get there from here is by: (1) straightening out the deliberately falsified public records concerning your own political status and (2) booting up your own local County and State Jural Assemblies and (3) operating your unincorporated County and State Governments.

Once you do that, all the treaties and Public Laws come back into view and have enforcement. Until then, the only "law and order" is whatever the priests and pirates want to do.

Now, I am giving it to you all straight up, neat, no ice, no dilution. It's not a pleasant drink.  But it is the truth before my Maker.  And "The Goldfish Report" and all the other Gossip Sheets are stuck with it, once again, staring them in the face. 


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  1. Until this moment how many of you had ever heard of "The Goldfish" report?
    Also, why do we need John Wayne and what would you have him do?

    1. a follower, well the Report is news to me. Not even a reference to where that Report is, or what it says, no background for this Article whatsoever.

      No, Anna, those are not the reasons Why as you stated in this Article. You are way off the mark on understanding we the People. We are NOT clinging to anything. But the reason folks dont do paperwork is because there are way way too many steps involved, and it then requires a whole in depth course in the Court System and procedures.
      Then Anna, you make it sound like 'a piece of cake' - just go start running your County and State Governments. Really?? Are you kidding? That is nearly an impossibility and you KNOW that aint gonna happen overnight, but is more likely to take the next Century! But of course you have failed to incorporate 'what God may have to say' about all this crap, way before the next century, lol. You would prefer to think that You can play God and just ignore any possibility of such interference.

      Anna,you wanna know why else you can't get folks to follow your Edicts? Its because we all wanna know why You and Your Law Firm and all those ex-BAR folks don't just go file a Law Suit against all this Fraudulent stuff, and nip it in the bud in one fell-swoop?
      But, as usual, you continue to refuse to answer such a simple question. Now that we have new SC judges, why don't you just take it to them, take all your tons of Proof, and let them rule on it?

    2. Anyone who attempts to do what Anna states, unless they know legalese better than she herself, will get their ass handed to them.
      And if she is so sure of these facts why isn't she doing it herself with her law firm?? She seems to have all the facts.If she claims to have your interests in mind stop wishing for John Wayne and step up.

    3. Even if we did separate ourselves from the Corp U.S, do you think we can just make up our own "commercial indtraments" without some dumbshit idiot dealership calls 911 on us because they don't understand money or law....and yes, no one has a monopoly on writing their own me where anyone can have a monopoly to print one is God..!! So if they can do it , any one can do it....No one has the right to control money....did any of you give any govt agency the right to print money....Not me, not is patentently a scheme in itself, even if it is backed by silver and gold, because that comes only from another fraudulent contract called the Constitution for the United States of America...!! Sorry Anna you argument doesn t hold water.....get busy and help Shrout......!!!

    4. Even after 35 to 45 years of experience in doing very similar to what Anna suggests,apparently he didn't update his info to current his situation. From a previous poster in this forum of posts.

    5. Jordan Sather does give a synopsis of his "look into the info" about five years ago regarding the strawman, bonds, stock market, accounts & banks and his thought about what went on with Winston @ 17:40+ min's:

      Comment to video found regarding Winston Shrout, though I cannot verify or vouch for the information:

      Jennsy K, 1 day ago
      The reason the corrupt judicial system threw Winston Shrout in prison is because he paved the way for President Trump to shut the federal reserve down. In 2013 the Fed reserve was getting ready to sign a new lease on the building they inhabit but they hadn't paid their rent since their inception in 1913. Winston filed paperwork to call their hand and force them to pay up. They said ok how much fiat money do we owe you? Winston's group told the Rothschilds that the payment should be made in gold. Winston read the original contract and the contract didn't state specifically what currency would be paid, the Rothchild group always thought they could pay in fiat and be done with it. Rothschilds didn't have the gold and could not get re-chartered. Technically the Fed can't legally print money because they aren't chartered and lost their lease. Winston also put a lien on the IMF. This is why he's in prison.

      Anna perhaps has knowledge or information on this or it may be totally dis-info.

  2. i am an american solely because i reside on the continent of america. that is all.
    You and them can 1984 me to death if you wish. i need to file my paperwork just like i need another hole in my head.
    my rights still come solely from God above and Jesus 'within' not from any government bureaucracy solely based on this earth.
    And i Give thanks daily for these truths which should be and become self evident.

    1. So much little understanding. If Jesus were sitting beside you, He may say, "o Ye of little faith".

      Anna has devoted years (yes, YEARS) of her life trying to help all of us be free of what was forced upon us without our consent or knowledge!!

      Now, some of those who read her posts believe it is appropriate to bad-mouth and slam her for what they do not understand!!

      NO! You are NOT an 'American' simply because you 'reside on the continent of America'!! You are an American if you were born on this continent AND CAN PROVE IT! Being an American means many things, but probably the most important is one's POLITICAL STATUS.
      Our POLITICAL STATUS has been messed with grossly so that a group of thieves could take EVERYTHING you own. Yet, you don't think you should do something about it?

      If someone walked up to you and slapped you, would you let them continue slapping, or would you do your best to stop them?
      Of course, God and Jesus are with you, and love you; but the person doing the slapping my not know that, or even care.
      YOU must stand up and fight back (or get slapped silly!)

      Robert Allen, whether you need to know 'legalese' or not, you will be SLAPPED silly until you fight to stop it (and actually, you do not need to know legalese to follow directions and file papers!).

      Abby, if you don't know what the Goldfish Report is, try is a wealth of information! Further, although I admire your faith in God and Jesus, using that 'faith and knowledge' as a pivot point for criticism and judgment of your fellow man (and especially Anna) is WRONG and NOT in keeping with Jesus' Teachings. Yes, you are greatly loved...please don't waste that love on criticism and judgment, especially toward someone who has tried to help you.

    2. Jim Donovan. If you get sucked into a court situation, you better damn well know legalese.
      Filing these papers could place you in that situation. Even Anna herself has stated filing papers is only one step. Covering your ass in court is a whole nother matter.
      And as I have stated before in here, my birth certificate and family history is not the normal family where you can just have a relative vouche for my family members.
      Long story,sparing you.
      So I can't file the papers the way Anna suggests without complications.
      She claimed she would do a whole post just for me, to look for it. And many others are also still waiting on that post! AND have stated as much.So my choice is to let the people fighting the Deep State etc get it done.
      Then go from there. My point here is if all this works sooo well then Anna should be able as with her law firm to do what she touts we should. Instead of asking for donations and calling the rest of us stupid for not doing what she claims to have done herself sitting pretty in Alaska Not having to pay taxes since 1994. Her last post pretty much suggested we would't need to file papers, as much was getting done by her and the law firm for us. Which is it?? You can't have things both ways, which is more than obvious she attempts to have on more than one occassion. She is a very contradiction character as has been noticed by more than a few on this forum.
      I am not saying she is not intelligent and resourceful when it comes to knowledge, I am saying her condescending attitude would be better served in helping the people who are actually in the trenches fighting to defeat the cabal minions. Not calling everyone stupid or whining or idiots.Seems to me she does more whining than anybody.

