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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Your Grandfather's Clock

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's pretend that you inherited a beautiful Grandfather's Clock from your Grandfather.  It's big and old and heavy and tall and you have to wind it every day by pulling down a heavy iron weight, but it keeps good time and the chimes marking the hour are quiet and melodious. 

You grew up with it, you like it, you decide to keep it, but in your house the only place that it easily fits is in back of a stairwell in a hallway that leads to a back door that you seldom use. 

So you put the clock out in that seldom-used entry way and over time, you forget to wind it, so it just sits there day after day, month after month, and year after year. It's still there, still usable, but because of its location and your busy life and the difficulty of moving it into the living room (where it would fit, if you took the time and made the effort to move some other stuff around) --- it just collects dust. You almost forget that its there. 

That's the situation with your actual government. 

The new hustle-bustle world of commerce butted in and grabbed all the attention, and it was so fast and easy.  Just buy a battery and you never have to worry about winding the clock.  All those private, for-profit "government service" corporations nosed in and offered you all their many, many services, and you bought them all (whether or not you realized that you were buying them). 

From then on, a "government" employee was always there ready to buy new batteries and change them for you.  You didn't even have to think about clocks anymore, except to read the time.   Everything just seemed to run by itself and you didn't have to do anything. You didn't even bother to vote in the employee elections. 

[To be fair, some of you were aware enough to realize that you weren't government employees and couldn't justify voting in their elections, so you didn't volunteer. And still others realized their mistake and stopped voting for that reason.]  

What a shock to find out that all that "government service" is costing you far, far more than anyone ever told you?  What a shock that you never actually even thought about it until now? 

No doubt it's an even bigger shock that you have to drag the old Grandfather's Clock out from behind the stairs and start winding it again if you want to know what time it actually is. 

I just read the paperwork where Obummer and Joe Biden and the rest of the completely insane former "Administration" issued 25,000 trillion "US Dollars" ---- not to be confused with The United States Dollar --- as "US" Treasury Debt Notes. 

God only knows which "United States" and which "United States Treasury" was supposed to pay for all this, but it wasn't our United States and it was not our Treasury issuing these "Notes".  That much I can assure you. 

They have seriously tried to put this country 25,000 trillion dollars in debt.  They tried to hang all that on you and your kids. And all because you forgot to wind your own clock. 

Get down on your knees and thank your Creator that everyone else in the world --- everyone except the completely insane U.S. Democratic Party ---understands that this is nuts, and knows that the books have to be wiped clean of Odious Debt, and that all the deliberate confusions about who is who and what is what must end.

Certain criminals who have sought to defraud not only all the Americans, but everyone else for the past 150 years, must be brought to justice.  The banks that colluded in all of this fraud, have to be shut down and placed under new management.  All the currencies in the world need to be "reset" against the value of an actual American Dollar--- our actual, factual silver dollar. 

All you government employees and volunteers and dependents out there?  All you welfare recipients and pensioners?  Vote Republican. It's your only chance of survival.  And I mean that literally.


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  1. I cant help but giggle; first Anna tells folks to surrender their voter registrations, and now she is all in a dither hoping the commie snow flakes dont get voted in and take over LOL

    1. Yes, Catch-22. After all what are you gonna do? Only maybe a few million know about the BC issue and even understand it. Maybe a small percentage are able to file paperwork to correct their status even though that should not have to be. The large majority out there still need to come to terms with many of these things so until then urging them to vote to keep Trump rolling is the only realistic action to take short of declaring your own war on the govt. And if the Dems somehow take control you know that won't end well at all.
      Get the Dems OUT - As Much As Possible - and pray to the God of Heaven for His help in all matters.
      Watching these fake bombings and shootings being sensationalized in the Fake News is sending a message that the bad guys will be NON-STOP persecuting ALL Trump Supporters if they get the chance!! Trump's base is White Nationalists purposely miscast as "White Suprmacists!!

    2. Never will pray to a 'him' God Mustang 🌈

    3. I deregistered over a year ago before I found Anna's site. I found out about the Birth Certificate scam befor i deregistered. Some are willing to learn while others protect this evil system with their whole hearts. Each have to wake up. They will only get the message when no body shows up to play the voting game. I cast my last vote for Trump only on the hope of keeping evil Hillary out. No more playing their game.

  2. I am not a voter, I am an elector.. why in Gods name would I be part of a left/right system that only aims to cause partisianship ?.... the only box that I endorse is the ammo box. Voting is rigged, corrupt and only for "US Citizens".. subjects..I am no ones subject !