    3. The contradiction of filing your paperwork as stated by Anna herself;

      WINSTON = "U.S. Citizen" = DEBTOR.
      Winston = American (if he claims it properly) = Priority Creditor

      We are closing in on the whole lash-up, so I don't expect that Winston or anyone else is going to be held for very much longer, with or without exercising their proper options and claims as Americans. We have returned all the State of State and STATE OF STATE and State Trusts to the control and ownership of the sovereign unincorporated States, so all this horse hooey based on similar names deceits is coming to an end.

      Key words with or without

    4. Jim Donovan,
      i did google the Goldfish report, in fact i did it before i commented. i was immediately put off, disgusted.
      As you can see Anna clearly must also have a problem with them. Obviously she must have taken a little flack and had to come here and whine about it.
      And Jim i can prove i was born here with the papers i already have!

    5. Robert Allen, whether you need to know 'legalese' or not, you will be SLAPPED silly until you fight to stop it (and actually, you do not need to know legalese to follow directions and file papers!)

      Yeah right! Read the above Mr. Donovan.

    6. Also Mr.D. I am sure you mean well ... but Anna tried to claim 1/3 of in ground assets and for who? Another story you are unfamiliar with but most here are. Attacked a person who does have humanities better Interest in mind with no facts to back it up. She has proven to be thinned skinned by her snaredy comments
      when confronted and un apologetic. She even had the audacity to double dog dare our President. You don't get cooperative people (team players)with that attitude. As recently pointed out in various areas of Intel. She advices you send information to Mr Munich he has now been proven to do the bidding of the Rothchilds and had tried to bring certificates, bonds or whatever from Saudi Arabia and asked Trump to validate them only to find out they were holdings that belonged to the Mana World Trust. So now he has lost his clearance and will no doubt serve time in prison. And did all this without Trumps backing.The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Oops!

    7. Well Jim Donovan, I'm afraid you are repeating just what you have heard, but is not at all the truth. You see, it is the world and even some fake preachers and fake church goers, that have the misguided idea that we are not supposed to judge anything or anyone.
      But I am here to tell you that I am mandated to Judge ALL things, using Righteous biblical judgement. God says,
      what? are you too stupid to judge anything? Dont you have brains and the ability to know right from wrong or to think logically?

      Dont believe me? Well just go look it all up, its in 1 Cor. 6.
      And I wish to point out a couple things from there:

      v. 2 Do you not know that the Saints shall judge the world? And if the world shall be judged by you, then are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
      v 3 Know ye not that the saints shall judge angels? Then how much more the things that pertain to this life?

      Checkmate. (it is born again christians that are suited to Judge all things because they know how God sees things and thinks about everything, and we know right from wrong, good from evil, and sxxx from applebutter, too )

    8. Jim Donovan, I can see you fell for the bait that 'we have to prove we were born here'. We all know we have a birth certificate, and anyone who delivers a baby verifies that he/she did so by signing their name, date of birth, weight and sex of the child, and then examines the baby and gives him or her a Report of their condition.

      ANYONE who then thinks that is not good enough, well I will scrounge up a bridge somewhere to sell you out in the desert.

      Jim does common sense tell you that the delivering doctor is the best eyewitness to ones birth and their Signature is far far more valid proof........OR do you actually believe that getting some Recorders signature or stamp, or some other stranger 'verifying' the authenticity of one's birth certificate makes it more 'authentic'??

      I mean, Who believes this crap that we have to PROVE we were born here.....AFTER all that happens at our very BIRTH moment !

      And as a little sidebar here......what about Them proving Im NOT born here; I have papers with signatures, what do they have? Didnt you hear Jeff Sessions just the other day say 3 times, ''Innocent until proven guilty''?

      So now Jim, tell me how does this ''you gotta do paperwork and prove you were born here'' jive with The AG's very statement there?

      Sorry, I already have proof. Im just waiting for everybody else to catch up with me and their own common sense.

    9. Robert, you are absolutely right, if Jim finds himself in court he will find out real quick how he'd better know all that bullshit legalese jargon they use, and that those papers in his hip pocket aren't worth the ink it took to print them......IF he doesnt know how to make them work.

      And yes indeed Anna just said a few days ago, that filing the papers is just the first step, learning how to use them comes next, otherwise ..........

    10. Thank God Abby your space male God of the Bible in general is as much as a fraud of ALL others u accuse of being 'frauds' in general (except me, of course♩)

    11. Leland.....''.Get behind me, satan''

    12. Satan as Soul was also created by God dear Abby, whether u appreciate that sublime 'truth' or notπŸ’₯

      This lower reality is a testing ground for ALL Souls...πŸ’™

    13. Jesus supposedly threw the bankers out of the temple, but we are supposed to just let them rape us and sit back and do nothing?

      I certainly hope Anna does not get so disgusted at all this bashing as I have gained great knowledge here. Anna and Many posters give great research references. I thank you!

      As long as you use the legalese word "reside " you are already sunk. I did a declaration of Domicile long before I found this site. Yes you definitely need to know who you are and the meaning of your paperwork if you end up in their private courts. The first thing to know is those who do not Stand and establish their rights have none. Listening to some of these coments is like listening to those who have not researched for yourselves. The rules are quite clear once you know where to look. God helps those who help themselves and I don't believe any man has the right to judge another, saint or not. These Pirates are certainly not my judge. They are administating my estate while I live and only I get to do that. I ask God every morning to reveal more information and most days I find something that furthers my understanding of this mess. I hope Jesus comes tomorrow to fix it all but if he doesn't I'll ask yet again tomorrow for knowledge and I will continue my quest to be free. I've filed all the paperwork so my next step is to understand the how too's of the Jural Assemblies as I am now qualified to participate.

      Why are you even here if you are satisfied with their presumption you are a US CITIZEN? I know I checked that box many times in my life and I'm happy to take the time and effort to unchecked those boxes. If they murder my body brcause i choose to take a stand then my spirit will be free.

      There is no point filing a lawsuit in their private courts. Abby, you talk aboUT a lawsuit all the time. It takes a lot of people to be supportive of each other and a course of action before taking a step like that. You are too busy bible bashing and judging because you believe every word in the bible is absolutely literal and the LAW. What happened to Saved by Grace? I guess if God is going to strike me down because I refuse to judge my brother by a book that I don't even know for sure was translated correctly, then he has to do what he has to do. All men are created in his image and equal. Each man will stand before God and be responsible for his own soul, just like we are all responsible to self Govern. Will we trip and fall? Of course but I don't deserve to be tripped up by those who stand in judgement. Judge not so yourself is not judged. We all need to come together and help each other and leave the holier than thou BS at home. How can you teach the word of God while you judge and condem? God is Love!

    14. God is LOVE☇πŸ’› Soul is neither male nor female nor can a body/vessel claim ownership of Soul♩

      Who has claimed ownership of Soul's vessel/body?....πŸ˜‚

    15. Annie, if you read what you wrote here, would you say it is full of the very thing you are condemning in others?

      1 Cor 6:2 do you not know the Saints shall judge the world? And angels? Then how much more the things that pertain to this life.

    16. Its not about what God is; what are you?

    17. An interesting interpretation of St. Paul's claim to be a witness ☇

    18. Jim Donovan,
      I stand with you!!!! Thank you for your voice of truth!!! There are those who understand Anna's messages and those who will never understand... even if you spoon fed them they will refuse to eat. Blessings to you!