  3. Please read again who she directed to vote, no nationals mentioned

    1. Yea, but even she realizes that it doesn't matter any more...The fraud brought us to the brink of total destruction of all 3 US including National America...!!

      If anyone heard Trump just speak at his last speech, he said if someone ask me what I am, I tell them I'm a "NATIONAL"..!! HE was speaking to all of the patriots in this country still left....even if they rest of the audience didn t get it....!!

      If we lose Trump, we lose our country....simple as that...!! Then they will just shread all the paperwork filed at the county recorders office and everywhere else to clean the slate and start over....even Elon Musk is saying the system is rigged and a LIE...!!

      SO vote Republican no matter how you feel , or get ready for a "WAR".....!!!

    2. If Trump is a National, then why is he supporting the state of Israel?
      You will see Trump and the state of Israel in my new book entitled The Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Victim of His Times ISBN: 97809725798-3-4. Log onto for details and how to order.
      To read my e-zine, which is free to the entire world, click on the icon that says Magazine (it's the 4th icon on the main page) at Specifically read
      If you're in the United States, you'll learn a piece of history that you have been denied.


      Arlene Johnson

    3. all I know is the deep state did nothing about Israel and trump did there must be a good reason for that

  4. Thank you for ALL that you and Anna do to keep us informed.I smell victory, keep pushing...

  5. I knew that if Trump lost the country was also. I had no idea that I would wind up in a FEMA camp or dead. I am still digesting everything you are teaching and believe it. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get to Toledo where I was born and I am retired and live in Florida.

  6. Paul,
    i do appreciate your position and your message. And if we cannot discuss within reason, what is the point? Most people still cannot admit they have been and still are led astray. (and no i am not yet made perfect.)
    'Repentance' is the only way back or forward as it were. True Repentance in the people and the "gov." This is the only way.
    Repentance may lead them to once again follow their oath. Yet i do not believe things will be corrected at the speed that we wish, things are in motion that will not be stopped by man, nor a gov. that simply refuses to see or listen to the True Gov. that is and has always been in Power.
    Know what i mean?
    This is and was always meant to be an Individual choice, not a mandate by man nor man's government.

    1. How can a government repent? Government is FICTION/PAPER. Fiction(s) gain power only by corrupt man hiding behind the paper. Although Government causes harm, those actions are through man. Government is an illusion used to control for the benefit of the few. What FICTION has authority over the living? People are so indoctrinated that they believe the STATE is going to devour them like the BIG BAD WOLF, but by their own rules a man must voluntee to psrticipate as slavery is abolished. Voluntary servitude is alive and well due to tge lack of knowledge.
      So what are we to repent of? I believe we should repent and stop volunteering to be subjects of MAN ACTING as Government.

    2. "How can a Gov. repent. Come on Annie, Gov. is people. And that's just it, a Group can not repent for the world, This is an Individual undertaking.
      If gov. was fiction the discussion would be over.
      If i have found and been accepted into 'life' by my Savior and creator, What in the heck do i have to fear from mankind?
      Now that is freedom and liberty.
      Is not filing your papers to start the whole thing over again a problem to any of you? Under the Belcher name , the Belcher bloodline etc. etc. etc.

    3. The LORD's Response to Solomon
      …13If I close the sky so there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send a plague among My people, 14and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 15Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.…
      This is why wearing a MAGA hat on their forehead may not be the ticket everyone thinks it is.

    4. Space gods routinely can do whatever is necessary to make u in a human body obey them.

      Does that make them the ultimate GOD?

      "One key piece of information from Pete’s last briefing was that Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, had recently built “the best spaceship factory on Earth.”
      According to Pete, this facility would “utterly dwarf Elon Musk’s Gigafactory” in terms of its size, scope and impressiveness.

      This was not entirely surprising, since Alibaba sells three times as much product as Amazon, and is arguably the biggest company on earth."

    5. The Presumption of Public Service is that all the members of the
      Private Bar Guild who have all sworn a solemn secret absolute oath
      to their Guild then act as public agents of the Government, or
      "public officials" by making additional oaths of public office that
      openly and deliberately contradict their private "superior" oaths to
      their own Guild. Unless openly rebuked and rejected, the claim
      stands that these private Bar Guild members are legitimate public
      servants and therefore trustees under public oath; and

      The possibility of this matter being a private matter is rebutted. All
      persons engaged in the matter at hand, are deemed to be in public
      service, as public servants.