      Anna, thank you for your continued efforts to help free your fellow Americans from mental enslavement! I say to all, Anna is on point in correcting your political status as I am entangled in the corrupt federal court system and have first hand knowledge of its power. If you do nothing you will reap your reward! Freedom is a mind shift by stepping forward in truth and taking action to make it known. Blessings to all!!!

    19. Abby you said "I mean, Who believes this crap that we have to PROVE we were born here.....AFTER all that happens at our very BIRTH moment !"

      The BC authentication is not about trying to prove you were born here. Go back and read the 14th amendment....Any person BORN or naturalized in the UNITED STATES is a CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES....It's about the fact that they created a constitutional amendment that says bc you were born in a geographical location that 2 weird dudes wearing weird robes and weird hats sat down a few centuries ago, probably drinking some single-malt scotch and smoking opium, and drew some imaginary lines on an imaginary map and said "We own all this, and everyone and everything that will ever exist on this territory." The people who worked for the corporation that these 2 weird dudes were operating wrote this constitutional amendment that agrees with that ridiculous assertion made a few centuries earlier by the 2 weird dudes , that yes, since you were born within that geographical area, you are the chattel property of the 2 weird dudes corporation. But the YOU on the BC is not You, only a FICTITIOUS PERSON with YOUR NAME not Your Name. So the people who still work for the 2 weird dudes corporation are still enforcing that amendment, and treating you as corporate property. So the question is: Do You want to correct that error or let them continue to treat You as their property? It's a simple assertion to say I'm not ABBY the 14th amendment slave, I'm Abby the Freeborn American. I know the whole thing sounds like some stupid childish game they are playing, but consider who their master is. We may not understand the way their childish game is played, but when you get back that authenticated BC from their Sec of State it says You are owed the full faith and credit of the UNITED STATES (their corporation). I don't believe they offer that to those who they believe are their slaves.

    20. Whats up Leland? Not sure what that article you posted has to do with the subject, but did you read the whole thing? Unless I misunderstood your intention for posting this, it seems you think Paul was not qualified as a witness. Well here's the last paragraph of that article just in case you didn't read it all.

      The Apostles transformed the world with their testimony of the Resurrection; they were living eyewitnesses who never flinched when challenged to recant. Direct evidence of this nature is powerful and persuasive. Paul joined the ranks of these early eyewitnesses because he too had a transformational experience with the resurrected Jesus on the road to Damascus. That’s why it’s reasonable for Paul to take his place alongside the other apostolic eyewitnesses.

    21. lol "...less I misunderstood your intention for posting this,..." E.T.

      Is that possible E.T. ?

      Given the extreme esoteric nature of St. Paul's shift of consciousness back then (which this article detailed quite well imo) & also the acute realization that the ONLY viable long term successful missionary service to God would be to exceed the original apostles interpretations of what actually is considered to be the spiritual EXPERIENCE☇, but not necessarily the deification of JesusπŸ˜‚

      [Deification is when a person is treated like a god. If you love your basketball coach so much that you build her an altar and bow whenever she walks by, that's deification. And a little weird. This word is a variation of deify which means to treat someone like a deity (a god).]

      But does THAT ^ amazing esoteric experience PROVE Jesus was the pnly onlybegotten EVER in the herstory of humans?

      I remain "belligerent" to any religious authorities over my interpretations of my own EXTREMELY EXTRAORDINARY experiences perhaps similar to St. Paul's in his day.

      And NO MAN (or woman) is EVER or will be the ONLY begotten SON (or daughter) of God🎡

    22. robert allen, you do not need to change your political status and file the paperwork the way Anna says. You do not need to have a relative vouche for your family members. You just need to send some paperwork to the government to create a paper trail with the government that you may use as evidence in a court. I suggest you download and read the following:

  3. Anna is dead right on all counts sheriff mack,the administrative courts that require your consent in arraignment judge ask you if you waive your right.
    settle for plea deal or the extortion .

  4. I am familiar with the Goldfish Report and Winston. I actually sent him some information from Anna before all this happened. It seems he was operating on what worked prior to the bankruptcy, etc. and was unaware that Acceptance for Value was no longer working for people. I know he had helped people in the past and had his own successes. He had his heart in the right place but did not keep up with the changes and the information that Anna was providing. Although he was aware of Anna. I like Winston, he is a good individual and has provided some eye opening insights and information. But in the end it's always up to each of us to be discerning and make our own choices and decisions.

    1. I agree with your view. It seem like Winston missed that to me too. I'd really like to see Winston, Rob R. and others get on the same page with what Anna's group is doing, working together.That would strengthen everybody.

    2. Well Anna has been made that offer by others, with similar interests. Others who have stated that for her brilliance it is sad that she won't put it to better use. Instead of going off into fantasy land and making false accusations of people working towards the same end, working daily to unhinged the cabal and their Banks and minions, and return sovereignty globally. She obviously has NO intention of working with anyone who is not of her liking, believing she is of royalty blood line. And "what" bloodline exactly.Frankly, I don't care if anyone thinks otherwise, until double standard questions have been answered or found out(for the most already has.Stated in previous posts)the smoke and mirror game will continue. She was even asked to send copies of documentation with official seals sent to aforementioned Vatican,Queen,Trump etc. Never even an attempt of reply or proof.Telling if you ask me.Maybe getting on the same page might not be in Anna's best interests, as she is without a doubt hiding something that is.

    3. Look, Anna was my first hope till I firsthand saw how she plays. She is not the only game in town though she loves to act that way.

    4. Added note those assisting her I am sure have their hearts in the right place, but when this game is win which it will be where will Anna find herself standing?

    5. How this seems to work is Anna writes an article, Paul posts it. Then many people tear her a new a**hole because she is not answering them directly or because they are too lazy to look things up. I've seen Anna's correspondence and the documentation. Go on her site and look it up. Spend the couple bucks on her e-book, some documentation is in there. Anna is not the only game in town but she does put out all this information without cost and the number 1 thing to do by all the games in town is to correct your status. It is up to each of us to verify the information posted. It's not her responsibility to fix our mess. I am grateful for the information and I get thoroughly disgusted with the judgement here some days. We are investigating how to get out of the clutches of the State. I don't come here to be beat over the head with the bible, I'll do my own understanding in that area, thank you! Freedom of religion and all that malarky!

      There are many Americans that have different religious beliefs. Don't they deserve to be free of the pirates too? Or are some so self centered that everyone has to do it their way? If you aren't going to do something constructive at least leave the rest of us alone. I come here of my own free will to find knowledge, not somebody to do it for me. If I paid someone to do my status correction I would have no understanding of what it all means.

      US CITIZENS do not have the right to own land or property because all they have belongs to the STATE. They are "Resident" tenants and tge tax is the rent. FDR presumed they were all US CITIZENS so he stole the land and the gold and no body knew what was going on because they were distracted and how could they not be at the height of the depression. Are the people today any less distracted???

  5. How many of you on this site have actually tried to make your case in an actual court....until you do you have no right to put the rest of us down...!!
    Go and prove what you say, or shut up...!! The only ones I can look up to are the people who risk everything including there freedom and families to prove the corruption of the courts...!!

    1. James, Why would you make any case in THEIR courts?
      You don't have joinder with them if you are an American and not U.S. citizen. No way a corporation (the court) can address you as a human (American national) unless you allow them to address you calling your name and you accept it.
      When they call your name they can only call the version as in your passport which is written in all capitals. There is no difference in pronunciation. But they are in the commercial (admiralty) jurisdiction. So if they call your apparent name in reality they are calling the corporation (all caps.)and not you as human. If you have prepared your (certified copy) birth certificate with picture confirmed by witnesses that it is you, then hand it to the court clerk to provide this to the judge when he is calling you. "Is this case now settled?" is all you would ask. Make sure you never let yourself call by your name. "I'm the beneficiary!" Now if the judge can't call your name (as you don't identify as such) there is no opening of the case. Never let yourself call "Mister".
      This would give them also jurisdiction if you accept this....Read through some of the books if you can from David E.'s absolutely coherent with Anna's writings.....

    2. I went on this mission for knowledge because the pirates tried to destroy my son. He got an attorney and she fed him to the wolves. Hire their officers of the court for an outrageous fee and they gain automatic authority of jurisdiction because they presume to their hearts content and you have no understanding what the hell is really going on. He had no rights and it didn't take too long to figure out what was going on. Pure corruption. You are not allowed to not consent as a US CITIZEN. They put a plea in for you because they have classified you as a thing and things are salvaged and warehoused. If you don't know what they are doing, bend over.

    3. Ralf...I understand what you are saying now, but I never had that info at that time....but the bottom line is if they want you they will most certainly get you....amd it's easy to give advice to someone else, but when they target you , arrest you, they already have the psychological advantage....make no mistake these judges know how to handle patriots...they have good Intel on us and prepared to handle us by using the one thing we can't always control.....FEAR..!!
      All it takes is one mistake and the judge will take "silent judicial notice"...!! What I'm saying is that knowing law and properly using it in a court are two different things, or you wouldn't have so many patriots in jail or dead...!!

      And even if you do win, they never forget....they will harrass you to death if they have have to be strong willed and strong minded....!!
      You may not know it, but we are all subconsciously, through constant brainwashing and things we see on TV , have been conditioned with fear....and it's a hard thing to break in real life situations...!!

  6. Anna, do you have first hand knowledge that Winston failed to do everything you are claiming he failed to do? These people do not care what your legal status is. There is no rule of law. If you corner these people you expose the gun in the room.

    1. Do you have first hand knowledge of anyone that has corrected their status and witnessed an outcome in their private courts? Did they win or lose? Those who haven't lose every time. Do you have first hand knowledge that Winston corrected his status? Are you on a mission to find out Maybe he believes like many of you that he doesn't have to correct his status by way of the paperwork cause they should know he was born here. Read Anna's article "history of the Birth certificate" which is loaded with documentation from reigning evil monarchs enslaving the people with paperwork.

  7. Those who would use this comment section for purposes of petty critcism and judgment "of which you know not" are fools played by the dark. Thoughts, opinions from lower ego cannot and do not serve the Light of Truth, Oneness or Unity. Ask yourself, what is your Purpose here? Not your ego's purpose but your greater Self that wishes only for Peace and Harmony for all.

    1. Those who follow blindly are also fools.

    2. πŸ‘πŸ’£πŸ’₯And those who ask questions based on her actions and comments and have displayed the sources and evidence in previous forums are not fools, stupid whining, or otherwise. Still sufficient answers are still pending if at all.

    3. And those who 'go along to get along' is exactly how we got in such a gutter condition to begin with. Some of you are totally Wrong.
      So Veyah, your New Age pipe dreams serve no purpose except to keep you blinded.

    4. Some arcane historical facts r still facts, thoughπŸŽΊπŸ’“

      "Reincarnation: The Church's Biggest Lie

      In the year 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching: following the trail of a conspiracy that changed the world."

    5. Vayah, oh my criticisms and judgements are in no way petty; I can tell you they are quite Major. It is generally folks who cannot pass the muster who are so against being criticized or judged. To them I would advise they clean up their act and get on the Right Side of things. Then and only then will you be able to withstand scrutiny.

    6. Abby, I will quite happily accept God's judgement when the time comes as he is my only judge and divine creator, so therefore my life is not yours for the judging under any circumstances. God's first law is "do no harm" and those of you who sit in judgement instead of teach with Love cause untold intentional harm every day to fellow man. May God forgive you as you turn people from him with your interpretation of the Bible. There are millions of lost sheep in this world and as Jesus left his flock to find the one lost sheep do you think he beat them with harsh words and judgement when he found them? God is never lost it is man who is lost. People are devastated by these pirates and the only comfort you bring here is judgement. I seek to find remedy through research not blindly following Anna or any other man. I signed no contracts nor did I pledge allegiance to any man. God is in my heart every minute and my mission is to be free of the land of the dead so that I might help the next guy. If those actions fall under your judgement so be it, I've learned to let that BS roll off my shoulders. Bringing the lost of the world to God through judgement doesn't work. We all face a judgment day and as I was created by God I pray he forgives my transgressions as I grew and learned in this life. May you have a blessed day and the love of our spirits fill you so you may help those God puts in front of you instead of cutting them with judgement.

    7. Annie Mcshane, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spreading your inspiration. I doubt that Abby will even seriously consider the wisdom in your words. I find your viewpoint refreshing!

  8. Here is something else that I am wondering.... The last time Winston spoke on the Goldfish Report he made this comment..."using the fiat currency is a privilege…" He did not expand on that, just made a statement. If there is no currency dedicated to sovereign individuals only this crazy fiat crap that we have to use, is that another cog in this web? Fiat is an instrument of debt and the cabals weapon... Just wondering. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    PS Are any of you nurses? I am a nurse and from what I gather I can't really become sovereign and still work as a nurse because I have to be "Licensed" by any state that I work in.

    1. Gloria: This comment quoted from Anna's Post "About Winston Shrout"

      ""USSESSta October 27, 2018 at 9:13 AM

      Anna I am alarmed with your claims. Do you have any first-hand knowledge Winston failed to do everything you are claiming? Winston stated the weaponized IRS is the antagonist. The IRS legal argument claims Winston was profiting off of a privilege (Goldfish Report). The mere use of a FRN is a privilege for all (US Persons) since there is no lawful money. Their private corporate scrip is a benefit privilege for US Persons. Once you change your legal status you better not use their credit system! When using a FRN you are engaging in enemy activity by creating more public debt by the mere use of Federal Reserve promissory notes (IOU’s) for commercial activities i.e., bread and milk. US Persons can only use their paper under restrictive conditions of emergency war powers and bankruptcy proceedings – US Citizens are considered the enemy.
      The end result is you will be treated as the system has defined you, as an enemy of the state engaging in paper and domestic terrorism and worthy of suppression by any means available pursuant to the rules of military occupation, emergency war powers and codified bankruptcy administration. You can argue about it as long as you want but those are the facts.