      (iii) The Presumption of Public Oath is that all members of the
      Private Bar Guild acting in the capacity of "public officials" who
      have sworn a solemn public oath remain bound by that oath and
      therefore bound to serve honestly, impartially and fairly as
      dictated by their oath. Unless openly challenged and demanded,
      the presumption stands that the Private Bar Guild members have
      functioned under their public oath in contradiction to their Guild
      oath. If challenged, such individuals must rescue themselves as
      having a conflict of interest and cannot possibly stand under a
      public oath; and

      The possibility of this is rebutted and all public servants acting on
      behalf of this matter are required to state all sworn oaths, both public
      and private.

      (iv) The Presumption of Immunity is that key members of the
      Private Bar Guild in the capacity of "public officials" acting as
      judges, prosecutors and magistrates who have sworn a solemn
      public oath in good faith are immune from personal claims of
      injury and liability. Unless openly challenged and their oath
      demanded, the presumption stands that the members of the
      Private Bar Guild as public trustees acting as judges, prosecutors
      and magistrates are immune from any personal accountability for
      their actions; and

      This is absolutely rebutted. Any person acting as an agent for a
      nameless, faceless corporation is wholly personally responsible for
      their actions on behalf of the corporation. All actions incurring any
      degree of injury will incur Notice of Injury, including severe financial

      (v) The Presumption of Summons is that by custom a summons
      unrebutted stands and therefore one who attends Court is
      presumed to accept a position (defendant, juror, witness) and
      jurisdiction of the court. Attendance to court is usually invitation
      by summons. Unless the summons is rejected and returned, with a
      copy of the rejection filed prior to choosing to visit or attend,
      jurisdiction and position as the accused and the existence of "guilt"
      stands; and

      This presumption is absolutely rebutted, on this occasion, on past
      occasions, and on all future occasions. However, at no time are we
      absent, nor silent with regard to the matters at hand.

      (vi) The Presumption of Custody is that by custom a summons or
      warrant for arrest unrebutted stands and therefore one who
      attends Court is presumed to be a thing and therefore liable to be
      detained in custody by "Custodians". Custodians may only lawfully
      hold custody of property and "things" not flesh and blood soul
      possessing beings. Unless this presumption is openly challenged
      by rejection of summons and/or at court, the presumption stands
      you are a thing and property and therefore lawfully able to be kept
      in custody by custodians; and

      This presumption is absolutely rebutted. We are alive and well, we are
      not things, we are not in custody by Custodians or Guardians. We are
      not a 'thing'. We are not the property of the Roman Court or the
      Roman Empire. Under no circumstances may We be detained in any
      way whatsoever, nor at any time, past, present or future.

    6. (vii) The Presumption of Court of Guardians is the presumption that
      as you may be listed as a "resident" of a ward of a local
      government area and have listed on your "passport" the letter P,
      you are a pauper and therefore under the "Guardian" powers of
      the government and its agents as a "Court of Guardians". Unless
      this presumption is openly challenged to demonstrate you are
      both a general guardian and general executor of the matter (trust)
      before the court, the presumption stands and you are by default a
      pauper, and lunatic and therefore must obey the rules of the clerk
      of guardians (clerk of magistrates court);

      We are at all times the General Executor and General Guardian of all
      our matters including those currently under discussion, and are the
      result of a system of debtism, employed by a private banking system
      and upheld by a private Bar Guild.

      (viii) The Presumption of Court of Trustees is that members of the
      Private Bar Guild presume you accept the office of trustee as a
      "public servant" and "government employee" just by attending a
      Roman Court, as such Courts are always for public trustees by
      the rules of the Guild and the Roman System. Unless this
      presumption is openly challenged to state you are merely visiting
      by "invitation" to clear up the matter and you are not a
      government employee or public trustee in this instance, the
      presumption stands and is assumed as one of the most
      significant reasons to claim jurisdiction - simply because you
      "appeared"; and

      Absolutely no jurisdiction, at any time, may be claimed by the Private
      Bar Guild over Us. The office of trustee is rejected. The role of public
      servant and government employee is rejected. However, the need for
      each of us to contribute to the wellbeing of community is
      acknowledged and graciously embraced.

    7. (ix) The Presumption of Government acting in two roles as
      Executor and Beneficiary is that for the matter at hand, the
      Private Bar Guild appoint the judge/magistrate in the capacity of
      Executor while the Prosecutor acts in the capacity of Beneficiary of
      the trust for the current matter. Unless this presumption is openly
      challenged to demonstrate you are both a general guardian and
      general executor of the matter (trust) before the court, the
      presumption stands and you are by default the trustee, therefore
      must obey the rules of the executor (judge/magistrate); and

      This presumption is rebutted. We are General Executor, General
      Guardian and Beneficiary with regard to all matters pertaining to the
      legal person Craig Masters and Leith Masters, as well as the flesh and
      blood persons.