      USSESSta October 27, 2018 at 9:21 AM

      When you back the courts into a corner you expose the gun in the room. The proceeding will be sealed and you will disappear. There is no rule of law! Winston is good man! Commercial remedies exist in the UCC - their playbook, but they are not honorable. Nothing has changed since the days of Sherwood Forest and the crooked Sheriff of Nottingham. ""

    2. Well that makes perfect cents. Pun intended.

    3. πŸŽ©πŸ’ŽπŸ’πŸŽΌπŸ”₯🎯✡♞♗♕πŸ€–πŸ‘“πŸ’°πŸ“°πŸ’ΈπŸ’³πŸ“πŸ—ΏπŸ•ΈπŸ›πŸŒπŸ’₯🎷🎡♩πŸ’¬πŸ’›

    4. Gloria you need to claim your license. See videos from Mark kishon Christopher. Live life claim also.

    5. Unknown get a name or Paul Stammer WILL start deleting your postsπŸŽ₯

    6. Unknown, a Nurse must renew her License each and every year and it must be done thru their State Health Department. There are no alternatives. You put in your time for 20 hours of schooling/keeping up to date, get Documentation of those hours completed, pay up your Renewal Fee of a few hundred dollars, and there is NO ''claiming' to it.

    7. Well it's not through the State Health Dept . It's through the Board of Nursing (Each state has one). It is renewed every 2 years and you do have to prove Continuing Education. In order to have a job you have to have a license or you can not be hired as a nurse.

    8. That STATE OF STATE license has a number and is traded on the market to the benefit of others. You can claim it on a UCC-1 just lIke your birth certificate, drivers license, certificates of Title ect...

      As for fiat curency file a demand for lawful money declaration/affidavit and stamp the back if each check with "demand for lawful is made per money per 12 USC section 411 (their law) with a by-line before your autogragh. Get an EIN number for your estate for banking and stop using the SSN. a benefit or privilege can certainly be used if nothing else is available and putting them on NoTice is certainly more than they disclosed when we were given the choice to sign up for a lesser benefit or privilege than is our unherent right. There is no law stating a man can't run a business or that it has to be set up under them. Man has the unlimited ability to contract. Make better conteacts.

    9. Beggin' yer pardon, Miss McShane, excellent feedback but I feel it my duty to point out that following that advice on lawful money will most likely end in an account being "closed". You can't demand what they don't have, and people have been threatened with arrest for going to a main Federal Reserve bank and trying to redeem their notes for lawful money whilst being sent away empty-handed. Given most people's adversity to histrionics and short attention spans in our drive-through culture, much less some regular posters on these blogs, I left out of my post last night why I advocated the special endorsement just as I worded it, instead of the actual demand, even though it is our right and lawful remedy.

      I tried to demand lawful money from two different banks on separate occasions and neither of them worked out well. I wrote in the endorsement area: "Special Deposit: Demand is made for lawful money pursuant to 12 USC 411", and tried to cash one at the bank whence it was drawn. When the adolescent teller tries to make sense of it and cannot, she approaches the manager and much chaos ensues as they try to reconcile their disconnect, and failing to do so, proceed in oft-repeated fashion in this generation to brow-beat me into submission by acting like tyrants and claiming that they are not a Federal Reserve bank and that they order their money from a different bank and had no control over what they receive, that I would have to pay a premium for ordering money a special way on their next order, all of this despite the fact that they deal in FRN's and are FDIC insured and are held to the same banking laws. I had compassion on them and said I would accept the FRN's but I do so under protest. They promptly complied, and despite my remaining in honor, seemed all too happy to see the back of me when I left.

      For my audacity, the bank calls my employer afterward and uses scare tactics to try to interfere with my unlimited right to contract by telling them a half-truth that I could claim that I was never paid in full and could come after my employer instead of the bank. I don't care what bankers pretend in their alternate reality, it is part of the bank's fiduciary responsibility to its depositor to settle his or her checks if the funds are available, it is not the depositor's responsibility how I wish to be paid. "Pay to the order of:". I ordered lawful money; I didn't get it. To this date I have found no one in recent memory that has, and sifting through a bag of Silver Dollars to find a half dozen real coins is not my idea of remedy.

      The other demand was made at my bank of over ten years. The ATM, which previously had no issues accepting deposits from me in the past, refused to accept a different check with the same demand for lawful money on it and gobbed it right back out like it was kryptonite. My bank sent me a letter and a cashier's check three weeks later informing me that they could no longer provide services to me. No reason given of course. I ended up “cashing” it at the bank from whence it was drawn, instead, for FRN's under protest as well.

      It is my opinion that the best that can be done at this point, which is what I now do successfully, is endorse by Special Deposit to be TREATED as lawful money, and by adding the statement to our Testimony in the Nature of an Affidavit of Standing that our currency is the United States Silver Dollar and that we object to the forced use of private script in place of lawful money. It might not hurt to add that your language is American Common English, too, so there goes being able to communicate in Legalese! The details are further down this page in my post last night if anyone should be so intrigued. But by all means try to demand lawful money, I'd like to hear of your experiences! I just wouldn't do it at a bank I have business with unless I am prepared to possibly suffer the consequences.

    10. Oh, and we can get a non-interest-bearing bank account without an EIN or SS number, foreign nationals do it all the time with a passport. SEDM has the process outlined. I'm in the process of doing it right now. Bank of America seems to be the easiest one for American nationals to get a non-resident, non-person bank account. 31 CFR 206.10 and Title 31 USC 103.34, subpart C (a)(3) states who is not required to furnish a number.

    11. WOW! JUST WOW!πŸ’›

      Some of u American Nationals r really, really dedicated to getting out the message☇

      AWESOME πŸ›πŸ’°πŸŽ―

    12. Believer...thanks for that info...that should cut through the B.S. when Appling for an American non-citizen National passport...!!

      And Believer, you are correct about the banks getting their panties in a bunch when people ask for "lawful money", which is just a request for legal purposes, because "no bank" will honor it, but it does show the IRS that you are keeping evidence of your deposits and withdrawals to overcome the the rule of evidence rule, that it is not just heresay...!! Keep copies...!!
      If you go to a banks site, you will find the employees that they talk about us all the time...You can't comment on those sites because you need the banks password which only the employees know...
      But I read one where two tellers were talking to each other and one was asking the other what do you do when people ask you for "lawful money"....and the others response was that she just closed out their account, give them whatever is in there account and tell them to find another bank that will give you lawful money...good luck...!!
      So they are all aware of it...!!
      In fact you should see what some of them say to each other about us...!!

    13. James - I am not surprised one bit. I'd laugh it it weren't so tragic. I am starting to think bankers really do spend all their spare time dreaming up increasingly inventive ways to defraud the innocent. I've certainly heard many a credible testimony on here and elsewhere as to their callousness and perfidy. Thank you for sharing that testimony! These are the types of witness we all need to hear, might save someone the needless hassle of setting up a new bank account!

  9. interesting that people still are not understanding they have 2 existences, one of which has been created for them and which is without life, so needs 'an agent' who is of living flesh and blood, to 'act' for it. Therefore becoming responsible for operating the 'person office' or corporate office, for no payment what so ever. You is plural for a reason, it contains 2 concepts and everyone falls for the deceit, just as above, where the conversation has gone from talking as a member of mankind, to being an agent for a title (nurse). Thou is right, a 'thing' can never be sovereign, but man is, if understood.

  10. Well, it's interesting that so many did not 'hear'. Most of the things some of the above individuals are ascribing to Anna do NOT describe Anna...only the 'little self' of those individuals.

    Robert Allen, you seem frightened of going into court, and seem to feel I have not done so. I have been in court many times, and have assisted others in defending against maritime law practices (with considerable success.) I have been sued (and won), have helped in a few foreclosure
    cases. have assisted in 'criminal' cases, and have successfully sued the state and county where I live for treating me wrongfully.

    Those 'fighting the deep state' may need your help... what are you doing to help? I "double dog dare you" to drop the fear and do something to stop the cabal!! (Anna already has, and has a right to double dog dare Mr Trump!)

    If you were simply you, it would not be necessary to prove you were born in America... but, unfortunately, you have been categorized as 'dead" and a Corporation. The proof you need is to conclusively show yourself to
    be the 'living' you as opposed to who they say you are. If you don't do so, then they will continue to call you their slave, and treat you accordingly. (If you're happy with that, don't file papers, or claim them wrong!)

    No, Abby, I an not just repeating what I've heard...since you do not actually know me, I can forgive your false assumption about me.

    Abby, the final chapter in Christianity will NOT be the writings of the Bible. It will be the discovery by each Christian of "the Kingdom of Heaven within" each of us! (You do remember that Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us?) When someone has found it, our Creator
    will speak directly to that individual, and he will no longer have need of 'outside' authority. Although, I expect you to argue this point, I will go so far as to assert that Anna has discovered the Kingdom of Heaven within herself, and would not knowingly lead anyone astray!

    Vayah Terra, I agree with you.

    1. Jim Donovan.
      Well goodie for you. Sounds like you got all your bases covered. Gracious to boot.

      Doesn't change the things I have stated are fact about Anna.Not slander, with sources to back it up.

      No I am not scared, Just not smart enough or stupid enough to put myself in that position.
      And if you have congratulations!

      I don't give a flying cow heap.

      You don't know me or my circumstances, if you recall, because I spared you the details.
      So do me the same, spare me yours and any "insight" you think you have about me!

      Your good fortune does not change my perspective and observations on Anna. As long as I have a voice I will speak it, and it is your right to disagree. Nor will it ever, unless I myself find out otherwise and should an apology(which I doubt) be in order I will be the first to post it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Trllions πŸ’° r @ 'stake' here....Am still watching how Trump negotiates his/our future with 'deep state'....who we ALL know will 'clean up' like Emperor Constantine did against the 'heathens' after declaring Christanity (minus certain heretical cannonsπŸ˜‚) the new political religion in non Christian Constantine's back then empire ☇πŸŽƒπŸ•‡

    4. Donovan, well I feel sorry for you folks who are so enamored with your SELVES that you really think the kingdom of heaven in ''within You''. That is so hilarious. Oh 'wonderful You' huh, Lol.

      Well let me try to enlighten you guys: After Jesus rose again from out of the grave, finished up his business for that time, established the Church body in the Upper Room in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost......then he stood before his Disciples and the people there and said, 'Now I go to My Father in Heaven, and just as you SEE me go, you will SEE me come again (in like manner)''.
      Now I must assume the reason so many just love buying into the false idea that heaven in within themSELVES, is that it relieves them of the task of trying to get themselves ''up there where the real Kingdom of Heaven is'.

      And furthermore, Jesus went on and tells us that 'when he returns, he will bring the Kingdom down with him'' And here it is: "thy Kingdom Come,thy Will be done, ON earth, as it is in Heaven''. See that? Recognize it? Its the Lords Prayer (which is probably quite foreign to the average american/person)

      The Kingdom is a piece of real estate, for lack of a better word for it. A City, called the New Jerusalem. The most that is IN anyone, any person, is the Spirit of God, if one is a true Christian. For others, stop deluding yourselves that there is any kingdom of 'heaven' in you. There isnt.

    5. "Graves, often citing Anacalypsis and other works by Godfrey Higgins (1772–1833) as his source, asserts in the book that many messiah-like "saviors" were crucified on a cross or tree before ascending into heaven.

      "One thing is clear — the mythos of the Hindus, the mythos of the Jews and the mythos of the Greeks are all at bottom the same; and what are called their early histories are not histories of humankind, but are contrivances under the appearance of histories to perpetuate doctrines." (Higgins, Anacalypsis)

      Here is Graves' main list, arranged chronologically:

      Thulis of Egypt, 1700 B. C.[5]
      Krishna of India, 1200 B.C.
      Crite of Chaldea, 1200 B.C.[6][7]
      Atys of Phrygia, 1170 B.C.
      Thammuz or Tammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C.
      Hesus or Eros 834 B.C.
      Bali of Orissa, 725 B.C.[8]
      Indra of Thibet (Tibet), 725 B.C.
      Iao of Nepaul (Nepal), 622 B.C.[9][10]
      Buddha Sakia (Muni) of India, 600 B.C.[11]
      Mitra (Mithra) of Persia, 600 B.C.
      Alcestos of Euripides, 600 B.C.
      Quezalcoatl of Mexico, 587 B.C.
      Wittoba of the Bilingonese, 552 B.C.[12]
      Prometheus or Γ†schylus of Caucasus, 547 B.C.
      Quirinus of Rome, 506 B.C.
      He also lists a number of other holy figures who took the form of men and then ascended into heaven, including:

      Salivahana of Bermuda
      Zulis or Zhule of Egypt[13]
      Osiris of Egypt
      Oru of Egypt
      Odin of the Scandinavians
      Zoroaster of Persia
      Baal of Phoenicia
      Taut, "the only Begotten of God" of Phoenicia, inventor of letters[14]
      Bali of Afghanistan
      Xamolxis (Zalmoxis) of Thrace
      Zoar of the Bonzes
      Adad of Assyria
      Deva Tat of Siam (Thailand)
      Sammonocadam (Sommona-Codom) of Siam (Thailand)[15]
      Alcides of Thebes
      Mikado of the Sintoos
      Beddru of Japan
      Bremrillah of the Druids[16]
      Thor son of Odin of the Gauls/Norse
      Cadmus of Greece
      Hil/Feta of the Mandaites[17]
      Gentaut of Mexico[18]
      Universal Monarch of the Sibyls
      Ischy of Formosa (Taiwan)[19]
      Divine Teacher of Plato
      Holy One of Xaca[20]
      (Fohi) of China
      Tien of China
      Adonis son of the virgin Io of Greece
      Ixion of Rome
      Mohamud or Mahomet of Arabia.
      The book claims that a number of these deities or god-men shared at least some traits of Jesus as described in the New Testament, drawing the strongest similarities with Krishna. For example, some figures had miraculous or virgin births, were sons of supreme gods, were born on December 25, had stars point to their birthplaces, were visited by shepherds and magi as infants, fled from death as children, exhibited traits of divinity in childhood, spent time in the desert, traveled as they taught, had disciples, performed miracles, were persecuted, were crucified, descended into hell after death, appeared as resurrections or apparitions, or ascended into heaven. Graves also devotes chapters to the pagan roots of baptism and the eucharist,..." Wikipedia

    6. JD, yes you are repeating what you have heard, but you do not understand what that scripture really means. You read it like you would read any other book, but that is not how the bible is to be read.
      It is people who repeat that 'kingdom is within' and everybody becomes a parrot, never really learning in the spiritual sense of it.
      Just sayin'

    7. Part I: "In a U.S. District Court"

      In a U.S. District Court someone I know very well under my own witness denied being a "U.S. Citizen", denied being a "resident", denied the presumption he is a
      Fourteenth Amendment "person", denied being subject to United States law, and asserted with hard evidence his being one of the sovereign American people pursuant to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, including his family historical and genealogical records of family who fought in the War of Independence, the original founders of the States of America as a confederate nation, in support.