      (x) The Presumption of Executor De Son Tort is the presumption
      that if the accused does seek to assert their right as Executor and
      Beneficiary over their body, mind and soul they are acting as an
      Executor De Son Tort or a "false executor" challenging the
      "rightful" judge as Executor. Therefore, the judge/magistrate
      assumes the role of "true" executor and has the right to have you
      arrested, detained, fined or forced into a psychiatric evaluation.
      Unless this presumption is openly challenged by not only asserting
      one's position as Executor as well as questioning if the judge or
      magistrate is seeking to act as Executor De Son Tort, the
      presumption stands and a judge or magistrate of the private Bar
      guild may seek the assistance of bailiffs or sheriffs to assert their
      false claim; and

      This is rebutted. Under no circumstances may the Judge attempt to
      assume the role of Executor and before any personal appearance
      before a court is undertaken to discuss matters at hand, the Judge will
      need to put in writing that this is clearly understood and

      (xi) The Presumption of Incompetence is the presumption that you
      are at least ignorant of the law, therefore incompetent to present
      yourself and argue properly. Therefore, the judge/magistrate as
      executor has the right to have you arrested, detained, fined or
      forced into a psychiatric evaluation. Unless this presumption is
      openly challenged to the fact that you know your position as
      executor and beneficiary and actively rebuke and object to any
      contrary presumptions, then it stands by the time of pleading that
      you are incompetent then the judge or magistrate can do what they
      need to keep you obedient; and

      This is rebutted. The Roman Law is under scrutiny for it's contribution
      to the current state of the planet, the distribution of rights and
      resources and the obstruction of Divine Law. In discussion regarding
      such matters, no privilege of deeming us incompetent is permitted.

      (xii) The Presumption of Guilt is the presumption that as it is
      presumed to be a private business meeting of the Bar Guild, you
      are guilty whether you plead "guilty", do not plead or plead "not
      guilty". Therefore unless you either have previously prepared an
      affidavit of truth and motion to dismiss with extreme prejudice
      onto the public record or call a demurrer, then the presumption is
      you are guilty and the private Bar Guild can hold you until a bond
      is prepared to guarantee the amount the guild wants to profit
      from you.

      This is rebutted. Under no circumstances is a presumption of Guilt
      allowed. Under no circumstances may We be detained. Under no
      circumstances may any financial transaction occur, in the favour of the
      Guild as the claims of the private bank are investigated.

    8. Thank you for this valuable Contribution Jill!! Saved and safely preserved for private use, and when necessary to share publicly as well. Thank you, Thank you!!

      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be for All Now

  7. Good new people ready to do this right

  8. I kinda don get the concept of the hateful political parties. I know the its supposed to create fresh views from all angles but today it has grown in to a kind of dangerous racism. One group attacks the others as lowly and wrong, even toss stuff at em like tomatoes sometimes. So how it that a country of people who govern themselves? Form groups that treat each other as enemies? I would never get a car fixed if spent all day figuring out what group I needed to be in to accomplish the task at hand. Isn't it about getting something accomplished for the good? Who goes around advertising for the bad? Obviously the lies designed to use people for nearly any purpose, herd em like cattle and not let em be themselves and flourish as nature intends, versus what the self appointed rulers intend, is not working, is wrong, and needs corrected. All the fighting over whose group or who said or what kind of coat they wore is not getting to the point of fixing the problem.

  9. I see most folks are still die-hards thinking a 5-stage cancer patient like the united states IS, can be cured. Now we all know this 'patient' flat out refuses to 'take the cure' and continues down the same ole path to destruction - - but goes right on speaking about some fantom healing on the horizon with no sun shining.
    Does anyone realize the true diagnosis? Most dont seem to have a full vision of the true condition here. Russia has just made it clear they are preparing for war with the united states if we dont butt out of syria. This situation is now at its crossroads.
    We have voter fraud being attempted like never before and we could find ourselves under control of the Swamp if we dont watch out.
    And then we have a violent Invasion coming from the South, and it is no small thing. I would not count on God protecting this sin saturated country of ours. I dont need to enumerate the depth of degradation, if you've been really paying attention with your eyes wide open.

    And those are just today's highlights; there are all those unspeakable things that go on behind closed doors and in the wee dark hours of the nights.
    Look at how 'a follower' told you all, Repentance is what it will take, and with Godly tearful sorrow - and who agreed? Nobody. But mockery is always freely spewed. How close does lightening have to strike you, before you wake up?
    Then that is what you will get. Learn the easy way, or the hard way. But when you see it with your own eyes, don't complain; you brought it on yourselves.
    Perilous times are now here.


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