      The attorneys representing Plaintiff - the IRS, FTB and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (where is the "The" in front of the U.S.of A.?) did not respond with any writing in re the denial of U.S. Citizen status, but avoided the issue by simply pretending it was not raised.

      Those court actors were lying, deceiving by their actions in plain sight. THAT IS THEIR MODUS OPERANDI!! The issue of the denial of 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen status was avoided except for a tell-tale placement as the only evidence in the final entry in to the court record by the plaintiffs... of guess what? A COPY OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT! Naked of any commentary from Plaintiffs whatsoever!

      The defendant in closing arguments concerning aleged underlying jurisdiction had requested the judge to admit or deny whether "California is in the United States"? The judge refused to answer the question, obviously avoiding the very question that could have shown in an honest court there was/is no jurisdiction of a U.S. District Court in California.

      California is the sovereign perpetual independent State created by our ancestors who created The united States of America. The court went on to make orders honored by STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY OF VENTURA to seize and sell a home of over 800k value. The proceedings never had any signature from any California or State of California judge, as the feds were obviously taking charge over any State sovereignty. Local County of Ventura Sheriffs, mere franchise employees of STATE OF CALIFORNIA the franchised "STATE" of the United States, the deputies assisted in the eviction wearing their typical guns and threatening violence.

      To Be Continued. Copy and paste this into your own document for later study if you wish.

    8. Ah, Abby actually writes some 'truth' here for if people really listen to the word of God within...i.e. What Pythagoras called the 'music of the spheres' & Jesus called the word of God...Soul awakens to IT's divine voice/essence in this way🎡

    9. Well JDonovan, sorry to tell you, but the final out come will be precisely as the Bible says it will be. And your permission or approval is not needed. Just the fact that you deny and reject the very word of God, proves that there is no kingdom of God ''within you'.
      Silly man.

      And, JD, you are not our boss and it is really none of your business whether anyone chooses to be stupid enough to face the 'devils in black robes' or not,now is it?

      P.S. What is ''within' most people is the same bullshit they post in here, lol. You look within, and then type it in here.

    10. T.P.CommonSense - Absolutely disgusting. Blatant corruption, high crimes and treason by the looks of it. It's never over until you say it's over. As we know, fraud has no statute of limitations. As part of establishing the rules for interacting with you, I would ask and demand proof that it is a court of record and if no convincing evidence is forthcoming, declare you are making it one yourself as per Deuteronomy 19:15 "out of the mouth of two or more witnesses let a thing be established", recording on several people's phones. Demand everyone having an interest in the proceedings have their name, credentials, and proof of bond read into the record. Demand to see your accuser, a living man or woman, and his or her witness(es). "My accuser is IRS, you say?" "Where is IRS so I may cross examine him or her?" "Oh, IRS is not here?" "Then I immediately order this court to dismiss these proceedings with prejudice and compensate me for my trouble in the amount of $500 million dollars, payable in gold specie coin." Object to everything the prosecutor says as he has no first-hand knowledge of anything. Object if the prosecutor and judge try to conspire secretely with eachother in your presence. Just my 2 cents and worth about just as much I expect. Excellent post! Please post part 2

  11. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that nearly all Americans, I would venture, are responsible for falsifying the public record all by themselves, to their own detriment, on any number of contracts over the course of his or her life ranging from tax forms to licenses to library cards to ZIP codes. The fact that the system is deliberately set up that way to entrap and feed off of living beings, and that Americans are supposed to be responsible for “knowing the law” despite being "functional illiterates" is also by design, is no coincidence, and speaks volumes as to the criminal intent aforethought of those responsible.

    The public record is the highest form. If you expect a fighting chance, you must correct the damage you have done to yourself, all by yourself. Can you walk into one of their courts, hold up your birth certificate as the “person” in controversy, and proclaim yourself a living being on the land, not a corporate fiction, not a US citizen, and therefore not beholden to their corporate codes and statutes? Sure, if you know who you are and have rebutted their presumption beforehand. They may have created the fraud, but each of us has only reinforced the fraud many times over our lives. They know that and will use it against you. From my point of view, righteous indignation only works when you can call them out on their game of fraud with something to back it up, like a well-thought-out Testimony in the Form of An Affidavit of STANDING! Status is for things. You check the status on the weather forecast, or the status on the bread in the oven. The living, on the other hand, stand on the land, and it's your standing that matters.

    And the Federal Reserve Note issue? Put in your Testimony a declaration that your money is the United States Silver Dollar and that you object to forced use of private script in place of lawful money. You can even go so far as to put on all your deposits and endorsements on checks at your bank “Special Deposit: For credit on account 1234565789 (whatever your account number is) to be treated as lawful money pursuant to 12 USC 411” and take pictures for your records before depositing them. Think that's unnecessary? Think again. Go and actually read 12 USC 411: “Federal Reserve Notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system for the purpose of making advances to Federal Reserve banks through the Federal Reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for NO OTHER PURPOSE ARE AUTHORIZED”. The IRS sees using FRN's as a privilege but allows a blanket deduction of about $1200 per year on the 1040 to account for use of coin machines, parking meters, and the like, but using FRN's without a concrete objection on the record gives them carte blanche access to snoop through all those “personal” accounts we set up using the slave SS number or other “taxpayer ID” to fish for “potential taxpayers”. These are the type of demonic entities you are up against. Do you really expect them to just cower in the corner when you say, “I don't need to file anything, I didn't create this system of lies so blow it out your pie hole!”? There are ways to record documents without paying the fees, so there really is no excuse not to do something about it. It's either that or complain to your parents for selling you into slavery at birth, but either way, please stop blaming the messengers.

    1. Believer, in actuality, taxes are voluntary. It even says so right inside the cover of the IRS AGents HandBook.

    2. Riiight... Says so inside the cover of the agents handbook, does it? Well, then it must be true. I mean, everyone knows the IRS is honorable and would never obfuscate the truth in reams and reams of boring, unrelated Code, nor intimidate others to a course of action that is to their detriment. Let's hear what IRS commissioner Sheldon Cohen says in an interview with Aaron Russo about taxes being "voluntary"...

      Tell me, how's that "volunteering" working out for you, Abby? Last I read, you were giving 1FreeMan another thrashing for his efforts to set you free from being a "volunteer" as well. How many times did you "volunteer" today? $1? $5? $10? $20? $50?

    3. It's voluntarily compelled, if that makes

  12. "It's either that or complain to your parents for selling you into slavery at birth, but either way, please stop blaming the messengers"

    Half the problems lies here...compaining versus thinking & researching a way to outwit these con games for one's benefit ($)

    And then not conning others once certain successes have come one's wayπŸ˜‚

    1. Too right you are, Leland. Sadly. They don't call some of these thruthers PAYtriots for nothing.

  13. Nice, Jim Donovan, This court arena is not for sissies, that's for sure. But I'm in, they took my house after 22 - 23 yrs of paying on it. Took my van. then they took me, slammed me in jail, extradited me across several states, in horrible conditions. Made me stay in Colorado for a month until court happened. (2 months) of my life gone. High stress in this time. They came and took my grandson, I'm in, I'm all in. What can they do to me that hasn't been done? I don't care at this point, I have to do what's right in my heart. Right in my heart for me, my family, and humanity. The only way to learn to swim, is get in the water. I don't know legalese, I have learned enough to be dangerous.(lol, to me and others) And that's okay for now. I will fight for God and Humanity as I believe that's why we are here. To stand up for one, and another. I may not get the paperwork done right the first time, but I'll keep doing it, till I find the way. I'm no quitter.
    BTW, I was accused of taking money from the elderly, (my mother) who I have been a POA for 20 years. This was a class 3 felony, I went without an attorney, and I stood my ground. I won, I won myself back. Nothing feels better than standing for what you believe in. But I lost 2 months of my life, but I also learned so much about myself. I've not been perfect in this lifetime, but I'm changing everyday. I make better choices each day. And this can only come from experience, not reading a book about it. I love Anna's guts, writings and wisdom. I feel in my heart, she is correct, she may bitch a lot, but we all have a right to bitch, especially when this kind of shit has happened. I also liked Winston, but what he told us to do in court didn't work. I also like Kate of Gaia, says: IT's ILLEGAL to use a LEGAL NAME. And that is true. Because they own it, from the birth certificate. So, it only makes sense to claim that name that was given to you, from your creator. Time to grow up and be a WOMB-MAN about it. (If you want to read a book, I suggest GLOSSA, no I have not read it, but it may help to inter-stand a few things. IT's apparently all about the WORDS = Swords.
    I would also like to see the true heritage of women. Meaning, the woman always takes the mans name in marriage, so the real woman's name is not mentioned because it was also passed down from the male side. Are we lost forever?

    1. Nomaie...your right about one thing.....everyone has to learn how to deal with the courts by experiance....there is no class you can take that will teach you proceedural law...thats why most people who pass the BAR go straight to the public courts to learn it themselves....!! You have to fall before you stand...!!

      But the most important thing to learn is that never answer a judges question unless you answer with a question back to the if he ask you are you so and so, your response should be which one....the "person" or the "real woman"...!! Now he's on the hook for "liability" if he answers...the one thing you can't do is make statememts (even if they are true), because it doesn't make the judge liable for anything....!! That's the most important thing you have to establish...he has to be the first one to answer, not you...!!

      What you can say is that the "real woman" is here, and this woman is dragging the LAND with her into court....are you willing to deal with that your honor....!! Always lay out your strategy by always putting the ball in his court to answer...!!
      You also need to bond the case under "subrogation"...!!
      You can even start out with asking the judge will you recoginize my right of "subrogation" and sign it before we begin any thing first...!!
      That usually ends the case right there and then...neither the judge or the prosecutor will say they know anything about that....because they don't want liability....!! There is only one cause of action taking place in a court, no matter what the charges are....."LIABILITY"...!! No one wants to get stuck with it....thats why all the games in court and the whole reason why he wants to control the questions....!!

    2. Right on all counts, James. I would even go so far as to state up front that I am eliminating all planes and boxes and leveling the playing field, dragging that shipping-clerk-masquerading-as-a-judge's butt off his ship and firmly onto the land. Excellent comment. Thank you and others for adding real substance to the dialog.

  14. Thanks SO much for sharing πŸ”₯

  15. wow, it doesn't take so long to read through the comments area since I decided to skip all comments by Leland Roth, robert allen and Abby. What a total waste of time. It seems that they never have anything constructive to say but only complaining and whining and really just a lot of pissing and moaning. I really don't understand why they waste their own time and all of our time by taking up space here on this forum. They should partner together and start their own blog and tell everyone just the right way to get this job done.

    1. Ok tommy requested 🎡

      "At the bottom of this topic is the price for a cd to accomplish a number of things including gaining identity as an american national."

      Hope this helpsπŸ˜‚πŸ’›

    2. Tommy, dont you realize you are standing in a mud puddle and expecting us to tell you you are walking on streets of gold? Tommy your problem lies totally with You. It is You that refuses to face Reality.

  16. Minor Correction: not Supreme Court case "Mack and Prinz v. USA"
    (Sheriff Mack joined Printz - not Prinz) fantastic court opinion with Scalia

  17. A Hopi Elder told of a past time when the only law was the toughest men. They warred near constantly. Finally no one was left in charge but these tough mean fighters. Women were dragged round by the hair. The legend goes that a light skinned man met them in the forest. Someway collected all the chiefs there and explained why peace must come. Since then no more wars. People with no basis but their own desires, won by brute force.
    Americans do not seem to realize, and it can take some thinking to discover that by law there is no King, Queen or Dictator ( despite current crimes on the land in this regard) It seems people keep wanting a they or them or someone else to take up this governing so they do not have to do it. Simply for opinions about why you don't want to do it. Pretend you are not allowed by Dad, Mom or your government stars currently being praised, then go on like letting someone take over the lives that are in your care and ignoring how that irresponsibility will play itself out over and over again do a disaster. The self governing concept seems to me to have huge potential and is a threat to the "owners" of the planet world management due to the fact "Why would people need someone to tell them they can do something that they already were doing for a long time as though it is a new privilege with of course a penalty price? A right made in to a crime. Their "law" pretends this behavior is condoned and normal and the fact it was offered voluntarily and is only for employees federal in nature. ( and I was called once by IRS and told due to my being a federal employee the personal income taxes were due.)
    Rather then get on the track to the actual defective areas and repair them people seem to want to wander around spending a lot of time attacking, loathing, expressing apathy, shunning the canaries in the coal mine etc. only to loop around back with the same problems. Believing doom and hopelessness are certain. Is that a step in the right direction? No hope, just sit back and let it happen, poke fun at those doing the lions share of the work? How would anything get accomplished if someone did not get on it and stay on the path?

    1. Right you are... nothing ever happens until a few strong willed people stand up to tyranny....its always been that way....!! I feel sorry for all those patriots that fought in the revolutionary war and lost their lives just to find out how we wound up anyway....!! That's way I always say that there should be no higher crime than FRAUD and people perpetuating it....!! That is the basis for all other crimes by people..!!

    2. But the study of Law was mandatory when this country was first formed because they realized if it wasn't you would have the situation we have today...The answer isn't that every patriot has to put there own neck on the line, flying blind, but to make the study of Law mandatory in all public school systems, just like math and English....!! The way it's set up now is that BAR attorneys are a special title of Mobility that everyone has to run to in order to mediate a controversy....!! That is inherently evil, because court can never be equitable if only one side knows how the game is played....!!
      What happened to the "equal footing" law....!!!

  18. Paperwork can destroy you, or paperwork can save you. The choice is yours.

  19. With the completely ignoranant public sitting as jurors, you would have a better chance of winning by using the medevil system of "trial by ordeal"..!

    In other words, they hang you from a chair that you are tied to and dunk you under water for 5 min. IF they pull you up and your still breathing, they assume you are not guilty by reason of Devine intervention....!!! Unless your an expert at picking juries...because the prosecution is definitely an expert...!!
    If you want to see how a jury should be picked , using the latest in technological devices, just watch the series "BULL" on channel 2 on Monday night's at 10pm....!! Or 9pm...check..!! But it's worth seeing it in action.....!!


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